Everyone's a Winner: Dating Game

by King Wesley

Copyright© 2010 by King Wesley

Mind Control Sex Story: Candice is looking for a internship at a TV studio, but ends up on the panel of a dating show.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Body Modification   Big Breasts   .

This is more of a spin off than a sequel to the original Everyone's a Winner, so there is no requirement to read the first story in order to understand this one. (Could still be fun for you to do so though.)

Thanks also go to G-Man for editing services given for this story. Thanks.

Candice couldn't help but feel insecure as she sat in the reception of Venus Studios, the media branch of Venus Industries. All around her sat women that looked like they had just finished filming a rap video and the walls were plastered with posters of pin ups and porn stars, even the receptionist looked like she had been kidnapped from the Playboy Mansion. Candice knew she was far from ugly, the number of guys who asked her out on a weekly basis told her that. However there was a large gulf between 'cute and pretty' and 'what all women would look like if God had been a sixteen year old boy during his Genesis days'.

Venus Studios was the only media corporation that had been willing to even consider Candice for an internship due to the current financial climate and if she was to succeed in her goal of becoming a major Hollywood producer then she needed to take any Media related experience she could get, regardless of the field. Regardless of any discomfort she may have been feeling, she knew she had to take this interview. Besides, she told herself, these girls were obviously here in relation to other roles in the company.

"Can Candice Johnson make her way to Interview Room B please." came an exceedingly chirpy voice over the loudspeaker.

Candice knew that was her cue so she took one final deep breath, mumbled a few words of encouragement to herself and then made her way to the interview room. Upon opening the door she was met by a man who couldn't have been much older than she was, yet judging by the suit and the office had certainly progressed much further along in his career.

"Candice, hi," said the man, flashing her a smile as white as the arctic snow. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Michael Williams but please, call me Mike, and I am the new head of Venus Studios. Would you like a glass of water?"

"Oh yes please, thank you Mr. Williams." replied Candice,

"Please, call me Mike," Reiterated Mike as he handed her a glass of Venus brand Mineral water, "I like us all to be friends here."

"Oh I'm Sorry," stuttered Candice "I'm just a little nervous I guess."

"Don't be." smiled back Mike, "I'm sure you're gonna have a great future with us at Venus Studios."

"Thank you Mike," replied Candice, her nerves starting to disappear.

"Don't mention it. Now as I said before I have only recently transferred to Venus Studios and I'm afraid I didn't have the chance to see your resume yet. Could you please just give me a quick rundown of what experience you have in the Media industry."

Candice swallowed a lump in her throat as she looked over at Mike who she imagined waiting for her to give a storied history of skills and experience collected over countless jobs with media and film firms. The truth was that the closest Candice had ever got to the media industry was working on the popcorn counter at her local cinema. She knew she couldn't just stay silent though, so she gritted her teeth and prepared to embarrass herself.

"Err, I was kind of hoping to get my first experiences of the media industry here at Venus Studios." she mumbled feebly.

"Oh ... I see," came the surprised response from across the desk. "I'm really genuinely sorry to tell you this Candice but there must have been some kind of mix up in our recruitment centre. The internship position here requires a number of specific skills and it would be irresponsible of me to throw you in at the deep end like that."

Candice could feel her eyes welling up as the reality of job hunting dawned on her. She was going to remain a member of the Catch 22 Club of people who can't get a job without experience and can't get experience without a job. The wells quickly turned into tears and Candice knew full well she was crying and also knew that begging would only lead to embarrassment as well as rejection. However, she also knew that she had nothing more to lose by trying.

"Please Mike, I want to be thrown in at the deep end. I need this position more than anything in the world. Look at my portfolio, talk to my references, they will tell you how good of a learner I am. I may be new to this all now, but I know you will never find another intern that would be as dedicated to success as me. Just give me a chance."

"I really wish I could, honest I do. But I only have one position to fill and I just can't give it to a novice, regardless of how promising. I really am sorry."

"Please Mike!" pleaded Candice, her eyes now ringed with mascara, "I need this. You were my last chance to really get somewhere in this industry. Just give me a chance to prove myself."

"I'm really sorry but I can't j..."

Mike's explanation was cut off when the office phone began ringing. He gave Candice an apologetic glance and answered."

"Mike Williams' Office."

"She's what?"

"But we start filming in half an hour!"

"Is there nobody else that can fill in?"

"Tomorrow! I'm sorry tomorrow isn't good enough! If we don't film the show today we miss the deadline. Don't you realise how much that contract is worth?"

"I don't care how impossible it is, find a replacement and find it now. We are filming at two o clock and that is final. Good bye."

When Mike put the phone down he looked a different man to the relaxed smiling carefree guy who had answered. There was frustration in his eyes and it was clear his mind was working at a mile a minute as he returned his attention to Candice.

"I'm sorry Candice but we've got an emergency in the studio. One of our girls hasn't turned up and we have to start shooting by two o clock or we stand to lose a multi-million dollar contract. I wish I could justify giving you the pos..."

This time there wasn't a phone ringing. Candice could see from the expression on Mike's face that this stop in mid-conversation was because he'd thought of something.

"Candice," he began, smiling. "I think I know a way to solve all our problems."

Upon hearing those words, Candice's heart felt like it had skipped a beat. "Really? What is it? I'll do anything you ask."

"Well, I need a new girl to fill in for today's filming and you need an opportunity to show our company you are worth the gamble. So here's the deal, you fill in for our no show on today's filming and I can guarantee you a three month internship at Venus Studios with a further nine month extension subject to performance. What do you say?"

"What will I need to do?" asked Candice fully aware of the nature of a certain proportion of Venus Studio's recordings. There was only so much she was prepared to do for her career.

"Oh it's nothing sexual." reassured Mike, "It's a dating show we do. Basically we get a guy and three girls up on stage separated by a partition so that they cannot see each other and then he asks the girls a series of questions. Then judging by the answers, he chooses his favourite and they win a free date with each other. It's light entertainment basically."

Candice knew the exactly the kind of thing Mike was talking about, she had watched similar shows on different cable channels many times before. "Okay then, I'll do it."

"Great." replied a relieved Mike, "Well then, we don't have much time. We need to get you to wardrobe and make up quick."

At that announcement, Candice quickly finished her glass of water before being whisked off to wardrobe and make up. Twenty minutes later and she was ready, dressed in a long black dress which did its best to emphasis what cleavage she had without being lewd.

While making her way to the set, Mike gave her a few last minute instructions.

"Now remember what I said, you job is to just be the cute one. The other girls will supply the naughty and the sexy. We need you to just be yourself. If you get nervous just take a sip of your water we can always cut away when it happens. The important thing is for you to be relaxed and fun out there. Just do your own thing and ignore the other two contestants. Got it?"

"Yes, don't worry, I won't let you down."

"Great, now get out there and knock them dead." He handed her another bottle of Venus Brand mineral water and sent her on her way.

Candice had already drunk two bottles of the water since she had arrived but for whatever reason her throat still felt dry. Taking a sip from the third bottle she noticed a slight tingling in her pussy but as she had never been on film before, she shrugged it off and put it down to the rush of being on television. So, bottle in hand, she made her way to her mark and this was where she met her co-contestants for the first time.

Just like every other girl she had seen at Venus Studios today, the two girls were walking talking wet dreams with long blonde hair and tits that looked like they would need someone to invent a whole new extra alphabet in order to quantify them. Even a straight girl like Candice couldn't help but just stand and stare.

"Oh! Oh! Hi!" squealed one of the girls. "You must be Candy, Mikey said we were getting someone new. I'm Kelly by the way and this is Crystal, we are like the best of friends."

"Hi," chirped Crystal, "You are so gonna love being a Venus girl, it's the best and you look so cute in that dress. I bet you can't wait until you get your new titties to really show it off."

"Err ... hi," replied Candice, "I'm Candice and I'm not going to be a Venus girl, I'm just helping out because the other girl had to cancel. I'm actually going to be working here as an intern.

The girls laughed, "You're funny," giggled Kelly.

"Yeah," agreed Crystal, "Every girl wants to have big titties. They feel so much better when you squeeze them." As she spoke and without warning Crystal reached out and grabbed Candice's breasts giving them a quick squeeze before Candice managed to fend her off.

"Excuse me!" Protested Candice, pushing the girls away. "I'm just here to do this silly show and then start my proper job here. Now leave me alone. Please"

"She's cranky," complained Crystal. "I hate it when they're cranky."

And with that nobody said another word until the director called everyone to their places. The three girls took to their seats, Candice took another sip of water (once again feeling a nervous tingle in her crotch) and the show was ready to begin. The curtain came up to reveal the audience which in turn became to whoop and cheer and the voice announcer began to introduce the show.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another episode of everybody's favourite dating show: Blind Lust! And here's your host, the one ... the only ... Greg Steeeeel!"

The audience once again erupted into whoops and cheers as Venus' own Greg Steel ran on stage in his trademark flash suit and showbiz smile.

"Thank you, thank you" began Greg ushering the crowd to quiet down. "Hello everybody welcome to another edition of the dating show that everyone's talking about. I'm Greg Steel and it's time to play Blind Lust."

"Now let's meet the girls. Girl number one please tell us a little about yourself."

"Hi I'm Crystal, I'm a twenty five year old LA girl who loves to have fun and get naughty."

"Thank you Crystal, always a pleasure to have you on the show. Hopefully you can be extra naughty for us tonight,"

"Anything for you Greggy." winked Crystal to the huge approval of the audience.

"I can't wait." smiled Greg. "And girl number two, why don't you tell us something about yourself."

"Hi, I'm Kelly. I'm from New York and this is my first time back on the show since I got my new even bigger titties. I can't wait to show everyone how they feel." Kelly then shook her chest for added emphasis. Candice just sat and watched as the bimbo's tits bounced and wobbled for what seemed like an age, much to the further delight of the audience.

Candice couldn't believe what she had got herself into. This was far from the innocent show that Mike had led her to believe it would be. However Mike had also said that the other contestants' roles would be different to her own so she dismissed it all as being just in bad taste. Besides the tingling in her pussy now seemed to have spread to her nipples also. She was starting to get a little aroused by the feeling but there was nothing she could do about it with an entire studio watching her. She needed to be professional.

"Thank you Kelly," continued Greg. "And finally we have a new girl for you tonight. Girl number three, tell us about yourself."

"Hi, my name is Candice and I study Media Studies at the college of Film, I'm currently in my second..."

Candice's introduction was cut short as a chorus of boos from the audience caused her head to feel like somebody was firing up a dentist drill inside of it. Candice had never felt such discomfort in all her life and grabbed her head hoping it would stop. Unfortunately it got worse as the crowd's boos turned to chants of 'boring' and she felt like her skull was about to implode.

Finally, Greg came to her rescue, calming down the crowd. As the boos subsided Candice felt the pain discomfort disappear. She took another gulp of water to compose herself and was again ready for the game. She also noticed that with the discomfort gone, the tingling in her pussy and nipples seemed to feel even more intense than before.

"Okay, thank you Candice, sorry about our audience, they can get a little rowdy at times. I'm sure you will find a way to win them over though." Greg then redirected his attention to the audience, "Now let's meet the lucky guy who will have the opportunity to take his pick from these three great girls."

On his cue, a well built guy, probably in his early thirties walked onto the stage. Unlike the suited host, he was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. He played to the crowd, punching the air and encouraging them to clap and cheer once more before Greg managed to get around to formally welcoming him to the show.

"Hello and welcome to the show. Please tell the audience and our three lovely ladies a little about yourself."

"Hey girls. My name's Ron, I'm a builder from Florida and I'm here to give one of you three girls the night of your life." This was followed by another wave of air punching and revving up the crowd.

"That's great Ron and I'm sure our three girls are dripping with anticipation. Now before you can choose your girl, you've prepared four questions to ask each of them yes?"

"Absolutely Greg, got them right here." confirmed Ron tapping at his pocket, "Just let me at them."

"Great," said Greg, "then let's begin the game. Ron, take it away."

"Thanks Greg. So question one, which part of your body do you think is your best feature and why? And I'd like to ask girl number one first please."

Crystal squealed with delight at being first to play. "Wow that's such a great question Ron! And you sound totally sexy too. I would have to say that my best feature is my ass because it's so spankably firm and is so easy to hold onto when you want to play rough."

The audience once again whooped and cheered in appreciation of Crystal's answer before slowly calming down again.

"Wow! Number One." reacted Ron, "You certainly sound like a naughty one, maybe I'm gonna need to test how spankable your ass really is. And the same question to girl number two."

"Oh Ronny," began Kelly, "I really wish you could see me now because if you could you would never have to ask that question. My best feature is of course my massive titties. Everyone loves them because they are so soft and bouncy and feel so good when somebody rubs a nice thick cock up against them." Kelly once again jiggled her tits for effect much to the audience's approval.

"I can see it's gonna be a difficult choice today." said Ron, "Both girls sound unbelievable so far. So finally, same question to girl number three."

Before answering Candice attempted to ready herself with another swig from the bottle, which sent a few more reassuring tingles washing over her until she was ready to speak.

"Hey Ron," she began, her nervousness was clear compared to the first to girls, "My best feature I would have to say is my smile. I've always felt you can tell a lot about a person by their sm..."

Once again Candice was cut off by a chorus of boos and shouts, which felt to Candice like somebody was sand papering the inside of her head. She fought and screamed to make it stop but the more the crowd jeered, the worse it became. Once again it took Greg to bring the audience to calm and allow the discomfort to end. Again Candice needed a large gulp of water to regain composure and happy tingling returned. She just wished her head could feel as happy as her body.

"Oh dear," Muttered Ron, "Where did you find that prude. I'm here to have some fun, not chat about poetry in the park. It's time to move on I think."

"Good idea," agreed Greg, "You have the next question."

"Yep, Question two, again to number one first, if we were to go out on our first date, what would you wear?"

Crystal giggled before answering. "If we were gonna have our first date, I would wear my little silver mini-dress as it shows off my pretty round ass so perfectly. One look at me in this and our first date will be over before it has begun." She finished her answered with a slight giggle to feign embarrassment and once again the audience and Ron clearly approved.

"Woah, whatever the result tonight I have got to take a look at that ass before I go, it sounds too perfect to be true." said Ron, "And the same question to number two."

"I've got the perfect thing for our first date Greggy," smiled a seductive Kelly, "I have a really pretty pink top that only just stretches over my beautiful tits, you will not be able to do anything except just stare and stare and stare. And you'll have a lot to stare at as I forgot to bring my bra, oops." she winked to the crowd before doing another crowd pleasing booby jig.

"Oh this is so hard," replied Ron "I wish I could take both of you. And finally, dare I ask number three?"

As her turn arrived, Candice was breathing heavily. She didn't want the crowd to boo, she just wanted to stay as she was now, all tingly and contented. She took another huge swig from her water and look over to the director as if for inspiration. It was there she noticed Mike holding up a sign reading:

'Answer more like the other two. You need to please the audience.'

A voice in her head was telling her something wasn't right about this, but it was only answering questions. She didn't want to get booed anymore and if the only way to stop that was to try a suggestive answer then so be it.

"On our first date, I would wear a really sexy expensive dress. It would be red and..." The crowd began to hiss again and Candice felt the discomfort coming on so she quickly changed tack. "I mean err, who cares what clothes I will wear. Why spend time putting on clothes, when we could go somewhere private and take clothes off." In a moment of inspiration she finished with a kiss to the audience and the crowd went wild.

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