John and Linda

by BrotherJohn

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Spanking, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Linda cheats and John debates killing her. Instead he lets the extreme sex that is planned for her go forward. For one reason or another, he forgives her. They still have issues to work through.

Do you know where your wife is and what she is doing?'

That popped onto my screen while I was eating lunch at my desk. I work as the CFO for a small manufacturing firm and I was going over my correspondence and deleting the spam that came from God only knows where. Mentally I answered the e-mail, "Of course I do, she is at a teacher's conference taking a seminar in child behavior and what to do if behavior gets out of control."

Glancing at my watch--it was still lunch hour, I decided to make a call to my wife's cell. It rang several times before she picked it up. Linda answered breathlessly, "Hi John, I thought we agreed that you wouldn't call me when I was in a class. Is something wrong?"

"No Linda, there is nothing wrong. I just wanted to hear your voice. I was sitting here at my desk and I had a sudden urge to call and tell you I love you."

"Well, I'm awfully busy, and I wasn't going to take a call until I saw it was from you. You said you love me and I love you too, but I really can't talk as I am still in class. Now hang up and I will see you Saturday when I get home. It is only two more days. Bye, love."

Bullshit! The dumb bitch. She should have stopped screwing when she answered the phone. Especially if you're doing it on a squeaky bed. Her lover must have been ramming her pretty hard too. I could hear the breath forced out of her every time he hit bottom and they sure did have a rhythm going.

Now what? We had been married for twenty-two years and our anniversary was just last week. I sat there in my office analyzing what must have happened to us to lead her to do something like this to me. I admitted to myself that I hadn't been paying as much attention to Linda as I could have. I should have been romancing her like I used to, I suppose.

I thought back over the past. Linda and her family thought that the more educated a person was, it was the all-be-all of success. I had two years of college and then family problems interfered so I had to drop out. You see my Dad succumbed to the wiles of one of the women he worked with. Mom found out about it and immediately filed for a divorce. Dad begged and pleaded, but Mom wouldn't relent. The day that he received the final divorce decree, he shot himself. Mom, realizing how much Dad had really loved her, went into a fit of depression because she had been so unforgiving. That was when I dropped out of college to try and save her before she joined him by doing away with herself too.

I took up reading to her from the bible. It took months and months before she found the Lord. I ran onto a passage about forgiving and being forgiven. Maybe I stretched it a little, but I interpreted it as the Lord would forgive Dad for the deadly sin of suicide. He would also forgive her for her part in causing the death of Dad. Mother took heart and promised me that she would wait her time to be called and would not do anything to hurry her death.

My financial situation was critical at times so I applied and was accepted as an intern in the financial department of a local manufacturing firm. The two years of college that I did have proved to be an asset and I continued my studies at the community college. Three years later I was named CFO.

Just before I received the promotion, I met Linda. She was a one-year-in-service at the local high school and had just had her contract renewed. She was in the grocery store buying stock for the shelves of the new apartment she had signed for just that day. Liking her immediately, I asked her for a date and was accepted.

The Thanksgiving holiday saw us married. Babies soon followed, John Jr., and then Mindy only eleven and a half months later. Linda had her tubes tied stating that I was a "college dropout" and they never could afford more children. In fact it became a habit when she introduced me to say, "This is my husband John. He is a college dropout, but he has a good job."

The kids always heard this too, and it made it seem in their eyes as if I was only barely acceptable. When she returned to teaching, her salary always went into trust funds for the kids' education. I didn't mind this. I was making good money and provided quite adequately, or so I thought. However Linda insisted on purchasing a house that proved to be a little beyond our means. When I asked her to help with the expenses, she said, "If you had a better education you would be making enough money to provide for something like this. The trust funds were never touched by me and I took up doing income tax returns to supplement our income.

Yet I was pretty happy. Linda was good in bed and with her tubes tied we had some explosive sessions. She didn't let me bond with the kids like I would have preferred though. My Dad and I had liked to hunt when I was growing up. We never shot but one deer in all the years that we hunted. It was great just talking about life and wandering around and being close to nature. I had some of the best times of my life with him out in the woods. Linda wouldn't let me take Johnny out as she said it was too dangerous.

And Mindy, I wanted to attend her field hockey games and then go to the softball games. Linda didn't say no, but wasn't enthusiastic when I did. She said I just went to the games to oogle the moms on the sidelines. So I never was able to bond much with my kids and there was always that, "Dad is a college dropout." I gave up and Linda saw to their growing up into young adults.

These thoughts crossed my mind as I sat in front of my computer screen thinking about the phone call I had just made. Did I love Linda that much anymore? Umm--we were comfortable with each other, but was what we had now love? What about our two kids? They were both out of high school and of age. Mindy was first year college and Johnny second. They could well make their own way if their father and mother split, I guess. We never had been an affectionate family so I really didn't know how they would feel if there was a break-up between Linda and me.

Linda and I always were saying "I love you" to each other, but this was like saying "good morning." The words probably didn't mean much any more and the expressing of them just turned into a habit.

As I asked myself if I could go on with my life without Linda, Carrissa, my secretary, came in and placed some papers on my desk. She leaned from the front of the desk and placed the papers next to my hand. Her peasant blouse gaped down and I could see all the way to her belly button. Her little lacy under-wire bra didn't do much to contain her breasts, it just pushed them up. Leaning down like she did, her breasts hid most of the bra behind them. This surprised me as she had always been circumspect and very professional in both her dress and manner. Something had changed her, but I had too much on my mind to even think of following up.

I know she did it for my benefit though, so I let my eyes feast on her until she stood up straight. I then raised my eyes to hers and smiled. Nothing was said until she asked, "Was there anything else you needed John?" It was a definite invitation the way she said it.

"No, Carrissa, I don't need anything now, but maybe later I will think of something. Thank you, and I appreciate everything you do for me." Seeing Carrissa answered my question of whether I could find someone to fill my life if Linda wasn't in it.

Now what was I going to do about Linda? I didn't like the idea of her putting horns on me. Maybe a little revenge had to be considered. To whom, though, Linda or the guy screwing her or both? I decided I couldn't physically hurt her because if the kids found out, I would be more estranged from them than I was now. The guy though was fair game for anything I could think of to hurt him.

On the way over to see Jim, my buddy, I toned down the anger that had built up that day. He was just getting home from work when I stopped and asked the name of the private investigator that he had hired to track Margo. Margo, now Jim's ex-wife, had been running around until Jim got suspicious. The P.I. took care of some of the details and Jim ended up divorced. He didn't even have to pay alimony.

"What's wrong, John? Something to do with Linda?" I nodded without speaking.

Jim looked sad and then said, "Well it took you longer to find out the way she has been acting than I thought it would. She has been pretty open about it and a lot of people knew what she was doing to you."

"If you knew about it, why didn't you tell me? I'm supposed to be your buddy."

"I know, but you didn't tell me when Margo was running out on me. I felt the same way as you did then. I was afraid you'd kill the messenger, if you know what I'm trying to say, and I do value your friendship."

"Sure Buddy, I guess we're cool and I know what you mean."

I called the P.I. (Pete) and he was free to come over to find out what I needed. He brought another operative with him, a woman (Judy). I explained what I wanted. I needed to know who, and for how long. I gave him what little information I had, which was basically the location of the town they were in. Where my cheating wife could be found during the day and if she really was at the teacher's conference. I said Jim (they remembered him) knew some details about my wife and that I hadn't pressed him for details.

When I said Linda was coming home on Saturday, Pete said he guessed he would get up there and find out if he could locate her and find out what was going on. Maybe he could catch Linda in some compromising action even before she got home. I gave him a retainer and said I'd pay whatever it took as long as I got results.

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