The Deal

by dustbuster23

Copyright© 2009 by dustbuster23

Sex Story: I knew it might be the only chance I got and it was a deal I knew I couldn't turn down.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   .

I watched from the living room window as my mothers car pulled out of the driveway, she was heading to my aunt's house for the weekend to lend a hand after her fall. I had been lucky enough not to have been commanded to go along, that would have ruined every thing. Once she had pulled out and was out of sight I dropped the blind and hurried back to my bedroom, I sat down at my computer desk and turned on my computer. It had been in the planning stages for weeks now and I had scrimped and saved every penny I could put together till I had the two hundred bucks. Now it was time to put every thing into action as I sent a text message to Fernando on his cell phone. It was a short minute later that a reply came back up on my screen" Understood, be there in an hour."

That simple statement sent a shiver through my spine, finally at fourteen I was going to loose my virginity and not just in some normal drunken spree or in the back seat of some car. I was loosing my virginity to Fernando's adopted sister Samantha. A beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed girl of seven years old, fully half my age. It wasn't that I simply lusted after little girls, that had come around later, it was the group that I fit in with the easiest because of my condition. At eight I had been diagnosed with Pan's Syndrome, I would be forever young and at best appear as I did now at about ten years old. My mental capacity continued to grow and for some reason it didn't affect certain areas of my development, I had gone through puberty like others my age, but I didn't get the hair, of expansion of organs, I just got to have orgasm's with what I already had.

I had an hour so with a sniff to my underarms I decided a shower was needed, I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower then peeled off my shirt and slipped my jeans and boxers down to my ankles. I stood four foot three inches tall and weighed in at a massive seventy one pounds. I was muscular and fit but not with bulging biceps or any thing of that nature. My constant arousal was just as much a product of being fourteen as it was the coming revelation that I was going to have sex soon enough.

This wasn't going to be just a quick fuck and see you later though, Samantha was spending the entire weekend till Sunday evening before heading home once again, unless something went horribly wrong and mom came home early. No matter what this was costing me two hundred bucks and that wasn't easy to come by at my stature and my mothers financial abilities. I was told by Fernando that while Samantha was a virgin that she had been informed of what was expected of her, first to simply do as I asked and the basic mechanics of every thing involved. They were a poor family and his mother was a crack head from what I could gather, he seemed like a nice enough guy but still he was willing to sell Samantha to me as well.

Though I usually jerked off three to four times a day I held off in the shower, simply washing up good to get the stink off for my house guest. I had every thing planned out in my mind as to how the weekend was going to go. Finally done with my shower I stepped out and dried off then changed into clean clothes once again. I had killed a whopping ten minutes of time and frustrated I went out on to the back patio and sat in the cool breeze to keep from sweating through my shirt once again.

I had met Fernando and Samantha when they had ventured over to the larger park by my house, I guess the projects didn't have any thing good to play on. While Samantha was playing Fernando was dealing pot to some of the kids, just another way to make some money. Around here every one knew me and finding me playing on the playground would have seemed creepy to some of the mothers. So I was out taking a walk through the woods when I met up with Fernando. I bought a five dollar joint and once we had found a secluded spot sat against a tree and shared it. He was skeptical at first about my age till I showed him my drivers permit, we had a lot in common, enjoyed school and wanted better things in life for ourselves. That led to talking and I spoke about my lack of experience with girls, he understood why and asked why I didn't just convince some nine or ten year old to do it with me. I shrugged" I get to nervous and I know all the girls around here and their parents all know me." he nodded his understanding and we finished the joint before heading out into the park. Stopping by the playground he called to Samantha and I was floored at how pretty she was. Seeing the look on my face he laughed and elbowed me " Don't get your hopes up." I shrugged and walked out of the park with them unable to take my eyes on Sam.

Nothing was said though we saw one another several more times, winter passed and with spring they showed up at the park again, Samantha was seven now and gave me a shy smile when we met up at the entrance. I saw Fernando notice this and after dropping Samantha off at the playground with some school friends we went for a joint in the woods. That was where he laid it out for me, though his original deal was fifty bucks and a few hours. The negotiations were pretty painless, I wanted more time meaning he wanted more money, we settled on a price and he said he would talk to Samantha about it that night and talk to me soon. I spent a week nearly dying to hear from him and finally six weeks ago he came back and we shook hands on the deal. I had to get the two hundred bucks and then when the time was right he would bring Sam over for the weekend.

Time moved slowly as I sat thinking about what was coming my way, before I knew what was happening I heard a knock on the front door and nearly leapt out of my chair in both fright and anticipation. I let Fernando and Samantha in and closed the door behind them, giving Samantha a shy smile in the process. I got Sam something to drink and Fernando followed taking the cash from me before we went back out to the living room. He whispered something to Samantha and she nodded flashing a look my way with a little blush before he slapped my shoulder and told me he would be back Sunday evening unless I called sooner. Once the door shut behind him every thought went out of my head, every plan and idea gone out the window as I looked into the living room where Samantha was sipping on the bottle of water that I had gotten for her.

She was wearing a summer dress with small pale flowers covering the material, her feet covered with sandals that had obviously seen better days. Her hair was shining like gold and her eyes were blue like I was looking into our pool. My mouth suddenly dry I got my own bottle of water and joined her on the living room couch trying to think of something I could say or do. Finally some of my mothers manners popped into my head" Want me to show you the house?" she smiled and nodded capping her water before standing up with me." We can put your bag in my room ok?" she nodded and picked it up before following me up the stairs to the second floor.

I pointed out mom's room and showed her the sewing room before showing her around my bedroom, she smiled nodding and looked around at the various electronics, I knew they only had an old TV witch was ancient compared to my huge LCD that was for my computer and Tivo. I gently took her bag from her fingers and tossed it up on to the bed sitting on the platform. I had only seen their house for a moment when I needed to take a leak and I knew that my bedroom was as big as half of their apartment, I showed her the bathroom and quickly picked up my clothes from the floor throwing them in the hamper before leading her back downstairs and showing her the library, formal dining room and kitchen. I led her out on to the back patio showing her the pool and hot tub as well as the secluded yard" You want to go swimming?" she chewed on her bottom lip" I didn't bring my swim suit." I nodded and paused for a moment" We could go in the hot tub later tonight, you don't need to wear anything in there." her ears turned a light shade of pink and she nodded slowly still chewing on her bottom lip as we went back into the house.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was getting close to lunch time, asking what she wanted for lunch I went through what we had available, we settled on pizza rolls and soon a bag was cooking slowly in the oven, we decided that we would eat up in my room and Sam followed me up to decide what movie we wanted to watch. My BluRay collection had been growing from birthday and Christmas presents and I had about fifty movies now, most of witch she had either never heard of or seen.

I was shocked that she had never seen Star Wars and told her it was the perfect movie to watch on a first day. She smiled another small blush coming to her ears but nodded happy with my selection. Since I had seen the movie about a billion times I could leave to get the food with out stopping it. As she climbed up and got comfortable on the bed facing the big screen I turned on the surround sound and switched the TV over to the player before sliding the disc in carefully. I winced when she jumped at the volume of the sound and turned it down slightly before joining her on the bed. She was laying on her stomach and as I climbed up I could see the long slope of skin leading up her legs and under her knee length skirt. Once again my dick throbbed as I lay down beside her so our shoulders were touching as we rested on our elbows and watched the opening scroll of the movie.

I nearly forgot the pizza rolls and swore making her giggle as I ran out of the room and down to the kitchen. Luckily they weren't burned but they were seriously hot. With tongs I loaded them on to plates and took them up, setting them to the side to cool and telling her why making her giggle again. She was into the movie and never let her eyes come off the big screen on my wall as we finally began eating, she was delicate and careful as she took small bites of the rolls making sure not to drip any sauce on the bed. Several times we caught one another by eye and smiled both or one of us blushing slightly.

I removed the plates to the kitchen and returned with new bottles of water, this time though I moved back to my pile of pillows and called her back" Snuggle up with me" she smiled and slid in beside me letting my arm wrap around her shoulders as she lay with her head laying lightly on my shoulder. This gave me open space to slowly stroke my hand up and down her back, feeling the warmth of her skin through the thin cotton dress. Occasionally she would look up to me and smile or when I hit a spot on her lower back just right she would sigh softly.

I wanted to go for a bit more but once again my stature defeated me, my arms weren't long enough to reach down to her pert butt and I had to settle with just stroking her back and side. We were about half way through the movie when she decided to get a bit more comfortable, laying down on the bed and leaning back against my chest once she moved between my legs. With her head on my sternum I could reach her shoulders and I gently massaged them as I trailed my fingers down her arms lightly. I was working up all the courage I had and finally I let my hand slid down along the neck line of her dress and trace a line under the fabric with my fingers. I had wondered if she would hesitate or object but in fact it was quite the opposite. She reached up with her fingers and undid the three buttons that went down the front of her dress, opening the neck line to my caresses as well as the small mounds of her newly developing breast buds.

I was sure there was no way she couldn't feel the raging hard on that was in my jeans, I was rock hard like a five inch steel pipe, my dick throbbing with my heart beat and clenching with desire. I didn't just grab her boobs though every fiber of my being wanted to, slowly I expanded my circle of touching, never going more than an inch further than before and always going back to the starting point after pushing the boundaries. So it took a few minutes before I was reaching the slight swelling of her chest and a few minutes more before my finger tips were traveling across the small hillock and encountering a stiff nipple perched on its peak.

As my finger tips rolled over the rough bump of her nipple there was an obvious reaction, Samantha gave a shiver that ran the full length of her body and at the same time her eyes closed and her head lolled to the side. At least I knew she was enjoying this, not wanting to rush this first step I didn't start mauling her boobs, just grazing my finger tips over the stiff nipples, going from one breast to the other so neither would get too lonely. It wasn't till nearly a full ten minutes later that I stopped over one and using my thumb and fore finger gave it a little pinch. Her bare toes clenched as she shivered again from top to bottom and as before I continued over and did the same to her other nipple getting a similar reaction.

The movie was coming to a close though so I gently continued my actions till the credits began popping up then gently eased away from her open neckline, witch was now giving me a perfect view of one puffy mound and swollen nipple. I gave Samantha soft kiss on the head and demurely she buttoned her top back up once again before saying she needed to use the bathroom. As she vanished into my bathroom closing the door behind her I reached into my jeans and gave my cock a little air till I heard the toilet flush signaling her coming return. I knew there was no way I could pee at the moment and asked if she wanted to watch another movie or maybe play around on the internet with me. The second idea got her attention and with a slight smile once I was seated in my chair she slipped into my lap leaning back gently against my chest so I could look over her shoulder.

The first hour of our time at the computer was spent checking out things like My Space, You Tube and other funny clips. I showed her an over head photo of her house and mine from space and several other landmarks she might never see in her life time. None of it was all that salacious or adult so I was some what shocked when she turned around and looked in my eyes" I want to see a sex movie, Fernando said there all over the internet." shocked but pleased I nodded, we didn't need the internet for that I had probably a hundred hours of porn on my computer hidden away in invisible folders.

Over the last six weeks I had actually amassed quite a collection of highly forbidden videos as well, ones closer to our age. I knew all of them by heart and quickly decided that one titled " Whitney" would be perfect. It started with a girl of about ten named Whitney undressing before her camera, then playing with her boobs and pussy before her boyfriend came in, she sucked his small but rock hard cock before they moved to her bed, and while the view wasn't all that great from there on out they had sex for the first time. I found the Whitney video down near the bottom of the folder and double clicked it then gave Samantha a nudge" lets watch on my bed" she nodded and got up and I followed turning the volume up some so we could hear better. Before I joined Samantha on the bed I loaded another into the list again from Whitney of a much better view of her getting fucked for the second time.

Samantha was sitting on the bed close to the end and obviously waiting for something, finally as I came over I understood and laying back on the mound of pillows she wiggled between my legs once again and leaned back on my chest. I knew I was doing good when once comfortable the first thing she did was unbutton the buttons again on the top of her blouse. Whitney was jabbering on about this and that giving me a good amount of time to ease back into playing with Sam's puffy tits and stiff nipples, this time I had both hands down the top of her blouse each occupying its own breast as Whitney began getting undressed in front of the camera. As she got undressed the boyfriend zoomed in on her body depending on what was being revealed and finally when she was completely nude she climbed on to her bed with him following.

Samantha was fighting to keep her eyes open as I teased around her nipples occasionally giving them little tweaks and pinches as Whitney laid back and spread her self open showing off her pink interior to her boyfriend and his camera, he zoomed in and I felt Samantha flush with heat for a moment at the very intimate display of her charms. She relaxed after a moment getting her own thrills as I gave both nipples a tweak and soon she was watching Whitney begin to finger her clit as her boyfriend talked dirty to her.

Knowing how long the videos were I could pace my self, even this scene lasted a good ten minutes and by the time Whitney had gotten off twice rather noisily I could see Samantha's hips flexing some below, she was certainly getting into it and I continued my mostly gentle assault on her nipples and swollen breasts. By the time Whitney's boyfriend was stripping Samantha was openly panting and gave a little moan seeing his stiff cock for the first time, she started to look up towards me but chickened out half way and turned her head back to the screen once more. Another shudder and a moan as Whitney took her boyfriend into her mouth for the camera, though it was obvious it wasn't her first time doing this.

The next scene wasn't all that interesting to me, I had seen it before and it was mostly a side view but Samantha was rooted to the action. Her breathing was shallow now and her hips were moving even more than before, with nothing for her hands to do she grabbed my lower calves and began to squeeze them rhythmically, probably not even knowing that she was doing it. With Whitney's gasp as her boyfriends cock slid into her for the first time Samantha tensed and though I wasn't sure I wondered if she hadn't just had a spontaneous orgasm, from what I read that was possibly but they were talking about older women not girls that were only seven years old, as her breath hissed out of her the grip on my legs relaxed as her breathing returned to normal. Being ten years old the sex didn't last very long and soon Whitney's boyfriend was grunting and humping hard into Whitney as he unloaded his balls at the back of her pussy.

I hadn't told Samantha what the next video was and she tightened up as the video came on the screen, it was a very close up view of Whitney's bald and glistening pussy, you could hear her though it was muffled as the camera looked up from under her, she was leaning on her bed ass pushed out and legs spread as wide as the camera sat on a chair along with a light to catch all the action. A moment later you saw a stiff ten year old dick come into the frame and that was when Samantha understood what she was going to see, stiffening up once more and gripping my calves tightly in her hands as I gave her nipples a tweak. We watched in silence as the boys cock advanced and finally parted the sticky lips of Whitney's pussy from behind, slowly sinking into her till all you saw was the hood of her clit and his peach fuzz covered ball sack.

As before this wasn't a marathon, and Whitney's boyfriend wasn't gentle about it either, his cock plowing into her with speed as he fought more for his own pleasure than hers. With each thrust her pussy glistened more in the light even showing the visible drops of girl cum that were nearly dripping on the camera. With his balls swinging and slapping her clit she grunted then he drew back looking like his cock was dipped in oil and plowed back into her once more making her grunt with the power behind it. With a bellow he came a minute later and you could see his balls throbbing and the underside of his cock pulsing as his load spat into Whitney's pussy, finally he drew back and told her to stay there, the camera moved showing a view from the back as Whitney giggled and an obscene glob of cum began to leak out of her dilated opening to run down over her pussy before dropping to the chair in a plop.

Samantha's eyes were hooded as I finally moved out from behind her, letting her lean back against the pillows, I slid in beside her and looking down gave her a soft kiss on the lips before placing a kiss on the cheek and then her ear making her shudder again. As I kissed softly down her neck I used my fingers to spread the material of her dress open some on top giving me access and a clear view of her distended nipple sitting on its snow white cap like a crinkled pink raisin. As I kissed closer Samantha just closed her eyes waiting for the final contact between my lips and her breast. As I reached the slope of her chest I began kissing to the side giving little flicks of my tongue through my lips to touch her skin and give her a whole new thrill. Slowly I made my way round her left breast then crossed over to her right and did the same thing.

Her breathing was labored as she kept waiting for that kiss to come, finally circling back over to her left breast I opened my lips and descended then sucked her stiff nipple into my mouth gently before rolling it around with my tongue. Her grunt was soft but her stomach sucked in as she shuddered, her hands coming up to my head and holding me in place as if I was going to suddenly leave. I sucked softly and rolled the pink bud around with my tongue some more before gently biting the base of the nipple with my teeth, that sent another spike of pleasure through her as I released it with a slight snap as I lifted my head. I descended on the other nipple and gave it the same treatment before going back to kissing around her breasts once more.

As I did that I was far from done, seeing that she was already lost in the pleasure I decided that I was going to add some more, if she would accept my advances with out having to insist was a whole different story, the last thing I wanted to do was remind her that I had paid for her. I let my fingers wander over her stomach feeling the heat and trembling through the thin cotton and slowly worked my way lower in wide sweeping strokes. If she was aware of it even was beyond me as I continued to lavish attention with my lips, tongue and teeth to her nipples.

My hand continued working lower just sweeping over her pubic mound lightly as I moved to travel down her left thigh, she didn't object and her eyes were still loosely closed as her head tossed from side to side still holding my head in her hands gently. I felt the slight flinch of her thigh as my finger found the edge of the fabric of her dress, she knew where I was going so I took it slow keeping firm but light contact with her skin as I traveled back up along her inner thigh, dragging her dress along as I did so.

Luckily the dress was enough on the loose side that I wasn't going to have to hike it up in back to gave full access to her front side, as I continued up her thigh and kept nibbling and sucking her on her nipples I could feel the growing heat coming from under the thin fabric. As my finger reached the edge of the leg hole of her panties I stopped letting my fingers simply trace along the fabrics edge to get her used to the idea of touching her there. Goose bumps rose on her skin at the touch and I had a clear view of the slightly damp mound of her pussy, confined in some silken underwear.

I let my fingers dance across her pubic mound not only to touch her but to flip up the rest of the material of her dress giving me a clear view of the intended prize. With the dress out of the way I could use my fingers more with out having to worry about keeping the dress out of the way. I had studied my anatomy constantly both of the female and male sexual areas and knew from what I was seeing that her clit was swollen and pushing up in her sheath, you could see the quarter inch lump in the material of her underwear and I danced dangerously close to it letting her underwear both transmit and dampen the feeling I was giving her. That sent another shudder through her body and more goose bumps across her skin as I traced around the other leg opening of the right leg before dancing back across this time giving her swollen mound a slow stroke up its damp center. Not only did her thighs clench but I actually saw her pussy do to the same as more fluid soaked into the gusset of cotton cloth only to leak through to the silken top layer.

There was really only one next move and since she wasn't objecting or reacting badly to what I was doing either because she knew it was her job in a way or she was completely enjoying it. I slipped my finger tips up along the silky material and found the waist band of the bikini panties, I was glad she wasn't wearing the big high waist grandma ones since they would be at her belly button. Gently I pressed down making a dent in her belly as my fingers slipped under the elastic and finally fully under the silky material guarding her gates. I kept my advance slow stroking over her smooth skin before moving a bit lower, I could feel the heat and almost the moisture that was leaking from her over stimulated sex as I moved another millimeter lower along her skin.

I knew I was at the very uppermost edge both by feel and by the shudder and intake of breath coming from the other side of my ear, I could feel the moist heat as my fingers found the hooded pearl of her clit and the beginning of her deep furrow leading down to her virgin opening. Again I went slowly using my fingers to massage around her clit and its hood but never directly on it, fearing it would be to much to take. Once I was past the bud I found more moisture as my fingers delved into the over heated gash, the slick oily feel of her skin told me she was seriously turned on and the lower I got the wetter and slicker it became. With my full hand buried in her panties and two fingers shoved deep into the slice of her pussy I finally reached her opening. It was bubbling fluid with each contraction of her body and I eagerly scooped some up, I wanted to taste it but that could wait as I took the slick liquid and brought it up and coated her sensitive clit and hood with the moisture. It was time to put her over the top, she had been moaning and gasping for nearly a half hour now and I was sure that her nipples were going to become sore soon enough from my constant sucking and teasing.

As my three fingers found her clit they formed almost a hovering triangle surrounding it on two sides and covering it from above, with no where to run I could rotate the whole group in a circle and keep her pea sized organ contained. The first movement of my fingers made her legs open further, her knees going out as my fingers stroked close to and just touching her clit on the top, her own slick moisture keeping it from being to much. As my second circuit began she raised my head her eyes hooded now but open and she looked directly into them before arching slightly so she could kiss me. I didn't hesitate letting my lips find hers, obviously she had been kissed since her small tongue came out to play and swipe and swirl around my own. My circuits continued and increased in pressure and speed as our tongues dueled in our mouths, her breasts forgotten and cooling from the air conditioning that was blowing on us from the overhead vent. I couldn't press harder in fear of hurting her so I moved faster and that seemed to be just what she needed to fall over the edge. With several fast wiggles her back arched and her eyes rolled up in her head as her mouth opened. I could physically feel the pulsing of her vagina as the orgasm bowled over her small frame leaving her nearly unconscious and trembling like she was having some kind of fit.

I slid my fingers down keeping some pressure on her clit but striving for her opening, it was nearly nibbling at my fingers as it pulsed and exuded the slick juices from deep in her core. Slowly the contractions slowed, her shudders easing and a field of goose bumps flowed over her exposed skin. Gently I drew my fingers out from under her panties and let them settle back into place before smoothing her dress down and stroking her sweaty face with my dry hand as I watched her eyes.

When they opened they were dilated fully and slowly constricted allowing her to focus some, before I knew what hit me she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly burying her face in my neck and shivering for nearly five minutes before she finally looked up almost ashamed. I winked and smiled" Feels good huh?" she turned scarlet pink for a moment then a giggle escaped and she nodded once again burying her face in my neck as she tried to stop laughing. When she finally did she looked up into my eyes again and I leaned down and kissed her softly letting our lips stroke one another and our tongues lightly touch before breaking apart." I am so hungry right now." she nodded and excused her self to the bathroom, taking the small bag with her before closing the door.

I wasn't hard any longer since during her orgasm I had blown my load into my boxers, making sure there wasn't a stain on the front of my jeans I sat down at the computer and waited for her to come out. When she did I smiled " You look pretty." she blushed slightly and gave a little twirl, it was obviously some kind of night shirt, a shimmering white and some what see through with the bathroom light behind her. Coming down to about her knees and with puffy short sleeves it really was a cute on her. I decided that I would do the same and grabbed a pair of flannel pajama pants that I wore and giving her a soft kiss went into the bathroom.

I took my time changing and cleaned up the mess that was in my boxers and stuck to my skin. Also using a wet cloth to wipe my pits down and re apply my deodorant and body spray. I came back out and she smiled walking over to where I was standing. She put her hand on my chest and gently traced a line around my nipples watching both of them crinkle up and smiling. Our tender moment was ended by my loud stomach, sending us both into giggles, so we went down stairs to the kitchen and I looked through the ready meals mom and I had made during the week.

It would be forty minutes or so before the food was ready so after getting something to drink we went back out into the back yard, she kind of looked around making sure no one could see us before climbing into my lay facing me and laying her head on my shoulder quietly. We talked about life in general, home and school. During this I was smoothing my hand down her back and with a wiggle of my eye brows making her giggle I dropped them and slid them under, she blushed when my hands found only skin and no material as they slid down on to her firm ass cheeks. Ignoring the blush I kissed her softly" You are beautiful, every part of you." she blushed again but smiled laying her head back down on my shoulder as I continued now sliding my hands up and down her bare back under the gown, occasionally giving her firm ass a squeeze as well.

The time went quickly and soon it was time for me to take the food out of the oven so we could eat, as she eased up off my lap she gasped slightly and stopped, I had managed to once again become hard and the evidence was standing up straight through the fly of the sleep pants. I quickly went to cover my self but she stopped me my grabbing my hand and looked for a moment, then gently she reached and softly took my stiff rod in her fingers before tucking it away into my sleep pants once more.

We shared a soft kiss then went into the kitchen, she sat at the table as I dished up dinner then we sat shoulder to shoulder eating the lasagna and green beans along with the garlic bread I warmed up. It was still pretty light out side and since we really weren't going to leave the house I asked if she wanted to watch Star Wars, she cocked her head to the side:" We just did." I smiled " We watched Star Wars Four, there's one, two, three, five and six still." she beamed and giggled nodding so we quickly put the dishes in the dishwasher, not yet full enough to justify turning it on then climbed the stairs to my room once more. She went to the bathroom again closing the door behind her while I pulled down the blinds making the room dim and putting the disk in before I climbed on the bed.

Coming out she turned off the bathroom light and climbed up on to the bed with me smoothing out her gown and snuggling to my side as I started the movie. It was probably about twenty minutes into the movie that I turned and kissed her softly. The kiss turned into much more as I stroked her back while our tongues dueled in one another's mouth. I knew what I wanted to do next and hoped that she wouldn't balk at it, I knew I was beyond forcing her to do what I wanted but I also wasn't going to tell her that.

Breaking the kiss I trailed soft touches with my lips down her jaw and around her ear, giving her light licks along the lobe and outer edge making her tense and shiver. I kissed down her shoulders and on to the open expanse of her upper chest with the deep scoop of the neck of her gown. As I moved lower I could see her nipples perk up instantly as I got closer to them and not wanting to disappoint them I used my teeth to gently scrape along their sides before giving them soft tugs and letting them pop back into place. My own junk was already sticking out of my fly and dragging along the silken material of her gown as I kissed lower and nuzzled her ribs and flat stomach before blowing heated air on the prominence of her mound as it pushed into the material of her gown. If her brother had told her what was going to happen she had some what of an idea of where I was going, Whitney had not received the same favor so it was at best a general idea giving me the advantage there.

I continued lower now moving down her left thigh and giving her warm kisses and nuzzles with my lips and nose before I finally made it to skin just as her knee emerged from under the fabric. Not wanting to hurry I continued down her skin along her skin before moving to each of her toes along with a kiss on the soft sole of her arch making her gasp. Just as slowly I kissed my way back up that thigh till I once again puffed heated air through the material to her smoldering pussy below then began kissing my way down the right thigh to her knee, calf and foot. This time though I didn't go back up, now bringing my hands into play I slid them up along her calves slowly before reaching her knees and sliding under the satin material.

Her eyes were now closed and her mouth open with her breath coming in soft pants, once again her hands had nothing to do and were gripping the comforter of the bed in small motions as I began gently pushing the material up both thighs, careful to take the material under her thighs along for the ride. I did that as slowly as possible, dragging out the time it took before finally her puffy lips emerged from under the material, in the dim light I couldn't make out great detail but constant studying told me I would know where I was at all times. With her peach exposed to the air she shivered and blinked her eyes open for a moment, looking down into mine as I smiled and blew a kiss her way. Finally I gently took her knees in my hands and raised them up slightly, pushing her legs out to either side and arching her hips up into the air more. When there was more than enough room thanks to her flexibility I slid my arms under her knees and lowered my self to the bed, my eyes mere inches away from the swollen and leaking lips of her pussy.

I could make out the clear dribble of fluid leaking from the slightly visible opening of her vagina as it traveled down and worked its way over her pink puckered ass hole. My time had come and every dream of this was put into effect as I raised up slightly and extended my tongue, just above her pink pucker I made contact making her flinch slightly from surprise, I was sure that if I looked up she would have been watching but I was more focused on what was in front of me as I wiggled my tongue up and into the deep crevice of her sex, gathering the copious amount of slightly milky nectar that was flowing from her core. I let my tongue wiggle and trace its way around her vagina, testing the edges. I could see no hymen but actually that was a blessing, her reactions alone told me she had never had any of this done to her other than kissing and I was sure there was a reasonable reason why it wasn't there. Again flicking my tongue I wormed my way around the opening and up on to the sensitive small inner petals of her pussy, following their lines up to the hooded bud of her clit. As soon as my tongue touched the pearl hidden under it she was lost, the long low moan that came from her chest telling me she was now in her own personal version of heaven and I had permission to come in.

Having already cum once only an hour and a half ago she was already primed and ready, the slow build only helping that, I wanted her to have a fast and sudden orgasm so I could lap up the juices and then send her on a slower teasing assent to heaven once again. After giving her opening a soft suck and getting a dribble of juices for my prize I returned to her clit and began to worry the hood with my tongue, stroking and caressing it with gentle touches at first and slowly increasing the pressure, finally though I wormed my way under the hood finding the pearl it self and her body responded in kind. A fresh moan from her throat and another gush of her fluids from her opening. Alternating between the two I worked her up quickly finally taking her over the top with a powerful suction to the whole of her clit and hood. Her eyes snapped open and she nearly bent in half at the sudden strength of it, her body tightening and sending another bubble of cum into my waiting mouth before she relaxed down only to do it several more times till I assumed she couldn't take any more for a few minutes.

I spent my time licking, lapping and testing the elasticity of her opening, pleased that I could easily worm the tip of my tongue in with out any discomfort to her, granted she was in a post orgasm haze and could have cared less what I was doing. When she started to come around I began again, her eyes popping open wide and trying to mumble something. I gave her clit a soft kiss and smiled at her before dipping my tongue back to her honey pot for another taste. This was a slow ride, most of the attention to her thin inner lips, her opening and the small space between before reaching her ass hole. At least ten minutes of soft licking and sucking before I began adding in more attention to the little man in the boat. I would bring her up and let her down before doing it all over again, finally though she couldn't manage any more and as her hands started to come down to either direct me or stop me I gave her swollen clit a slurp that once again bent her in half on the bed. I nearly lost my ears in the process since that was what she grabbed but I kept the suction and whipping of my tongue going till she was actually trying to force me away. I relented then and kissed my way up her covered stomach and gave her a soft kiss on the lips before laying down beside her once again and cuddling her back to my chest as she regained her breathing and mental capacity.

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