Home Schooling Mistress

by Dr Scribble

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Don Bradley isn't sufficiently qualified to educate his 14 year-old daughter, Della, at home - a situation he sees as desirable in view of her advancing pregnancy, but fortunately, his sister, Celia, is. Trouble is, Celia demands a price, but it's one Don doesn't mind paying.

This story is a sequel to 'Home Schooling', which it's advisable to read first.

Don Bradley really didn't have the sort of qualifications that would satisfy the Department of Education he was a fit and proper person to be in charge of his fourteen-year-old daughter, Della's, home schooling. This could have been serious, as problems go, because Della's pregnancy was beginning to be obvious, and anyway, he wanted to pull her out of regular school because he wanted her home and handy. She wanted to be home so he would be handy as well.

She hadn't realised how horny pregnancy would make her, but she did now she was. Her pussy itched for cock at unpredictable moments, and trying to deny it its feed of semen was like trying to ignore the hunger cries of a baby.

The solution to the problem was Don's sister, Della's Aunt Celia. Don knew she was sufficiently qualified and capable of being Della's tutor. His only doubt was whether she'd agree to do it. After all, she had a fledgling career as an accountant, and was busy building up her client base and might not want to take on the responsibility of teaching Della all that she needed to know to get through her exams in two years' time.

He explained the situation to Della one Saturday.

She'd been writing an essay on the industrial developments of the nineteenth century, and pushed her writing pad away with a sigh of relief when Don spoke to her.

She went to sit beside him on the settee, snuggling up against him and inhaling his scent. As ever, it went straight to her pussy and started a little fire inside. Her pussy oozed arousal so often these days she had almost given up wearing knickers whilst at home when her father was around. She took his left arm and pulled it round her shoulders, holding his fingers over her swollen breasts while her other hand pulled her skirt up so she could press her fingers into and around her mound, slipping her long middle finger between the lips of her pussy to spread her lubricating juices around her opening.

'I have an idea that might help, ' she said, sighing as his fingers aroused her nipples and she felt them stiffen, sending another little jolt of fuel to her internal fire. She glanced down at his lap and saw the usual and very welcome bulge that indicated his desire for her. She unzipped his trousers and slipped her slender hand inside, wrapping her fingers around his thickness.

Don grunted. 'What ... sort of idea?' he gasped.

He undid his belt so she could reach him more easily, then leaned across and unfastened the buttons on Della's shirt, the better to reach her breasts. Most of Della's bras fastened in front these days, mainly for his convenience, and he took advantage of that feature now to uncover his daughter's delightful mounds.

As Della's breasts had begun to fill out as a consequence of her pregnancy, they had become firmly cone-shaped. Her nipples stuck up like little pencil rubbers and Don lowered his lips to them, grazing on them gently while beneath him, Della moaned her approval. The movements of her hands on his cock had caused it to harden to the point of being painful. She spared a hand to reach round him and tug him so he rolled on top of her. His prick found her opening all by itself and he felt the head lodge firmly in her notch.

Della widened the target for him by spreading her legs as far as she could, pulling the lips of her vagina apart. Don slid effortlessly into her depths, feeling the walls of her fuck tunnel stretching round his invading prick, until the head butted into the soft centre of her cervix.

He paused a moment, to enjoy the sensation of being so deeply embedded in his daughter's welcoming pussy.

'What sort of idea?' he repeated.

Della used her internal muscles to begin milking and massaging his cock for the seed it contained.

'Build on a little office for Auntie, so she can continue her accountancy business — I mean, ' she added, thrusting her hips upwards to force his cock even further inside her, 'she wouldn't have to spend all her time actually teaching. I can work by myself, I just need her for a bit of guidance and to check my work. Mmmm!'

She thrust up again as Don pulled several inches of his cock out before ramming it back into her.

Della chewed her lower lip and moaned with pleasure. Don began to slide slowly in and out, mashing his pubic bone against her clit on every in-stroke, so that she cried out in pleasure. Her pussy was nipping and pinching at his cock all the time and he marvelled at her ability to have a prolonged orgasm, which seemed to last from the moment he bottomed out in her until he finally bathed her insides with another large delivery of his sperm.

He began to rotate his hips, causing the tip of his cock to dance around in Della's pussy, sparking little shocks from nerves she didn't know she had, and all the time the fire in her belly grew and grew, and the pressure with it.

Don felt his own version of the pressure, the need to breed his daughter. The tip of his cock grew more sensitive as it battered against her cervix. His balls tightened.

'Here it comes, Dell, ' he warned her. 'I'm going to give our baby a sperm bath.'

'Fuck me, Dad, ' she begged, wrapping her legs round him and pulling him tightly into her. 'Fuck me and our baby. Fill my womb with your seed!'

He jammed himself hard into her, holding himself there with so much strength that every muscle in his arms and legs began to vibrate with the effort and his cock began to leap and pulse, spewing his seed as far inside his daughter as he could dump it.

Della arched her hips upwards, sealing his spurting rod tightly against her pussy mound and encouraged him with her legs and arms to dump his load. Her pussy rippled and chewed on his cock, milking it for every last drop of precious seed.

'Aaarrggghhh!' he cried.

'Fuck meeee!' Della screamed, as their sexual fluids swirled and mixed and sloshed in her cramping pussy.

When he had finally stopped injecting semen into her and his prick was beginning to wilt, Don lay above her but with his elbows taking most of his weight.

'Wow!' he whispered. 'I don't think I've ever enjoyed fucking a woman more than I enjoy fucking you.'

She lifted her head briefly and kissed him on the lips. 'That's good, Dad. I want to be the best fuck you ever had. After all, we've a way to go yet — this is only our first baby.'

'You're going to want another one — with me — after this one's born?' he asked, his eyebrows arched in surprise.

'Oh, yes!'

'But Della, you're young, you'll meet a young man eventually and want to give him babies.'

She dabbed a kiss on his lips again then lay back and looked at him with such an expression of love on her face that Don would give anything he could to keep there.

'I might, ' she said, 'but he's going to have a hard act to follow, and in the meantime, if you think I'm giving up the best sex I've ever had, with the most loving and loved man I know, you clearly have a fever and need to spend a few days in bed while I convince you otherwise.'

Don leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. Their tongues explored each other's mouths, and his cock twitched inside her.

'Hmmm, ' she said, 'there's still life in the old dog. Roll over, my turn on top.'

They rolled over carefully, keeping his swelling cock in her fuck tube, so Don was on his back. Della leaned forward to dangle her breasts in front of his lips. He captured the nipple and began sucking and chewing on it, while her hips began to jerk on his, working his cock in and out of her pussy until it reached its full length and stiffness again. Then she laid on him and worked her pussy on his cock, fucking him gently, teasing him and from time to time, dragging her nipples through the hairs on his chest.

He grabbed her breasts and drew a moan of appreciation from her as he used his thumbs to tease the nipples, leading one, then the other, to his mouth for a suck.

This time, there was not so much urgency and they remained coupled, slowly fucking for more than ten minutes before he felt his balls tighten and a new delivery of semen rising up through his cock.

'I'm cumming, Dell!'

She immediately clamped down hard on him and her eyes rolled upwards, giving her the appearance of a demonic succubus for a moment, as her pussy squeezed and milked his cock, urging every drop of semen in it to bathe the foetus in her womb.

Afterwards, they lay together for a while, enjoying the post-coital glow, before Della decided a shower was necessary. As she pulled off Don't shrunken cock she had to use three fingers to prevent all their rich fuck juices from leaking over the bedding and carpets. She dashed to the bathroom.

Don's sister, Celia, came round for dinner. She hadn't needed to be asked twice, though Don hadn't explained why he was inviting her, telling her only that he had a proposition for her.

'Don!' she'd said in mock horror, 'You haven't propositioned me for years — since, let me see, you were seventeen.'

'Yeah, well, you turned me down that time, ' he growled.

'I should think I did! I was only fifteen, Don.'

'Yeah, yeah, ' he said again. 'You were nearly sixteen.'

'I was dumb, too! And you never asked me again.'

Don had rolled his eyes even though she couldn't see down the phone. 'I couldn't handle the rejection again, Sis.'

'How do you know I would have rejected you the next time you asked?' she enquired, her voice suddenly sultry.

'Because I got old, and realised it was wrong to fuck your sister. And anyway, I'd met a girl at school.'

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