My Mother's Pink Panties

by dirty oedipus

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: i discover hidden depths in my mother

The party was in full swing, all the family were there, Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces all enjoying themselves and my father was making a fool of himself like he always did.

He always drank far too much, far too early, he insisted on dancing with every woman there, whether they wanted to dance or not and he always felt that he had to grope them, you know a hand on their ass or a quick feel of a breast, in short he was a fucking pain.

I mean for God's sake he was married to the best looking woman by far, my mother was only thirty three and every one always said how lucky he was to have her.

They'd gotten together at a party when mum was just fourteen and he'd stupidly knocked her up, I was the result of that little get together, but I'll say this for him, he stood by her and married her on her eighteenth birthday.

"Some girls get cars" mum used to say, "But I got him, what a deal!"

I never really understood what he did for a living, but we always had plenty of money, sometimes he'd leave the house as if going to work and he'd be gone for days, weeks even, mum and I loved those times when he was away, she'd drive me to school and pick me up in the evening, she always helped me with my homework too, in short she was a great mum and I loved her to bits.

At the party she wore a plain white dress, quite short and cut quite low to show off her lovely breasts and underneath she wore just little pink panties, I knew that because she did a lot of dancing and every so often her dress would flare up to show her gorgeous little ass clad in those panties.

I guess it's not every boy who could get a hard on from looking at his mother, but I sure as hell did!

It happened when dad was dancing with mum's sister, my Aunt Kerry, his hands had been all over her and she'd put up with it for mum's sake, I just happened to look up to see his hands disappearing under the back of her skirt when she hit him hard across the face, quick as a flash dad hit her back and that was when all hell broke loose, Kerry's husband Don, a big guy drove his fist into dad's face and sent him sprawling, a couple of the women screamed, mum went over to comfort her sister and dad ran into the house, Don wanted to kill him but when dad reappeared holding an automatic, the place went deathly quiet,

"You fucking ass hole" he shouted at Don, "You think you can hit me, you and your fucking slut wife?" and he pulled the trigger, the bullet missed by a mile, but I didn't miss with the champagne bottle in my fist, I hit him square on the back of his head and he dropped like a stone.

As he dropped, his finger squeezed the trigger again, the bullet hit the wall and went straight back to hit him between the eyes, he was dead before he hit the floor.

As you might imagine, that kind of ended the party, I spent the night in the cells and the following morning I was charged with culpable homicide and remanded in custody to await trial.

Talk about scared, I was fucking petrified, but mum arrived that afternoon with some big shot lawyer, a bag full of money and I was free!

She didn't blame me at all for what was basically an accident, sure I meant to hit him, but he had a gun in his hand and was using it.

Mum and I kind of moped about the place for a week until the coroner released the body and announced that his verdict was accidental death, I was summoned to the court where a smiling judge told me I had no case to answer and that I was free to go.

Mum was overjoyed and hugged me half to death and I had to admit that I was just a little bit pleased too!

She made the arrangements for his funeral aided by the same big shot lawyer and a seemingly endless supply of money which I asked her about that night,

"He was pretty high up in The Mob" was all she'd say except that we'd never have to worry about money again, but we were required to change our names and move way across country to another state,

"He had a lot of enemies darling" she said, "It's for our own safety"

She seemed strangely happy that night, even with the two goons in the black sedan outside, she was relaxed and suggested that we have a drink to celebrate a new beginning,

Well we had more than "a drink" we had loads of 'em and it was then that she confessed to me that she was relieved he was dead.

"I was sick of him coming home smelling of other women" she said softly, "I tried to be a good wife for him, but he was unfaithful right from day one, this place was just an extension of his office, it was never his home and I was just a receptacle for his seed whenever he couldn't get a whore to play with"

"Aw mum" I said softly and took her into my arms, "He must have been mad to want anyone else with a doll like you at home"

"A doll?"

"Yes mum, a doll, that's what you are and if I ever meet anyone like you, I'd never look at another woman, never"

"Flatterer" she laughed but I wasn't having it,

"Mum, the guys at my old school voted you the sexiest M.I.L.F. out of all the moms"

"What's a M.I.L.F?" and I could have kicked myself,

"It's a pretty woman mum"

"Come on" she insisted, "What do the initials stand for?"

"Aw mum, I can't tell you that!"

"You'd better mister, or do I go on Google and look for myself?"

"Don't be mad then will you?"

"Okay, I won't be mad"


"I promise"

I took a deep breath and told her,

"Mother I'd love to fuck"

I really thought she'd be mad, but she laughed out loud making her breasts wobble temptingly under her dress,

"How many voted"

"All of us"

"You too?"

"Sure I did" then I realized what she was leading to,

"Oh shit mum"

"So you want to fuck me do you?"

"Mum you can't ask me that!"

"I just did, do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes" I said very softly, "Yes mum, I'd give anything for the chance"

"I asked that because I saw you last week masturbating into my panties, my little pink ones, have you got a panty fetish?"

"No" I felt miserable,

"So what were you thinking about while you were doing it?"

"I was thinking about you mum"

She got up then to get us another drink, I couldn't take my eyes off her sexy little ass and the way it seemed to sway under her dress,

Pouring the drinks, she leaned forward on the worktop still with her back to me,

"Were you wondering what it'd be like to have sex with me?"

I walked silently up behind her my heart in my mouth,

"No mum" I said quietly, "I was thinking about making love to you" and I kissed the back of her neck,

"There's a difference mum"

"No one's ever said that to me before" she said her voice barely a whisper, "To your dad it was just a fuck"

"You could never be just a fuck to me mum" I said and kissed her neck again,

"I'd worship you, I'd kiss you all over"

"All over, you mean--?"

"You'd have to push me away mum, or I'd sleep with my mouth on you, between your legs"

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