States and More

by Bondi Beach

Copyright© 2009 by Bondi Beach

Erotica Sex Story: I know it kind of sounds like we were fucking and fooling around all the time and we were, sort of, but we also got some work done and we made it to States that year, even if we only placed 4th. That's not bad for a tiny high school against every team in Virginia. Some serious stuff happened, yes, but we had a lot of fun, too. I picked what I think are the good parts. How many school assemblies do you want to read about, anyway? [Author's note: Please check the codes before you read.]

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   mt/mt   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Voyeurism   .

Early December, after a game.

"Oh, yeah!

"Right there.

"Harder, sweetie!

"Like that!


"Uh? Yum!

"Can you move your arm?


"Oh. Oh!


"Oh, yeah.

"Move up here, sweetie.

"Kiss me.

"Mmm. You're covered with me.

"I taste pretty good, you know?

"All the way up, now.

"Sit on my boobs.

"Yeah, just right.

"Not so hard, OK? Yeah, like that.

"You're so firm, so warm.

"Does that feel good?

"I can see you like that.

"It's OK. Just not too deep.

"Sweetie, I can't breathe. Back a little, OK?


"Shall I hold them?

"Not holding too hard, am I?

"You're close, aren't you?

"Go for it!


"It's hot. Sticky, too. I like it.

"Yeah, move down a little.

"Kiss me, sweetie.


"Clean my cheek a little?

"Can you taste yourself?

"You like it?

"I guess that's a yes. You're still hard.

"You're not going to sleep, are you?

"Yes! Right there!

"Harder, sweetie!

"Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah.


"Are you ready?

"Come with me!

"I'm coming! Can you feel it?

"Yes! Like that.



"Just hold me a little, will you?


"I love you, Tommy."

"I love you, Lisa."

Sunday morning, after Christmas

Eyes closed. Dreamy. Warm.

Hand on my bare bottom.

Eyes open. Mom, smiling.

Her lips, soft and warm, on mine.

A Friday night in February

Carla in charge.

"You guys want it, you're going to have to work for it, got that?"

She was kidding, sort of. I wanted it as much as the boys did; pretty sure Carla was on the same page. So what? Make 'em work for it, anyway.

Firelight on Dan's face, darker than chocolate now, but shadows and light moving, moving, polished. Why do they say African-Americans are black, anyway? They're chocolate, mostly. Well, except for his mom, SJ. She's about two shades bluer than black. So how come Dan turned out so warm and brown and dark?

OK, enough. He's Dan, he's sexy, and he's a nice guy. End of story. Oh, his cock is chocolate, too, you know?

Snow on the ground outside; inside, warm enough to be nude, and I was pretty sure we were headed that way.

I whispered to Monica.

"What about you, sweetie? Everything OK?"


Tommy looking a little lost. Not quite sure why. Not as though he hasn't been with all of us, at least us girls. With guys? I wonder. We don't have secrets, Tommy and me, not since third grade, but about some things, I'm not so sure. I knew where Carla was going, so maybe we'd find out about that, too.

"My parents are home, but they'll leave us alone, you know?"

Now Dan looked worried. Eyebrows up as far as I'd ever seen them.

"You sure, Carla?"

"Yeah. Well, mostly, anyway."

A giggle. Who giggled? I guess it was me.


She shrugged.

"My dad, though, he likes to watch."

Uh oh. I wondered how Dan was going to take this. Tommy, too, for that matter. I thought about that afternoon a month ago.


Carla traced around my nipple with her finger.

"Mmph. Yeah."

Movement, and her lips closed over my other nipple. I felt her tongue touch and swirl.

"Carla, talk to me."

Air cool on my wet nipple, now bare and forsaken.

Her lips on mine now, her tongue tentative.

"It's my dad."

"What? Carla!"

"No, sweetie. Not that. He's never touched me. Not that way, anyway."

"Then what?"

Her blue eyes, inches from mine.

"He saw us yesterday."

God. Yesterday. Sun warm on our bare skin in Carla's backyard. Carla between my thighs, then my turn. So limp, both of us, at the end that we couldn't have moved to save our lives.

"When? I didn't see him."

"I didn't, either. It was later. I heard him talking with Mom. I couldn't see all the way into the den, but I think she was sucking him while he told her about us. They didn't know I was home."

God, that was so hot. I grabbed Carla and we were in it and nothing else mattered.

Dan slouched back on the sofa.

"So, you're saying he just likes to watch? Nothing else? He's not going to kick our asses, or anything?"

Sometimes Dan was a little too cautious for his own good, I was thinking.

"That's about it."

Carla laughed.

"Look, I don't even know whether they're still up. Don't worry about it."

I saw Dan smile at Tommy. Monica was watching. She whispered to Carla, got a nod in return. Turned to the boys.

"OK, guys. Strip."

"You serious, Monica?"

Dan's eyes were huge, his eyebrows practically touching his hairline.

"Yeah, pal. I mean it."

Tommy started with his sweater and kept going. Stopped when he got to his boxers.

"You, too, Dan. Do it."

When Dan was down to his boxers, Monica laughed.

"OK, guys, here's how it is. Carla and Lisa and I have big plans for you guys this evening. You can guess what they are. We're planning a little show, too. It's really for ourselves, but we think you'll like it."

She paused. Looked at me. Winked, and I knew what she had in mind. I smiled, although I was wound up inside. I picked up the thread.

"There's an admission charge. It's simple. You show us, we show you.

"We're thinking of some oral action.

"I see by your grins you like that idea. That's good, because you're going first."

Dan licked his lips and stepped toward Carla.

"Oh no, sweetie. Not her. Him."

Tommy's voice was practically a squeak.

"Lisa, are you kidding?"

"Uh uh, Tommy. I mean you and Dan."

All of a sudden, Dan was looking kind of milk-chocolaty, instead of his deep rich brown. He turned to Monica.

"Monica, is she serious?"

Monica stepped over to Carla, took her by the shoulders, and kissed her, full on. Ran her hands down over Carla's butt. Turned back to Dan.

"You bet she is, buddy."

Carla smiled and raised her hands to cup Monica's breasts. Monica's a really nice size, not too big, not too little, just enough plus a little more to get your hands around. Carla hefted them, and looked at the guys.

"Fun, huh? Bet you'd like to have your hands where mine are, right?"

Carla dropped her hands. Monica looked a little disappointed.

"Look, guys, no one's asking you to fuck each other in the butt. We just want to see a little sucking, maybe a little swallowing, too. Just what you're waiting for us to do, you know? Just think about how it will feel when our lips are around your dicks later on."

She laughed.

"Lips are lips, guys."

The funny thing is, I wasn't so sure Dan or Tommy was that much against the idea. They were pretty horny guys, they were pretty open-minded, and boy, did they ever like fucking us and getting their cocks into our mouths and coming all over us. Also, there isn't a guy alive who doesn't like someone else's lips around his cock, I knew that, too.

"Lisa, what are you doing?"

"Helping you get your boxers off, sweetie. What did you think I was doing?"

Tommy's cock nice and firm. Warm to the touch. Oh, this was going to be fun.

Meanwhile, Carla was doing the same to Dan. I could barely hear her as she whispered in his ear.

"Did you like seeing Tommy with your mom that time?"

Carla knew all about our little adventure a while ago at Dan's pool.

Dan's cock jumped. Hmm. This was interesting. Dan's thoughts about his mom, or thinking about Tommy with her? I stood up and leaned really close to Tommy.

"Maybe you should encourage Dan a little bit, Tommy. Why don't you tell him what you're going to do to SJ the next time, huh?"

Tommy's look was priceless.

Monica had a coin in her hand.

"OK, who's going first? You want to flip for it?"

"Nah. I'm going first. Can't wait to get my mouth around Dan's cock. You ready, big guy?"


"Better close it pal. Flies will get in."

"I'm going to put my cock all the way down your throat, Tommy."

"Yeah, yeah. Big talker. We'll see about that."

Dan went over to the sofa, sat down in the middle. Carla immediately plopped herself down beside him. Hugged him. Kissed him. Gave him a stroke.

"Go for it, sweetie!"

You know, I have to give those guys credit. Either they were very horny, or they were kind of curious about what it would feel like, or both, but they went right at it. Tommy on the floor in front of Dan, hands on Dan's thighs, and getting as much of Dan inside as he could.

Dan's hands lightly at first on Tommy's head, then holding him a little tighter. Carla whispering in Dan's ear, kissing him every time he turned his head.

Tommy sucking and licking and letting Dan pump his mouth, rhythm a little faster now but steady, Dan starting to thrust a little more on each stroke. In a couple of minutes, Tommy pulled back a little but kept jacking Dan. That wasn't all. He looked up at Dan, smiled.

"Did your mom tell you how good I was eating her that time? Huh?"

Dan's face screwed up tight, thrusting his cock against Tommy's hand.

"I'm going to get her on her hands and knees and do her from behind, man. I'm going to make SJ scream, you know?"

Dan shoving now, trying to get Tommy to go faster.

"Then, after the neighbors hear every single scream and grunt and growl and she comes, I'm going to flip her over on her back and spray her face and boobs. What do you think of that, pal?"

Well, we got the answer to that immediately, only it was Tommy getting his face sprayed. Dan sagged, Monica and I laughed, and Carla kissed Dan again.

Tommy, sitting back on his haunches, his face dripping. I grabbed a towel from the kitchen, wet it under the tap, and brought it out. Cleaned Tommy up a little.

"Good work, sweetie!"

Small smile on Tommy's face. He laughed, got up and walked over to Dan. Leaned down, braced his arms on either side of Dan, and kissed him. Big smile from Dan. Giggle from Carla.

Turnabout's fair play, you know. In a couple of minutes, Tommy was stretched out on the floor, cock in the air, Dan between his legs.

"All set, man?"


I watched Dan swallow Tommy whole. Decided I needed to help Tommy along a little. Stretched out beside him on my tummy.

"You'd like to have my mom, wouldn't you, Tommy?"

Tommy stopped watching Dan sucking, turned his head to me.


"You know what I mean, sweetie. You liked watching her at the pool, right?"

I knew I was on the right track when Tommy shoved himself against Dan, almost choking him.

"Oh yeah, I know what you're thinking. Maybe do both of us some afternoon beside the pool? Maybe you'd like her to eat me while you take her from behind? That right?"

By now Tommy was pushing as hard as he could against Dan. Dan lifted his mouth off Tommy's prick and started using his hand. Looked at me. Smiled.

"Yeah, Lisa. That's exactly what he wants. He told me so himself."

Stroking Tommy faster now.

I leaned over and kissed Tommy, my mouth covering his, my tongue fighting to enter. He let me in. Grabbed my shoulder and pulled me to him.

I pulled back and bit him on the neck. That was all it took for Tommy to spurt and cover himself. Got a little on his chin, even. Dan, grinning as he watched.

"Nice one!"

Monica's turn to grab another towel from the kitchen and clean Tommy up.

By now the three of us girls were pretty hot and bothered. We'd gotten what we wanted from the boys. I mean, it was all in good fun, although we did think they were getting a bit of a free ride here, so evening the score a little was the right thing to do.

We hadn't known how they would take it, of course, but things were pretty loose in our little group and we were all good friends, really. No one got hurt, everyone left happy, so it was all good.

The fire was keeping the room warm, so Dan and Tommy had no problem staying nude. They also didn't stay soft for very long. Monica was the first to act. Big smile as she stripped. Carla and I followed.

Then, things got a little messy. I won't say we'd planned every step of this, you know? We were sort of, well, improvising, I guess. In the end, we skipped most of the girl-girl part of the evening. We'd underestimated the boys, I'm afraid.

"Hey, pal! Easy!"

I pushed against Dan, but he wasn't letting go. Arms around me, lips on my neck, his cock hard again and flat just above my bottom. Hands cupping my breasts from behind. I liked that, yes, and I trusted Dan, but I needed him to know when to stop.

"Dan, I mean it! Let me go!"

Arms dropped in an instant. I spun around and grabbed him. Whispered in his ear.

"Thanks, sweetie."

He bit me. I bit him back, right above his collarbone. Dan's big, I'm kind of small, and he lifted me then and plopped me right down on his cock, skewering me like a ripe melon. Hands under my butt and he walked us over to the sofa, unskewered me, and dropped me. I reached up, pulled him down. I wanted him back inside so bad and I didn't care who knew it.

"Dan, fuck me, now!"

On his knees between my thighs, in a moment feeling him inside, then the lovely movement, riding high, just the right pressure on my clit. Best part? I knew he'd last long enough. Just as I closed my eyes and gave myself up to Dan's cock filling me, I felt movement beside my head. Opened my eyes. Monica smiling as she lowered herself onto me.

My tongue knew what to do, and in a moment Monica was squeezing my ears off with her thighs as she tried to shove herself down my throat.

I probably don't need to go on much more. I let the whole thing wash over me, Dan thrusting and filling me, Monica squirming and pressing on my mouth as I think I put her over the edge. God.

Dan, bless his heart, kept on going right through the whole thing, and I was barely conscious when I felt him shove himself against me one last time as he came. Monica lifted off and Dan stretched out on top of me, still inside, kissing my neck and cheeks and mouth. Feeling squished and loving him there and kissing and a little nip or two and, well, yes. And yes.

I came back in time to look over and see Tommy pull out from Carla and spray her boobs and tummy. Not as strong as before, sure, but still pretty good. Happy Carla, smiling.

We were all quiet for a bit. Quiet enough so that just like that time before at Monica's house, I told you about it, I think, when I thought her mom or dad might have been watching us, I heard a rustle from the hall. This time there wasn't any doubt about it. Carla's dad was standing there, nude, his cock erect and his hand stroking. I guess he figured we were too distracted to notice him or he was too far along to care, because in a second or two he was pumping and spurting all over the carpet.

Was it us all together that turned him on, I wondered, or was it watching his daughter get fucked in front of the fire?

Studying with Dan in February

OK, I admit it. I'm crappy at math. Algebra is Greek to me, if that makes any sense. The worst part about it was that I was in danger of getting a C in algebra, and that was going to affect my eligibility for the squad. Time to get help.

Snow outside again, but Dan's house was warm and they had a fire in the fireplace. We didn't get to stay there, though. Dan did all his studying at the kitchen table, so that's where we were that evening after dinner.

His mom, SJ, had been around earlier, making sure we got settled and were working, not goofing off. Dan's dad off seeing clients that evening, I think he said.

"Dan, can we go over #6 again? I just don't get it."

Give him credit. Dan didn't laugh. Didn't roll his eyes, even. I loved him for that. He turned back to the start of the chapter.

"Lisa, don't make this too hard. Look at the first three paragraphs. They've got everything you need."

He walked me through each paragraph for what seemed like the umpteenth time. I'm really not stupid, but this was giving me fits.

"So, you've got to look at the process. Eliminate every alternative, and what's left has to be right."

Yeah, right. My shoulders were in knots and my stomach hurt.

"Could we have a little tea or something, Dan?"


Water boiled, teabags soaked, and we sipped and looked at each other. I think I saw that look in his eye, and smiled. Nothing was happening that night, I was sure. SJ was in the other room, and this was supposed to be a study night.

Except I was wrong. Hands on my shoulders. Fingers pressing, hard.

"You're knotted up, Lisa."

I hadn't heard her come in.

"I know, SJ."

We'd gotten past the "Mrs. Jones" thing a while ago.

"Dan, time for a break?"

"Yeah, Mom."

How could something that hurts so much feel so good, I wondered. SJ's fingers pressing, probing, touching knots. We all crave touch, I know that now. Then, all I knew is that it felt really really good.

Digging into that spot right behind my shoulder blades, switching to my neck, light smooth strokes. Dragged her fingernails down my neck and under my t-shirt. Jumped down to my waist and fingernails circled a little up under my t-shirt. Oh, my. That was very interesting.

"Mmm, SJ."

"You like that, Lisa?"


Another round of pressing, stroking, fingers probing.



"Your mom is really good at this, you know?"

Sort of a snort from SJ.

"No kidding, Lisa. Hasn't he shown you what I taught him yet?"

"Well, he's shown me a lot of things, but not that."

Dan laughed.

"I'll fix that."

I guess I zoned out briefly. Eyes closed, SJ's hands and fingers keeping up their rhythm. Opened my eyes again when SJ spoke.

"Want to go in the living room, sweetie? We can keep going in front of the fire."


Living room. Fire getting lower, but still hot. Room nice and comfy. A treat. SJ turned off a couple of lamps, left one on in the corner. Soft fireflight.

"Take off your t-shirt if you want, Lisa."

"I'm not wearing a bra."

Laugh from SJ. Dan kept his mouth shut. Smart guy.

"That's OK. I'm not wearing one either."

I looked at SJ, Dan. What the hell? This might be interesting. More fun than algebra, that's for sure.

SJ stripped off her t-shirt, full breasts lifting as she did.

"How's that?"

I smiled. Lifted my own t-shirt over my head. I looked at Dan. In a second we were all bare above the waist.

Maybe it's like guys who pretend they don't check out other guys, but they do. Tommy and Dan told me so. Anyway, whatever, I checked SJ out. I'd seen her that time last fall, of course, but that didn't stop me from admiring her curves in the firelight now.

"Take off your Levi's, too, if you want to, sweetie."

I did. Turned to Dan.

"I want to see you in your boxers, pal."

There was a glance between SJ and Dan, not sure what it meant.


Stretched out on my tummy in front of the fire, SJ sitting on my butt. Her thighs warm, telling me she'd taken her jeans off, too.

Oh, my.

She'd done glorious work on my shoulders, but that was nothing compared to now. Hands all over my bare back, warm palms stroking, pressing. More than a tingle now. Eyes closed, drifting.

"Lisa, did you know I worked as a massage therapist when I was in college?"


"Yeah. Fun work, great tips, too."


"I do a lot of yoga, too. Want to come with me one of these days? You can't believe how good you'll feel afterwards--all stretchy and yummy and relaxed."

"I'd like that, SJ."

"Tell Dan to come with you."

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