Home Schooling: New Intake

by Dr Scribble

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Aunt, Nephew, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Della's home with her new daughter, Susan, and Don, father of both of them, invites his Aunt Grace to help out with the housekeeping, because his sister, Celia, is herself away giving birth to their son. Grace brings her son, Joplin, with her. He turns out to be Don's son also. Soon both men and both women are enjoying sexual relations with each other, and the consequences are just what you'd expect.

Fourth in the 'Home Schooling' series, which are best read in order.

One thing almost nobody knew about Don Bradley was the closeness of his relationship with his mother's sister, Aunt Grace.

It started to get really close — into the adult phase, as he would put it later — when he had finished his college course and graduated with a degree in computer programming. By then he was twenty-two and had seen his Aunt only twice in the four years he'd been studying. Prior to that, as a teenager, his relationships with all his relatives, with girls, and with other people in general, had been limited by his lack of self-confidence and general ignorance about how to relate to the world in a reasonably friendly and relaxed manner.

At college, he lost his virginity and much of his gaucheness, and gradually began to widen his interest in other people beyond what they might do for him in a bedroom — though discovering that had been fun, once the female students — and one female tutor — had discovered that not only was Don generously endowed in the penis department, his natural reclusiveness led to a total failure to brag about whatever he did with them. And he discovered that by making sex feel good for the woman, she would ensure it was good for him. And his discretion was much prized, as none of the women who shared his bed wanted the world to know they were doing so.

Most of the girls were using a form of contraception which didn't oblige Don to take any precautions himself. At first he hadn't understood when one of his ardent girlfriends suddenly stopped visiting him and soon afterwards left the college, when her swelling belly started to be noticeable. Over the period of his tuition, he impregnated, unknowingly, two more students. He impregnated the tutor, too, but he knew what he was doing that time, because she told him. He hadn't been able to control himself at the thought of deliberately creating a life, and she had encouraged him to dump his balls in her fertile womb several times. It turned out she had a husband who spent a lot of time away on sales trips, and was never around (and if around, awake) long enough to give her the attention, and the baby, she craved. Learning that Don was discreet, she'd simply promoted him to surrogate father.

She'd promised to keep in touch when he'd last seen her, the day he graduated, but he'd never heard from her again except for an envelope which arrived more than a year later, containing only a photograph of a few-months-old baby. There was no name, either of the child or the sender, so whilst he realised it was probably a baby he'd made, he didn't know who was the mother.

Aunt Grace had attended his graduation, along with the rest of his family, including his sister, Celia. Grace was a forty-year-old spinster at the time, working in a large commercial bank. She turned out to be an interesting person, and Don became quite fascinated by her. He'd started going to her home — a well-appointed place with good sized gardens and even a swimming pool under cover at the back — regularly, where she would tell him about her life and experiences and try to make him understand the world of finance, which he couldn't get his head round very easily.

Then there had come the day when he'd nearly drowned in her pool. It had been simple exhaustion, from swimming hard, combined with sudden, excruciating cramps in his limbs. Fortunately, Grace had chosen that moment to come outside. She was wearing a sun-suit in bright yellow cotton. Don, screaming with pain and thrashing about in the water, saw the flash of yellow as she dived into the water and surfaced beside him, putting one arm round him and dragging him towards the aluminium ladder. Thankfully, the cramps eased.

To keep his head out of water, she swam on her back, one arm holding him pressed against her, while she used the other for propulsion. Don was aware that his aunt's firm and pneumatic breasts were pressed against him. He felt his boner stiffening as she propelled them both to the ladder. By the time they reached it, it was tenting his swimming trunks, and had broken the surface, leaving not much doubt about his condition. He raised his eyes to hers. She was staring at the bulge, until the sudden cessation of forward movement through the water caused it to sink, when she turned her gaze on his face.

'Do you have ... an erection, Don?' she asked, wriggling slightly against him.

He swallowed. 'Yes. Sorry, I couldn't help it... '

'How could you?' She sounded amazed.

Don didn't know how to explain it. 'Well, because of you, Aunt Grace. I'm sorry, as soon as I can, I'll move.'

She became aware that her legs had wrapped themselves around him, keeping his butt pressed against her groin. The resulting sensations were pinging around in her pussy and nipples, which had stiffened and now poked firmly against the material of her sun-suit. She relaxed her grip enough to help him grab the ladder, which necessitated his turning over while she still held him close — obviously, to prevent his slipping back into the water, but in practical terms, he was now grinding his cock against her pussy mound and she was pressing her tingling nipples against his chest.

'Aunt Grace?' Don prompted.

She sighed and relaxed her grip of him. 'Sorry, ' she said. 'Didn't mean to do that. It's just that ... well, it's not something that happens to me every day.'

He arched his eyebrows. 'You don't mind, then?'

She wriggled once more, gasped and pulled herself away, shaking her head. Her hands went down — he watched through the water — to her mound and she rubbed herself for a moment.

'Just give me a minute, ' she gasped again.

Don grabbed the ladder firmly and climbed out of the water. Behind him, he heard Aunt Grace sigh, and a moment later she climbed out herself.

'Are you all right?' she asked.

'Yes, thank you, ' he replied, rubbing the calf and thigh muscles which had cramped.

'You should lay down and let me do that, ' his aunt said, leading him to a sunbed beside the pool.

She arranged a pillow under his head so he could see what she was doing, then beginning at his toes, she slowly pulled and pinched and nipped and rubbed her way up both legs.

Don's boner had not completely softened, and as she reached his thighs, and her fingers brushed it through the material of his swimming shorts.

After a moment, she sat back, on the edge of the sunbed and said, 'it's really uncomfortable wearing this damp sun dress. Do you mind if I take it off?'

Without waiting for a reply, she took hold of the garment and lifted it over her head, leaving Don staring at her naked body, as firm-fleshed as that of a young woman half her age. Her nipples, he noticed, were sticking out.

She saw the direction of his gaze.

'You like my breasts?' she asked.

'I do, ' he said, his tongue flicking over his lips, which were suddenly dry.

She leaned towards him.

'You want to touch them?'

'Yes, ' he said, reaching for her breasts with his hands, and feeling how warm and firm they were. He brought the nearest nipple to his mouth and latched on, sucking and licking it while his aunt sucked her stomach in and wriggled appreciatively.

'Don't mind me, ' she said happily, 'I'll just carry on giving you a good rub. Then you can do me, ' she added, blithely heedless of the ambiguous nature of her words.

She stopped after a minute and stood.

'I think it will be easier if you lay right along the sunbed, ' she said, arranging his legs where she wanted them. A moment later, she lifted one leg and straddled him, sitting so that her swollen pussy lips were resting on Don's prick, separated only be the thin material of his trunks.

She tutted, stood up, and got hold of them. 'These are still very wet, ' she said, 'I think they'd better come off.'

Moments later, his trunks were on the floor and she resumed her previous position, at which point Don learned that he was not the only one of them who was wet.

Grace pushed and pulled at his chest and the muscles of his abdomen. She was so vigorous that as she worked on him, her pussy tended to slide along his cock, which was rock-hard and laying along his stomach. She had to lean forward to massage the muscles in his neck, which meant that her melon-like breasts dangled invitingly close to Don's mouth.

He needed no second invitation, and captured one stiff nipple between his lips, while using a hand to cup the other breast. Grace simply moaned her appreciation and slid harder along his cock shaft. Inevitably, after one of those movements, she slid completely off it, and when she pressed back, his cock had lifted its head several degrees from the horizontal and was perfectly lined up with the widening entrance to Grace's pussy. She felt it nudge inside her, and slid backwards, forcing Don's generous endowment to push aside the walls of her baby-tube until it butted up against her cervix.

She gave a little involuntary jerk when she felt that, then, with her pussy slowly massaging Don's prick, she went back to work on his neck muscles, and making sure that he treated her nipples fairly, swapping them over when she couldn't stand any more licking or sucking on one side or the other. All the attention they were getting was communicating itself by neural pathways directly to the nerves gathered together in her pussy, where they had the express purpose of encouraging and preparing her to be spermed by the fat rod currently giving her so much delight on its own account.

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