Doe Zee Doe

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, Group Sex, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A school square dancelead to an exciting tale of revenge blackmail upon a teacher.

My old school was unusual in as much that it was one of the very few in England that had its own sports field and not like the majority had to use the local parks. As an old manor house converted to a boy's only grammar school it had a detailed covenant what required the original buildings on the attached land to be maintained rather than replaced. So the old barn on the sport's field had to be kept in good state of repairs; so it was always used for extra-curricular activities; one of which was a weekly square dance.

I was sixteen and looking forward to my last month at school when my world was rocked by the fact I was told I did not have enough credits for the extra-curricular activities and faced having to attend for a further six weeks during summer to achieve these credits. My alternative was to attend the square dance for four weeks to qualify to leave on schedule; I hated dancing but it carried enough credits so I agreed.

A little about me; Aged 16, I stood five foot eleven tall and athletic build with a thick seven and a half inch long cock. I must be honest and state I never really was a hit with the girls; although I did have several female friends but never thought of them as anything other than usually sisters or school friends.

I feared the square dance; would be a pretty horrible affair, feeling that it would be boys dancing with boys; so you can imagine my surprise to find that the school had teamed up with another local girl's school and the evening was mixed. I sat out the first few dances figuring that attendance may be compulsory but dancing was optional; only to be told as part of gaining the required credits I would have to demonstrate a square dance. So I got chatting to a girl called Diana; she was also sixteen; and a team leader at this type of dancing. She stood five foot four; slim build with 38D breasts and like most of the regulars had dressed in country style cowboy dress; which for the females was more or less slender waist dresses with their tits pressed together and forced up creating a deep cleavage; for the males who took the trouble it was a case of Stetson and cowboy boots with jeans.

As she was explaining a particular sequence of steps; A older man obviously a teacher but not one I recognised; stepped forward and spoke to Diana then taken her arm he almost forcefully escorted Diana away. She glanced back in my direction almost with a pitiful plea on her face; but I did not know what was going on so I waited a few minutes and then set off to follow them. They left the building and went around the back along to a store room; where in their haste they did not close the door properly.

I could not believe my eyes for it seems no sooner had he walked her inside than he simply scooped her tits out of her top and began playing with her nipples. I was not close enough to hear what was being said but I just about got the gist of things. Seems that for some reason he had a power over her and was using that to get sexual gratification in return; for he suddenly stepped back and she knelt on the floor before him and he quickly slipped his trousers down around his ankles and she began sucking his cock. I was angry and confused but more than that I was turned on; I decided something had to be done about this and shot away to fetch someone to sort it out but could not find anyone whom could really help; what I did find though was a digital camera sometimes used for the school magazine and obviously someone had brought it to do a feature.

I returned to the store room and began filming the action rather than taking pictures; I realised later when I reviewed this data it had been a much better choice of options than I first thought for the sensitive microphone on the camera had managed to capture the majority of the conversation between Diana and the teacher.

When I got back Diana was now on her hands and knees with the teacher clearly fucking her from behind and he was telling her that if she did not want expelling; she had better keep coming up with the goods sexually!

"But, Mr. Smythes, I never cheated in the first place and to be honest I have seen no evidence that there was even a question of my cheating in that exam!" she grunted between squeals as her passions rose.

"Diana Blacksmith, Are you calling a distinguished teacher a liar?" Mr Smythes continued, "If you are I suggest you prove I am lying and stop this fucking once and for all!" Just then the teacher pulled out of her and I caught great shots of him emptying his load on her arse; quickly he scooted around to her face and made her lick the spunk off his cock. To be honest either Diana was resigned to her fate or she was now an eager participant because she gobbled vigorously on his cock.

Eventually satisfied, Mr Smythes rose and began to adjust his dress, this was my cue to hide and after he left I entered the shed and spoke to Diana. She was embarrassed to be caught semi naked and covered in spunk but she did tell me that she was sick of it. Whenever he wanted his end away he would choose a place and she had to do whatever he said, not only that but if she challenged him then who would take her side against his claim she cheated in an exam.

That would be bad enough but then she said something strange; she told me, "He has even told me that if I went to the authorities then he would tell them all that I had thrown myself sexually at him to get him to change his mind about reporting me!" I muttered some silly comment like, "But that's blackmail!" I gently helped Diana to her feet and was slightly embarrassed that looking at her tits had given me a raging hard on; Diana adjusted her dress and was about to leave when I remembered the camera; I told her what I had done and we quickly watched the footage and realised the sound had captured their conversation so it showed she was not the aggressor in the relationship.

We decided to play him at his own game and began planning a little revenge blackmail and the remainder of this story is how we took revenge on a twisted sex orientated teacher.

Chapter 2. The revenge takes shape.

We knew that just Diana and I would struggle to pull this off and needed to get extra help; help we could trust to be confidential and reliable; our first recruit was James; a twenty one year old uncle of Diana; who just happened to be gay. He stood six foot four tall bleached blonde hair and quite athletic build and a seven inch cock to boot. When he heard his niece was being sexually molested by a teacher he had actually had a crush on from his time at a different school.

The only other recruit was a female teacher from my school; Mrs Anderson taught English and English Drama; She was about forty years old and stood five seven tall; her small petite bust was around a 36 B but I had always found her quite attractive and easy to approach with any problems I was experiencing.

Both Diana and I approached these people separately and suggested they may like to help correct a great injustice; Mrs Anderson as soon as she heard it was a teacher taking advantage of a student she was in favour of helping whilst James was more reticent about what he would get from it.

Well to cut a long story short; at our first joint planning meeting I suggested that he could do unto Mr Smythes what Mr Smythes was doing to others; he got my point straight away and smiled. The basic idea was that next time Mr Smythes was going to pounce; Diana would steer him away from the barn type building and suggest a more comfy approach in the media centre in the school.

There the other three of us would be waiting out of sight; and as soon as he compromised his situation I would enter and challenge him; having already set up the film clip I had of him on the large 52 inch plasma screen television they had in the media centre. Then James as Diana's Uncle would come looking for her and find the three of us discussing the way forward.

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