The Last Return

by Mike S

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Fan Fiction, Superhero, .

Desc: Fantasy Story: Princess Diana's last return to the world of man and discovery of her enslavement. Finale of Wonder Woman's Sexual Misadventures. All sex is referred to, no actual sex in story.

A continuation to an ending, of Wonder Woman's Sexual Misadventures.

Princess Diana flew back to Paradise Island considering her future. She had to bring these 35 blocks of Amazonium back to the Amazon and then return to man's world and resume her duties there as Wonder Woman, the Amazon Ambassador. She had enjoyed her time on Wently Island and wished it could go on forever, but she was First Princess of the Amazon, next in line to the throne. Her duties and responsibilities to the Amazon must be carried out. Upon arriving home she went to the guard assigned to the area and had instructions relayed to send a work detail of 6 Amazon to her plane. She packed the Amazonium up into 6 bags and waited. Upon their arrival, she gave them their orders and headed to the palace. The Amazon had never had more than 30 blocks of Amazonium before and she wanted to show the Queen what she had brought and lay 35 blocks out in front of her. Diana had already replenished the Amazon's Amazonium supply with 18 blocks and there 35 would make it 53. She was pleased with herself for being able to accumulate that many, especially how she had gotten them, and the enjoyment she had getting them.

Princess Diana presented herself to the Queen with the work detail and they laid out all the Amazonium before her. Sounds of wonder filled the throne room at the sight and even the normally reserved Queen expressed her wonder at the stockpile.

"Your Highness, I present to the Amazon nation 35 more blocks of Amazonium which places our stockpile at 53 blocks. I believe our trading partners can get more and have informed them to come and trade if they do. I told them that you would notify me and I would return to negotiate with them'" Diana said.

"Princess Diana, you have done an amazing job accomplishing this. The Amazon have never had so much and I'm more confident of our abilities to heal wounded and injured Amazons with this Detail, sack this back up and take it to the infirmary. Everyone else, clear the throne room as I want a private word with Diana. Princess Erica, you will also stay." After the room was emptied and her bodyguard detail stood guard at the doors, the Queen turned to her 2 daughters.

"Diana, you have been overly absent from man's world. I believe you should return there and take up your duties immediately. I also want your opinion on giving Erica the trade negotiator position so that you do not have to return every time those Orcs come with a block of Amazonium." Diana and Erica both looked at their mother in astonishment. Erica knew that trading the use of her body as a cum receptacle for the Orc was nothing she wanted to repeat. She had eavesdropped at Diana's door at the last trade session and knew that Diana had taken it in her face and ate some. She had tasted it and it revolted her. She did not want to assume the duties of having to deal with the Orcs. Diana was suddenly worried about her relationship with the Orcs and especially her sexual relationship with their Warg.

"My Queen," Diana said. "I have informed them not to come with less than 5 blocks, I have also worked for the last 3 weeks establishing a rapport with them, and since their trader is new to all of this, I don't think having him deal with Erica would be a wise decision at this time."

"I agree," Princess Erica stated. "I don't think the trade that I made for that last block of Amazonium to heal Diana is anything I would want to go through again." The Queen knew what that trade was, because she had made it, allowing the Orc to relieve his sexual urges on her younger daughter's breasts.

"Okay, I'll concede all your points Diana, and to your wishes, Erica. However, I still think it's a good idea to have Diana continue as trade negotiator much longer. Her duties as Wonder Woman are of such importance that she should not be coming home all the time. Therefore I hereby order Erica to start attending the negotiations as your future replacement when I decide the time is right. On that I do not desire your comments or opinions, clear?"

"Yes My Queen." The 2 daughters answered in unison.

"Diana, I want you to prepare for your return to man's world and Erica will assist you. I will say goodbye now as I expect you to be ready and on your way within the hour. Now come and give your mother a hug." Diana stepped up to the throne as her mother arose and the two of them embraced and kissed the others cheek. Diana and Erica then left for Diana's quarters to get her Wonder Woman things.

On the way they discussed their now joint position of trade negotiator. Diana reinforced in Erica's mind that all negotiations were a secret and could be discussed with no one, not even their mother. In her head she was trying to figure out the next trade meeting in 4 months if Erica was present. She couldn't spin into nudity and allow the Orc to cum on her and she licks it up to open and close the negotiations if Erica were present. Could she? Could she entrust the last trading that she had done to get all the Amazonium? Could she tell her about the 10 eggs she had delivered for them, or the Warg she had had sex with? Erica was thinking of Diana allowing the Orc to cum in her face and then eat some, just for that solution that they had been given. She did not want any Orc to cum on her again and when Diana had talked about bending rules here and being even more amiable to trade off this island. Erica took that as meaning that she was willing to have sex, considering what she did here. They arrived at Diana's quarters and Erica noticed her sister closed and locked the door.

"We need to talk, and while mother said I have to leave within the hour, I can be ready in 5 minutes and gone in 15." Diana said. "Do you have any reason why mother has done this now, at this time? You are here on the island with her and in conference with her daily while fulfilling your duties. Has she ever said anything?"

"No, never. However she has gotten a pensive look whenever your name comes up, since you left this last time. Maybe she thinks you are getting too close to these Orcs. Diana, I have to confess to you that the trade mother made for that last block of Amazonium was for that Orc to please himself and use my breasts as his receptacle for his semen. I went in to clean up and tasted it. It was awful! I also confess that I listened at your door and know you showed him your sex, allowed him to ejaculate onto your face and then you licked some up for him. You told him you were not breaking any rules doing this and you were even more flexible off our island. You then went to their island and return with a total of 38 blocks of Amazonium. Will you tell me what happened while you were gone?" Diana carefully looked at her sister after these admissions. Erica apparently believed that she had gotten the eggs through sex. What could she tell her? How could she explain? By tradition an Amazon does not lie, but for the good of the people, you could tell half truths to people in lower stations and Erica was Second Princess to her First. So, some truth but not all.

"As you heard outside my door, I was willing to be more flexible at their home than here. While traveling there I decided to do whatever was necessary to get Amazonium for us in case of another Orc war. When I got there I got 1 block for starting to manually play with their penises, a 2nd for beginning to orally excite them and the 3rd for swallowing their semen. I brought those here and returned for 3 weeks of allowing them to use my sex to relieve their urges for these last 35 blocks."

"You allowed them to have sex with you?" Erica gasped.

"Yes, As I said, I had decided to do whatever was needed and having sex was what was needed. The Amazon needed Amazonium and they had it. They wanted sex and I gave it to them to help my people. That is what a trade negotiator does, you give them what they want, to get what you want. I trust you with this information. You apparently never told mother what you had overheard and so do not do so now. Remember, details of a trade are secret. You are now co-trade negotiator, so you needed to know. The Orcs will arrive in 4 months with 5 blocks of Amazonium to trade. At the start and end of the negotiations, he will spill his seed on me and I will partake of it. By Amazon law he will not touch me with his penis or ejaculate in me. I told you this so you know what is going to happen and can either show up late, to allow it to happen before you arrive, or go to a window and look out while it's happening, or kneel beside me to receive it with me. I will clean up all the semen from your body so you don't have to taste it again. That opening and closing ceremony is a part of the trade I have made, so it will be done." Erica looked at her sister for a minute thinking of her sister's comments and her dedication to the Amazons. Diana was First Princess but she was Second, so could she do any less?

"I will be on the floor, kneeling beside you. I will attempt to clean myself, but may have to allow you to do it. As you said, our duties are to help our people in any way we can. You set a shining example at this and I will try to make you as proud of me as I am of you."

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