Black G
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Light Bond, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a mostly true story about a girl I work with. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

Ever since I started working with Jen I had wondered what type of panties she wore if she wore any underwear at all. She's about 5'4'' tall weighs around 110-120 pounds, has blonde hair and blue eyes. I found out later that she is a 34b. Her tight little ass and hips cry out for a thong

The other day I finally found out that she was wearing a black g-string. I'll bet you're wondering how I found this out.

She was trying to take full bag garbage out of a garbage can and she was having trouble she was leaning forward and I was inclined to check what was going on. I looked closely and as soon as I saw her black g-string my eyes nearly fell out of my head. I effortlessly performed the task for her. She thanked me and I said you're welcome and went back to work.

I checked the schedule later and found out we got off at the same time. When we clocked out later that day she asked me if I wanted to go to bar and have a drink or two. I decided it couldn't hurt so we settled on a nearby bar called Granite City. We got there and I offered to buy the first round. She said that she'd probably only has one.

Half an hour later I was still on my first bud light and she was on her third long island iced tea. About half way in to her fourth she started talking about her ex- boyfriend.

"Mark was such an asshole. Do you know why we broke up, Mark? Hey your name and his name rhyme," she said slurring her words so badly that it was getting hard to understand her.

I knew that I was driving her home because she was way too drunk to even understand what was going on. The bartender said I should probably take her home. I agreed completely and I stood her up and she fell down when I tried to stand her back up I realized she was passed out. I decided I would carry her out so I threw her over my shoulder and walked out. On the way out more than one person saw her black g-string again.

I put her in my car. She woke up just long enough to throw up in the front seat and on herself and then passed out again.

I picked up her purse digging through it to find her license. I only looked to get her address so I knew where to drop her off. She lived closer to me than I thought. Most guys would be freaked out by what else is in a girl's purse but there are those guys who enjoy knowing.

In Jen's purse there were at least 50 condoms and a dildo. Then of course there was the typical brush, make up, her wallet, credit cards and a surprising amount of cash. In a side pouch there were what I assumed were her house and car keys

We pulled up in front of her house and tried to get her to wake up but it was no use. Again I reached into her purse and pulled out her keys then I picked her up and brought her into her house. Handling the keys while carrying her in to the house was difficult. As I crossed the threshold of her house I hit her head lightly on the door but not hard enough to even cause a sound out of her. Just as we got inside her house she vomited again. This time it got all over her work shirt and on her skin.

I was nervous about what I should do but I figured that the vomit on her clothes was gonna stain so I surmised that I'd have to remove her shirt at the very least. She was wearing a black bra that matched her g-string. Although Jen was not overly busty her bra was a bit on the small side. I was very reluctant to remove her bra even though I noticed then that there was a bit of vomit on it. I didn't want the vomit to stain the bra like it would probably stain the polo work shirt. Luckily it was one of those front clasp bras and it was strapless it wouldn't be too difficult to get it off her.

I undid the hook and it popped open exposing two of the most gorgeous boobs I've ever seen. I assume that it popped open because it was so tight. Seeing her tits was incredible. They were so hot and just perfect I had to touch them. At first I gently touched the nipples and got no response from Jen so I pressed a little harder, still no response so I began playing with them in earnest--I couldn't help it.

My cock was demanding relief. What can I do? I thought. Bingo! I can tit fuck her.

This would not be typical tit fucking though. Jen was passed out so I lay my already steel hard cock between her breasts and had to press them together. Luckily I didn't have to stay in that position long and I came all over her face and upper chest. I also gave her a sizeable pearl necklace. That was fun.

I opened up her mouth and stuck my dick inside as a way of cleaning it off. I didn't intend to shoot a load in her mouth but I did anyway. Even though she was asleep she was still swallowing my cum like she would if she were awake. At this point I still had more cum in my balls but I had less than I normally have around her or any of the hotties I work with. I decided that I had to pee so I walked around the house for a while and found the bathroom. It was a large bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub. I thought to myself that this would be a nice tub to have sex in maybe with Jen.

I started to pee and after I finished I decided this was a long 8 and 1/2 hour day for me and I deserved a break so I stripped completely. I figured Jen would be out at least until morning. I slipped into the tub and the jets felt great on my sore muscles and tired joints. Don't ask me why a 25-year-old has sore, tired muscles just know I do. While I was in the tub I could have sworn I heard Jen rustling but I guessed it was just her moving from passed out sleep to regular sleep.

I finished my bath, dried off and put my boxers back on. I went back to Jen's room and noticed Jen was dressed in new clothes which meant she was awake for longer than the few times that she threw up in my car. She must've changed while I was in the tub. She was dressed in a lime green g-string and a sheer cami top. Her tits were hard as bullets and would have shown through the top even if it wasn't see-through. They looked good enough to eat and don't think I wasn't about to.

As I leaned down to take my first taste she rolled over so I thought it was probably a good time to leave. Got dressed and went home after locking up her house. On the drive home I thought about what I had done to and with Jen. When I got home I realized I'd have to wash not only the inside but also the outside of my car. I know it was to wash the outside but the inside should have been washed sooner. Well it was already getting light out so I took out the vomit soaked floor mats and hosed them off then I let them dry while hanging on the fence.

I figured I probably should get some sleep because I had to work that day but luckily it was only a 4 hour shift from 4 to 8. I slept until about 3 o'clock when my alarm woke me up. I got ready and a bit before 3:30 I left for work It only takes about 15 minutes to get to work so around 3:40 I was at work I checked the schedule and was surprised to see that Jen was working the same hours as me. I was thinking maybe after work me and her could hit a bar and see what happens.

Before work ended Jen came up to me and asked what happened the night before and I told her she got a bit too drunk so I drove her home and then left. She seemed to buy that but I said that I'd take her to the bar when I got off so she could get her car back.

After I dropped her off at the bar she asked me if I wanted to go to her house and have a drink or two. I figured, why not? When see got there she changed out of her work clothes and oddly enough into a bikini. She looked super hot in her bikini. The tiny top was well filled and the bottom tightly hugged her ass and she may have known that it gave her a major camel toe. She invited me to go for a swim or, at the very least, a dip in the hot tub.

I informed her as she already knew that I had no swim wear. She said I should go skinny dipping because after all I saw her naked last night. I thought, oh shit she knows the truth about last night. She said, "After all you undressed me and dressed me in sleep clothes so I could sleep off the drunkenness." I breathed a sigh of relief with that.

I decided that since I had seen her naked it was fair play so I stripped naked and stepped into the hot tub. Jen saw my cock for the first time and she was mesmerized.

She candidly asked, "Does that monster get any bigger?"

"Of course it does," I replied.

"How big does it get?" she asked.

I spread my legs and before I even was able to say "why don't you find out for yourself" she had her hand around my soft dick. Within a matter of seconds I was hard as a steel rod. And I had grown about 3 of the typical 5 inches I grow. After about 20 seconds I was at full length. She started jerking it faster then after about 5 minutes moved her face closer. I thought she was going to suck it but she didn't.

She said, "Let it go all over my face. On my face, in my hair, I don't care where it lands as long as it's on me. Cover me with your cum, Mark. Spray your baby juice on me."

I did what she said. I let loose and came all over her, in her hair, on her face, on her breasts and a streak all the way down her body.

She decided to run off and take a shower. I decided to join her. We went into her room and I found out she had a connected bathroom to her room. If only I had known sooner. The shower was a lot roomier than I thought it'd be. We both fit and had lots of room to move around. It even had a bench in it that we both sat on and relaxed on when she turned the dial to a sauna feature.

After a while it got to the point where it was too hot so we both got out. She said that I should get out of her room so I didn't see her naked. I thought she was insane but I began to leave anyway. Before I got out the door she grabbed me and spun me around and threw me on the bed. Before I even landed I knew what was coming. Because we were still sweaty from the sauna she didn't even need foreplay. She only wanted sex and she wanted it rough.

She straddled my body and slid right down onto my already hard cock. She began bouncing up and down on it like a crazy woman. Suddenly she got off me and I was stunned she had cum so quickly. I was even more surprised that I didn't feel her cum. She got off of me and said, "This isn't gonna work."

She got on her hands and knees and said, "Fuck me hard from behind."

Who was I to deny a girl like Jen? I did just as she said and began fucking her from behind. I was just getting into a good rhythm when she screamed, "Hurt me."

I didn't really know what to do but decided I better do something. I pulled her hair and she screeched, "More pain!"

At which point I smacked her ass hard. The hand print is probably still there. She screamed more at which point I knew there was only one thing I could to quench her masochistic tendencies, I pulled out for about half a second at which she actually turned toward me and growled. I pulled back realigned my aim and slammed my dick right up her ass. As soon as I bottomed out in her she let out a blood curdling scream. Just from the tightness of her ass I could tell it was her first time and if I had anything to say about it wouldn't be her last. I came and we both passed out from pain and sheer exhaustion.

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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