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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: After knocking her boss over and rudely ignoring his plight, arrogant Loraine is given a choice, spend a month as an office cleaner or lose her job as an executive.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental. The ideas and thoughts that follow are pure fantasies. In real life, at the very least they would be unpleasant and probably illegal. Fantasies are like that; daydreams where we can contemplate and imagine the sensations without suffering or inflicting the pain, despair or humiliation.

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WHAM! The force of the impact on the small of his back sent Tom sprawling and landing heavily on the floor.

The young woman carrying several box files and a laptop against her chest, dashed around the corner without noticing him waiting for his colleagues, forcefully bumped into him, catching him off-balance and causing the accident. She paused momentarily to comment, "Haven't you anything better to do than stand about blocking the passageway?" Moving quickly to one side and inadvertently stepping on Tom's spectacles, breaking the frames and popping the lenses, she hurried on. Janice, Tom's PA and secretary quickly knelt by his side and enquired, "Are you okay Tom?" then seeing him fumble for his glasses, she added, "They're broken but I'll get the pieces. That bitch ought to be locked up. I don't know why you put up with her nonsense when she's your junior."

By then his three male colleagues arrived and added their comments as to what should be done with Ms. Lorraine Feldman, the project acquisitions manager, as she liked to call herself, whereas in reality, she only sourced the materials, did the estimates and budgets. Noticing Tom having difficulty in putting any weight on his right hand, Janice asked Len, the workshop foreman to help him. His right wrist had already swollen tightly into his shirt cuff and when she unbuttoned the sleeve, she ordered, "I'm taking you to the nurse to have this looked at. No arguments. The copier should have finished your notes and Len can take them to the meeting. You won't be able to read them without your glasses any way."

"The CEO expects..."

"He'll expect an efficient personal assistant to take care of her boss. The others can explain what happened."

Kathy, the works nurse, examined his wrist and his back and commented on the bruise forming there. "She hit you mighty hard Tom and I guess you'll have a sore back for a few days at least. I think your wrist is only sprained but you'd better get it X-rayed in case there is a break. If there is, the sooner it is treated and set the better. I'll do a quick letter for the hospital doctor. Will you take him Jan?"

On returning to their office to pick up her car keys, Tom wondered how he'd get home, or more especially how he would get his car home. "I'll ask if one of the car-poolers will drive it home for you, I'll email them."

<Help please. We need someone to drive Tom Byers' car to his home tonight. Ms. Feldman knocked him down and broke his glasses. He lives on the Kimberly side of town. If you are able to offer assistance, please contact me, we hope to be back from the hospital before work finishes>

She grinned because she knew there would be much speculation over the phrases, 'Ms. Feldman knocked him down and broke his glasses' and 'we hope to be back from the hospital before work finishes', when all the computers on the intranet received the message. Almost immediately and before she'd helped Tom on with his coat and picked up the items he'd need for the weekend, a reply came from one of the engineers in the architect department and they gave the keys to him before leaving.

Nurse Kathy's diagnosis proved correct and the hospital wrapped it with a crepe bandage and put sling around his neck to keep it raised. "You'll need to rest it until the swelling goes down and it may take a week or more before you can use it. Your back problem is twofold, there is the bruising from the impact and you pulled the surrounding muscles when you fell and they are already stiffening up. You're a big man Tom and when you fell, you fell awkwardly and did more damage to your body than if you were a younger and lighter man. If there is anyone at home, get them to massage your back with a warm oil. Ask at the pharmacy, there's a number of brands but it is the rubbing that does the most good, despite what it says on the box."

Tom's car sat on his driveway when they arrived and the keys were posted through the letterbox; the hospital visit and calling at the chemist's took longer than they anticipated. By then Tom's wrist throbbed and his back sent stabs of pain to his brain with every movement.

"Let's get you undressed now and ready for your massage." They'd been in for an hour and she'd made tea, fixed them something to eat and answered his answerphone calls, like she did at work. Nearly all were from co-workers enquiring of his health but Alec Briggs, the CEO phoned wanting to know what happened and then indicated he'd investigate the matter further on Monday and decide what, if anything, to do about Loraine.

"Okay Tom, I'm putting the phone back on answerphone and we can go into the bedroom and get your kit off ready for a massage without interruption." Finding a large towel in the bathroom, Jan covered the bed and helped him off with his clothes, pausing when only Tom's underpants remained. Knowing that strictly speaking she didn't need to remove them but her eyes saw the bulge in the front and with a sharp jerk, pulled the pants down to his ankles and off. She grinned and commented, "I haven't seen one of those in that state since Ken left me six years ago."

"And it's not felt the inside of a woman since Cleo died several years before that."

"At least it still works ... and maybe it will need a massage too later," Jan added giggling like a teenager.

Tom smiled. Secretly he'd admired the unpretentious woman since she began working for him ten years ago but didn't wish to spoil a working relationship and at the time, Cleo still lived and Jan had a husband. Even when they both became 'free' of partners it took him a long while to get over Cleo's death and now being alone had become a way of life, although more frequently he thought of having a woman's companionship again, but at 45 years old, balding and less active than in his earlier years, he'd resigned himself to not finding anyone and not even looking. Occasionally his thoughts turned to Jan but then he told himself, "Jan is my secretary and a good one too, and I don't wish to alter that by making her a prospective wife."

When she asked him to lie on the bed and stood where he could see her at the bathroom sink to warm the oil, he looked at her in a new light. "At almost 40, she's still an attractive woman, not as skinny as Cleo, a little shorter but she's not fat, and I like her brown hair that curls under at the ends. Sets off her round face nicely. Although I've never seen her tits, she's certainly well endowed. I wonder if she's serious about massaging my prick? I can feel that it's hard at the thought. Maybe even want more except that with this bloody back pain and the aching of my wrist, I won't be able to do much. The painkillers the hospital prescribed haven't eased the pain much, at least not when I try to move. She'll go home later and I'll have to fend for myself until Monday unless..."

His mind returned to the present when Janice came back still giggling and exclaimed, "After all these years I get to see my boss naked and rub his bum!"

"Do I get to return the favour?" Tom teased as she climbed on the bed, straddled his legs and poured a little oil on his spine.

"Oh, I don't know about that, I've nothing that needs a massage and a girl has to protect her innocence," she laughed and spent nearly twenty minutes rubbing the oil into the bruised area of his back.

"Are you going to do the front as well?"

"Not at the moment Tom, maybe when I rub your back again before I put you to bed. I ought to pop home and see to the cat and do a few chores but I'll check on you again soon. If you just put a dressing gown on you can watch TV for an hour, I shouldn't be that long."

Well over the hour later Tom heard her let herself in and go back to the car several times before coming into the lounge carrying her cat. "Hope you don't mind but I've brought 'Tibbs' to save me going back and forth to feed him and he doesn't like being left on his own. I've put his basket and litter tray in the utility room so it's out of the way and, with the boiler in there, it's warm so he should be comfortable. How are you doing?"

"Getting stiff again."

"Front or back?" Jan found herself recalling the banter she'd had with her husband when they'd first married.

"Just the back at the moment, nothing to cause the front to stiffen since you've been gone."

They spent the evening watching TV and intermittently discussing what Alec might do and Loraine's future. Both agreed something needed to be done to curb her arrogance but their views were diametrically opposed. Janice believed she should be sacked because she'd upset everyone in their department; Tom had reservations and wanted to keep her expertise but agreed that a considerable amount of pressure would be needed to keep her tongue under control.

"I think I'm going to lie down, Jan, my back is beginning to play up again. The bed in the guestroom is made up or..." The nine o'clock news had ended so for Tom this would be an early bedtime. He hoped Jan would offer to massage him again and even sleep with him but didn't wish to force her. He didn't need to.

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