Chapter 1: All About Ruby

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, True Story, Historical, Incest, First, Petting, Pregnancy, Violent, Prostitution,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: All About Ruby - Seventeen year old Ruby was born in Depression ridden Western Oklahoma. She had dreams she could some day leave her home town, Perkins, and go where the bright lights burned bright. She ran off with a traveling preacher and learned Jesus was a joke and whoring is a lousy way to make a living. Then she met Jimmy...

After she took off with that traveling preacher, Pa said, "She ain't worth the worry." What he meant was that Ruby told him the next time he reached up under her dress and felt her up she was going to geld his sorry ass. Besides, Pa figured Reba, the younger of his two daughters by one year, might be easier to get along with. She was a wild one already, from what he had heard.

Ruby's ma was thankful to see Ruby leave because Pa had started to look the girl over real close of late. That randy bastard would poke himself in the butt if he had a pecker long enough to do it. He was just like the rest of his lowbred, sand hill red neck, white trash no account family. Besides, she still had Ruby's younger sister Reba to worry about. What was a mother to do? Ruby's best friend Wilma was glad to see her leave because now there was one less to compete with for the few single guys who had jobs that paid halfway decent wages.

As for Ruby, she was just plain old glad to get out of the one horse chicken shit town of Perkins, Oklahoma. Ruby wanted the bright city lights she read about in magazines and saw in the movies. She wanted excitement. She wanted ... She wanted to spread her wings and fly.

At last, the day came when Ruby got her chance to escape from Perkins, Oklahoma. It was the day that traveling preacher Bob Haskell (Preacher Bob called for the unsaved to come forward and hear the gospel according to Bob. He stood in the center of the town square, preached and passed the plate. "Brothers, sisters, come to Jesus, Y'all know he wants you. It says here in this bible that y'all got to come and be saved..." He droned, whines and exhorted the disinterested passers by, but few stopped and fewer listened. He preached three sermons that Saturday afternoon and collected a measly four dollars total. At this rate Bob reckoned he had better find another gig. Pickings were slim out here in this godforsaken end of the state and getting slimmer.

The competition was too great for the little money available to be spent on Jesus. He figured every home grown peckerwood with a bible wanted to be called of {of and by are synonyms in this case.} God to become a preacher, especially up here in the West Oklahoma sand hills where the seventh grade of school was considered "higher education."

Then he saw this real pretty little redhead come swaying past. Her ripe and ready for sin lips gave him a knowing smile as she came near. He stared, gawked with his mouth wide open, as she walked past him and on down Main Street toward the late afternoon sun.

Jesus Christ, that flimsy dress she had on was worn so thin the sun illuminated the crack in her fine crotch as it shone through. The rest of her body was as fine as the inverted valentine of her heart shaped tail end. He imagined her using her mouth on him.

"Come back here, pretty thing," he called to her as her heart shaped tail end retreated from him...

In slow motion Ruby stopped and turned around, the knowing smile was still on her face. "What do you want?" she asked. The way her lips curled in a half smile and the direct stare she gave him let him know she knew what he wanted and also that he knew she knew. It was all a part of the mating game.

However there were certain moves had to be made for the love ritual to be played out in a proper manner. The rules were written down nowhere. However, most women were born with at least a working knowledge of how they must be followed.

It did not matter how many times a girl let some guy crawl between her legs, no matter how many times she gave a little bit of herself to some fellow, a girl had to play the game and follow the rules or she got branded a tramp and a hussy. In this part of Oklahoma, in the World War Two days of the 1940s, a nice girl never said yes in too big a hurry, especially with a stranger. After all, all nice girls were virgins when they got married...

"Let's go get a hamburger some place," he told her.

"Okay." She cocked an eyebrow, smiled and told him with the soft West Oklahoma twang in her voice, "Okay". She cocked an eyebrow and smiled. "Around the corner there, has the best hamburgers in town." Her pouty lips smiled at him as she added, in her soft West Oklahoma twang, "I guess that's because it's the onliest place in town any more."

She took his hand and led him toward the little greasy spoon place on the other side of Main Street. His peter jumped in his pants at the electric current he felt surge through to his groin from just the touch of her cool skin on his fingertips.

Bob ordered Hamburgers and malteds for them. Bob asked her about herself and learned she was seventeen. He also learned she hated living at home, hated this town even more and her life in general, the way things were right now.

"This town just ain't sophisticated enough for me. I want what Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair have." She looked away from Bob and saw Fred Astair dancing while she played her old guitar. "I want it all, now."

"Honey, good lookin' as you are, if you get out of this town you all will surely get what you're looking' for and then some." Bob grinned and took a bite of his greasy burger. He chewed, swallowed and told her, "You got what it takes."

"These hicks in this town ain't got no sophistication." She gave her head a lady-like toss. "I read a lot of books, I know about these things."

Ruby frowned and watched Bob place the last of his burger in his mouth. "I want to get away to where the bright lights burn all night long." She waved one hand toward an unseen horizon. "And the living is one hell of a lot better than here in this one outhouse town."

Ruby voiced the feelings of most of the young people in Perkins felt the same way. After all, government handouts and moonshine were the only cottage industries that paid any real money. There was too much free female talent around for a girl to make any money charging for it. Besides, there was little money to be had for food, let alone pussy, no matter how fine the talent she possessed. At what Bob figured was the proper time to start his canned seduction speech, he asked her, "What do you know about Jesus?"

Her nose wrinkled as if she smelled a bad odor. "I know the Jesus thing is all a bunch of bull shit used to skin people out of their money. Somehow, the preacher always seems to live better than the people who go to his church.

Ruby pointed an accusing finger at him. Her voice became bitter. "The only difference between you and them is you ain't connected yet and found enough suckers to start a church of your own."

"Ugh." Bob's head jerked. "Uh well, you see..." Bob couldn't find the words to answer her.

Ruby made an impatient gesture. "Save the bullshit and let's go some place and do it. That's what you wanted wasn't it?"

Bob's heart went "thud" as it landed in the bottom of his gut. He was stone amazed at the way this little innocent looking sweet young thing laid it all out to him. He asked her in a shaky voice, "You do anything with that darlin' mouth of yours besides talk dirty?" A sweet, warm feeling ran through his crotch.

Ruby gave the amazed preacher a lazy, feline smile. She licked her lips and smiled, "It's according to what's in it for me. If I get what I want, I do all sorts of things with my mouth. If I don't get what I want I'll bite your pecker off if you try to force me."

"You sing?" Bob asked. He tried to gain back the upper hand in this new relationship he tried to forge. He wanted her. The problem was he needed to keep her in her place on the bottom. "Of course I do. You want to talk about music or what?" She paused and added, "I have a damned fine voice, too." Again, she gave him the knowing look that seemed to stare deep down inside him. "Let's go." They left the little café and walked back to his old truck. "Go two blocks straight ahead of the way your truck is pointed and turn right." Once outside, she pointed past his truck. "There's an alleyway where you can pull in and stop."

Bob stopped the truck in the alley and turned toward Ruby. She eased her hips off the seat a little and pulled her dress up to her waist. Ruby gave him quick sex in the cab of his Ford truck.

As soon as they finished, he put his pecker back in his pants, buttoned up and drove by her house. Ruby gave the directions and felt the excitement of her decision to make a leap into the unknown. Neither said a word about what came next. It was a given Bob had a new traveling companion. He grinned to himself in anticipation of the miles they would travel with each other.

"Who's that stranger in the truck?" her ma asked as she came in the house.

"He's my ticket out of here Ma," Ruby hurried on through the house to the covered back porch where she and her sister slept. She wrinkled her nose. There was damned little for her to take. Ruby stuffed all her clothes, her two dresses and some raggedy underwear, in a cloth bag that had seen better days; she slung her beat up old guitar with its worn leather

"You're really goin' to leave, ain't you?" Martha Skye looked at her eldest child. "I guess it's for the best. Honey, you be real careful." Martha touched Ruby's cheek, and then kissed her. "You write now."

Ruby nodded. She felt tears form in her own eyes. "I will, Ma." She added, "You tell Reba to get out as soon as she can. Maybe after I make it in the big city I can send for my Little Sis. I'll miss you."

"Let's go," she said to Bob, as she clambered into the front seat of the truck. She could not swallow the big lump in her throat.

That night they camped beside the road in a little turnout beside the road. She pulled off her dress and Bob stared. Her body glowed in the light from the small campfire. He caught his breath. "Treat me right and this is what you get whenever you want some," she told him.

"Jesus Christ, but you are beautiful," he breathed as his eyes devoured her lithe young body. She laid back on the bedroll Bob spread in the back of the truck. She lay on her back in patient silence as he took her again. This was the first installment she paid to escape Perkins, Oklahoma. In the back of her mind, a little voice told her, "I sure hope it's worth it." Ruby did not particularly enjoy sex.

For the next year, Bob preached the gospel and she played her beat up old guitar and sang about a heaven she didn't believe in and God's love she disbelieved even more. Everyone told Bob she had a real fine voice. It carried out over the small crowds they attracted and communicated the hunger and longing she had in her own heart to those who stopped to listen.

Sometimes, every now and then, she remembered the times she and Little Sis could make people sit up and listen as they played duets at the school socials. Reba on her harsh sounding five string banjo and Ruby on her guitar sometimes sang and played together when they were alone. It kept the sadness and misery at bay, just a little. Ruby missed her Little Sis and her Ma. Whenever she remembered her pa, she spit.

Bob never connected. His great plans for a big church where he got rich on the Hallelujah Trail we never more than grandiose dreams. His biggest problem was times were changing around them. World War Two dragged on and Bob was not bright enough to change with the times. He lacked the showmanship of a Billy Sunday and lacked the oratorical skills of a Harvey Springer. Bob was a small man trying to fill a big man's shoes.

The crowds became smaller, the collections were barely enough to feed them and let them make it to the next town. Finally, a year and a half later, everything fell apart. One evening as they pulled into Tulsa, Bob gave her the bad news. "Honey," he told her with a sad face, "we're broke and you all are going to have to make a sacrifice or we don't eat. I just put our last three dollars in the gas tank." She was certain she knew what his next words would be. She was right "You are going to have to put out a little for some lonely man willing to pay for it. You up to it?"

Bob looked at Ruby and hoped she would agree. He contemplated his new line of endeavor as a pimp. He figured she had the makings of a fine whore if he did not push things too hard. The preaching trail had brought in less and less. The war in Europe was over and the Japs were on the ropes in Asia. Oklahoma people only had so much money to spend on Jesus. The rest of the country was prosperous by comparison, but not in this part of Oklahoma where too many people were broke and too few working. There was a whole lot of hunger in the land, as the war effort never brought much prosperity and only touched the people by way of the radio.

In addition, there were too many preachers doing the saving and not enough people who wanted to be saved. That was the problem in a nutshell. God knows (, Bob thought, ) he (had) tried his best to serve the Lord in his own insincere way, but the blessings weren't there. Oh well, if he could get her to give up a little of her ass things might turn around.

Ruby became a whore full time. Bob arranged a half dozen tricks a night. Ruby learned to turn off her mind and her feelings. Sometimes, late at night Ruby remembered. The times when the cheap whiskey did not quite put her to sleep were the worst. It was during those times she could hear Reba's banjo play the lead instrument while Ruby backed her up as they played "The Kentucky Waltz" or one of the other old time standards. She even tried prayer as she sought a way out.

Then six months later two notable events happened in the almost twenty year old Ruby's life. First, the Japanese surrendered, all those young soldiers came home, and jobs became even scarcer. The second event affected her on a more personal level. Bob got in a knife fight and killed a man in a roadhouse brawl. By the time Ruby found out what had happened, he had already been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter

It did not take long for the legal process to play itself out. In a state where the US Constitution was considered a stumbling block to true justice, Bob got a speedy trial. In less than a year, he was tried, convicted and then sentenced. The wheels of justice turned quicker when the accused was too broke to hire a lawyer. Ruby panicked when another whore brought her the news. She tried to figure out what to do. She was own her own, cut adrift from the small amount of stability Bob had given her. She was lost. Ruby hustled tricks and found it hard going without Bob there to handle the business end. He had been her protection when the johns got rough. Without protection Ruby was, at best a marginal success as a whore. For her it was a downward spiral.

She forgot about Bob as she tried to earn enough money on her back and on her knees to stay fed and sheltered. Ruby soon learned she was not as tough, or as wise, as she thought she was while still living back in Perkins. The other whores had pimps to take care of them but Ruby was afraid to find one to take her in. Alone she could not compete.

On her own and without direction, Ruby became a little more of a failure as a whore every time she went out. Some Johns paid her and some did not. Others took what they wanted and left her alone in her dingy room, sick at heart and scared numb inside. There were a couple of them who beat the hell out of her. She hated sex to be her price of existence.

Finally, the day came Ruby had dreaded.

"Come up with the ten dollars for your room or get out." The desk clerk had no sympathy for her.

"I ain't got the money, Clarence," she told him.

"Hell, no wonder you come up short all the time," he sneered. "Who wants to touch a scummy looking bitch like you? You look too dirty. Come up with half your rent by noon or get out. I'll just keep what you got until you pay up." He shoved her out of the hotel onto the sidewalk.

Ruby was lost now that she no longer had the sanctuary of her hotel room. For hours, she walked the streets with no destination in mind. She tried to figure out what to do next. All she had left were the clothes on her back and not even a dime for a cup of coffee.

She was in a daze. She tried to figure out what to do next. Oh God," she whimpered, "Oh sweet Jesus what am I going to do?"

She kept walking, afraid to stop and rest for fear some cop would roust her and take her in. She had heard stories of what happened after the initial arrest. Her mind raced from one desperate scheme to another. No kindly old man walked by to rescue her. She was afraid to beg. Her mind shut down. The sun set and Ruby had nothing to show for the day's efforts but a hungry belly and sore, aching feet.

She was exhausted, and she was scared. She needed a break; something had to happen fast or she would be forced to sleep on the streets, curled up in some back alley or under the bushes in a city park and hope nobody hurt her too much...

Bob had taught her the rudiments of shoplifting and how to pick pockets. However, she had lacked the nerve to try either until now. Her desperation showed when she entered a store to try and steal something. The clerk followed her around and stared hard at the disheveled person whom she damned well knew couldn't afford to buy anything.

Late in the afternoon, in desperation she decided to pick some sap's pocket, if she could work up the nerve. On the quiet evenings when there were no johns to be found, Bob tried to teach her to expand her horizons. "Bump and grab," he told her over and over again. "Bump and grab is the easiest and best way to get started. Just bump into the mark and slip his billfold out of his back pocket. He will be so concentrated on the bump that he won't feel the grab."

She recalled one evening when Bob looked off toward the ceiling and reminisced, "I knew this one colored gal before I tried preaching, who was the best ever. She could actually unzip a man's fly during the bump and pull his pecker out without him being any the wiser till he felt the draft on his bare skin. Now she had talent."

Ruby didn't have either the talent or the nerve. Three times, she bumped into a man and froze. All she got for her efforts was a dirty look each time she tried.

It was nine o'clock in the evening and Ruby had given up all hope...

Jimmy Ray Haggard was a big and clumsy thirty-two year old virgin. Looking back on that day, he couldn't believe his luck. Here he met this pretty little thing with all that flame red hair and became a daddy almost at the same time. Homely and bashful Jimmy Ray never had much luck with women. In fact, this was the first time he had any luck at all where a female was concerned. Usually they laughed at him when he tried to get friendly.

His life changed in a drastic way that Wednesday evening when he walked out of church prayer meeting. He bumped into this beautiful little red headed angel and knocked her sprawling down on the sidewalk. He even got a peek at her cooz as she struggled to get up again.

Ruby had decided to try one last bump and grab like Bob had showed her. Her mark was big clumsy Jimmy Ray Haggard. However, big clumsy Jimmy stepped on her foot as she came close to make the contact. Instead of bump and grab, Ruby was knocked onto her tail end.

"When the bump goes bad, try to show your snatch," Bob told her repeatedly. "Then you can get away while the sucker's looking at your pussy."

"Oh gee whiz, I'm sorry," Jimmy Ray exclaimed and bent to help her to her feet. He got tangled up in his own feet and stepped on her ankle. Ruby felt a "crunch" sensation. Somehow, Jimmy wasn't quite certain how, she shifted and his hand ended up grabbing Ruby's left titty instead of her arm. The fabric of her dress tore slightly and one small, bright pink nipple was bared to the world.

Ruby was scared. This wasn't going the way it was supposed to. The last thing to try, Bob taught her, was to cry, so she did. She sobbed the loudest, phoniest sob ever heard in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Jimmy panicked. "Oh my lord, I'm sorry. Please get up and for God's sake stop crying. Oh damnation, please, please get up! I can't stand it when a woman cries." He wrung his hands and looked down at her. Her legs parted and Jimmy almost fell over.

She was showing an awful lot of leg and crotch as she tried to climb to her feet. Instead of helping her, Jimmy stared. He was scared and confused. He wrung his hands some more as he tried to figure out what to do.

Ruby tried to stand and fell back down. Sharp pain shot through her left foot and ankle. This time the cries of pain were real and the tears flowed the way they were supposed to.

"I can't get up," she whimpered. "You stomped on my foot and it hurts awful!" She lay on the hard sidewalk on her back, knees bent and far apart. Jimmy looked up her dress and became even more scared and confused. (I know you have repeated the phrase to make it more dramatic, but might be better to use another word, like ... unsure of himself/bothered)

"Oh lordy I hurt bad," she wailed.

In his excitement, Jimmy forgot about his clumsiness. His mind was focused on how to help the injured girl in front of him. Jimmy squatted down, lifted her up in his arms and carried her to his 1941 model Oldsmobile convertible with the Hydromatic drive.

He had bought the car in the hope some girl would notice him driving around in it and want to talk to him. However, like every other one of his attempts, it didn't work. No one wanted to ride with old Clumsy Jimmy. The big man carried her to the passenger side and lifted her over the door with ease. He set her down on the leather upholstery with surprising gentleness for such a big and awkward man. Jimmy was thankful the top was down.

"I'll take you to the doctor's, that's what I'll do," he told her as he hurried around to get in on the driver's side.

The other church members who saw Jimmy's latest demonstration of his clumsiness laughed among themselves.

"That old Jimmy Ray is about the clumsiest one sorry excuse for a man anybody ever saw," a guy in his late twenties told his girlfriend.

"Kin y'all just imagine what it would be like to be married to someone like Jimmy Haggard?" the girlfriend

"Yeah," he laughed, "You would never know where he was going to accidentally stick his old thang next." He laughed at his own joke.

"Oh you..." she giggled and punched his arm to let him know she was both shocked and amused at the off color joke. She knew where her guy was going to be sticking his "old thang" when they got in his car and drove off to some place private...

The emergency room at the county hospital was almost never busy Wednesday evenings. As a rule, there weren't too many shootings and cuttings in the middle of the week, not even over in Colored Town. Jimmy carried Ruby right into the emergency room and placed her on an examining table as directed. Two x-rays and one cast later, Jimmy found himself with a helpless red head and a medical bill to pay. He wrote a check to pay the hospital. The red head turned out to be a bigger problem.

"Where can I take you?" he asked.

"Nowhere," she answered. "I ain't got nowhere to go. They just turned me out of the hotel and I'm all alone in the world now." For the first time in her young life, Ruby was truly without hope.

Because she had been kicked out of her, hotel room Ruby was homeless, with no place to go and no one to turn to for help. One thing she did know for sure was how no john was going to want to pay for a whore wearing an ugly cast on her leg.

"What happened?" Jimmy Ray asked in sympathy.

She thought hard before she answered. "My, uh, husband just died in jail and I don't have any money. I ran out trying to get him set free."

The truth was, when Ruby heard Bob was arrested for killing a man, she called down to the jailhouse and found out the bail was set at a thousand dollars. She shrugged and went about the task of day-to-day survival.

No one had been willing to hire a trampy looking red head for anything. Housewives with the money to hire a maid were not willing to hire someone they saw as possible future competition. Besides, the coloreds and Mexicans had all the unskilled jobs pretty much tied up and she had no training at anything other than to whore and to sing.

When she ran through her small stash of money she had to make a decision. When it was almost all gone, she decided she become a whore again. Her first attempt to turn a trick on her own failed. Her intended customer took her up to her room, topped her, slapped her around and left without paying. She pulled herself together and tried again. In the following months, each day saw her closer to the time she would be out on the street.

Ruby felt dirty and degraded. More and more, she wished she were back in Perkins. Even Pa's grabbing fingers would be better than this existence. After a while even the cheap bootleg whisked could no longer keep the world she lived in at bay. "Mama," she whimpered in her sleep as she slipped deeper into the hell that was her existence. She began to consider death as a way to end her misery...

Then it all ended for her when she took one last trick up to the room, and got used, beaten and robbed of what little money she did have left.

That was the evening before she had the mishap with big, clumsy Jimmy. Bob had always done the pimping and collecting. He took care of the details and she took care of the john...

"What was your husband doing in jail?" Jimmy asked. He was intrigued. He had never known anyone who even came close to the legal system before.

"He killed a man," she answered. She saw the shocked expression on Jimmy's face and added in a hurry, "He was protecting me. A real horrible man accosted me." She was not too certain what accosted meant, but it sounded pretty serious. She had come across the word in various stories she read in discarded magazines and books she found lying around back home. Then she added, "My Bob was a preacher man."

Jimmy smiled. The smile became a grin because he knew ... In a moment of true inspiration, Jimmy Ray Haggard knew the absolute right thing for him to do was to protect her. He could never leave a fresh made young widow, especially one so pretty as this all on her own and unprotected. Who knew what might happen if there was no one to watch out for her? Yes sir, Jimmy would have to look after this pretty little thing all by himself.

He began to experience all sorts of excitement way down deep. In that secret part inside him, Jimmy sort of knew these feelings were sexual. He refused to admit such a thing was so. After all, he only wanted to help her. He worked hard to convince himself that all he wanted to do was help her. He almost succeeded. A little voice questions his true motives. This time Jimmy shut that voice up. Jimmy wanted to be noble.

Out of the corner of her eye Ruby saw the tell tale bulge of a hard on as it shoved against the fabric of his pants. She was positive right then he was hers. She fought the small smile that tried to form on her lips and moaned aloud to remind him of her pain.

"Now I don't mean no disrespect here, but you got to come home with me and stay until you get better. You got to let me take care of you until you get well. (You've... )" He kept babbling on until she interrupted him.

"Won't your wife get piss ... uh mad if you bring a strange woman home with you?" she asked. Ruby was certain this man was not married. He did not have that married feel about him.

"Well, you see, I never been married. I don't have no wife to come home to," he admitted shamefaced.

Just right, she decided. Ruby sounded as sympathetic as she could as she asked, "How is it a big, fine, uh, good looking guy like you never got married? You must have a lot of chances." She was careful not to pile it on too deep.

Then, almost as an afterthought, she leaned over and let her fingers lightly brush against his hard cock as she said, "And you are so nice, too. Not at all like..." She left the rest of the sentence hang unspoken in the air.

He almost ran the car up onto the curb as the thrills shot through him. "Ah." he exclaimed, almost in a squeal. His eyes grew wide and beads of sweat popped out on his forehead as electric currents flowed through him. He swerved the car back away from the curb and drove homeward in a daze. His hands shook, his feet would not stay still and his leg muscles kept twitching as the car made its way down the street in a zigzag pattern.

Jimmy knew she didn't realize what she had just done when she touched his hard thang. Oh, but he was having some very bad and carnal thoughts. His mind was in turmoil because of his confused horniness. The only times Jimmy had any type of sex before was when he was in France during the war.

He spent almost all his pay one month on those French women with their wild mouths. He never knew about how good blowjobs were before then. In fact, he had never been aware that people sucked on other people like that, until he was sent to France to kill Germans. Those Frenchie women had been an eye opening experience for Jimmy. He came back home with a hunger for blowjobs but was still technically a virgin.

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