Little Debbie's Girl Scout Cookies

by JackassTales

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, First, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The weather might be bitter cold outside, but inside incendiary sparks of hot passion fly as a ‘jailbait’ Girl Scout tries to peddle her cookies to a horny bachelor neighbor. Little Debbie’s innocent charms unintentionally seduce this man. Before she is through with him, sugary cookies are not the only sweet treats which meet his lips.

(Part One) Cookies

Stepping from the shower, I caught a reflection of my nude body in the full-length mirror on the back of my bathroom door. I'd always wished I was taller than my 5 foot 9 inches, but I had no other regrets about the muscular build of my masculine 30-year-old body.

Unconsciously, my eyes lingered for a minute on the stiffened erection between my legs. During my bath, my manhood had been swelling and getting harder. As a confirmed bachelor, I had no serious lady in my life. I enjoyed playing-the-field too much.

The only problem with living without a permanent lady in my life was the fact that I couldn't get a piece of pussy any time I wanted. And, at this moment, I needed a sweet wet vagina in which to dip my pulsating erection. Hell, I guess I was going to have to settle for beating my meat!

Before I had a chance to begin this self-relieving task, I heard the insistent ring of my doorbell. Damnit, somebody was interrupting my plans for a little orgasmic release!

Aggravated, I threw a bathtowel around my waist, tucked it in below my bellybutton, and headed for the front door. If whoever it was ringing the bell minded being met by a half-naked man then tough shit to them! They ought to have better manners than to disturb a man with a throbbing hard-on.

When I jerked open the door, I was met by a blustery blast of cold, late-fall wind. A whirlwind of a girl, a teenager dressed in a Girl Scout uniform, rushed inside and shut the door behind her. The shivering, coatless sprite took a few steps into the room and held her hands out to the heat of my crackling fireplace.

"Oh Mr. Spencer, this feels so good," she said. "I didn't realize the weather would turn so cold so quickly. Why, it was warm this morning! Don't you know me, Sir? I'm Debbie Darling from down the street. I'm out taking orders for Girl Scout cookies. Do you want to get any of my cookies?"

God damn my horny, wicked soul to Hell, but my sex-stimulated mind took what the girl said and turned it into a dirty thought. Yeah, some sweet, warm teenaged cookies would taste mighty good right now!

Before I answered, my eyes made a quick visual inspection of my unexpected visitor. A badge-covered sash ran over one shoulder. A tan and green Girl Scout dress fit the girl like a too-tight glove. It must have been a last-years dress because the young female form was outgrowing it now. Feminine shapes and bulges stretched the fabric in several strategic places. The girl was short, close to a whole foot shorter than me. Slim legs peeked out below a green hem and ran down to dark knee socks. If I was a betting man, I'd bet she didn't weigh over 90 pounds. Her brunette hair was a mop of curly locks which were so short they didn't even touch her shoulders.

Finally, finding my voice, I answered, "Yes Debbie, I know you. I've seen you riding your bike around the neighborhood. I think I bought some cookies from you last year. But little girl, just when in the hell did you start filling out so much? What are you, about 13 or so now?"

"No, I'm not 13!" the girl testily responded. "I'll be 16 in one week! And, for your information, Sir, I'm not a little girl! As to your other question, it seems like my body just up and decided to pop out all over the place this past summer. I don't know why it took so long to do it. I'll be going for my driver's license soon. But Sir, I didn't come to talk about me. I came to sell cookies. Do you want to place an order?"

My mind wandered away in an effort to digest her information. "16 next week" is what she said. Why, 16 is the legal age of consent in this state! My pretty little sexy neighborhood cookie-seller would be jailbait for only one week more!

Hell, I silently thought with my hard-on straining the bathtowel around my waist. A lot of damn good this information would do me. Jailbait or not, that girl child would have no interest or attraction for a man of my advanced age. I'd bet she had a teenage boyfriend. What was it the kids use to say? Oh yeah, it was, "Never trust anyone over 30!"

Shaking my head in an effort to rid it of horny seduction thoughts, I answered the fascinating girl, "Yes little Debbie, I'd like some cookies. Could I get about ten dollars worth? Girl, I'm horn ... hungry as hell and I hate waiting for special treats. Would you have any cookies I could eat right now?"

"Oh yes, Sir," Debbie eagerly said. "I've got some sample boxes in my backpack. I can let you have ten dollars worth of chocolate mint cookies."

While the girl rummaged in her pack, I stepped back into the bathroom and picked up my wallet. I gave a quick thought to slipping on my pants, but immediately discarded it. I had plans for a masturbating party real soon with thoughts of a sexy young Girl Scout occupying my mind.

Back in the living room, I noticed the boxes of cookies laid out on the coffee table. I dug a ten dollar bill from my wallet and handed it to the uniformed cookie salesgirl.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you about the tax," the girl apologetically said. "My Scout Leader told me to always remember the tax. It's sixty cents more. Is that okay?"

Smiling, I answered, "Sure little Debbie, that's fine. But, do you have change for a dollar bill. I don't have any coins in my wallet and I don't have any pockets in my towel."

"I've noticed that," the girl unintentionally blurted out. A crimson red blush immediately colored her face and her hands rushed to cover it. Demurely, she added, "Oh, I didn't mean I was looking at your towel! Of course towels don't have pockets! Tight-fitting towels like yours barely have enough room to cover a man's big... !"

The girl's face color reddened to a deeper shade of bashful blush. Turning away, she nervously dug into her purse and extracted some coins. She turned back and reached her trembling coin-filled hand towards me.

As I reached out to accept the change, Debbie's unsteady fingers opened too soon and dropped the handful of coins onto the hardwood floor. The jingly-jangly coinage bounced and rolled all over the place.

Dropping to the floor, Debbie chased after coins. Her sexy young body made for such a delightful sight to watch that I too dropped down and began gathering the wayward change.

After capturing the last fugitive coin, the two of us stood back up. I soon discovered that my coin-chasing adventures had created a problem. My towel had loosened to the point that when I stood up straight the terrycloth garment had stayed on the floor. My upper body and my legs were now not the only parts of my body displayed in all its exposed erect glory. My thick, muscular cock was standing at naked attention!

"Oh my good god!" Debbie unexpectedly exclaimed. "Mr. Spencer, I now see why your towel was stretched out to the bursting point! Oh my goodness gracious, you had better cover that thing back up!"

I had never blushed in my life and I was determined to not do so now. But, I admitted to myself that I was a little embarrassed to have accidentally exposed my pulsating erection to an unsuspecting child.

Bending over, I snatched up the towel and rearranged it around my waist. "Debbie, girl I'm sorry!" I repentantly proclaimed. "Damn girl, I didn't mean for this to happen and I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you!"

"Well, I'm not exactly embarrassed, I don't think," Debbie said warily. "It just happened so suddenly I was unprepared to see your ... your man-thing. Mr. Spencer, what do you men prefer to call your man-things? I've heard all the slang words, but since I've never talked to a man or boy about it, I'm pretty much uninformed about things like that. I've never even had the sex talk with my mother."

A puzzling look covered my face, but I answered the question, "Girl, I prefer the word cock as name for the dangly appendage between my legs. A cock gets elongated and hard when it's near a sexy lady. My cock is steely-hard right now because I'm so close to you. A girl of your age should know this. Debbie, surely a teenager as seductively sexy as you are, is not a virgin!"

"I most certainly am!" Debbie proudly announced. "I'm not about to let one of those grabby-handed boys get their hands in my panties! Mom says I'm a good girl and I intend to stay good until I fall in love with a special guy or get married."

I forced a smile and then said something I didn't really mean, "Good for you Debbie. You ought to stay virginal and innocent until the right man comes along. Listen girl, why don't you call me by my first name? Friends and Girl Scouts can call me Jason."

"Okay, I will," Debbie eagerly replied. "For some reason, I feel comfortable around you ... Jason. Thanks for buying my cookies. I'd better go before the weather gets any colder."

Debbie turned for the door and took two steps away from my comforting fire. "Wait!" I shouted. "Girl, it's as cold as a witch's tit out there, so let me give you a coat to wear home. I think I have an old high school jacket in the hallway closet."

Debbie followed me into the hallway. I scrounged around searching for the jacket. Reaching up into the far, left corner shelf, I found the coat and pulled it out. Turning back, I handed it to the girl.

Debbie was giggling and pointing at a place below my waist. The stretching and tugging had once more loosened my towel and left it lying at my feet. My erection was again exposed. My rigid manhood was pointing straight as a compass at the girl's smiling face.

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