The Chosen: a Victoria Truman Story

by mattwatt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Vicky is 'chosen' to provide a Mrs. Robinson experience for four young guys; she's reluctant; they insist

Victoria Truman was the chosen; of course she didn't know that but she was. They had chosen her, after looking and looking, and talking and talking. She was just the one. They were like that: careful, calculating, exact and determined.

They called themselves 'the SHOW'; they knew it was corny, since their names were Steve, Howe, Ondrej and Will but they didn't care. They were 'the SHOW'. They did things together and had done, since they were just kids in the neighborhood together. They played sports together, ran a little side business together, and even shared girls. (They still laughed about the famous example of Heidi S who wanted so badly to be a slut for Howie and ended being a slut for the whole SHOW. --But that's another story.) But lately they had gotten restless. They talked more and more about what it might be like to take an older woman. The more they talked, the better the idea seemed. They joked about wanting a 'Mr. Robinson' in their lives, a sexy contrast to their own late teen aged years. 'After all, ' their thinking went, 'older women were supposed to be sexy and great in bed.' They wanted to try that out.

Will put it into words for them aptly:

"Yeah, let's find an older Heidi and make her our slut."

The others thought that was just a really fine idea. The talk about a new 'Mrs Robinson' figure for them continued, and grew in its own way. One of them, at one such talk suggested that maybe what they should do is find a older black woman. The others hooted about that possibility, liking it immediately. Their sights were set.

The SHOW went into action. Steve was their sleuth, kind of, he began to research the project. It was at a local mall, purely by accident that he noticed Victoria Truman. 'She looked good, ' was his first impression, and Victoria Truman did indeed look good.

Victoria Truman was what they considered 'older' and, by her own description, unattached. She meant it to be that way. She certainly enjoyed periodic sex but made sure that she went way out of the district for it. She was completely, totally dedicated to her career, and in that career she was doing just fine. She gave over everything to the care and feeding of her career. It had paid off for her.

Of course, she was positioned to do well from the start by her innate attractiveness. Victoria was a statuesque black woman and a looker for sure. She initially sacrificed a good deal financially in order to be able to always dress in a killing fashion. That too had served her well. She dressed well and attended to her job, always minding the small things that seemed to matter to those who counted. She never 'slept her way to the top'; she never had to because she made sure that she was good at what she did. Victoria made sure that her 'wildness', as she called it, was served in other ways and other places.

Soon enough it paid off for her, and the promotions and raises came. Her dedication and attitude about getting ahead never changed but her living style did. She bought a large lovely home, which was situated on its own grounds, about 12 acres of wooded land with lanes and paths. Victoria Truman had made it.

Now she was the Chosen. The more Steve shadowed her, surer he was that she was the one for them. He let them know about that and soon Ondrej joined him in shadowing Victoria. It took no time at all for Ondrej to be convinced also.

They followed Victoria for a two week period very discreetly. They learned that she had definite habits: habits about when and where she shopped, where she ate. They also found that she was most often solo in her going out and around. There seemed to be no boyfriend or male interest figure to cause any problem. Steve and Ondrej followed her enough to know where she lived, and how to get there if you didn't want to be seen. The two of them thought that they were ready for her.

The got together and planned their 'Victoria Campaign', as they called it. They were determined to make her as compliant as Heidi had eventually become for all of them. They relived those scenes in their discussions and agreed that the training period was a good part of the joy of turning Heidi, or any woman, into their slut to use.

Howie was the planner, so they turned it over to him, with the information that they'd gotten from Steve and Ondrej. Will was the muscle of the SHOW; he and Ondrej were designated at the enforcers. Their plan was a 'go' for them. As part of the preparation, Howie was able to shadow her cell phone use and discovered that Beninda was planning a long weekend home that weekend. He listened in on her declining an invitation from a girl friend to get together. It was mid afternoon on a Friday, and she said that she was going home to just veg, after a few more stops.

They made sure that they got there ahead of her. There was an old service road that ran near that ran near the property, where they parked their vehicles, getting themselves in position around her house. Then they waited. It wasn't long before they heard her coming.

"Show time!" Howie said to them and they were ready.

Victoria was pleased that it was Friday; she genuinely liked Fridays. She frequently, as today, took off early and had a relaxing weekend. This weekend included a Monday holiday and that made it even more special. She parked her car in front of her garage, as she normally did, and walked out to the edge of the road, enjoying the silence and the soft air of Fall, to see about the mail. She was absorbed in looking through the pile of mail and the catalogues as she approached the house. Her attention was addressed to the mail, and so it was a complete surprise that suddenly a young man stood in front of her, between her and the house door.

"What... ?" she said from surprise.

He only grinned at her.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

She thought better of standing and asking questions, when she surveyed the grin on his face. She spun on her heels and went back toward the car, fishing out her keys, from her jacket pocket, as she went. Then there was another young man standing between her and the car. He was just as young and also grinning at her.

Victoria's next instinct was to move toward the road. She could feel just a little, just a little note of panic residing deep within her and threatening to rise. She strode toward the road, where the mailbox was, and there was a third young man standing in her way, between her and the road. She could tell, feel as much as see, that the others were closing in on her from behind.

Her only path was out toward the fields but she knew that she could get away that way and turned in that direction. She shot a quick glance at the guy who was out by the road and, sure enough, he was moving quickly in her direction. She didn't take any time to look for the other two, she was sure that they too were closing in on her. The panic was rising.

"Maybe," she thought, "If I get beyond the trees; maybe..."

Then a fourth stepped out from behind the front rank of trees in the woods. The thought coursed through her, and gave impetus to the rising panic:

"They've got me surrounded!"

She spun on her heels, -- "That was one problem," she said to herself, "I"m wearing these damn heels." But she realized there was nothing to be done about that.--to see where the others were and she realized that she was almost completely surrounded by them then. She saw no other alternative for the moment. She stood and waited.

"Who are you? What do you want? What are you doing on my property?" she demanded, although in a, by now, shaky voice.

"My, my," one of them said, "Victoria has lots of questions, guys; should we answer her?"

Another one spoke up at that point:

"Sure, let the Bitch in on what's about to happen here."

Now the panic was full blown and taking over. Fears the likes of which she never would have given in to at work, so well known was she for a cool, calm head in trouble and difficulty, were beginning to have an overwhelming effect on her.

"Whaaa ... what?" she asked them again, a bit wide eyed.

The first speaker spoke up then: "I think that our Victoria is getting a bit panicked by our presence, guys. Shall we leave her in peace?"

All three of the other chimed in, as though on cue: "Naaaaawww!"

One of them continued: "We stay and have our party."

"Party?" she said, shaking now.

The first one, who seemed to be the spokesperson, explained, the grin never leaving his face:

"Victoria, it's this way; we get lots of pussy the four of us, and we share, we always share. But we were talking recently and were wondering what it would be like to have a mature woman, a woman like yourself, you know--early to mid thirties, as a fuck toy for the four of us. We've chosen you and so here we are."

Victoria, though still frightened and in a panic saw that this was the moment; they were near the woods and if she got there, she might be able to make the road. Her shoes were off in a trice and she was sprinting towards the woods. They caught her just as she was beyond about the second rank of trees.

One of them ran up next to her, saying to her: "It's no good, cunt! You're ours." After saying that, he kind of hit her with his hip and sent Victoria sprawling in the pine needles. She lay there not sure what to do now, and fearing that it had been her last chance.

"We knew you'd do that; futile, maybe stupid even, since it might well have made us mad but we knew you do that. Now come on back to the clearing and we'll tell you what's about to happen."

She was sure that it was the 'leader' who was speaking, although she wasn't watching; she was beginning to sob into her arms. She made no movement to go with them.

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