Christa's Story - Incident in a Coffee Shop

by RicS

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Christa meets a man from an online dating site. The attraction is immediate and results in sex in the coffee shop also involving the waitress. It was written for a friend to fit her fantasy.

Francesca couldn't quite believe what she was witnessing. It had been a boring night and she was tired but suddenly it was no longer boring at all. She just didn't know what to do though. This wasn't what happened in her coffee shop.

Totally focussed on Christa, Ric had forgotten all about the waitress. He really should have thought about what he was doing. It is not something normally done in a coffee shop but Christa was just too much to resist and he wasn't one to just let things get away from him. He took action and in this case, he was doing exactly that.

Christa couldn't believe what was happening to her. She was too shocked to even say anything and then suddenly she didn't care. She didn't want the feelings that Ric was generating to stop. Christa let out a soft moan and then almost jumped completely out of the seat. She slumped down as the feelings already present intensified.

Ric had started by smelling her hair. He couldn't help it. She looked terrific and he wanted to know if she smelt as good. She did. It seemed that since he was already there he probably should nibble on her neck as well. She jumped at that and then relaxed again. However, that only lasted seconds until Ric's hand moved on to her. She had been raising the sweet liquor to her mouth when the hand had brushed her leg. She started so badly the liquor had splashed onto the exposed flesh of her more than ample cleavage. Christa was normally quite conservative in dress but Ric had intrigued her and they had been flirting outrageously online for some time. They had never met but Christa was excited just the same. This felt different to the last attempts where the men had turned out to be inconsiderate oafs.

So, Christa had swallowed hard when dressing and picked the lowest cut top she owned and a much shorter skirt than she would normally wear. While she certainly didn't expect that Ric would get to see her underwear, none the less she had worn a beautiful black lace bra that showed off her nipples and areolas to good effect and lace panties that were cut high and to Christa very naughty indeed. She had had to trim her pussy hairs considerably just to wear the panties but since the undergarment was see through anyway she was pretty much fully on display. She had even worn a garter belt and stockings. For the first time in a very long time, she felt sexy and somewhat special. Ric had seemed to be able to draw that out in her, even just in phone conversations. She wondered at why this was so but had decided just to go with the flow.

Christa was very attractive. She had long dirty blonde hair, a smile that lit up her eyes when she did smile, which had been far too little of late. She thought she was fat and her self-image had taken a battering when a man she had also met in much that same way as with Ric had been particularly spiteful. But she wasn't at all. She had certainly wasn't a stick insect model but she still had curves in the right places and Ric had been pleasantly surprised on actually meeting.

It was when Ric had leaned over and playfully lapped at the sweet liquor, right at the very start of the swell of Christa's breasts that Francesca's waitressing evening had started be become anything but boring. Francesca was frustrated. She thought to herself: "I haven't had a decent fuck in twelve months and this woman who obviously has never met the man is having her tits licked in a coffee shop. Why don't these things ever happen to me?"

Francesca had been idly watching the pair since they had entered the shop. There was nothing better to do. It was near closing time and they were the only customers left. The other staff had already left as well and until Ric had licked the front of Christa's chest, she had been wishing that they would finish their drinks and leave. Now such thoughts had deserted her.

It was when Ric hadn't stopped, and had darted his tongue firstly at the top of Christa's breasts, then well into the cleavage before retreating to her neck and started nibbling, sucking, and kissing, that Francesca actually started to tingle "down there" and started to get wet. Francesca was engrossed in what was happening not five metres away from her as well as lost in thought:

"Oh, this is wrong. He's in a coffee shop for God's sake. I should say something. Oh but I'm so wet and if I go over there he might even be able to smell how excited I am. This is so confusing. Damn, I should be more assertive. I'll stop them. No, after all what is he really doing? He hasn't even really kissed her yet."

As if Ric could read Francesca's mind, that was exactly the next thing he did. It was a gentle kiss, but sexual just the same. It didn't stay gentle for long as Christa's mind exploded to the sensations. Her pent up desires had been a little too pent up. This was not exactly the right time or place for Ric to be doing anything like this. Just the same, Christa did not object or to do anything but respond strongly. Had the circumstances been but a fraction different, Christa would have been appalled and probably have slapped the man's face for taking such presumptions. Instead, she had let out a soft moan and took the kiss from gentle to urgent and anything but chaste.

Ric normally was a gentle lover but this situation didn't call for slow build-ups at all. It was a little too primal and Christa's reactions a little too intense for that. So instead of gentle caresses and slow, soft touches, Ric had taken a very big risk and his hand had disappeared under Christa's skirt and rubbed along her pussy lips before his fingers closed in on her clit. Christa dropped her drink! This wasn't a few drops mostly on exposed flesh; this was liquor all over her top and quite a bit in her lap. Ric had been responding to Christa's fervent kissing at that moment and he was not about to stop just because Christa got a little sticky.

He moved down Christa's body and simply licked off the liquor wherever it had spilled. That included Christa's nipples, which were now completely erect and eventually her lap. Ric finally said something:

"Christa, your skirt is too wet. It will stain. You'll have to take it off."

And with that, he went back to lapping at the skirt that was now pressed quite flat into Christa. The combination of his hand and his mouth, even through the skirt, was driving Christa wild and she at first was not conscious at all of Ric reaching around unsnapping the top of the skirt and easing down the zipper. She even lifted up her delectable bottom as Ric wiggled off the skirt. Just then Christa came a little to her senses, exclaiming:

"Oh Ric, what are you doing? I can't go in public without my skirt. My underwear is not even decent. Ahh, don't put your mouth there, my knickers are already drenched without you licking them too."

She was already too far gone to realise what she was saying until she actually said it. Then she was mortified that she had admitted just how turned on and wet she was, not that it wasn't rather obvious anyway. The front of her panties was glistening and very wet and that was not from the liquor.

To Christa's sudden horror, Ric actually stopped. Christa thought:

"Fuck. What have I done? I haven't felt like this in years. I just wish we were somewhere private. This is embarrassing. Hmmm. But exiting too. Oh, I don't know what to think. I just want Ric's tongue back where it was. Damn. Now what do I do?"

Ric said quite reasonably:

"You want me to stop, I'll stop. You have turned me on as no one has done in a very long time but we do have an audience and I never want you to feel uncomfortable with me. But perhaps there is a solution."

With that, Ric turned his head and stared directly at Francesca, stunning her out of her daydream like state.

Francesca was of Italian origin. She had silky black hair, the look of being tanned without having been out in the sun, eyes that were currently very wide indeed and almost black. She also had full lips, which were parted at the moment with the tip of her tongue peaking delightfully out. She wasn't tall nor particularly large in the breast department but she did have the typical Italian wide "child bearing" hips and very long legs indeed. Even Christa had admired the woman and Christa professed to having no bi-sexual tendencies at all. Frankly she liked a man's cock and being fucked with one, and in her more distracted thoughts when she had been rubbing her own clit for at least some satisfaction without a partner around, she had thought of women but dismissed the idea as lacking the right equipment or the satisfaction she felt and knowing she had made a man cum.

Ric very calmly said to Francesca:

"It is just the three of us here, isn't it? And you seem to be enjoying the "entertainment". Without wishing to offend you, I can smell your arousal from here. It is very pleasant by the way."

With that, Francesca blushed profusely. She had been caught! She shyly dropped her eyes down startled to realised that just meant she was staring at Christa's parted legs and see through panties and the much more obvious arousal between Christa's legs. Francesca had gone to a Catholic Girl's College. She had had lesbian fantasies from a very young age. Women did turn Francesca on and Christa was certainly doing this now. Francesca may have felt guilty about her attraction to women and certainly liked men too but Christa was at that moment way too appealing to ignore.

Ric continued, with an amused expression, realising what Francesca was now staring at and seemingly able to read her thoughts:

"You don't have any objection if we continue do you? It is just us after all. How about you go and pull down the blinds and lock the door. It must be closing time by now."

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