Family Christmas

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: Colleen is an average young woman with a not so average problem. Her mom and the woman she grew up calling Aunt Patty were noisy lovers. The happy sound never failed to give Colleen a boner! The hermaphrodite lost a lot of sleep but didn’t mind. She loved her parents and wouldn’t hurt them by asking them to be quite. Things change drastically when Colleen is accidentally given the wrong gift on Christmas Eve. Will this family be ruined or brought closer by this simple error?

Growing up with mom and Aunt Patty seems like the most natural thing in the world to me. Aunt Patty isn't really my aunt though. Most people would call her my other mom I guess. They've been partners since before I was born. They told me all about how eighteen years ago they got a friend I've never met to make a very special donation. Aunt Patty was the one who actually squirted the semen into mom. Nine months later, Colleen Briggs was born. Ta Da! I guess since she did the squirting, aunt Patty sort of is my dad! Anyway, I'm their daughter and we all love each other very much. Like I said before, it all feels natural and right to me. Something else feels natural, and it's really starting to be a problem!

I looked at my alarm clock and moaned. "Don't they ever sleep?" I asked softly as the usual sounds drifted up to me through the heat duct. Sounds I didn't understand when I was a little kid were now obviously the sounds of sex. I pulled my pillow over my head but that wasn't any help.

"I saw how you looked at that Girl Scout this afternoon, Patricia dear." My mother laughed as a low buzzing started. "I bet you wanted to gobble more then her cookies!"

"Get real Kelly!" Aunt Patty said in a faked hurt voice. "She was way too young! Besides, I have a thing for redheads!"

I couldn't help running a hand through my own hair. Mom and I are both redheads. Mine was longer though. Mom's is shoulder length and mine is nearly down to my waist. "Redheads with big tits, right?" mom giggled as the buzzing sound changed. Shit! She must have inserted the vibrator into Aunt Patty!

"Oh, oh yes!" Aunt Patty stammered. "I love your tits. I love you!"

From the sounds, the vibrator must be having a happy time going in and out of aunt Patty's pussy. My hand strayed to my breasts. At 38DD I was bigger then mom. Oh God, they could almost be talking about me! "Oh sweetness, use your mouth too! You know how I go crazy when you tongue my ass!"

"Oh shit! Oh crap!" I gasped as those words had a very strong effect on me. My nipples got hard, but that wasn't a problem. The problem was that I got a boner every night now listening to them having sex! I turned on my reading lamp then kicked off my blankets. My nightgown had a big stupid tent in it! I couldn't stop myself. I sat up and pulled the nightgown up over my head and threw it on the floor. My panties were stretched way out of shape. It looked funny, but I wasn't laughing. I wriggled my butt as I worked them off. It felt much better when my penis popped free.

I moaned again as I heard mom make an unmistakable slurp noise. "Oh Kelly, You're wonderful!"

My dumb cock throbbed to its full ten inches. I pulled open the drawer of my nightstand and grabbed the roll of paper towels I keep hidden there. "I must be some kind of pervert!" I whimpered as a tore off a couple sheets and placed them carefully on my tummy. Avoiding messes was my number one concern. I would just die if anyone saw cum stains all over my sheets! "Just this one time more." I lied, as my right hand gently grasped my not so little friend.

"Now it's your turn baby!" Aunt Patty cried out as my mom gasped breathlessly. "No mercy for you!" Their bed started a rhythmic squeaking just as my hand started stroking my cock. "Why does it have to feel so good?" I asked my erection as drops of clear juice formed at my peehole.

"Fuck me!" Mom whimpered as the squeaking seemed to speed up. Oh God! They're using their strap-on! My left hand moved on it's own and my fingers found my wet little pussy. I couldn't stop the images from running through my mind. That could be me! I could be the one! I want to fuck mom too! Hell and damn! I want to fuck Aunt Patty! At thirty-five and thirty-six, they both could pass as my older sisters. I saw that Girl Scout too. She looked too young, but I'd sure do her mother! My hand was flying on my cock. Hell, lets face it, I want to fuck most of the girls at my college!

Moans and squeaks from the heat duct were filling my ears as the pressure was building inside me. "Mommy" I whispered as I pictured her kneeling in front of me. "Open your mouth mommy!" Aunt Patty was in my mind too. She likes moms tongue in her butt. I bet she'd love my cock up there!

"Keep going!" mom moaned. It was as if she was talking to me! Still stroking, my shaking left hand fumbled at my nightstand. I never did this before, but I just had to try now! I licked the round smooth end of my sharpie marker. I stroked like crazy as I lifted my butt. I put the pen against my hineyhole and pushed!

"I'm cumming!" mom cried as my whole body shook.

"Can't hold back!" Aunt Patty answered as my mind nearly exploded! This was different! This was scary! My penis seemed to swell even more. My peehole actually opened a little wider as I reached the point of no return. The pen was hard and stiff, but it felt real good in my butt! "Oh Shit!" I gasped as a thick stream of cum shot out. It missed the towels. It missed my breasts. I gooped my own face! Gob after warm gooey gob of cum spattered all over my face and hair. I couldn't stop! I couldn't help it! I opened my mouth!

I never even thought of it before, but now I was letting my own cum gather in my mouth, and swallowing it! Some part of me must have been thinking about the mess. I threw my legs up, and managed to catch the spurting throbbing head of my cock between my lips. I sucked, and my whole world spun! Shit! Blowjobs are great! This was my first time gobbling my own cock, and it certainly wasn't going to be my last! I sucked and licked until my orgasm finally slowed to a stop.

I managed to swallow most of my stuff, but I usually cum a whole bunch. "This was a record breaker.' I whispered as I touched my sloppy hair. I didn't dare got to the bathroom to clean up. Mom and Aunt Patty would know I was awake. What if they guessed what I was doing? I slowly pulled out the pen, and sniffed it. 'Eww! That's nasty!" I threw it in the trash and smiled. Luckily I bought the four pack! I wiped up as best as I could with paper towels before finally being able to fall asleep.

When I woke up, I instantly thought of three things. It's Christmas Eve day! I couldn't wait to give mom and aunt Patty their gifts. (Getting gifts from them was even more exciting!) Crap! I got a morning hard-on again! Can't I wake up just once without a big ol' boner? I sat up and nearly gagged. My hair was all gunked up. Some of it was even glued to my pillow! "This is sick!" Thank goodness I have my own shower! Most of my, uh, explosion was on the pillow. I flipped it over in case anyone looked in, and ran for the bathroom.

"This is all your fault!" I grumbled at my erection. She didn't seem to care. Yes, she. It's my cock, and I think of her as a girl. People might think that's weird. So what? "Hey stupid! Go down already! I gotta piss!" Everyone knows that most guys have trouble going pee when they have a boner going. Let me tell you. Hermaphrodites are no different! "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" I sang as I tried to will my dick limp. That never works. It just stayed pointing up and out, looking like it was proud or something. I don't know about you, but if I try to point my boner down, nothing wants tocome out! Embarrassing as it sounds, I ended up peeing in the shower. It was either that or standing on my head in front of the toilet!

Damn, still hard! "Oh okay." I whispered. "But I'm not gonna suck you now. I'll do that tonight. This has to be a quickie!" My hand wrapped around my cock like it does every morning. I thought about mom and Aunt Patty as my hand slid up and down my rock hard penis. They were both so beautiful and sexy! I felt guilty but just couldn't help it. Mom with her anime figure, and Aunt Patty with her athletic toned supermodel body would get anyone hard. If they had a dick I mean. My hand went faster as I tried to think of a safer fuck fantasy. My best friend Linda sure looked hot the other day in the mall. When she showed me her pierced belly button I got a boner so bad I had to jerk off in the ladies room in Macys! Damn, That's not any better. I'd give my right big toe to fuck Linda, but I didn't dare even hint I was different or she might hate me for life!

I was right at the edge when the unthinkable happened. "Honey, we're out of toilet paper. Patty's stranded on the potty!" Oh god! Mom walked in! I didn't lock the door! She looked right at me through the shower door and froze. "Oh my!" Was her only comment as her eyes dropped to what my hand was doing to my throbbing penis.

"Don't look!" I gasped as my body shook. I couldn't turn away! Why the heck didn't I stay facing the tiles after I peed on the shower wall? My hand wouldn't stop. I tried, but I was already there! A thick rope of cum shot out! It spattered on the glass right where mom's pussy was under her robe! It wouldn't stop! I moaned as my stupid hand pumped more and more gooey gobs of semen all over the glass. If the door were open, mom would've been soaked!

"B-Breakfast is in a half hour, sweetie. M-Make that an hour." Mom stammered a she grabbed big handfuls of toilet paper from the roll. "T-Take your time. Uh, m-merry Christmas!" With those happy holiday words, she ran out of the room!

"Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh crappy damn!" I muttered as my stupid cock finally finished its business. This has got to be the most embarrassing day of my life! Part of me wanted to follow my spunk down the drain! The rest of me wished the shower door really had been open! "They're gonna kill me!" I whispered as I finished washing my hair. "I bet they make me get my own apartment now!"

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