Naiya's Homecoming

by pointless

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Naiya's planned apology works out fine, but she quickly finds out how much she truly loves Megan when she finds herself pining for her lover over Thanksgiving break. Luckily for her it's a short break and soon enough she finds herself back in her lover's arms.

Authors note: This story is the fifth (and hardly the last) in a somewhat loose series that begins with "Ashlee and Naiya's Sleepover" and "Macy's Crush" and is directly preceded by "Naiya's Fresh Start." Normally I'd say these stories are capable of standing on their own, but with this one I feel it would be wise to at least suggest that anyone interested should read "Naiya's Fresh Start" if you find yourself confused by the back story as this story is more or less part two of that particular story. Don't worry. It's a good story. If you like this part you'll love that one.

Also, I'm currently experimenting with self editing, so please forgive any small errors and feel free to point out any large ones. I won't mind one little bit. In fact, I'd actually appreciate the help. All other feedback is also welcome as are votes, happy thoughts and other neat things.

Oh, and for whom it may concern: All characters engaged in any sexual acts in this story are at least eighteen years of age in both the story and the mind of the author.


It would be wrong to say that Naiya's Thanksgiving plans had gone swimmingly and that everything had worked out exactly as she had planned. Not that it had gone badly or anything. No, quite the contrary. It had actually gone about as well as one could expect, but that wasn't saying much when you considered the fact that Naiya honestly hadn't expected all that much and instead had been relying almost purely on the power of hope. Luckily, that had been just enough to get her through.

It really hadn't been easy and she probably would have copped out completely if fate hadn't stepped in and forced her hand. The fact that fate took the form of her stepsister Macy was hardly a surprise. In fact, one could even say that it was just about the only way it could've happened since both Ashlee and Naiya had up to that point been very successful at avoiding each other even though Ashlee spent nearly every night sleeping in Macy's bed. It was only during the day that Naiya had free run of her own house and the freedom to talk to her stepsister.

The nature of those conversations ranged greatly from more serious topics to the usual silliness generally brought about by their habit of wandering off to smoke weed together whenever possible as well as just general catching up with the mundane details of each other's lives. Even though they'd been talking quite a bit lately and were hardly out of touch it was just somehow better and more real to talk about their lives and the interesting and not so interesting things they'd done in the past few months in person instead over the phone. They were pretty much sisters, after all. Face to face conversation was what they were used to. It was natural. It was the way they'd been almost from the day Naiya's mother moved them in with Macy's father back when both girls were still in elementary school. It was just right to see Macy roll her eyes in sympathy at Naiya's vivid descriptions of the failings of her professor's instead of having to imagine her doing it even though Naiya had seen the move so many times over the years she could paint a picture of it with her eyes closed.

Still, not all their conversations were made better by this closeness. Conversations about Ashlee for instance were not made any easier by Naiya being able to see the sadness, the pity and the understanding in Macy's eyes. It all just made her feel that much smaller, that much dumber, that much more sick over what a coldhearted bitch she been to Ashlee. She knew she deserved it, though, and because of that she made herself sit there and take it even when Macy's words threatened to bring a self pitying tear to her eyes, or worse, when Macy started on her with the "So when are you going to talk to her?" bit in an attempt to get the ball rolling.

Of course, that part didn't really start until after the first night when Naiya chickened out of the first planned attempt and then locked herself in her room and ignored Macy's knocking when Ashlee left to go buy some rolling papers. Naiya didn't unlock the door until the next morning when Ashlee was safely away at her parents house for one of her many family gatherings, but even then she successfully avoided her stepsister's disdainful stare at the breakfast table thanks in part to the presence of Naiya's mother and Macy's aunt discussing the plans for the evening meal.

It wasn't until after both girls had gone upstairs to change that Macy finally managed to corner Naiya in her room to ask her what happened that Naiya found herself a victim of her stepsister's calm, but forceful attempts at persuasion as Macy repeated the fact that time was short and it was now or never several times and in several distinct ways over the length of a very short conversation before they were interrupted by a shout from the bottom of the stairs telling them to hurry and get in the shower before people started showing up. This led Naiya to think that she'd been granted a reprieve, but if she had been it was a short one because for the rest of the day Macy kept the pressure on whenever she could and didn't stop until Ashlee came over that night.

Once again Naiya thought at that point that she would be free from anymore needling. After all, she was an adult now. She knew what she had to do, what she'd planned to do. Sure, she had definitely chickened out, but the time just hadn't been right.

Same for that night. It just hadn't felt like the time. Besides, it was late and she didn't want to leave Megan hanging waiting on her nightly call. There was always tomorrow when the family would be gone and on and on and on.

She even said as much to Macy the next morning when Macy cornered her in Naiya's room again to once again urge her into action. Macy, of course, didn't buy a word of it and it was then that she made her threat by saying "Look, Naiya. You know how you're going to feel if you go back to school without doing this. I know you. This is going to eat you up from the inside. I mean I'll admit that I wasn't all whatever about this when you first mentioned it, but damn it, Naiya, I'm getting sick of pretending you don't exist when Ashlee is here, so please, when Ashlee comes over tonight just come talk to her and get it over with. Please just promise me you will."

"I don't want to just bust into your room and..." Naiya started to protest, but it just wasn't working. She knew this even before Macy cut across her just by the look on her stepsister's face.

"Look, if you don't do something I will. Okay? Just please try, okay? Please?"

"Okay," Naiya said meekly knowing full well that Macy didn't make empty threats. Still, as the day went on and things became more relaxed she was far from at ease. She tried to put her fears out of her mind, but as time ticked by and cousins and aunts and uncles and what not began to slowly filter out of the house she found herself unable to do so.

Of course, Macy noticed and whenever she could she cornered Naiya and kept the pressure on. Not in an overbearing manner, but with just enough force to let Naiya know she wasn't going to let her chicken out again. It took a lot of this before Naiya finally just accepted her fate and started trying her best to steel herself for the coming confrontation. She even managed to sneak a few bowl hits on the back porch and just tried to settle down as the time ticked on by. When Macy told her to go to her room and wait because Ashlee was coming she amazingly did as she was asked without even thinking of protesting.

She only ended up waiting for a good ten minutes for Ashlee. Still, it felt like an eternity despite the fact that she spent the time talking to Megan until Ashlee knocked weakly and then entered and just stood there staring at her grimly until Naiya said "I gotta go," to Megan and waited just long enough for Megan to say "Good luck. I love you." before responding in kind and then hanging up and staring back briefly trying to look happy before she said "Hi" in a voice that barely escaped her lips before Ashlee responded with "So Macy says you want to talk to me..." in a cold, even voice that stunned Naiya into silence as she nodded her reply.

Naiya tried her best to gather her strength to press the attack and do what she knew she needed to do, but it was all in vain. She simply could not do it. Luckily (though it didn't seem so lucky at the time) Ashlee could.

As one might imagine, the conversation that followed thanks to Naiya's momentary lack of courage didn't start out very friendly as Ashlee instantly began telling Naiya basically everything that Naiya already knew and felt horrible about as Naiya just sat there taking it all in while knowing full well that she deserved it. Even when Ashlee, by then even more put off by Naiya's calm acceptance of her own faults, began to dig deep and raise her voice as she called Naiya a "selfish, childish little bitch" for not talking to her about her fears and doubts (proving that Macy had indeed been talking to Ashlee about their conversations.) Naiya just sat there and took it and calmly agreed to every single accusation because every word no matter vindictive was deserved and every accusation was true. She knew it, Ashlee knew it, Macy knew it and even Megan, who had never really even met Ashlee, knew it.

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