The End of Jim

by unknownchild

Tags: Violent,

Desc: Historical Story: Another college fiction class. Depression era bank robber. Somtime crime does pay for a while.

Jim was a mean man there was no way to pretend otherwise. When he rode into town in his stolen car people just seemed to avoid him by instinct. Even though they might not know who he was, he threw off a vibe to all that saw him to turn around and run.

Today it was the unlucky fate of Kansas City to fall prey to Jim. The first person to notice the brand new 1928 Stutz was Mrs. Jenny Johnson who was at the time just leaving the Kansas city savings and loan. She noticed the beautiful sleek black car glide up to the curb in front of the bank. The car just screamed class and money. Jenny of course being married to an unpleasant man noticed this possible replacement and keenly awaited the appearance of the driver.

Jim gracefully climbed out of the car with his back to Jenny, from a distance Jim was impressive he easily stood more than 6 foot 5 wearing a rich navy colored over coat. When he turned around and his eyes locked on pretty Jenny's. Her body got very cold the instant there eyes met and she very quickly turned and hurried away in the other direction.

Jim stretched and glanced around, it was a typical Saturday morning. Jim had planned this well, this was the day the bank would have the most money and that the police would be the farthest away thanks to his phone call minutes earlier. He had called the police and told them that someone had just robbed the bank on the other side of town. While the police were sorting out the confusion he had planned to go in and rob the one in front of him.

He stooped down behind the seat to grab his favorite gun his BAR. He leaned it up against the door and loaded up his specially made vest's magazine pouches with extra mags he love the vest he had made and considered it his greatest idea. It had built in holsters for his 1911 colts and places for his bar and colt mags as well. In all he had 72 pistol rounds and 160 for his beloved bar all within easy reach. He had yet to need his bar during or after a heist but he wanted to be prepared. This being his 25th heist in 14 states he knew what to down to a science. He always planned well and he seemed to average about 15,000 thousand per robbery. He only needed to hit 2 more banks then he could retire. He already had about 400 thousand dollars stashed around the country it had been a very lucrative year and he had already made plans to implement his retirement.

He climbed the steps and barged through the door he fired off a few rounds into the roof to get everyone's attention.

"Okay every one this is a robbery on the floor and stay calm."

"You open the drawers, start fillin those bags."

"Hey sweet cheeks get the manager to open the vault and help him start loadin those bags as well"

"Okay everybody empty your wallets and remove you jewelry."

"Watches rings I want it all."

"Come on hurry up I don't have all day."

"All right everyone up and into the vault I don't want any one following me out"

"But there isn't room for us all." said one of the bank patrons.

"Well in that case pick some people to stay out but I'll make it very unpleasant."

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