by Yoron

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, TransGender, CrossDressing, DomSub, .

Desc: Romantic Story: A femdom TG story, not that innocent but still with redeeming features. Well, you tell me.

She had seen him in school, he had to be around thirteen she thought. Slim and nicely built with a ready smile. She was working as an assistant to the math teacher and the cheerleaders, having finished high school last year. She was emancipated, both her parents dead. Leaving her a vast estate, lots of money but nothing to do. And she was thoroughly bored, bored with the young and not so young, men constantly contending for her attention.

She didn't know if she was perverted but the idea of owning that boy made her panty's go damp. The idea had started to grow on her from the first time she laid her eyes on him. They were new to the school and with the semester almost finished she knew she had her chance. His mother was young, she had conducted an investigation hiring people from out of town and she knew how his single mother had gotten him at the tender age of sixteen. And how she had fought for them to survive together, and how the mother now worked at the local gas station. And finally seeing the mother she realized that she wanted them both, more than anything she ever had dreamt of before.

Perhaps it was because both had that inbuilt innocent decency that comes from doing your best without even knowing that you are. Amanda herself was something of an overachiever, extremely bright and beautiful, but also all too often cool, almost to the brink of rudeness.

"Hi James, I'm Amanda." She introduced herself sitting down beside him in the school cafeteria.

"Hi." He looked at her a little shyly, overwhelmed by the closeness of her.

"I'm an extra teacher here. We have looked at your test results James."

"What tests?"

"Oh, you know, the tests you make for your teachers. I'm here to offer you the chance to study some more under my tutelage, getting you up to speed with the rest of the class. Or you can spend the summer playing, but probably without advancing to the next class."

Now that was a truth that might be questioned. It was true that James seemed to miss some knowledge, mostly in mathematics, but when it came to all around knowledge she had been very impressed with him. Seeing his worried expression she smiled warmly.

James looked really stressed out as he asked. "How much will it cost?" well knowing that they didn't have a dime to spend.

"It's okay honey, I will follow you home and talk to your mom too."

He looked up at her. She was very beautiful, with a sweet warm smile as she looked down at him, to be studying with her would be no great hardship for him. It wasn't as he had made any friends anyway. As the school ended they went to his mother, Amanda giving him a ride in her firebird.

"Cool." He stuttered as he saw the dark blue metallic.

"Is it yours?" 'He's in awe.' she thought as she smiled again.

"Oh yes Jaimy, It's mine. I might even let you try it sometime, if you're good."

When they arrived his mother was still working, so she got him to take her up to his room. His mother had rented the small house, not wanting to be labeled trailer trash, even though they had a hard time affording it. As she looked around she could see how his mother had tried her best to give him a place of his own. She had to admit to that, even if it was simple, it was still nice and warm with the walls made in a deep green color and some nice watercolors hanging there too. But only an old 486 DX66 PC and no internet connection.

Seeing the room she knew that his mother would make an excellent addition to her household.

"Is that you?" she asked, pointing to one painting showing a child sleeping.

"Yes, my mom drew it."

"So what do you do on your computer?" she asked

"Programming games mostly."

"Wow, that's cool." And she thought it was too. She knew herself how hard it was programming, but at least she had grown up with some of the best teachers on the continent, namely her dad and mum. To learn it on your own without internet was amazing.

"So what do you program in?"

"Delphi and BorlandC++"

"Assembler?" she asked curious.

"Yeah a little, but that's hard."

"Yeah I know, I have some good books on it though. If you're interested?"

James looked at her, in awe once again. A girl, a girl who seemed to like him. And knew how to program in assembler, he couldn't believe it.

"I think I'm falling in love."

He murmured to himself, making Amanda blush as she heard him. She was also surprised, nowhere in the investigations had they told her that he studied programming? She nodded, listening she could hear a bike coming, and as she looked out she saw James mom leaning it to the side of the house.

"Jaimy, sweetie. Your mum is here."

As they went down and Amanda presented herself, she surreptitiously inspected Jaimy's mom. 'Nice tits' she thought, 'and a sweet smile'. She felt herself fall down into her blue eyes as she presented herself, feeling a little glow of triumph as his mother blushingly looked down first, as shyly as Jaimy. 'Yes, they are mine'. She secretly gloated as she steered them both into their small living room. After she had explained the situation for Jaimy's mother she let them discuss it for a while before reining them in.

"I will come to get your son each day for the first three weeks." Said Amanda. "Don't worry Laura, I would love you to come too." She smiled, and she would.

After the first week she slowly made the hour's a little longer, introducing him to his new room. He had been very impressed with her estate, and the pink room she had them studying in had once been her own. She had handpicked the clothes with him in mind, and she knew they were going to fit him, as well as the state of the art PC she had ordered for him. As he started to feel more secure she invited both him and his mother over the weekend, making sure that she spoiled them rotten. It was as she invited them to a dip in the pool she got her first chance to play with James.

"I can't. I don't have any bathing suit with me." Said Laura.

"Awh shucks." Said James, realizing that neither had he. The pool looked really cool.

As Amanda had made Laura drink wine to the dinner and later had given her a few strong drinks, she could see how longingly Laura looked at the clear blue water, her inhibitions lowered.

"I'll fix you some swimming gear." She promised. As she came back with the bikini for Laura she saw the mother hesitate noticing its transparency, but looking into her eyes she firmly told her that a no wasn't acceptable. As Laura went to change she turned to James with a pair of bikini bottoms.

"Those were mine Jaimy, I think they will fit you perfectly. Off with those ugly drawers boy."

As he wanted to go and change she stopped him, she just fell down on her knees drawing both trousers and drawers of him. He felt very exposed as she held the bikini bottoms for him to step into, but she didn't seem to notice, just complimenting him on how good they looked at him.

As Laura came back Amanda smiled. She looked so perfectly innocently sluttish in that bikini, it was a little to small for her and Amanda knew that when it got wet it would become transparent. She had installed cameras all around the estate and she hoped to get some really good photos to enjoy later.

"Very nice Laura." She told her as she went to her. "Fits you perfectly, don't they Jaimy?"

Jaimy had never seen his mother like this, her body so blatantly presented, and without helping it he fond himself unable to look away. Amanda laid her arm around Laura's shoulders whispering

"Laura, don't look, but I think your son is falling in love." Making Laura as red as a beet. Over the weekend she took every opportunity she could to touch her, getting Laura used to her. As the weekend was finished and she drove them home she gave both Laura and Jaimy a kiss saying."

"I had a wonderful time, hope we can do it again?"

Both Jaimy and Laura smiled back nodding. Yes it had been very nice, good food and lots of fun, and Laura almost felt a little deserted as she saw Amanda leave. She had gotten used to her touches now, and her compliments.

Tuesday she was fired from her work. The manager told her that there had been complaints about her soliciting customers and he couldn't accept that kind of behavior. As she came back home she was in tears. Amanda who had been the main cause behind it had came late knowing what would happen, As she saw Laura's tears she asked what it was and as Laura haltingly started to tell the phone rang. Laura hurried over.


"Who is it?."

"It's Laura."

"Look baby, we are some guys that's having a party. We understand that you're availabl..."

Laura threw down the phone crying again. Amanda felt a sting of regret seeing her, but it was all for the best, she defended herself. They were hers, not the towns, now she just had to string them along for a while and then reel them in.

By the end of the week Laura and Jaimy both wanted nothing better than to leave. They had unconnected their phone after a number of lewd calls, and Laura couldn't even face to show her face outside the door anymore. As Amanda came she decided that it was time.

You go pack some suitcases Laura, you're coming with me. I'll get you a job. You too Jaimy, hurry now. Up to your rooms."

James smiled at her. He guessed which room he would get to sleep in, and to be honest, he loved that room, even though it was terribly girlish. It had a totally new, state of the art, gaming computer and some incredibly cool games. He just loved it.

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