by AJ Martin

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Life is full of confessions. How was your first time. How did you treat a girl when it was her first time. Confessions and feelings is what it is all about.

Now if you think this is going to be a stoke story, forget it. Actually, that's not the way I write nor do most stroke stories turn me on. So, I usually avoid them and really don't have any interest in writing them.

Like lots of guys, I like sexual stories. They satisfy the prurient interest that is part of most guys' psyche. Mine too.

A lot of stories include coming of age scenarios, you know, little ones losing their Virginity! Well, not real little ones, you know, not pre-pubescent girls but those that have passed through puberty. Right? Those that are ready for the harvest. You got it, 13 year old nymphets.

Like as I said, most guys like to think about what it was like or could have been like. Of course, inserting themselves into the action and doing the cherry busting.

As for me, as far as I can figure it, I have only had sex with one virgin. There was no hesitation on her part either with penetration or was there ever the feeling I was busting her wide open. I just took my time, she hers and at the appropriate time, no blockage. It just slid in.

She had told me she had done some horseback riding, so I assumed that's why her hymen was not there. I never asked. Just assumed that caused that thin covering not to be there. A hairbrush handle, fingers or just about anything else could have taken care of it too. She did tell me she used tampons. Like I said, I never asked.

I wonder why that damned thing is there anyway. It is just a pain in the ass, or rather vagina. What is it supposed to do? What purpose does it serve? It could be anybodies guess.

Thinking back those many years, right, she was 13 going on 14. Like all girls that age, she was cute as a button. Well, anyway, that's the way I remember her. Soft rounded face along with a gentle slope of a nose, ending roundly. No sharp features, just very soft curves.

Now, I know there are all of the Age Of Consent laws out there which were written to protect "Little Girls" from letches but what about laws protecting us from the "Little Girl" that wants to get the first notch on her bedpost?

"No," just doesn't work. Not when her hand is on your dick! With her pointing it at her love nest.

Who protects guys from that?

I don't care what the Psychologists say or even anthropologists or anyone. SEX is 'the' prime driving force. They want sex those no longer pre-pubescent ones. They want sex and who protects us from that?

So when you are there naked ... yeah I know. Why would "I" allow that to happen. Well, when she has her dainty little hand on your HUGE ROD, it is only going one place and no matter how many times you rattle "NO!" through your brain.

That TOOL will not wind up anywhere but inside her warm, moist, TIGHT, pussy!

It ain't going to happen any other way. No way. No how!

So there I am, with that not too much older than this 13 year old nymphet and in I slide. Of course, I am her first AND because of the acne that girls that age don't want, she was on the pill.

Well, I too like ride horses, well, at least BAREBACK, so in I went with all of the accompanying feeling that entails. For those ready to wag a finger at ME, and say, what about protecting HER, I say, I was tested and vermin free. Bareback it was!

I can still feel the head of my dick sliding into her and her reaction when I entered her. Yeah, I guess it is a normal reaction because I remember her clamping around me. Almost like, "You're IN and you are not getting AWAY until the job is finished!"

I had done all of the PROPER things like giving her head to get those vaginal juices flowing and turn most of her red from her puffy labia to the rest of her crotch. Her face was bright red too, along with her chest.

So, when she grabbed my cock and pulled, what was I going to do. Say "NO!" Not on my life or yours. "Dick" had a mind of its own and all the way to the bottom.

At that point in any guy's life, that word is gone from their vocabulary. Well, at that point in life, the "NO!" word connects with the synapses that surround the "YES!" word and it is automatically converted to that.

You know what I'm talking about here. It connects with the "YES!" word in our brains. There is no way we can stop at that point.

Imagining telling a Judge that.

"Your Honor. I just couldn't help myself. I tried to stop but she wouldn't let me Well, my brain and her hand wouldn't set us stop."

Because of the allure of 13 year old post-pubescent girls ... no, they are women, which the Judge understands because he probably had done the same thing, guys just can't haul themselves in and STOP!

Those 13 year old girls ... no, they are not girls anymore ... they are women, plain and simple. They are the garden and they want you to plant your seed there so another human can grow.

Plain and simple. 13 year old females are driven by instinct and they want that dick throbbing inside of them.

Now, of course, their mothers don't want them pregnant. Interesting contradiction. They were those 13 year old nymphets once and they will do anything to make sure some guy will not start their daughter's garden growing.

That, I have never understood among other things. At all costs, daughters must remain pure.

Now wait a second. At one time, sex makes you impure and another it is pure. Sheesh, how to confuse a girl. "Save it for Marriage!" At all costs.

I remember a 16 year old that had been brainwashed like that. My guess is that from birth she had been given twice daily doses of, "Don't!" What a waste.

I only dated her twice and that was three times too much. We couldn't kiss on the first date and the second, we did get to recline on the couch together and that's when I learned that NOTHING was ever going to happen.

Let's see. She had on a zillion layers of clothing starting with a pair of "Grandma" panties and topped off with a "Grandma" Girdle that covered her from almost to her knees to over her belly button. Now she didn't need one of those and I can hear her getting dressed, "I need to protect myself from the impure!"

How did I know what she was wearing. Any guy knows that. Hands tell the story. A guy knows in ten seconds what a girl is wearing or is not wearing. One quick accidental slide and he knows. I knew.

She even told me that her mother had told her what to wear so "NOTHING" would happen.

Up top, the same. Padded bra so there could be no feeling, then a t-shirt covered with a blouse and topped off with a sweater, turtle necked to boot.

She was locked up like "Fort Knox." I wonder if she did ever get "Knoxed Up?"

Of course, the contradiction here is that while we were lying on the couch, I was on her right side and her arm was down between us. You guess it, my hard dick was pressing against the back of her hand and she was twisting it, trying to find out just what that thing was in my pants.

Now, it was just about that time that I placed my hand on her chest and she said, "I don't think I want you to touch me. It's not right."

I said right back at her, "Then why are you pressing your hand into me feeling my dick?"

I had caught her in the contradiction. She just stopped and got up. I took her home and like I said, that was three dates too many.

But back to my 13 year old encounter with that so cute nymphet or should I have alluded the "Spider Trapping The Fly" (definitely pun intended here). Although at that time, she had long undone my fly.

So, it was a great experience for her and me. There is nothing like being with a recently deflowered post-pubescent young thing. Tight, moist, anxious to try the world of sex.

I'd like to say that I had many encounters with that young woman but, all things must pass and she found a guy that was a little more accessible and probably "HUGE" so I drifted off into the land of, "The First" and most likely to be forgotten.

My point here is that, as I said in the beginning, 13 years old is not too young for sex. It is perfect for sex and they, most of the time, have instinctive desires to plant that garden. Guys know that. Anthropologists know that.

Those were the girls/women who ten thousand years ago were producing babies and urging along our species. If they had mother's back then like they seem to be today, our species would not be here at all. We would have died off on one generation.

I'm not advocating in this day and age to do that; get all thirteen year olds pregnant. I'm saying just let them have sex without all of the baggage that is thrown at them. Get them on some sort of birth control and turn them loose.

And of course, if they have sex, most often it will be their idea. Don't always go blaming it on a perve.

Remember, if sex is built into a girl's psyche, there must be guys out there that want in. Makes sense to me anyway.

So, that's my understanding and opinion of why stories of sex with not so "Little Girls" is so interesting.

My first time was not at that age. I guess I was isolated from reality. Yeah, there was a 13 year old in my eighth grade that had to leave school because of her indiscretion.

She "GOT" pregnant and was talked about all over school.

No, she had SEX and BECAME pregnant. It happens. Leave your daughter without protection and she will get pregnant.

She was not raped. She had a boyfriend and they had sex. It happened the "Old Fashioned Way." Life and sex happen!

But growing up I had a Mother who droned into me the same way that girl's mothers drone into them, "At All Costs, DON'T."

So, my first was when I was a little older and a little more shall we say, independent. Like the 13 year old virgin, she was a redhead. I guess I just like redheads. Yeah, I'm sure you are thinking, were they "Natural Redheads?" Question answered; "Yes" they were.

So anyway, let's say, my first was called, Um ... Kathy. Kathy M. and let's leave it at that, shall we. Oh a very sweet girl that I remember very fondly. I still have the image in my mind when I saw her for the first time.

It was my first day at work and she was a secretary. I was a mail clerk. I turned a corner and started down a short hallway. There she was in front of me.

Now this was a casual office and she had on tight dungarees. You know the kind that girls wear that tell you she shape of their butt. Crease so deep with the seam that runs between their legs. Butt cheeks that are inviting you to look and drool.

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