Racing for Pink

by Samantha K.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Gay, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Cream Pie, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Scott loves racing his car and Melody loves strutting her stuff and distracting Scott's opponents. It's a perfect situation until Tryell comes to play.

Scott's Porsche was the hottest car in town, and Melody was the hottest girl. Once a month, Scott would take both of them out to the country where he would pit his car's speed and agility against those of other drivers and Melody would match her looks and toned young body against those of the other driver's girlfriends. In both events it was usually a case of No Contest. The stakes for the race would always be the same: a $2000 cash pot with a bonus prize that the winning driver got to fuck Melody on the hood of the winning car in full view of everyone present. The latter was actually Melody's idea. She got such a kick out of the risk of her body being a prize that she came to the races in the nude to tease guys with bigger libidos than engines into racing against Scott. She would strut and pose and flirt until the rising testosterone drowned someone's better judgment and he put up his share of the bet.

Melody never worried about the downside to any of this. Scott always won, so the chance that she would have to spread her long, tanned legs for someone else was small. She also didn't have to worry about word of her behavior getting back to her family because the racers were all breaking the law and no one could tell on her without incriminating themselves.

Scott and Melody had great fun at this game until Tyrell showed up in his Veyron coupe. The race that day saw Scott's supercharged Porsche come in a distant second to the 1,000 horse-power Bugatti.

"Hand over my money, cracker!" Tyrell laughed when the dust had settled at the finish line. The money changed hands and Tyrell shoved it into the back pocket of his low-rider shorts. "I got the green, now for the pussy prize!"

Melody hesitated. She had always known that it was possible that someday Scott would lose and she would have to pay-up her part of the prize and surrender her body to the winner. She had even fantasized about having sex with a stranger while Scott watched, but she'd never expected to actually have to do it. Also, in her fantasies she had never pictured the winner being Black. And Tyrell was very, very Black.

"Get your ass on here, bitch!" Tyrell commanded, pointing at his car. Melody eased back onto the low hood, hiding her unease at the situation by stretching and posing like she did when trying to tease someone into challenging Scott. When Tyrell unzipped his fly, Melody began rolling her nipples between her fingers to try to get herself worked-up for what was coming.

"I can't believe this is really happening," Melody thought over and over, and then - "Maybe if I get him really turned on he will come right away and it will all be over quickly. I sure hope so!" She ran her hands down her body and tried to look as sexy as possible.

Tyrell reached in and began stroking himself without pulling his cock out of his fly. Melody watched and slid a finger into her slit to give her clit a rub. "Is he shy?" she wondered, "Maybe he's small. That would be funny. I mean, after hearing all those wild stories about how big Black cocks can be."

Melody had been afraid that when the time finally came, that she'd be so afraid that she'd go dry down there, but in the heat of the moment, her own heat seemed to be rising quite nicely, thank you. She could feel the slippery warmth down there that meant her pussy was primed. Melody arched her back and gave Tyrell a smoldering look that said she was ready anytime he was.

"Show me the pink, girl," Tyrell ordered. Melody moved her feet further apart and let her knees fall to either side, revealing her pussy with its short labial lips. Those she spread open with two fingers so Tyrell could see her moist, pink flesh with her narrow vaginal opening in the center.

Tyrell licked his thick lips at the sight. Melody was incredibly sexy, but like most White girls, her sexual experience was limited to a few boyfriends of her own race. Certainly her boyfriend with the Porsche wasn't packing much if his girl's pussy was still this small, so it was obvious that she had never had big dick in her and from Tyrell's perspective, Melody was still a virgin. He grinned, gave his dick a few more stokes, and then hauled it out and dropped it in open view.

Melody gasped. Tyrell's coal-black cock hung down past mid-thigh and was as thick as a beer can. It was uncircumcised and looked to her much like a big black snake wearing a turtle-neck sweater. It continued to swell and stiffen as she gaped at it. Melody's eyes opened so wide they showed white all around the iris. Her vision narrowed to exclude everything but the thick slab of meat hanging from Tyrell's groin.

"Nooooooo!" Melody moaned, still glowing with sexual heat but realizing that this wasn't something she'd bargained for at all. She slammed her knees together and tried to swing a leg over and crawl off the hood, but Tyrell was expecting something like that and caught her ankle in mid-swing.

"Where you going, baby?" Tyrell cooed, then addressed the crowd, "We can't have her backing out, can we? I want to collect my prize. Somebody hold the bitch."

Hands quickly grabbed Melody's legs and arms, pinning her to the car. "Let go!" Melody shouted, but a glance around her revealed no pity in the faces of those holding her. She recognized two of them as losers in previous races and knew there would be no sympathy there. She saw that all of them wore a kind of smug leer at her predicament. Apparently this was to be her payback for all the taunting and flaunting she'd been doing.

Tyrell was stroking his cock openly now. As she stared at it, his foreskin rode slowly back to reveal a glossy head the size and purplish-brown color of a ripe nectarine. Melody had never seen anything like it in her life. It was so big and heavy that it couldn't support itself. When Scott's cock got hard, it stood straight up and pointed at his navel. The object between Tyrell's legs didn't look like it belonged to a human being.

"He'll kill me with that thing!" Melody shuddered as she imagined having something that large stuffed inside her body. Her flight-or-fight response kicked-in and she struggled to get away. The hands holding her arms and legs held fast and all she could manage to do was to bounce her ass on the hood and roll her hips from side to side. She figured if she couldn't get away, she'd make it impossible for him to get that huge thing into her pussy.

"Damn it! I can't hit a moving target!" Tyrell said, sharply. "Keep her still!"

The men holding her feet gave them a sharp turn outward, pulling Melody's ligaments taut and forcing her ass up and her hips forward. This had the effect of presenting her pussy to Tyrell, whose cock was now showing a network of thick veins down the shaft that reminded Melody of vines around a tree-limb.

"This is sooo going to hurt," she thought with a whimper.

Melody looked for Scott. She found him in the sea of faces, but she couldn't catch his eye because Scott's gaze was firmly fixed on Tyrell's massive cock.

Tyrell followed Melody's eyes to Scott and made the same discovery - that Scott was mesmerized by Tyrell's johnson.

"Come here, cracker!" Tyrell ordered. Scott suddenly found himself standing beside Tyrell without having decided to move.

Tyrell grabbed Scott's wrist and before he could pull away, Tyrell laid his cock in Scott's palm. Scott tried to jerk his hand away, but Tyrell's grip was like iron. Scott tried to crush Tyrell's cock, but his fingers wouldn't close around it. He slid his hand up higher where the black shaft was narrower, but it was no use, Tyrell's cock was too thick and too hard to permit a one-handed grip. Things weren't much better with two hands, he found, although it was possible to get a better hold without Tyrell's hand on his wrist. Scott squeezed and pulled, but instead of hurting Tyrell, he just seemed to be making his cock harder. The feel of a cock this big and hard in his hands was an intoxicating experience, even if the cock wasn't his own. It was exciting to be touching maleness of this magnitude. Scott's handling became less rough. He used less pull and more stroke as he licked his lips and wondered if it wouldn't be easier doing this while on his knees. That way he could get a closer look at it.

The thought became deed and Scott was looking directly up the barrel of Tyrell's dick. It looked even more impressive from this angle. The head looked even more like a ripe fruit and he could see that the opening in the end was almost the diameter of a dime. As he stared at it he saw Tyrell's pee-hole open to disgorge a big drop of clear pre-cum. Scott leaned closer. He could feel the heat on his cheek. The musky aroma was intoxicating. His head was spinning. Scott swallowed and licked his lips, leaving his mouth open with his tongue resting on his lower lip. Scott felt a powerful urge to worship Tyrell's cock as though it were some kind of male fertility idol made flesh. His mouth opened wider. Saliva gushed in, preparing it to ... Scott's mind refused to go there. He swallowed and rocked back on his heels, but couldn't manage to move further away.

"Tell you what, cracker," Tyrell said to the man breathing all over his cock. Scott jumped, brought out of his waking dream by the sound of Tyrell's voice. "I won't fuck your girlfriend ... if you suck me off. Or maybe you'd rather I fucked your Whiteboy ass instead? How about it?"

Scott let go of Tyrell's cock like it had suddenly turned red-hot. He scrambled to his feet, mortified by how close he had come to turning queer. He continued to stare at Tyrell's cock, mostly because he didn't want to see the faces of the people around him, many of whom he was sure now thought he was a fag.

"I'll take that as a 'no'," Tyrell said, "But you know you want to."

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