Gil, Ellie and Me

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Neighbors help neighbors, right?

Ever get involved in something that you know isn't right, but you do it anyway? And continue to do it? That's the way it was with Ellie and me. Ellie was my next door neighbor and we carried on a torrid affair for almost four years and we would probably still be at it if she hadn't moved away.

It all started when Ellie and her husband moved in next door to us. At first it seemed like they were a very nice couple and that we would get along together and for a while we did. But then Gil borrowed my lawnmower and fucked it up. I just happened to be looking out the window when he ran it over a rock and bent the shaft. He brought it back to me and told me I shouldn't have loaned it to him when it wasn't working. I told him that it was working fine until he ran it over a rock, and that since he broke it, he could fix it. We had strong words and then parted never to speak to each other again. Ellie was different story all together. She was nice, friendly, would do anything for you, and she and my wife became good friends.

Ellie and Gil had been there about five months when Ellie called my wife and asked if she could borrow me to fix a ceiling fan. Gil was gone and it was something that she wanted to get fixed right away. I grumbled a bit when my wife asked me to go over and fix the fan, but I went. Don't get me wrong - I liked Ellie, but fixing her fucking husband's fan was not something I really wanted to do. Ellie took me into the family room and showed me the fan. She already had a ten-foot aluminum ladder set up under it and as soon as I saw the fan I knew what the trouble was. She had the same fan that I had in my house and the damn thing had too many electrical components, some of which acted very strangely to power outages. The wall switch was a rheostat that turned the fan on and off and set the three speed at which the fan turned. There were two switches on the fan itself, one that selected forward and reverse, and a pull chain off/on switch. Power surges and power outages, something fairly common in our area, caused the pull chain switch to reset itself to the off position. I found this out the hard way - I paid an electrician sixty dollars to come to my house and fix mine. He climbed the ladder, pulled the chain, took my money and left. I went up Ellie's ladder, pulled the chain and the fan started working. While I was pulling the chain I felt something tugging at my fly and I looked down to see Ellie tugging at my zipper. She looked up at me; "I didn't get you over here to fix the fan, but thanks for doing it. I got you over here so I could suck your cock and then fuck you." I instinctively pulled back from her and that made the ladder wobble, I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I had only been on the forth step so no damage was done, but I landed on my shoulder and when I rolled over onto my back I found that Ellie was on top of me. Her hands, which had never left my fly during the tumble, had my cock out and before I could stop her she had twisted around and lowered her mouth onto me. Right up to the point where her lips closed around me I was saying.

"Don't", "We can't", "Stop", and "This isn't right" but once those lips touched me I became a very willing participant. In less than two minutes she had me ready to blow and I started to hunch up at her. She pulled her mouth from me and said, "Not yet. I want your first load in me. She led me upstairs and as I was undressing I said, "I'm flattered, but I'm no hunk and I don't have a reputation as a stud so why are you doing this?" "Are you looking a gift horse in the mouth?" she replied. "No, but I am curious."

She laughed, "You just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I found out yesterday that my husband is having an affair with his secretary and I warned him a long time ago that if I ever caught him being unfaithful I'd get even with him. The way I figure it, if he can give someone else what I consider to be mine, I will give someone else what he considers to be his." By then, we were both undressed and she opened her arms and legs to me. It only took me three minutes to cum and I was starting to curse myself for being so quick - after all, I might never get another shot at her, but Ellie wasn't through. She swung around and I found myself in a sixty-nine. It wasn't my first sixty-nine, but it was the first time I'd ever tasted cum. Ellie got me back up and we settled down for a long leisurely fuck that lasted for about thirty minutes. After I'd cum the two of us were lying on the bed and Ellie said, "Next time I want you to fuck my butt." I brightened up at the words "next time".

For the next four years Ellie and I got together three or four times a week and while I felt guilt at cheating on my wife I got a perverse pleasure in knowing that I was fucking Gil's wife. When the For Sale sign went up in front of their house I felt a great sadness. I was going to miss Ellie.

Three years later I was in one of the local Home Depot stores when someone came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Gil standing there with a great big grin on his face. He said, "It's good to see you. How the hell have you been?" and he stuck his hand out at me. My face clouded over a little, but I shook his hand anyway. He noticed my facial expression and laughed at me, "That's no way to look at the man who gave you the best four years of your life." "What do you mean?" I asked. "Come on" he said, "You can buy me a cup of coffee and I'll tell you about it." Over lunch he told me the following story:

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