A Habit That's Hard to Lick

by DaddysSickSecret

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, NonConsensual, Coercion, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Fisting, Squirting, Water Sports, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Flash Sex Story: I have an addiction. Hopefully, my therapist can help me.

Well, Doc, I guess it all started when I was 12 and my cousin Tina dropped her twat right on my face. She didn't mean to — we were wrestling and she got me in one of those knee holds. Only her skirt slipped up and I got her twat shoved right up against my nose for 20, maybe 30 seconds. After that, I used to dream about Tina's twat. I'd wake up with the sheets drenched and my fingers still two knuckles up my own hole. I tried to get a whiff of other girls, of course. I'd steal panties from the girl's locker room. Totally got off on those. But Tina was still the one I dreamed about mostly.

Finally, when I was 14, she was staying at our house and when she fell asleep, I slipped into the bed with her. She wore a t-shirt to bed but under it, nothing but bush! I fingered her a little — just until I thought she might wake up — and then spent the rest of the night sniffing one hand and doing myself with the other. Well, I got away with that for a couple nights but finally, I couldn't resist and I put my face right there between her legs. I rubbed my nose right in her twat and she juiced my face. I swear, I came right then! No joke. That's what woke her — my nose on her clit. My first face wash.

Oh, Tina was pissed, yeah. She agreed not to rat me out, but she called her folks and went home the next day.

But I was hooked. I knew right then that I loved pussy.

And I'm not selective either Doc. I like young pussy, old pussy, shaved pussy, hairy pussy. Hell, even the rag doesn't bother me! Cork it and spread 'em!

After Tina? Let me think. Some girl in my class. I don't remember her name. The bathroom door popped open when I was walking by and I saw her sitting there with her knees open. I slipped in and told her I'd tell everyone that we did it unless she let me smell it. She was pretty grossed out at first. But I rubbed my nose against her clit and she came after a couple minutes. A couple days later, I saw her in the hallway and told her I wanted to do it again and she was ok with it. She pissed my face a couple times too. We always went into an empty bathroom so no one really noticed us.

By the time I got to high school, I figured out about using my tongue and fingers too. I still used my nose because the smell just totally turns me out. By then, I had like a girl a day — the bathroom, the lunchroom, out behind the bleachers. I swear, once they found out I ate pussy, they practically lined up around the block! I never asked for anything back — I mean, if I got a face wash, I'd cum like that anyway.

Ok, so I didn't go to college, yeah, big surprise there. I got a job at Walmart which was pretty ok — at first. I was doing a couple of the cashiers and one of the girls in electronics. But I got caught eating out a customer in the stock room so I got fired. So I got a job at CVS only the same thing happened. Over and over. Longest job I had was three years mostly cause I was sucking the manager out twice a shift. But she wanted me to come back to her place and do her husband and I was like no fucking way and she got tired of hearing me say no so, boom, out.

So, I kind of drifted for a while. Finally, I was like a month from losing my unemployment and I was just kind of wandering around and I see this lady unloading her car. She's old, right? I mean, not ancient but definitely over 50. So I come over and say need a hand, and she says I'm good but I grab a couple bags anyway and bring 'em into the kitchen. So five minutes later, she all thanks, you didn't need to do that and whatever. And I'm all it's cool and stuff.

So she asks if I want a drink and I say sure. And she asks my name and do I live around there and I tell her no, just on my way to a friend's place. But the whole time, I keep staring at her muff. Finally, I just could not resist any more, y'know? I mean the shit was practically calling my name. I just moved, so she's sitting on the couch and I'm just there, just between her thighs, sucking her sweaty panties before she can even begin to bitch! So, I'm licking and sucking but through the panties, right? And I can tell she's juicing up even though she's bitching up a storm — no, don't, stop, I'll scream, that kind of shit. But, shit, I'm dripping by then so, fuck it, I just slid my tongue in and tongue fucked her. And man-o-man did she scream! She let loose this crazy jet of piss on my face like real quick but I was just getting started so I didn't stop. Get this: she juiced me five times! When she was done, my face, my hair, and my shirt all covered in pussy cum. I still have that shirt. I still can't get the smell out!

But that's when I started working the neighborhoods. See, when I was done, she was totally wiped. There was a ten sitting on the coffee table, so I snatched it on my way out. Then, on the way back to my place, I see this house with the front door open. I walk around the place once and sure enough, there's one woman in the bathroom. Well, I was kind of psyched by then, so I just walked in and closed the door. I walked in the bathroom and I swear she freaked but before she could stand up, I got my arms locked around her knees, and my nose right up in there. She was so fucking scared she peed my face! Then I'm licking and sucking like crazy. I swear, she sounded like one of those howler monkeys at the zoo! Doc, you should have heard it! So, on my way out from her, I find her purse and snatch a twenty.

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