The Deal

by dustbuster23

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: I knew it might be the only chance I got and it was a deal I knew I couldn't turn down.

I watched from the living room window as my mothers car pulled out of the driveway, she was heading to my aunt's house for the weekend to lend a hand after her fall. I had been lucky enough not to have been commanded to go along, that would have ruined every thing. Once she had pulled out and was out of sight I dropped the blind and hurried back to my bedroom, I sat down at my computer desk and turned on my computer. It had been in the planning stages for weeks now and I had scrimped and saved every penny I could put together till I had the two hundred bucks. Now it was time to put every thing into action as I sent a text message to Fernando on his cell phone. It was a short minute later that a reply came back up on my screen" Understood, be there in an hour."

That simple statement sent a shiver through my spine, finally at fourteen I was going to loose my virginity and not just in some normal drunken spree or in the back seat of some car. I was loosing my virginity to Fernando's adopted sister Samantha. A beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed girl of seven years old, fully half my age. It wasn't that I simply lusted after little girls, that had come around later, it was the group that I fit in with the easiest because of my condition. At eight I had been diagnosed with Pan's Syndrome, I would be forever young and at best appear as I did now at about ten years old. My mental capacity continued to grow and for some reason it didn't affect certain areas of my development, I had gone through puberty like others my age, but I didn't get the hair, of expansion of organs, I just got to have orgasm's with what I already had.

I had an hour so with a sniff to my underarms I decided a shower was needed, I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower then peeled off my shirt and slipped my jeans and boxers down to my ankles. I stood four foot three inches tall and weighed in at a massive seventy one pounds. I was muscular and fit but not with bulging biceps or any thing of that nature. My constant arousal was just as much a product of being fourteen as it was the coming revelation that I was going to have sex soon enough.

This wasn't going to be just a quick fuck and see you later though, Samantha was spending the entire weekend till Sunday evening before heading home once again, unless something went horribly wrong and mom came home early. No matter what this was costing me two hundred bucks and that wasn't easy to come by at my stature and my mothers financial abilities. I was told by Fernando that while Samantha was a virgin that she had been informed of what was expected of her, first to simply do as I asked and the basic mechanics of every thing involved. They were a poor family and his mother was a crack head from what I could gather, he seemed like a nice enough guy but still he was willing to sell Samantha to me as well.

Though I usually jerked off three to four times a day I held off in the shower, simply washing up good to get the stink off for my house guest. I had every thing planned out in my mind as to how the weekend was going to go. Finally done with my shower I stepped out and dried off then changed into clean clothes once again. I had killed a whopping ten minutes of time and frustrated I went out on to the back patio and sat in the cool breeze to keep from sweating through my shirt once again.

I had met Fernando and Samantha when they had ventured over to the larger park by my house, I guess the projects didn't have any thing good to play on. While Samantha was playing Fernando was dealing pot to some of the kids, just another way to make some money. Around here every one knew me and finding me playing on the playground would have seemed creepy to some of the mothers. So I was out taking a walk through the woods when I met up with Fernando. I bought a five dollar joint and once we had found a secluded spot sat against a tree and shared it. He was skeptical at first about my age till I showed him my drivers permit, we had a lot in common, enjoyed school and wanted better things in life for ourselves. That led to talking and I spoke about my lack of experience with girls, he understood why and asked why I didn't just convince some nine or ten year old to do it with me. I shrugged" I get to nervous and I know all the girls around here and their parents all know me." he nodded his understanding and we finished the joint before heading out into the park. Stopping by the playground he called to Samantha and I was floored at how pretty she was. Seeing the look on my face he laughed and elbowed me " Don't get your hopes up." I shrugged and walked out of the park with them unable to take my eyes on Sam.

Nothing was said though we saw one another several more times, winter passed and with spring they showed up at the park again, Samantha was seven now and gave me a shy smile when we met up at the entrance. I saw Fernando notice this and after dropping Samantha off at the playground with some school friends we went for a joint in the woods. That was where he laid it out for me, though his original deal was fifty bucks and a few hours. The negotiations were pretty painless, I wanted more time meaning he wanted more money, we settled on a price and he said he would talk to Samantha about it that night and talk to me soon. I spent a week nearly dying to hear from him and finally six weeks ago he came back and we shook hands on the deal. I had to get the two hundred bucks and then when the time was right he would bring Sam over for the weekend.

Time moved slowly as I sat thinking about what was coming my way, before I knew what was happening I heard a knock on the front door and nearly leapt out of my chair in both fright and anticipation. I let Fernando and Samantha in and closed the door behind them, giving Samantha a shy smile in the process. I got Sam something to drink and Fernando followed taking the cash from me before we went back out to the living room. He whispered something to Samantha and she nodded flashing a look my way with a little blush before he slapped my shoulder and told me he would be back Sunday evening unless I called sooner. Once the door shut behind him every thought went out of my head, every plan and idea gone out the window as I looked into the living room where Samantha was sipping on the bottle of water that I had gotten for her.

She was wearing a summer dress with small pale flowers covering the material, her feet covered with sandals that had obviously seen better days. Her hair was shining like gold and her eyes were blue like I was looking into our pool. My mouth suddenly dry I got my own bottle of water and joined her on the living room couch trying to think of something I could say or do. Finally some of my mothers manners popped into my head" Want me to show you the house?" she smiled and nodded capping her water before standing up with me." We can put your bag in my room ok?" she nodded and picked it up before following me up the stairs to the second floor.

I pointed out mom's room and showed her the sewing room before showing her around my bedroom, she smiled nodding and looked around at the various electronics, I knew they only had an old TV witch was ancient compared to my huge LCD that was for my computer and Tivo. I gently took her bag from her fingers and tossed it up on to the bed sitting on the platform. I had only seen their house for a moment when I needed to take a leak and I knew that my bedroom was as big as half of their apartment, I showed her the bathroom and quickly picked up my clothes from the floor throwing them in the hamper before leading her back downstairs and showing her the library, formal dining room and kitchen. I led her out on to the back patio showing her the pool and hot tub as well as the secluded yard" You want to go swimming?" she chewed on her bottom lip" I didn't bring my swim suit." I nodded and paused for a moment" We could go in the hot tub later tonight, you don't need to wear anything in there." her ears turned a light shade of pink and she nodded slowly still chewing on her bottom lip as we went back into the house.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was getting close to lunch time, asking what she wanted for lunch I went through what we had available, we settled on pizza rolls and soon a bag was cooking slowly in the oven, we decided that we would eat up in my room and Sam followed me up to decide what movie we wanted to watch. My BluRay collection had been growing from birthday and Christmas presents and I had about fifty movies now, most of witch she had either never heard of or seen.

I was shocked that she had never seen Star Wars and told her it was the perfect movie to watch on a first day. She smiled another small blush coming to her ears but nodded happy with my selection. Since I had seen the movie about a billion times I could leave to get the food with out stopping it. As she climbed up and got comfortable on the bed facing the big screen I turned on the surround sound and switched the TV over to the player before sliding the disc in carefully. I winced when she jumped at the volume of the sound and turned it down slightly before joining her on the bed. She was laying on her stomach and as I climbed up I could see the long slope of skin leading up her legs and under her knee length skirt. Once again my dick throbbed as I lay down beside her so our shoulders were touching as we rested on our elbows and watched the opening scroll of the movie.

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