My Introduction to Sex & Following Encounters
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Mother, Daughter, First, Anal Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the story of my introduction to sex from a young age. Then it carries through my sexual experiences.

This happened when I was very young, what started out as a normal weekend turned out to be very exciting for me. It was the weekend I would lose my virginity and my introduction into the world of sex. The events that led up to my first sexual experience was quite a shock and it would have been at the bottom of list of ways for me to lose my virginity.

My real mother died when I was young, Which meant my father had to give up work to look after me as we had no other local relatives who could help.

For 2 years it was just me and dad, then when I was about ten my father met Sue and her daughter Tracy who was just a few months younger than me and we soon became good friends as well as a brother sister relationship By the time I was 11 years old my father married Sue And I had gotten use to idea of calling her mum. This became an exciting time for me in my life because I had female company around me as I was at the age when I had began to take notice of female bodies, in a childish way to start with.

After the marriage my father found job which took him away from home a lot, at first I hated not having my dad around but as time went bye I got use it.

Over the next two years I grew very close and fond off my step-mum, she was everything Tracy and I could ask for in a mum. She was kind, considerate and understanding, as it was the time of our lives when Tracy and I had started to go through puberty. I had noticed Tracy's body was beginning to blossom, her tits where growing and developing nicely, her girly figure was forming curves in all the right places as she grew up, during the last 2 years it was not unusual for us to see each other nude. I would make childish comments about her tits and she make remarks about how big my cock was getting.

Then it happened one weekend, I was 14yrs 9mths old at the time, my first sexual encounters began. It all started when dad was away. On Saturday nights mum would go out for a drink with her sister, leaving me and Tracy to amuse an look after ourselves. Tracy was about 90lbs,4 foot 8 inches tall, blue eyes, brown hair, with a nice developing pair of tits. That Saturday night she was wearing a red mini skirt, a pink tee shirt with white panties and matching bra which fitted her nice figure snugly, as for me I was about 112lbs, 5 foot 2inchs tall, blue eyes, dark brown hair. For my age I was quite muscular and my cock was well developed. I was dressed in my usual attire for lounging around the house which was a scruffy white tee shirt and shorts.

The evening began as normal with Tracy and I playing chase. We could only do this when mum was out because she was quite strict about us running around in doors in case we knocked over her precious ornaments, so when mum was out we made the most of it. When I got tired of us chasing each other and messing around I just wanted to sit down and watch television but Tracy had other ideas, she insisted on carrying on annoying me.

It was about 9.30pm when I warned her teasingly if she didn't stop it I would pull her panties down and put her across my knee and smack her bare bum. Tracy still persisted in carrying on so I made a grab for her but she was ready for me and made her escape pretty quick. I gave chase and she ran up stairs into mums room, she tried to get past me by climbing over the bed but I managed to grab hold of one of her ankles tripping her up on the bed, I quickly pinned her down and I tried to pull her panties down she began struggling, laughing and giggling all at the same time but I won. I managed to get her panties down over hips for a start It was then that I glanced up from pulling them down further and saw that her tee shirt and bra had risen up exposing her tits with her nipples protruding. I felt my cock twitched inside my shorts, I think my male hormones took over my brain because I reached up with one hand and began caressing her tits, paying special attention to her nipples, with my other hand I managed to eased her panties down her legs over her feet and throw them onto the floor. Tracy had now given up struggling and was laying there enjoying what I was doing her. Tracy pulled me on top of her, our lips met we began kissing. With one hand still caressing her nipples the other went between her legs to her pussy, my little finger found her tight pussy entrance and I gently caressed it until pussy juices leaked out of her vagina.

While I was doing this to Tracy, she had slid her hand inside my shorts and was playing with my cock making it stiff. Tracy was so sexually aroused that pussy juices where dribbling from her vagina. Pulling my shorts off I moved between her open legs pressing my cock between her pussy lips, I was just about to thrust it into her when we heard mum arrive home. I don't think we moved as fast before in our lives, picking up our clothes, straightening out the bed covers and getting into our own rooms and into bed took us less than a two minutes.

I laid in bed naked under my bed covers with my cock still as hard and pointing skywards. I was hoping that when mum came in to say goodnight she wouldn't notice.

I Pretended to be asleep as I listened for mum to come upstairs and go into Tracy, then I heard her footsteps heading towards my room, my heart started beating faster, the door opened and mum came over to me, as she bent to give me my goodnight kiss I smelt sexy aroma of her perfume mixed with a slight smell of alcohol. As mum turned to leave my room I breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't noticed my erect cock or if she had she hadn't said anything.

After an hour I began to get worried as my erection had not subsided. What do I do "I asked myself", Tracy won't know, there's only one thing I can do, that is I will have to ask mum, well she did say once that if I needed advice just ask.

Getting out of bed I slipped on my dressing gown, not bothering to do it up I tip toed towards mum's room, seeing the light was on and door ajar I pushed it open slowly, I took one step inside and stopped in my tracks.

Mum was laying on the bed naked with her eyes closed, her right hand was playing with her left nipple while her left hand was fingering and rubbing her shaven pussy. I stood and watched in a trance like way then mums body shook like a volcano eruption. I hadn't noticed that she had opened her eyes, I was just about turn and walk out when I saw that she had opened her eyes and saw me standing there. With out saying a word she motioned for me to close the door and come and sit on the bed. As soon as I sat down, she got off the bed and knelt down in front of me. Taking my cock in her hand, with her mouth open she lowered her head engulfing her lips around my cock, and began sucking it. I looked down at what she was doing and I noticed that her free hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy again. After a couple minutes of the mouth treatment on my cock it felt like it would explode, I was just about to cum when she removed her mouth leaving me at nearly breaking point.

Mum rose to her feet and pushed me backwards so I was laying flat on the bed. What she did next took me by surprise, she knelt over my face lowered her pussy onto my mouth telling me to lick it and push my tongue inside, at first it tasted strange but I soon began to enjoy the taste and what I was doing to mum. With mums guidance I soon learnt where to lick to get her excited, After about five minutes of this treatment to her pussy her body shook. Mums reaction was to press her pussy harder onto my mouth making me open it wide and lick her harder. I felt her pussy juices running down my throat, mm I still remember how good they tasted.

Mum got up off me, turned me round so I was laying length ways down the bed on my back, once again she knelt down but this time so her pussy was over my cock, taking my cock in her hand she guided it into her virgina, she gasped as it went in deeper and deeper. "Oh your so big your stretching my pussy" She said as she reached forward taking my hands she placed them to her nipples telling to play with them.

She was rocking back and forth, up and down on my cock, every so often I could feel her finger tip touch my cock, raising my head I looked down and could see that she was playing with herself as well. My cock began swelling up inside her, she fastened up the pace until my cock exploded its thick creamy cum into her pussy at the same time as she had another explosion. Mum stayed on top of me until my cock went limp, she then rolled over laid down and went to sleep. I laid beside her for a few minutes thinking "I've just fucked my step mum".

I got up leaving mums light on I went to the bathroom to have a piss before I going back to my room. As I came out of the bathroom I bumped into Tracy who was opening the bathroom door to come in just as I was coming out. She went to speak but I hushed her up just in case mum was awake. I turned around and followed her in closing the door behind me. I stood an watched as she lifted her short nightie up, sat down on the toilet and pee'd. I was feeling quite confident after my experience with mum so when she wiped herself and stood up I kissed her, my hand went to her pussy and rubbed it like I saw mum doing to hers. " Not here, lets go to my bedroom" she said breathing heavily.

"I got a better idea, lets wait until we are alone in the house" I replied as I was also feeling rather tired, thinking as well I don't want to rush fucking her.

I awoke Sunday morning with a slight feeling of guilt as I was wondering what mum was going to say to me after what happened. All those thoughts soon went as Tracy charged into my room, leaping onto me kneeling astride me with just her short nightie on, the sight of her tiny pussy slit made my cock stir. I reached between her legs to her pussy and started running a finger along her slit. Pulling my hand away before things got to hot and steamy. Reminding her what I had said last night.

With a disappointed look on her face she got off me and headed back to her own room. As she left my room she reminded me that she was out all afternoon and evening at a girl friends stretched limousine birthday party.

I laid in bed wondering how I was going to spend my afternoon, knowing full well that mum would be in a while to strip bed sheets off as Sunday was bed sheet changing day. Hearing mums footsteps I hastily got out of bed, I had just managed to get my underpants on when mum entered the room, my eyes nearly popped out my head because mum had her long dressing gown on, undone with nothing on underneath except for her bra and tiny panties.

As soon as she realised I had seen what she wanted me to see she buttoned it up. Mum had a nice shapely figure, about 125lbs, 5foot 4 inches tall, 34 inch bust, (I looked inside one of her bras) black hair with very dark blue eyes.

As she went about her work she just asked me what my plans where today, she also reminded me that Tracy was out then just the normal chit chat with no references to last night.

The rest of the morning went as normal with Tracy and I doing the vegetables for dinner, that was in between teasing each other while mum was upstairs making the beds.

As soon as dinner was over, washing up done Tracy flew upstairs to get ready for the party as the stretched limousine was due in 30 minutes.

When Tracy came down she looked real gorgeous and sexy, I felt a little jealous in a way that she wasn't dressed up like that for me.

With Tracy gone mum told me she was going up for a bath, I amused my self for a while, then went upstairs to get a book to read, as I got to the top of the stairs I could see mum standing bathroom naked with her back to me, my cock stirred inside my pants. I just stood there for a few moments remembering last night and how good it felt. Mum moved out of sight as she got into the bath. I went into my room found the book I had hidden called "THE ART OF SEX", laying on the bed I began reading and looking at the pictures of different positions of making love. The contents I was reading made my mind wander and my imagination was working overtime with the thought of fucking Tracy's pussy, suddenly I was brought back to reality by mum calling from her room. Thinking I was in trouble I walked slowly into her room, what I saw surprised me to say the least. Mum was stood up dressed in a black baby doll nightie black see through panties white stockings.

What she said was something like this "I enjoyed last night so much I want us to fuck all day, I will teach you all you need to know about sex"

I just stood there, the thought of fucking mum again was making my cock hard. Mum slowly undressed me, gently pushed me backwards onto the bed and began kissing me, every so often her tongue would dart into mine, she then slowly began working her way down my neck, all over my upper body, paying special attention to my man nipples. Moving on downwards she carried on with the kissing until she got to my cock that was already hard. Opening her mouth she lowered her head down taking the length of my cock in until she began to choke. It was the next bit I liked when she took my cock out of her mouth and sucked my balls, well this really got me going.

My male instinct told me I had to take control of the situation, with my confidence high I wriggled out from under mum, turning her over onto her back I began kissing her letting my tongue search inside her mouth, then moved down her neck kissing every bit of flesh as she had done to me.

"kiss and nibble my ears" she whispered. Whilst doing that I undone the ties on her baby doll nightie, pulling the net lacy material to the side exposing her beautiful tits, her nipples stood out nicely from her aureoles. For the next thirty minutes or so I sucked, licked and played with her tits. Getting off the bed I took hold of her ankles I pulled her down so her legs dangled over the end, Lifting mums bum up slightly I got hold of waist band and in one swift downward movement her panties where off revealing her swollen pussy mound. My cock was throbbing so much as stood looking at her beauty for a few moments that I nearly cum.

Spreading mums legs wide I revealed her pussy lips that where slightly open and glistening with pussy juice. By this time my cock was so hard and swollen it wanted release but I manage to keep it under control as I wanted to savour this day forever. Kneeling down between her open legs I knew what I was to do, I was to explore this wonderful sexy opening in my mums body, so spreading her pussy lips wider with my fingers I could see her dark pink vagina entrance with more sex juices seeping out, just above was that special area mum loved to be rubbed, her clitoris. I gently eased two fingers into her open vagina allowing my thumb the freedom of rubbing her clit, I looked up towards mums tits only to see they where covered by hands as she teased her nipples.

She began making murmuring and moaning sounds of delight as I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit, the faster my fingers went in an out and the harder I rubbed her clit the louder her sounds became, then I done it, I made her cum, her body shook from top to bottom as wave after wave of spasms ripped through her.

When she stopped I look back down at her pussy to see her juices leaking out down over no-man's land towards her dark brown bum hole, as I enjoyed the taste last night I thought I can't waste these, so lifting her legs I began licking her juices from her pussy, my tongue flicked down no-man's land to her bum hole. As soon as my tongue touched her bum mum shook.

"No not that, you will" that was all she managed because the tip of my tongue was already poking her bum hole.

Mum pulled away from me, moving up the bed turned over onto all hands and knees, "kneel up behind me and fuck my pussy as hard as you can at the same time push a finger into my bum" mum said.

I did as she asked, Her pussy was so wet my big cock slid in easy but still stretching her vagina walls as it went in. Making my middle finger wet from her pussy juices I pushed it into her bum hole. and it didn't take mum long before she had the biggest orgasm anyone could imagine, soon as her orgasm died down she collapse flat on the bed pulling cock out of her. She quickly rolled over opening her legs pulling me on top of her, all in one movement she guided my cock back into her vagina. Her orgasms had made her vagina tighter so I had to force my big cock all the way in. With our mouths locked together, our tongues searching each others mouths I pounded her pussy, mums vagina walls where tightening onto my cock which was a sign she was leading up to another orgasm, as it was I could hold back no more, with one final hard thrust which set mums orgasm off again I squirted my cum deep into her.

We laid with our bodies locked together, my cock still hard inside, I slowly started fucking her again, mums hand slid in between us, she started rubbing her clit, after what seemed like five minutes mum kept on having little orgasms, my cock head began to swell.

"fuck me hard from behind, I want to feel your balls slap my clit as fuck my pussy" mum said.

I moved from between her legs, mum knelt up, I moved in behind her she took hold of my cock an rubbed it on her swollen clit before guiding it into her pussy. Looking down at her shapely white ass, her brown bum hole became tempting again. Seeing it was dry I let some spittle dribble from my mouth onto my middle finger, without any warning to her I pushed it into her bum with ease this time, as I fingered her bum hole and my cock fucking her pussy I had a thought.

Pulling my cock from her sopping wet pussy I guided it up to her bum hole, mum began to protest and tried to pull away but I had hold of her firmly at her hips, with a thrust of my hips my cock was in, mums hand went immediately to her clit and pussy. My cock juices made her bum wet and slippery so fucking her became easier.

"Don't stop, don't stop, I am going to cum she screamed.

I felt her orgasm start and that started mine off, I shot my cum into her bum, what thrill it gave me.

"you have just fingered and fucked my virgin hole, my bum is sore but I liked it, she told as my cock started to go limp.

I pulled my cock from her moved so mum could lay down and we got into a nice cuddling position, mum told me I was better in bed than my father, and she asked me how did I know about fucking like that, well I could never answer because I don't know.

The time was 6.30pm and Tracy would home in an hour, so mum suggested a bath together as we was both hot and sweaty. We went into the bathroom and while water was filling the bath mum sat on the toilet to pee, I had seen mum peeing before but this time I was closer, as I watch the pee coming from her I began to get hard again, she was still peeing when I reached out and rubbed her clit, this excited her so much that she had a orgasm almost immediately. When she finished or orgasm and peeing she knelt in front of taking my semi hard cock in her hand and guiding it into her mouth she fucked my cock until I spurted my cum down her throat, which she swallowed.

We had our bath and got dressed just in time as Tracy returned home soon after we got downstairs.

Read my next story for the continuation.

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