Christmas Lost

by Joesephus

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Anal Sex, Doctor/Nurse, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Christmas Lost is a partial story I found last week on an old drive it is unfinished. I'm posting it for his fans. I started not to allow voting, but that was not his way. When you vote, please remember this is a first draft, and be kind.


Note from jonnyrebel82: This story is unfinished and I am posting it just for his fans. If you have not read any of Joesephus' work I urge you to read some of his other stories first. I found this story on a 16 Mb USB drive I was about to throw away. (1/1000 the size of the USB drive I currently use!) I think it was something that Joesephus was working upon at the time of his death in October of 2007. It is clearly a first draft. You will find inconsistencies in details like sending or not sending emails, characters ages and the length of the marriage. These show how his thinking about a story and characters changed as he wrote. They would have been fixed before the story was posted. I left those in for two reasons. First is I am not qualified to fix them. Second is that I am not sure how he intended them to end up.

There is a hint at the end of where the story was going, but not of the ending. That was also typical of Joesephus. He did not use a formal outline. Instead he would write a series of comments and start writing, leaving the comments at the end. As the story passed the point of the comment he would erase it. He frequently did not know exactly how a story would end and would make massive changes based on responses from his editors and first readers.

Finally, at the end of this draft I have included the comments of Erik Thread who did what he called "light editing" fixing several hundred typos and minor mistakes in grammar. He offered to make another pass, but I think it is too much to ask. Besides, I think some of the mistakes give some insight into just how much editors helped Joesephus. I know that sometimes his stories would go through as many as ten revisions.

So, if you are a fan, enjoy this for what it is. If you are a writer and want to take a shot at an ending, I know that Joesephus would approve. He always hoped someone would write an alternative ending to some of his stories. I am still hoping someone will write a finish to Dilemma.

I looked down at the gorgeous young nurse in front of me. I corrected myself, she wasn't gorgeous but what she was doing was. On her knees with her face on the bed she was spreading both of her ass cheeks for me to apply the Astroglide® to her virgin anus. I'm a heart surgeon, but no proctologist ever used more care inserting a digit than I.

When I thought I'd put enough on her I applied a generous amount to my dick. I was as hard as I can ever remember, anal sex was something my wife had refused to even consider and now I was just seconds away from finding out how good it could be.

I pushed in slowly, I knew that she needed time for the muscle to relax even though she was more than willing. I barely had the head all the way in when she screeched for me to stop. Her hands were now clutching the sheets so fiercely, I didn't need to see her face to understand the depth of her pain. I on the other hand was feeling mildly disappointed. I expected more pressure and after about thirty seconds I pushed farther into her. Again she screeched like I was murdering her but this time she didn't ask me to stop so I didn't until I was fully inside her.

When I began to withdraw she actually shrieked as her hands flew back to claw my rump to hold me in. "Please, not yet let me adjust for just a minute. Please you have no idea how much this hurts."

Frankly, I didn't give a damn how much it hurt, but I waited knowing that if I didn't she might not let me finish. After what I thought might be a minute, I began pulling out again but slowly. She moaned her pain, but she didn't ask me to stop. I pushed back in and heard her grunt in discomfort.

I used both hands to spread her cheeks to see my dick in her asshole. I didn't doubt this was her first time, but it just didn't feel any tighter than her pussy, or my wife's pussy for that matter.

Even though it didn't feel any tighter, the sight of my dick buried in an ass and the idea of what I was finally doing set me off. I couldn't hold back any longer. I began to pump into her and I ignored her muffled cries as she bit down on a wad of sheet. Perhaps three or four minutes later she pulled away taking my dick all the way out of her.

Looking over her shoulder, I saw the tears running down her cheeks. "Please put some more lube on, its getting very dry and it really hurts."

I could also see her anus gaping open in a most erotic fashion. I grabbed the little bottle and squirted half of it into her orifice then put more on my dick. Without waiting for her assent I pushed into her and was again struck by how much it felt like her pussy.

Nevertheless, a few minutes later I was finished. I pushed down on her so I was lying on top of her, my dick still buried in her ass. I kissed the top of her hair before I realized that it was sweat soaked. This must have been harder on her than I thought. Still, she'd volunteered for this with "no strings attached," but I still felt guilty. I'd never used a woman like this, with no concern for her own pleasure.

As I rolled off her, pulling out with a sleazy sound, I thought "I cheated for the first time for this?" Aloud I said, "Shelia, that was even better than I'd dreamed it would be. I'm sorry I was a bit rough, but you got me so turned on I just couldn't control myself."

Turning to face me she replied, "It made it special for me knowing that I was doing something for you that your wife wouldn't? I'll do it again if you'd like, but could we just make love next?"

Before I could answer my emergency phone went off. I leaned across Shelia to grab it, accidentally planting my hand on her abused rectum. "Dr. Nelson, what are the vitals?" Shelia moaned.

"Where are you? I'm sorry to use this..."

I cut my wife off, instantly furious. "I told you never to use this number, it's only to be used for transplants. I told you that I was expecting a heart this evening and I'm at the hospital. I'll call you in a little bit."

I ended the call and muttered, "That damn bitch! I'm sorry she knows not to use that line and..." the phone rang again.

This time I checked the caller ID and it was the hospital. "Don't hang up on me, Lindsey broke her leg jumping off the swing. It's a compound fracture and they're going to have to operate. If you can leave your whore long enough you might want to see her before they do..."

After a long pause I heard a sob and she hung up.

I sprinted to the bathroom to wash the feces I'd just noticed just below the head of my dick. I gave myself a quick sponge bath to wash Shelia scent from me. With my job I'd learned to dress in less time than it takes to tell. I was almost out of the door before I remembered to turn to Shelia and say, "My daughter broke her leg, compound fracture. I've got to get to the hospital. Sorry, next time will be better I promise."

Actually, I wasn't sure I wanted a second time. It hadn't been that good. Nothing had been that good for the last six months. Even the rush I used to get from a heart transplant had become mechanical. My whole life was one big blah. The only bright spot was my daughters. Triplets, are not uncommon when fertility drugs are used. What was very rare is that ours are monozygotic, identical. Even with fertility drugs we'd had to use in vitro fertilization to get her pregnant. Twins did run in her family, but ours were the only triplets we could find. A scientific oddity, perhaps, but they're three most wonderful three-year-olds on the planet. No, in the history of the planet!

I didn't see my wife because I used the doctors' entrance to the operating rooms. I scrubbed and talked to Lindsey before the gas passer put her under. I'm not current on orthopedics but I knew George was the best. His sutures were almost as good as mine. She wouldn't have much of a scar on that beautiful leg at all.

I stayed with her in post-op until I knew that she'd passed all danger then I went out to face my wife of eighteen years. George had already briefed her on the surgery so I knew she'd be loaded for bear when she saw me.

She was facing the other way when I entered the waiting room. A distant part of my brain recorded that she looked nice in shorts and blouse. She'd worked hard to lose all her weight after the girls were born, and continued to firm up afterwards. Her skin was creamy white, and unwrinkled, a reflection of her zeal to use sun block anytime she was outside. Consciously, I wondered why she held so little interest for me sexually. Or any other way for that matter. She had a fine mind, she'd made senior partner at a top law firm before she left when she finally got pregnant. [1]

Now all her attention was focused on the girls and ... she just didn't seem interesting anymore.

I think she heard me coming because she started to turn. Before I saw her face I said, "Jan, why don't we go to my office so we can talk privately." I then turned and hurried down the hall to my office. I wasn't ready to face her, and I didn't want her to start in front of others.

She was only a step behind me when I unlocked my door, and I held it open for her. As it closed behind me I looked her in the eye for the first time. I expected to see her eyes sizzling instead I saw desperate sadness.

"I'm not going to go on like this. How many does this make five? Six? I don't know why you suddenly decided that everything we've worked for doesn't matter, but if you don't get yourself under control, I'm going to take the girls and get a legal separation."

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