Body-shifter's Universe: the Audition

by XXXecil

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Orgy, Harem, Masturbation, Lactation, Big Breasts, Transformation, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: "Silly.... to be so afraid... of us..." Nora hissed as she ran hands across her own thighs and ass. "Men should stop worrying about where we came from, and just start fucking me more!" she moaned. Her skin darkened into a Hindu-Indian complexion as she attempted to grow five inches of jutting breast in less than ten seconds. Nora struggled to heft bowling-ball-sized tits as she groaned her lust at the heavens.

Carmen sneered. "Amateurs!" She muttered as she surveyed the competition. She was standing on the doorstep of a cozy, suburban middle-class house that had recently seen massive and expansive renovation to add new rooms. A sure fire clue that the competition would be fierce.

"And what makes YOU so special?" snarled one of her competitors, a midnight-haired, tattooed beauty in a red string bikini. A tattoo of two lovers embracing on her taut abs seemed to move as she spoke, the inked lovers embracing on the canvass of her skin.

"I'll do ANYTHING! ANYTHING for him!" moaned a writhing woman whose hair and skin seemed to constantly shift. As she spoke, her blond hair changed color into a pale near-white platinum blond Her eyes changed from green to blue.

"That's not true," Carmen countered. "You don't even care who HE is!"

"He's a man! A man who craves women! He'll crave my body! I'll make sure!" The woman began massaging her smooth buttocks through the sleazy black-lace garters and lingerie she wore, and her ass cheeks seemed to plump up in seconds - widening from a modestly normal girth to the roundness of twin volleyballs. "Men ... like asses ... fertility - my body will show him my fertility and he will yearn to fill me with his seed!" She moaned, as her lips grew plump and pouty, and her hair darkened towards a mahogany shade.

"You may need to be more creative, Nora." remarked the black-haired woman with the moving tattoos.

"But I'll do ANYTHING Leila! I'll become whatever he wantsssss!" Nora moaned as her hair grew blond highlights as it turned dark brown while her legs stretched taller. "He'll fuck me! I know it! I know it!" Carmen rolled her eyes.

"You've let your hunger take over your thoughts." Carmen accused the shape-shifting Nora. "He won't be impressed just because you're a desperate nymphomaniac! The days when you could just grab some guy and shove his face between your tits are over! At least in this town!"

"And you?" The woman named Leila asked, resting her hands on her hips as she studied Carmen. "Nice bronze-brown cascading hair ... looks salon-styled, but nothing special. Pretty enough face, boobs no bigger than a Double-D ... red cocktail dress and ... are those real high-heeled shoes you're wearing?" Leila scoffed. "You look like nothing more than a human supermodel! You should take your own advice!" Carmen let a hint of a smile play across her red-glistening lips.

"Worry about yourself! I've got this Audition covered!" she replied confidently. Leila and Nora frowned.

"The Ad in the paper only mentioned one position!" Leila remarked. "Making him feel sorry for you won't help any more than just bombarding him with tits."

"If you only knew..." Carmen said in a sibilant whisper. Of course, she wasn't about to reveal her best tricks to her competition! The Position, and the sweet, sweet reward would be hers alone!

"Whatever he wants ... I'll do ... I'll become his desire! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck meeeeeeeee!" Nora gurgled as she caressed her enlarging breasts; sprouting from 5-inch long E-cup melons to party-balloon sized feminine mounds over the course of five seconds. She didn't even seem to hear the conversation; consumed with her dreams of lust and seduction.

It looked as though they were the only three for today, and they waited - planned and schemed on the front porch. Waiting. Studying each other. Leila, skimpy bikini filled to overflowing with ponderous boobs as long as footballs and wide as cantaloupes straining against the spaghetti straps, nipples thrusting prominently, as tattooed images played across her flesh. Silhouettes of gorgeous women, busty fairies, elegant hands and shapely legs. They moved and shifted languidly, as if each and every tattoo was the lover of all the others. Her eyes were shadowed, but her gaze was a brilliant shade of silver-blue. Her ink-black hair cascaded in onyx waves and exuded a hint of jasmine scent.

In this town, just four months ago such a woman could have conjured an army of admirers. She postured, tilted her hips, tossed her hair, jiggled her boobs as the early afternoon sunlight played along her marriage-shattering female curves. A few months ago, if Leila were to merely walk down the street she would leave a chorus of painful slaps in her wake wherever couples might be found. But things had changed; way too much competition these days. But even so, Leila was well suited to the game at hand.

Nora's appearance was hard to succinctly describe, changing constantly the way she did. Some of the time, she had one hair color that was blending slowly into something new, but the rest of the time her hair had patches and streaks of other highlights. But Nora couldn't seem to decide whether her boobs, hips, or legs were more important. Her intentions pathologically nymphomaniacal, it seemed like she couldn't decide what woman to be. A near constant use of her natural shape-shifting powers fed a sort of physical insecurity - To Carmen, there was the sense that Nora feared that a man would pass her by if her beauty was insufficient - but there were so many different flavors of human women! As if Nora thought that all her dreams of pussy-pounding love-making would come true if she could just find the right shape of tits, the right curve of her ass.

Her massive jugs swelled and bounced as she enlarged them, cooing to herself about 'men and their love of boobs'. But moments later, she would mutter something like 'men are excited by wide hips like mine' ... Various parts of her anatomy would grow more or less curvaceous in response to her panicked, desperate mood. Her clothes too, would change. Black-lace lingerie would morph into pink bikini bottoms and white, wet T-shirt ... then into a flowery white bra and underwear. But of course, none of it was real. The clothing was just a disguise. Nora moaned again, she was consumed by a raging hunger that dominated her thoughts, her motivation. It was a hunger that Leila and Carmen felt as well, that all their kind felt.

As they waited, there was a bit of activity. A low rumbling sound was apparent from the south, near the direction of the lawn of a small, white bricked-house across the street from the trio. The rumbling grew into a persistent, thunderous din. Soon a camouflaged, multi-tread armored fighting vehicle barreled into view, crushing a white picket fence as it veered in an uneven course across the residential street. It was a blocky, ponderous vehicle, probably built to withstand fire from heavy assault-rifles, explosives, and low-yield mortar-fire.

But the fighting-vehicle had a weak point - it's crew. The mighty armor could repel high-caliber ammunition, but it could not withstand this new form of attack.

A hatch opened near the top, and a panting young soldier stuck his head up - as if to escape.

"Im ... Impossible..." the young man whispered as he tried to crawl away. He was naked, his muscled flesh decorated with lipstick kisses. A giggling came from within the vehicle, and several smiling, female faces also emerged from the hatch to surround the struggling soldier.

They were redheads, with pillowy breasts as large as their own heads framed by ringlet cascades of orange-red tresses. The soldier made it to the front hood of the moving vehicle, before he was bore to his back and molested by the giggling females.

With a moan of relief as much as lust, a naked redhead thrust herself upon the soldier's rigid cock - breasts rolling as she rode him like a whore in heat. Another, nearly identical woman thrust her quivering breast in his face, with a nipple going into his mouth. The third slut took hold of the man's free hand, and ran it down her bountiful curves down towards the heat between her legs.

"Feel me," The third redhead murmured. "Feel my heat, my lust, the softness of my breasts." The besieged soldier jerked suddenly - with the fury of a relentless orgasm that arched his back as it exploded out of him. The red whore riding his member howled in ecstasy, eyes widening as though she'd just won the lottery. It was not that she shared the climax of the man she ravished, but just having him spurting his seed within her produced a volcanic bliss just as powerful as the mightiest human orgasm.

Of course, that's how it was with all of them. They didn't have sex for an orgasm, sex was simply the means needed to get a human male to release his seed inside them.

In the end, it all came down to sperm.

Carmen didn't begrudge Nora her gurgle of frantic yearning, or the way the shape-shifting slut slid her fingers between her legs in hopeful hunger. Carmen herself was drooling openly at the sight before them in the street.

But it was not to be; the redhead thrusting her breasts in the soldier's mouth noticed them, and gave a warning frown and scowl. No surprise. For a young, healthy man like this, most of her kind would do anything necessary to secure him. And these redheads had laid claim to the soldier, and Carmen had no way to divert them from their moaning, ejaculating prize.

Another soldier tried to emerge from the vehicle, a heavily-muscled black man with a shaved head. But he hadn't even pulled his shoulders out of the hatch before graceful, pale hands bore him back down amidst high-pitched giggling. Soon, the moans from within the vehicle challenged the hoarse-throated shouts of orgy taking place without.

It was Leila who broke the tension from the thwarted longing they all felt.

"That silly Governor must have gone through with his stupid plan to declare a state of emergency." She scoffed. "Just because he's afraid at how fast we've been replicating lately. He just doesn't get it."

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