Very Intimate Family II
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, InLaws,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pam and Philip are the daughter and son-in-law of Charles and Beth, but they are so much more. Some time ago, they all discovered their mutual sexual desire and lust for each other, and every time Pam comes home to visit her folks, the four of them discover new and hot sexual things about each other.

(Follow-up to the popular story, "Very Intimate Family.")

Pam and Philip had built quickly on the foundation of hot lusty sexual intimacy they had both discovered with Pam's parents, Charles and Beth. Neither Pam or Philip had really expected what they found when they'd gone to visit Pam's parents and then took the first step of sharing with them their secret fantasies and desires to switch mates and fuck. After Pam sat down with Philip and they told her mom and dad that they'd harbored very hot and very illicity sexual fantasies about Philip fucking her mom, Beth, and Pam actually becoming her father's lover, the scenario immediately developed into the two couples pairing off and fucking right there in that room.

The remainder of the vist with Pam's parents had been way more than any of the four of them would ever have imagined. Pam and Charles fucked more times than they could count in the next four days, and Philip bedded his mother-in-law Beth and their relationship was radically different from what it had been when they'd first arrived for their visit.

It was a year later and Pam and Philip had been back to visit her parents several times and each day when they'd arrive, it was as though they'd never left. Usually Charles and Beth would meet their daughter and son-in-law at the front door, and within only a matter of minutes, both couples would have paired off and they would all quickly be lost in the throes of hot lusty sex together. This particular visit for Thanksgiving Day with Pam's parents was no different than any of the other times, and they actually found that the intimacy of the relationships between the four of them had grown white-hot.

Charles and Beth had met Pam and Philip at the front door and helped them with their bags. Both couples had consciously noted from the first time they'd switched off and fucked each others' mate that it might be best if Pam's folks didn't meet them at the curb. They were all afraid of what they might show the neighbors in the way of illicit intimacy if the four of them first saw each other out by the driveway.

For their several hour car trip to her parents' home, Pam had intentionally worn an outfit that wouldn't take much effort to get out of when they arrived. She laughed to herself while they were still at home as she thought back on the various times they'd gone to visit Charles and Beth and how "hot to trot" her father was to get her naked or at least partially undressed and to start enjoying a fuck with her when they first arrived. Yeah, it was November, Thanksgiving time, but they were enjoying an Indian summer type of weather and it was almost 64 degrees outside. Pam packed a lot of nice clothes, sexy lingerie and nightwear to use to titillate Philip and her father, Charles, but for the initial trip and arrival, she'd worn a rather snug-fitting top with no bra underneath and no panties underneath her very figure-revealing tight jeans. She wanted to get her father going from the moment he saw her and give him one heck of a hot fuck first thing upon their getting there.

"Mmmmm, baby, it's so good to see you and Philip again," Charles moaned as he broke a long kiss with his sexy brunette daughter, Pam, and pulled her body close to his with his hands both cupping her tightly-encased asscheeks inside her jeans. "Your mom and I have really missed both of you so much, baby," he said as he placed his lips over his daughter's and continued to kiss her as he felt his fully engorged cock pressing against his adult daughter's pussy mound.

Pam was always amazed not only that she and her father had become instant lovers when she and Philip had revealed their sexual passions and desires for her parents. But, she could clearly see that their continued sexual relationship had not waned at all, and the more they were together and fucked, the most passionate and horny her own father had become for her. Pam let her father lead in their making out and she knew within only minutes he would have her out of what clothes she was wearing and have his hardon rampaging inside her horny wet pussy. She also loved the sounds and the indications from what they were saying that her husband, Philip, and her mother, Beth, were moving straight towards their first "Welcome Home" fuck as quickly as she and Charles were.

Charles was probably a hornier man that Pam's own husband, and she loved that she had that sexual effect on her own dad. She felt her pussy sopping wet from her own arousal and desire for her father's cock to take her as soon as they'd closed the front door of the house, and he and Pam had only been kissing and caressing each other a few moments when he stepped back, reached down and pulled Pam's tightly-fitting shirt off over her head and then he bent over, cupping the sexy roundness of his daughter's right breast and flicked his lips across the perky nipple while his other hand was playing with and diddling the erect nipple of her left tit at the same time. Then, Charles reached down and quickly unfastened Pam's jeans and he had her out of them in only a matter of seconds. Then, without any care about what his wife, Beth, and their son-in-law, Philip, were doing, Charles picked up his daughter, Pam, now totally naked and he carried her into the liviing room and laid her out on the large couch there.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, Daddy, you're so fucking hot with me, baby," Pam moaned as she looked down and saw her father's large engorged cock as soon as he slid his pants off and she reached up, grabbing the fully engorged shaft of his erection and stroked his cockmeat up and down three or four times before he moved over her to position his cock in her pussy and mount her for their first fuck together.

"Yes, take me, Daddy, take me," Pam moaned as she helped her father's cockhead find her pussy lips and then Charles took over as he felt the hot wetness of Pam's horny pussy on the tip of his raging hardon. Charles couldn't believe it had been several months since Pam and Philip had come for a visit, and he was so hungry for his daughter's cunt that he could barely constain himself. The moment Charles felt his cock spreading Pam's pussy, he reached down, grabbed his sexy adult daughter by her waist and then thrust his hips forward powerfully, feeling his cock solidly spreading and filling Pam's horny pussy as she moaned from the hot lustiness of her father's cock fully invading her horny pussy on the first thrust inward.

"Fuck me, Daddy, yes, ohhhhh, fuck yessssss," Pam moaned, finding emotional release and increased arousal in not only being naked and now joined at the groin with her father, but in being able to be hot and lusty and totally naughty with the cock of the man who'd helped conceive her and beginning a hot lusty fuck that might end in her being knocked up with a baby from her own biological dad. Pam and Beth had both agreed that none of the four of them would use any birth control, and if babies resulted, that was just another benefit of their mutual love and desire for each other.

Charles loved having his daughter and her husband come to visit for many reasons, but the first and upppermost important reason was the first moments after Pam and Philip arrived. Charles was thinking of his sexy young daughter's lovely body all the time they were absent and when she was within reach again, he had to have her completely as soon as she walked in the door. Now, Charles had his large thick cock buried in Pam's tight horny young cunt and he leaned up over his sexy young lover, and began to really pound his hard cock as deep in and out of her hot pussy as he could. Pam lost it almost as soon as her father's cock penetrated her fully and she began to orgasm almost non-stop as Charles let his hot lust and passions take over control of what he wanted to do with her.

"Ohhh, yes, fuck me back, Pam, fuck me, too, baby," Charles moaned as he felt Pam's lusty desire to get off and to have her father's cock ravish her completely. Pam was bucking her tight shapely ass up off the couch as her father smoothly hammered his cock in and out, in and out, over and over. As Charles was focused on his own lust with Pam, he quickly glanced over and saw that his son-in-law, Philip, had his hungry face buried in between Beth's spread thighs, and he was licking and sucking her wet hot cunt while Beth was squeezing her own naked tits and her head rocked back and forth as her son-in-law ate her out and brought her off orally before he got ready to mount and fuck her for their first time together since they'd arrived home.

Philip's attentions were mostly focused on his hot sexy mother-in-law's response to his eating her out, but his sexy young wife's sounds and the hot things she said as her own father was fucking her just added to his own arousal. Philip loved his beautiful wife, but their relationship with her parents had become an integral part of their sexual lives together. As soon as Philip had brought Beth off twice with his mouth, he got her quickly situated where they could both be comfortable and as he stood and spread Beth's thighs to mount her, she reached up, took the shaft of his hardon in her hand and guided the swollen pre-cum leaking hard of his cock straight into the lips of her waiting cunt.

"OHhhhhhhhhh, yesssss, Philip, come inside me, baby, mount me and take me like a wild fucking man," Beth moaned and she spread her legs, reached back and cupped her son-in-law's tight muscular ass as she helped him fill her horny pussy completely. "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep," and Beth settled back to let her daughter's husband slam his cock inside her and fuck her until they both orgasmed hotly together. While Philip began to hard-fuck Beth's cunt, they could both hear Pam getting off again from her father's cock plowing into her fertile cunt and then he began to bellow as Charles reached his first orgasm and slammed his cock fully inside Pam's pussy so his virile cum pooled there at the mouth of your young womb.

Philip loved knowing how much Pam and Charles were enjoying their first coupling of the visit, but he and his mother-in-law/lover, Beth, weren't anywhere close to climaxing their first fuck together. With his cock fully seated in Beth's ravenously horny cunt, Philip slammed back and forth, getting his cock well lubed with his lover's ample pussy juices, but as soon as he knew he was more than fully wet from her hot cunt, Philip reached down, and grabbed both of Beth's ankles and angled her legs widely to either side of her body as he then stabilized her as he really began to throw a hot hard and very orgasm-producing fuck to her.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, yessssssssssssss," Beth moaned, feeling herself exploding hotly from her son-in-law's big thick cock filling and emptying her pussy in rapid succession. He whammed in and out of her cunt, bringing her off and as she felt herself going from her first cock-produced cum into the second, she could also tell that Philip was about to deliver a huge virile cunload straight at the mouth of her fertile womb. Philip stroked in and out, in and out, in and out a few more times and when he felt the pressure on his large round balls growing beyond control, he smacked his swollen cockhead straight inside Beth's cunt and held himself fully there as his balls pumped spurt after spurt of his thick white babymaking cream into the area where his sperm could very easily knock Beth up with a new baby.

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