That's My Boy

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2010 by hotwetnshaved

Incest Sex Story: a deserted mother and son get close

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

It was about six months after dad had left us to live out his fantasy with his eighteen year old secretary, he left us well provided for, but I swore if I ever saw him again, I'd kill the bastard for all those long nights I lay awake listening to mum crying in her lonely bed.

We'd gone to the cabin he left us up in the New Forest and it had done her the world of good, color had actually returned to her face, she smiled more often, we swam together in the lake adjacent to the cabin, we had drinks after we'd had steaks from the barby and she'd admitted that we were better off without him.

It was during our first week there, we'd had a few drinks and mum had gone in for a bath, she'd called me to take her in a drink and she'd laughed when she took it off me thus displaying a hint of a nipple, all pink and crinkled, now I was only eighteen and as horny as all eighteen year olds are, I'd taken my sleeping bag outside and laid down in it beside the few steps up to the cabin door.

I was trying to drag my mind away from that one glimpse of her nipple, but my prick wasn't listening, it was hard and about to spit in my fist when I heard her walking out onto the verandah,

"Davy, where are you?"

I pushed my prick back into my pants and looked up to where her voice had come from, oh my God! She was wearing just a robe in the warm evening air and I was looking up directly at her shaven slit complete with a tiny silver bell on a ring through her clitoris!

"Davy" she shouted again and turned to look around, then she saw me and quickly stepped back,

"What the hell are you doing there?"

"I, I, er I was planning on sleeping here mum" I stammered, I felt my face burning up with embarrassment,

"Did you enjoy the view?"

"Yeah, the fields are lovely"

"That's not what I meant and you know it"

"Sorry mum, I couldn't help it, you were just, well you know you were there"

"I suppose you thought it was gross just like your father"

"It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen" I said softly,

"Really?" she sounded surprised,

"I'm embarrassed now mum" I smiled, "But yes, I thought it was really beautiful and I love the jewelry"

"Flatterer" she giggled, "I'm going to have another drink, do you want one?"

"Yeah, why not?" I smiled at her, my embarrassment forgotten,,

I followed her into the cabin, my eyes fixed firmly on her ass moving sensuously beneath her robe,

"I can't believe that we were talking about vaginas" she laughed as she gave me my drink,

"We weren't mum" I corrected her, "We were talking about yours specifically"

"True" she acknowledged, "Tell me though, how many have you seen?"

"Just a couple mum, but none shaved like yours"

"And you say you really like it?"

"I loved it mum"

"Good, because I want to get a tan while we're down here with no one around"

"That's cool" I grinned, I was looking forward to seeing her in a bikini, but then she dropped the bombshell,

"An all over tan"

"That's cool too" my grin was like that of a Cheshire cat,

"So get used to it" and she opened her robe letting it slip off her shoulders to the floor,

"Oh wow" I gasped as I looked at her still firm breasts and saw a ring through each nipple, "You're pierced there in your, your, er"

"My nipples Davy" she laughed, "That's what they are, nipples"

"I've always wanted to be pierced but he said no, they look cheap"

"Well that's twice he was wrong"

"Twice?" she looked puzzled,

"Yeah, he was wrong about those and he was wrong to leave such a cracker"

"Me a cracker?" she laughed, "I don't think so"

"Mum, I think you're a cracker and you ought to hear what my mates think of you, they reckon you're a right sexy M.I.L.F."

"A what?"

"A M.I.L.F." I explained knowing full well what was coming,

"Are they initials?"


"Well come on then, out with it, what do they stand for?"

"Aw mum"

"Come on spit it out, or no more drink"

"Mother I'd like to fuck"

"Wow, they really think that of me?"

"Yeah all of them, look mum will you put some clothes on please, you're having an effect on me?"

"Do you want a drink or do you want me to get dressed? You can't have both"

"I'll have a drink please"

She laughed then and poured out two more,

"See, I knew you like seeing me naked"

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