Diane's Diaries

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: All was fine until...!

I was sitting at my desk at work and looking at my co-workers. There were sixteen of us the large open area. The boss didn't like cubicles; he said that they cut down on employee interaction and he thought it inhibited productivity. I was sitting there looking at the nine men and seven women — there used to be thirteen men, but that comes later in the story — and I wondered if the men were like me and the women like my wife. What secrets were there that I couldn't see? Were the men as clueless as I had been? Were the five married women cheating on their husbands? Were the two single women spreading for some other woman's husband? What brought out that curiosity? That's the story.

Diane and I met during our last year in college. We were both business majors, but somehow in a little over three years we had never had a class together. The first time I saw her was on the first day of Business Strategies. I thought she was a damned good looking lady, but then I put her out of my mind. Not that I didn't think that she would be nice to date, but I was semi spoken for. I had a more or less steady girlfriend and she met my needs just fine and yes I do mean that like it sounded.

Mae and I were 'fuck buddies' pure and simple. There was no undying love and devotion, just a lot of sex. We were never going to get married and we knew it. The reason we were only going 'more or less steady' is because every so often Mae would wander away to try out the cock of some other guy who had caught her eye and when she would tire of him she would come back to me until 'wanderlust' took her again. She wouldn't marry me, even though she claimed she loved me, because she wanted to be free to go after cocks if the mood took her. I wouldn't marry her, although in most respects she was perfect for me, because she would always be dropping her panties for some other guy, but we got along well together so I saw no reason to make any changes until we graduated and went our separate ways.

I had nothing to do with Diane except for nodding hello politely as we passed in the hall or entering or leaving the classroom. Then, about mid-term the class was split up into groups of five or six and assigned projects. Diane and I ended up in the same group. The group divided up what needed to be done to complete the project and Diane and I ended up working together.

We met a few times in the library or school cafeteria and then one day as we were in the library doing some research she asked me if I was doing anything on Friday night and I said I wasn't and then she asked me if I could do her a favor.

"What kind of a favor?"

"I need a date for a party I want to go to Friday night."

"You're kidding me!"

"Why would you say that?"

"Get serious Diane. Guys should be lined up at your door begging you for dates so what is with you having to ask a guy?"

"I don't have a line outside my door. I had a fiancé up until two days ago and most of the guys who know me don't know that Jack and I have broken up."

"And you can't just go alone?"

"I could, but I would be projecting the wrong image."

"And that would be?"

"A woman who couldn't get on with her life and had to dog her ex and look pathetic."

"Tell me what I'm getting myself into if I say yes."

"I caught jack screwing one of my sorority sisters and I threw my ring into his face. Jack will be at the party either with that bitch Cyndi or some other skank. If I am there alone I'll have to put up with Jack's smirk and looks of pity from everyone else there. If I don't go at all the word will go out that I'm all heart-broken. I can't give that asshole the pleasure. I need a date so I can show that he is nothing to me anymore and that I'm getting on with my life with a new beau."

"I haven't even said yes yet and I've already been promoted from date to beau?"


During class and when we worked on our project I'd never seen Diane is anything except baggy pants and loose sweaters and sweatshirts. I knew she was a fox from the neck up, but I was not prepared for vision that came down the stairs when I picked her up at her sorority house. Tight, but not trashy. Nice cleavage, but not enough to look slutty. The skirt was short, but not too short. The heels were high, but not too high. I took in the sight and figured that this Jack guy was an idiot to have been messing with another girl when he had what was walking toward me. I gave the proper 'wolf whistle' and got a one thousand watt smile in return. I gave her my arm and we headed off.

As we drove to the party Diane told me not to be surprised if she hung all over me and I told her to hang all she wanted and I was thinking that if I could parlay this party into several more dates I would be seeing a lot less of Mae.

The party was a typical college bash. A room cleared of furniture to make a dance floor; a bowl of non-alcoholic punch that would be spiked before the party was an hour old and a beer keg in the corner. I noticed a lot of eyes on us when we walked in and I noticed one guy with a look of surprise on his face. I whispered:

"At your four o'clock in the blue shirt."

She looked up at me and smiled and whispered back, "Yep, that's asshole."

We when to the keg and got a beer and then we walked around. I knew a few of the people there and Diane introduced me to a dozen more. We set our beers down and moved out onto the floor. It was a slow number and Diane pulled me close, pressed her tits into my chest and licked my right ear lobe. It sent shivers down my spine and my cock twitched. She felt it and smiled at me.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw blue shirt watching with a scowl on his face. I kept an eye on him and noticed that he made several trips to the beer keg. I wondered if he was trying to drown his sorrows over letting Diane get away or if he was trying to build up his courage to do something. I didn't have long to wait to find out.

An hour after we arrived I saw him chug his beer, put the cup down and head for us. We were on the dance floor swaying to a slow tune. Diane was plastered to me and had her hands on my ass pulling me into her and blue shirt walked up, grabbed Diane's arm and said:

"Come on Di, we're getting out of here."

"Get your hands off of me asshole."

"Oh come on Di? You know it didn't mean nothing. Just some fooling around. Nothing was gonna happen."

"Bullshit! Cyndi was bragging the next day about how she took you from me and she told everybody that you told her she was better in bed than me."

"I told you that it didn't mean nothing. Now come on, let's go."

He grabbed her arm again and I slapped his hands away. "Get your hands off my girl asshole."

"Your girl? In only two days? Don't make me laugh. All she is is a date. She is my fiancé."

"Not the way I heard it. She caught you cheating on her and told you to fuck off and die. And I thank you for that. She wouldn't be my girl now if you hadn't fucked up."

"Bullshit! I know her. It took me a month to get the first kiss and she's your girl in only two days? Again dude, bullshit! She probably doesn't even know your full name. She picked you up for this party to rub my nose in it."

"I told you that I had you to thank for it. She was so pissed at you for what you did that she said yes when I asked her out and she gave it up on the first date. Told me up front that she was only doing it to get back at you and that she was going to let you know about it the next day. Funny thing though; she liked it so much that we haven't stopped."

"No way man. She's not that way. I know her well enough to know that even if she did do you on your first date to get back at me she's too inhibited to keep on doing it."

"Again dude, I've got you to thank for it. If she would have had a decent lover before maybe she wouldn't be my girl now. But again I have to thank you. You never got the job done so it was a big surprise to her when she found somebody to show her how it was really supposed to be. Hell man; once I got past the used part and started touching her where she had never been touched before she went nuts and couldn't get enough. She won't leave me alone and I'm glad because I've never had a woman as hot as she is."

He swung at me and I'd been waiting for it. I blocked his swing, stepped inside and drove my fist deep into his gut and he grabbed his stomach and fell to the floor. I looked down at him and then turned to Diane.

"You have anything you want to add honey?"

"No. He is pretty pathetic. He can't fuck and he can't fight. I don't know what I even saw in him in the first place. I'm well rid of him. I'm horny baby; get me out of here."

Once in the car she asked me why I had said all those things. "I wanted to goad him into taking a swing at me. I was having a good time and I wasn't going to keep on having a good time unless I got rid of him. He would have screwed with us all night if I would have let him."

"But you made me sound like an easy slut."

"So what? After my little speech every man in that room is going to be thinking of you. Your dance card will always be full from now on. You will have to beat the guys off with a stick. You will be able to pick and chose. Just do a better job of it next time."

"What next time? You just told half of the people that I know that I'm your girl."

She slid over next to me and put her hand on my leg.

"He was telling the truth you know. It did take him a month to get his first kiss and another six months before I gave him my virginity."

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