Janet's Ordeal and Awakening

by Clvfan

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: The wife of D.A. Mark Jensen is kidnapped and held hostage to force him to get a mob boss off a murder charge. Her experience changes her life along with others in ways she never imagined.

Janet Jensen snuggled under the covers as she listened to her husband shower in the bathroom. A little smile crept over her face at the satisfied feeling she had. Last night had been a wonderful evening. Her handsome husband had taken her for a romantic dinner then some dancing before coming home and his strong body and hard cock had made love to her until she was exhausted from the several cunt clenching orgasms he induced. She was happy and satisfied with her life. Janet was 36 years old, a gorgeous woman whose face could have graced any magazine. Her shoulder length tousled hair was the color of ripe golden wheat and the thick strip of fleece adorning her mound was only slightly darker. Her 5' 7" body was tight and toned from aerobic workouts three times a week. Her C cup breasts were pear shaped and tipped with rose colored areola with pebbley tips that always seemed to protrude just a little and when aroused grew to a pointed spear almost a half inch long. Her skin was a golden tan only slightly darkened by the sun.

She and her husband Mark had been married for 11 years and had a 10 year old son Michael and a 7 year old daughter Jennifer. Those two were off to visit Mark's parents who had an orchard in upstate New York. They would be gone for a couple of weeks. This was becoming a tradition since Jennifer had turned four.

Mark finished showering and shaving and came back into the bedroom his eyes sweeping over the sheet covered form of his wife. He would never get tired of seeing her. She looked just as good as the day they met, even better since her breasts had become a little fuller with the birth of their children. Mark was 38, 6' 2" and solidly put together, he also worked out several times a week and while he wasn't muscle bound his body displayed the rippling muscles of a strong man. He turned to the closet to get his clothes remembering the passion of the night before. As they danced he could look down the cleavage of his wife's tight black sheath dress and admire the smooth globes of pleasure he knew he was going to soon enjoy. She grinned and rubbed up against his hardening shaft.

They only danced a few times then both wanted to get home as quick as possible. They were barely in the door before they came together in a hot embrace mouths mashed together and sliding slowly around on each other, breaths quickly became harsher and faster. Mark was sliding the straps of her dress down over her arms exposing her full breasts and she was unbuttoning his shirt and working on his belt. by the time they got to the bedroom her dress was around her waist and his shirt and tee shirt were on the stairs. They had his pants undone and beginning to fall. They stopped long enough for him to finish undressing and her to shimmy the tight dress down over her shapely hips leaving her in just her black silk panties, sheer stockings and black high heels.

Mark embraced her tightly and swung her around to lie on the bed with his hard body lying over hers as he ravished her mouth, neck and then the long nippled mounds he so loved. It excited him to hear the passionate moans he was causing. She held his head to her breasts guiding him from one to the other. Her excitement built quickly and she urged him with hands to fill her seeping core with his hardness. He quickly complied stripping off her black panties and crawling between her silken covered legs. Three hands quickly positioned his pulsing staff, two feminine and one masculine. Both groaned with pleasure as male flesh invaded her clasping sheath, the sexual friction sending exquisite tingles along both sexual organs.

They began slowly savoring each erotic tingle hands roving and caressing, hard nippled breasts mashed against hard muscled chest, mouths questing and tasting each other where ever they could reach. They took their time building that lustful sexual tension until he was slamming his groin hard into the welcoming softness of her womanhood. Her legs lifted and jerked with their efforts to reach that wonderful peak of pleasure. Janet arched her back then clasped her legs tightly along side his heaving hips while the climax washed over her trembling body. Mark slowed his thrusts enjoying the rippling squeezes that caressed his cock, then as they subsided he picked up his pace again until once more she was gasping in pleasure, his tightly squeezed cock could take no more erotic stimulation and the head expanded then fired the first hot stream of thick white sperm to coat the already sopping interior of her channel. Twice more through the night they sought and found that mind blowing feeling of completion with each other.

Mark's cock began stiffening at the memory but he knew there wasn't time this morning. He sometimes wished she was a little more liberal in their lovemaking but she had been brought up by an overbearing mother who was continually down on the male species. Mark wasn't sure if it was because her husband run off before Janet was born, or if he ran off because she was that way. She had browbeat her daughter on the sinful and perverted ways of a man. Sex was only for having babies and any variation was nasty and perverted. She was a virgin when they were married, he had tried to go down on her a few times after they were married but she wouldn't let him, it was unnatural and wrong, and she wasn't going to put her mouth on his thing either. While he would have loved to eat her sweet pussy and have her suck his cock her tight sheath stroking his cock was reward enough through the years. They were compatible in every way and as happy as a couple could be.

Janet watched through half lidded eyes as her husband dressed, she admired his tight body and when he turned to come to the bed she watched his flaccid penis swing slightly in front of the soft ball sack hanging at the base of that pleasure giving shaft. She sometimes wondered if her mother wasn't all wrong about men and sex. She loved the feel of him inside her very much, it wasn't the chore her mother had always preached to her.

Mark kissed her lingeringly then with a sigh headed off to work. Janet got out of bed and went to the shower herself, after drying off she put on a white pair of panties and a blue robe, she wasn't planning on dressing until later. When she came out of the bathroom and took a step into the bedroom she was suddenly grabbed from behind, a pillow case was shoved over her head and she was pushed over to the bed to land on her stomach. Her frightened scream was muffled by the pillowcase. Rough hands held her face down as she cried and struggled to free herself. She felt the sleeve of her robe pushed up then the sting of a needle. She continued to struggle but in a short time could feel herself going under from whatever they had injected in her arm. Finally darkness overtook her.

Mark was on the way to his office. He was an assistant District Attorney for the state of New York. Janet and he lived about 30 miles outside of New York City in a nice peaceful community. He became a New York policeman after he graduated high school until he completed his Law degree about five years ago. He went into private practice and did very well, he took all kinds of cases but if he thought any would be client in a criminal case was guilty he passed. He believed in the law and justice. He was honest and reliable. There was a lot of cops who were on the take, he was offered free money many times but he always turned it down. He never informed on any of his fellow officers but he wouldn't join them. His record as an attorney was exemplary and after three years in private practice he came to the attention of the District Attorney who was a man dedicated to putting away as many criminals as he could. Mark's latest case was prosecuting a drug lord and murderer.

Harry the Hammer was the boss of a mob that handled drugs, prostitutes and loan sharking. He had been under investigation for various crimes for many years but they could never get anything concrete to convict him with. He finally made a mistake by personally putting a bullet through a rival's head not knowing that the owner of a small business had just put security cameras facing the alley Harry used to dispose of his rival. When the man watched it the next day just to see if it worked since it was the first day it was installed he knew what had happened. He was brave enough to come forth, he said since he was single and had no living family there wasn't much Harry could threaten him with and he was now hidden away until the trial and scheduled to go into the witness protection program. The trial was only three days away and Mark already had enough evidence to convict Harry for several crimes. It seems the video not only had Harry on it but two of his high level lieutents, They were picked up and in exchange for lesser charges agreed to cooperate with the police. He was just putting the finishing touches on his presentation now and waiting for the trial to begin.

Mark had been in his office for about an hour when his cell phone rang, he saw it was his wife's phone. "Hi Honey" he greeted her, but it wasn't her.

A male voice spoke slowly in a Mexican accent. "Jour wife is in our hands now, if you want to see her alive and well you'll do what we say. Now I know you might not believe this so why don't you go on home and find out for sure. We'll contact you then." With that the phone went dead.

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