Carol Cums Home

by Frank Speaks

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Sister, InLaws, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Carol, from Early Retirement 6 & 8, returns home, sort of. She and her sister and brother inlaw and friends keep the feelings going. Lots of hot sex.

My name is Carol. You may have read about my time at the lake in Early Retirement. As you might remember, I had to return home on Thursday. Wednesday was a long night and I had more sex than I had had in many months. I learned to enjoy women and big cocks. I learned that night that I could take big cocks, not just in my pussy, but also in my ass and down my throat.

On Thursday morning, I got out of bed where I had slept with Ken, Ruth, and Sue Ann after the party. We all bathed and dressed and I left after kissing everyone good-bye and promising to return. My trip back to Atlanta and my mid-town condo was uneventful. Upon arriving, I unpacked. My sister and her husband were keeping my dog. They also had a reputation as swingers. Now that I had spent the last day and night immersed in sex, I wanted to check out my sister's willingness to get into a sex scene with me. I called her and she told me to come over and tell about my time at the lake and pick up Cat. (I had figured that if a singer could have a cat named "Dog" then I could have a dog named "Cat").

She and her husband, Tom, lived in an old, restored house close in to town and close to Tom's office. It took about twenty minutes to get there. I went over in the same clothes I had worn for traveling; a tube top and high cut short shorts that showed a bit of cheek in back, and nothing underneath. Ruth had recommended that I not wear underwear anymore as it only got in the way.

Patty let me in and we sat down in the den. She was dressed in a short skirt and tank top. I didn't know about panties but she was not wearing a bra. She was a little surprised at me since it was obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra either. My nipples showed through the thin fabric of the tube top. Patty had her eyes on my nipples and said, "Did you have a good week? Tell me all about it."

"It was pretty quiet until Wednesday morning. I had spent the week laying out on the dock getting a tan and enjoying the good weather."

Patty urged, "So what happened Wednesday morning? Tell little sister everything."

I replied, "You may not want to hear everything as it may shock you but, until you say, 'stop, ' I will give you the details. (Patty and I had never hidden anything from each other.)

"It started Wednesday morning while I was out tanning. I had found a suit of yours and was getting my butt cheeks some sun as well as showing a lot of cleavage"

"That would be my light green suit?" She questioned.

"Yes. I was out on the dock lazing and heard a boat pull into the cove and then a splash as the fisherman put in a trolling motor in the water. I then watched him work the docks in the cove heading my way. I had removed the top of the suit since it didn't cover much anyway. When he arrived at my dock, he noticed that I was there and topless. After asking how his fishing was doing, I spread my legs and asked if he'd like to put his pole in here and pointed at my pussy. Then I told him, 'I want you to do more than look. I want you to do me.' He came onto the dock and dropped his shorts as I got the bottom of that suit off. He knelt between my legs and pumped me full of cock."

I could tell Patty was shocked because I never did anything like that. What followed would shock her even more.

I continued, "After pumping his cum deep into my cunt, he offered me his cock to suck and I did finishing him off a second time and swallowing his load. Then he asked me to go to his place with him. I got up, grabbed my suit in one hand and wrapped the towel around me with the other, and got in his boat.

(For the rest of the details, read Early Retirement 6 and 8.)

As I told my story, Patty's eyes got bigger and she began to rub her legs together. I got hotter from the memory and opened mine, rubbing my fingers over my cunt lips. Patty finally groaned and put a hand up her skirt and started rubbing her cunt in time with me. I could see that she had no panties. The story continued and her skirt was pushed higher and higher. I could see her fingers go into her cunt and she was twisting her fingers inside her pussy as she moved them in and out. Her mouth dropped open when I described me eating out Ruth and Sue Ann. I stood up and unbuttoned my shorts dropping them to the floor. Then I lifted the top over my head and off so I was completely nude in front of my sister. She looked at me and, leaning forward, licked my cunt with her tongue. After a moment, I pulled her to her feet and we kissed with open mouths rubbing our crotches and breasts against each other. She pulled away to get her clothes off and then came back for more. Our hands were roaming over each others' bodies squeezing and pushing everywhere. Finally, she had one hand on a breast and the other at my cunt with three fingers buried in it as far as she could push. I wasn't far behind with one of my hands at her cunt. Instead of a breast, I had the other hand moving down her ass. When my fingers arrived at her asshole, I pushed one in to the second knuckle without any pause or resistance. Patty groaned some more and spread her legs wider to let me get more of my fingers into her hot body.

Together, we moved to the floor with me on top in a six-to-nine. We were sucking each others' cunts and running fingers in and out of cunts and assholes. Patty was taking three fingers in her cunt and three from my other hand in her asshole. She was doing the same to me and then I felt wider as she added her little finger to my ass. Then I had an incredible feeling as I felt fuller than when ass fucked by the big one the night before. She had forced her thumb down and had her entire hand in my butt to the wrist. Wriggling her fingers made the top of my head come off as my body exploded in a huge climax. Realizing that I was taking her hand without complaint, she pushed further in and continued to wriggle her fingers in my ass tube and then pushed her hand all the way into my cunt. I decided that she should get the same and quickly began to fist her ass. Seeing she was enjoying that, I added the little finger to her pussy. Then I folded my thumb in to my palm and pushed my whole hand into her wet cunt. With both hands buried in her, I quickly took her to a shuddering climax.

I did not hear the door open. But I heard Patty say breathlessly, "Hi, Tom. Join the fun."

Tom took a quick look at the two of us with hands buried to the wrist in each other and started removing his clothes. When naked, he moved toward us with a nice long cock, hard and leaking pre-cum, sticking out in front. "I want to suck it," which was the only part of me available to do or take anything other than my feet. Tom knelt in front of me and fed me his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. He then began to fuck my mouth and throat with long and deep strokes. He moved faster and faster toward his cum. Patty had turned around so our heads were together without either of us missing a beat with either of our hands, each of the four being buried in a pussy or asshole.

Tom cried out, "I'm cumming!" He filled my mouth with his cum spurting about five or six strong streams into my mouth with some going down my throat when he pushed in to the hilt. I realized that Patty was helping as he pulled out of my throat adding her mouth to cleaning his cock. When he lay back, she kissed me and we swapped cum until we both swallowed what we had. During this time, we had both had more orgasms to the point that our asses and cunts were tired. Slowly, we pulled out of each other. I brought both hands to my mouth and licked and sucked the juices off both. Patty watched as I tasted her holes and moved her hands to her mouth and likewise she sucked my cum and ass juices from her hands. We finally lay back to rest.

Tom said, "Not that I didn't enjoy it, but what brought that on?"

Patty responded, "Carol met some new friends and had some exciting experiences. She was telling me about them and we got excited. The result was where you found us when you came in."

Tom then said, "Why don't I order out and we can explore the matter further?"

I asked, "Don't you have to leave for the lake? I thought that was why I was picking up Cat and you came home early."

Patty said, "It's not every day that I have hot and dirty sex with my sister including a deep throat blow job for my husband and cum swapping with me. The lake can wait. It isn't going anywhere. For a while, neither are any of us. Tom, make the call."

Tom said, "Chinese, Mexican or Pizza?"

I asked for Chinese. So, Tom made the call. While he was up, he asked if anyone wanted any wine, beer or other drinks. Patty and I both wanted wine. Tom came back with two glasses of white wine and a beer.

Patty said, "Why don't you give Tom a synopsis of the last couple of days? I'm sure he would like to know why he has two naked women in his living room with somewhat gaping holes."

I looked at Tom who nodded and gave a quick but thorough recap of the last two days and all the sex that had occurred with me. His cock started to harden even with this relatively unemotional telling of my tale. I finished by saying, "Then both of us were fisting each others pussy and ass when you came in and you know the rest."

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