Juvenile Escapades

by papatoad

Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Humor, Cheating, Slow,

Desc: : Three friends end up with three cheating wives. Together they plan to dump the wives and change their lives.Everything seemed to work out for the better, but not necessarily as expected.

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There wasn't anything juvenile about us, except our actions. We were three grown men acting like a bunch of teenagers. It was a bad situation and we were trying our best not to let it eat us up. It is easy to become bitter and vengeful when your wife is cheating on you. It takes self-control to keep from blowing up. As long as the three of us stayed together, we could support each other.

So, which one of our wives were cheating? All of them. It came about over a six-month period. My wife, Loretta started the ball rolling and had no trouble getting Dora and Colleen to join in. By the time the three of us figured out what was going on, it was too late to save any of our marriages. None of us were interested in trying anyhow.

Things will all come to a head tonight. Amazingly, none of the wives are aware that we know what the hell is going on. We spent the last month getting things ready and we are actually excited about pulling it off.

Woody, Terry and I grew up together. We were born and raised in Womelsdorf and had originally expected to retire here. Unfortunately, things changed when the wives wandered. Tomorrow we would be leaving for our new life in Canada. Tonight we would have a final, juvenile fling. Why juvenile? Well, what we were planning to do was childish and inappropriate. We preferred this way of acting compared to being violent and vengeful.

It was Terry's idea to go to Canada. The three of us used to go there for fishing trips every summer. We always had a great time and often mentioned how neat it would be to live there full time. Of course we all were married and had kids. My two daughters were both married and gone. Terry had a son who was in the Air Force. Woody had two sons who were at college and a seventeen year old daughter, Caitlyn, who was still at home. Caitlyn would have been a problem until Woody found out that she was aware of what her mother was doing. She threatened to leave if he didn't do something about it. In the end, it was three guys going to Canada with one head-strong teenage girl. It might be complicated for a while, but we all agreed that we would somehow make it work.

Terry was a chef. Actually, he was a cook, as he didn't have any formal training, but just a lot of experience. He and Dora had owned a small family restaurant for the last ten years. Well, they did own a restaurant until Terry sold it last week, without Dora's knowledge. I am not sure how he worked it all out, but he walked away with slightly over a hundred thousand dollars in cash. When he added that to all of the money that he withdrew from the bank and cashed in his insurance policies, we had a nice, little, starting bundle.

Woody owned an auto repair shop with his brother Glenn, who had been trying to buy him out for years, so that was another easy hundred grand for the relocation kitty. He got almost half that much for his 1964 Vette. Today, he cleaned out all the bank accounts as well.

I was the only one of the bunch that went to college. I didn't have a business like the other guys, but I did have over a quarter million dollars in investments. I made a good salary as an electrical engineer and invested wisely. Even in the bad market, I was able to hold my own. It took a couple of weeks to get things liquidated, but now it was all done.

Our original goal was to get a fly-in fishing lodge, but somewhere along the line we mellowed out and settle for one that our guest could drive to. It ended up costing us almost five hundred thousand dollars, but we were happy. We had enough cash left over to get started and support ourselves for at least four years. If we made money, life would be even better.

We were all packed up and ready to go. Tomorrow morning, the three car caravan would leave for a new life in the Northern woods. Wow, it sound about as exciting as a 'Little House on the Prairie.'

Loretta worked in a claims office for one of the big insurance companies in the area. Some how or another she got close to her boss, Raymond Upright. In order to get together with Raymond in the evenings, she talked Dora and Colleen into covering for her. The girls would go out together for supper and some drinks, or to attend some type of home party, so that Loretta would have a chance to meet Raymond at his house. This went on for a couple of months and then Raymond arranged a date for Colleen. The girls didn't want to leave Dora out, so a couple weeks later, she had a steady escort also.

So as it stands now, every Wednesday evening the girls had a night out while us guys played poker. The three ladies and their paramours would spend their time having wild passionate sex in Raymond's suburban home. We never did figure out if there was any swapping going on, but that didn't seem important.

Woody selected the Holiday Inn as a staging area. We waited at home until after the wives left for their night out. For some reason, they each drove their own car. I guess that was in case one of them wanted to leave early or stay late. Caitlyn was unhappy about having to wait for us at the motel, but we couldn't chance having her tagging along. We weren't planning anything too elaborate, but we could still get into trouble.

Woody and Terry were going straight back to the Holiday Inn, so they rode together. I wanted to see Loretta one last time before leaving, so I took my own car.

There were six cars parked outside of the Upright home. It looked like everyone had driven themselves. About a half hour after we got there one of the bedroom lights came on and then went back off. Shortly there after, the same thing happened in the other two bedrooms. Each of us had a set of side cutting pliers. It took less that two minutes to cut all of the valve stems on each of the cars. I had staked out the house the week before so I knew just where the electrical service box was. The individual breakers were inside, but the main panel was out side just above the meter. While I went up to the house Terry and Woody get the smoke flares ready. Terry had built ten smoke flares using PVC pipe. I didn't know what was in them other than salt peter and sugar. Terry tested them and they would burn between twenty and thirty minutes. They were big suckers. Woody went around the back of the house and Terry to the front.

When I saw the first bit of white smoke, I threw the main power switch. Using my mini-mag, I opened the box and popped out the main breaker. By the time I got to the car all ten of the smoke flares were going full blast. Most of them were white, but a few were orange and red. The house was completely engulfed in smoke as we left. I used my Trac phone to call two of the local TV stations on my way home.

It was at least an hour later when I heard a car door shut out front. Loretta looked like shit as she came into the house. I was sitting in front of the muted TV with a beer. It wasn't cold because I had the same one in my hand for the past thirty minutes.

"How was your evening darling?"

She put down her purse and kicked off her shoes.

"I had to take a cab home. The car has a flat."

"Why didn't you call me?" There was no answer.

"Do you want me to go get the car for you?"

"No, I'll take care of it in the morning. I am tired. I need a shower and I want to go to bed."

"Loretta, where are your earrings? You had the diamond solitaires on when you left the house."

Her hand went up to her ear and her mouth dropped open a little. I was expecting her to say that they were in her purse, but she didn't say anything.

"Let me guess. You took them off so that you wouldn't lose them in the bed. You left your purse in the living room, so you had to put the earrings on the nightstand. When the lights went out, you forgot the earrings in your rush to get out of the house. Is that about it?"

She gave me a quizzical look. "How did you know that the lights went out?"

I held up the master breaker that I pulled from the box.

"Oh God, No! You were there. Please, John, don't tell me that you were there."

I smiled and got out of the chair. "I wasn't alone. Terry and Woody were with me. We will be gone in the morning. We bought a shrimp boat down in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. I hope that you and Raymond will be very happy."

"John. Wait. Don't go. John. Can we talk? John."

I slammed the door behind me, and walked to the car.

I drove by the Upright house on the way to the motel. There were a couple of Black and White's, and four tow trucks, trying to get the cars out of there. I parked down the street and walked right into the garage. Nobody tried to stop me. The house was dark and it was empty. Using the mini-mag I checked the bedrooms. I found a pair of diamond earrings in the second one along with both of Loretta's wedding rings. I thought that it was interesting that she actually took off her rings before she committed adultery.

Ten minutes later I was at the Holiday Inn. Loretta had called the other wives and they were desperately trying to mend things.

According to Terry, Dora was crying so hysterically that he couldn't understand a word that she said. He turned his phone off.

Colleen on the other hand was not as emotional. All she did was demand that Woody come home immediately and explain himself. He turned his phone off also.

We had one room with two double beds reserved. Caitlyn was not crazy about sleeping in a room with three guys, but she was the last minute addition, so she had to endure it. We slept in our clothes and started out at five the next morning. We had reservations for the next night at Plattsburg. Woody promised Caitlyn that she could have a room of her own.

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