A Decision
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Caution,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - She may be a delight on dates, but to marry her means accepting her family and friends. You think you know yourself and you think you know your lover, but new experiences lead to new insights. Now you have to make a decision. Codes *have* been hidden. Cautioned material has been isolated in chapter two. Almost all of you should skip chapter two. You won't enjoy the full account. You'll appreciate the story more and my scores will be higher. The story can be enjoyed without knowing the details.

They say it's not what you know, but who you know, and that's why I found myself leaving Iowa. The father of a dorm floor-mate was the sales vice-president for an industrial parts manufacturer. I met him on parent's day of my junior year. By the winter of my senior year I had a job waiting me in a small town in central Tennessee. Came the end of May, I packed up my car, kissed my folks goodbye and hit the road. Tom, the floor-mate, was moving to Ohio, but he put me in touch with an apartment complex that offered furnished apartments month to month. I moved in on a Thursday and started work the next Monday.

I'd grown up and gone to college in Iowa. I was smart, top third of my class in both high school and college, though nothing to set the world on fire. I was considered handsome enough by the four girlfriends I'd had through the years, but neither Hollywood nor the modeling agencies would be coming a-knocking.

I alternated running a few miles with light lifting to stay in shape. I didn't have a six pack, but there was nothing hanging down over the belt. I get at least a first look from most women.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm Jim (slightly above) average. I am also somewhat shy and hesitant when I'm in new situations, which this was.

A few weeks later I had just finished a morning run and had stopped at a certain coffee shop to rehydrate (yes, I know that caffeine is a diuretic, but I'm an addict, so put down the espresso and back off). The cute girl in front of me stepped back from the counter, and I zigged when I should have zagged. Her latte was on the floor and I was both embarrassed and thunderstruck.

We all carry a template in our minds of the perfect girl. She matched mine completely. She was almost as tall as my five foot ten. She was slender and athletic looking. Her legs looked strong, without being beefy. She curved in where she should and curved out just right. I accurately guessed she was a large B cup, more than a handful with no sag, her breasts sitting high on her chest.

She had dark red hair that came down to just below her shoulders and the face of an angel. Her personality and temperament were immediately evident as the coffee sprayed all over the floor. I turned as red as a proverbial fire truck and began stammering apology after apology while insisting that I would replace her latte. Melinda laughed and, in her soft drawl, tried to take some of the fault. While someone mopped the floor and the barrista made two new lattes, I introduced myself and offered to do her laundry as we were both splattered from our shoes to our shorts.

Our hands touched when I handed Melinda her cup. It is so trite, but I felt a spark. I know I said I was shy in new situations, but I knew I had to make Melinda a part of my life. We sat and talked as the coffee we'd missed dried to a sticky mess. We walked to her apartment where she showered and changed and then to mine for me to wash up and change, as well as start the laundry.

Nothing physical happened that day. Mentally and emotionally, however, I was gone. Melinda and I began spending as much time as possible together. After a month or so, this being the twenty-first century, we exchanged STD reports. Neither of us cared much for latex. We met after work three days a week and spent half of each weekend together. We walked or took drives together. We would cook for each other and watch movies. And we went to bed.

Melinda was everything I could want either above or between the sheets. She was eager to start and could go for hours. Anything I would suggest, she was happy to try. Anything included anywhere. Having a responsive partner does wonders for your ego. My hat size must have doubled.

I was in heaven and wanted to have Melinda forever. After about six months together, one Wednesday night, I pushed myself up on one elbow and leaned over Melinda. I nibbled a nipple and moved up to kiss her lips.

"Melinda," I started, "could we talk about where we're going? I love you and I want you in my life more and more. Can we talk about moving in together and see if this is the real thing? There's more to a marriage than just being in love and I want to see if we have what it takes."

She smiled as she stared into my eyes. "Jim, I was going to bring that up myself, but you beat me to it. I love you very much and I so hope that you are the one I'm going to grow old and wrinkled with. Will you love me when my breasts touch my belly button?"

I laughed and bent down to lick her navel. Melinda gasped and bucked her hips. "No problem," I said. "It just means I can do that and suck your nipples at the same time."

Melinda giggled and called me a nut, but her nut.

Her smile dimmed and she told me, "There is one thing, though. We've spent all our time since we met together and none socializing. I have a group of friends that I grew up with here since we were in grade school. I have to tell you, Jim, my friends are very important to me. I'm not saying they have a veto over our relationship, but it will make our life together less joyful for me and will put a strain on things."

Smiling, I replied, "If they're your friends, I'm sure they're wonderful. Will I have to worry about any of them stealing you away from me?"

Melinda's smile returned and she said, "You have nothing to worry about there. We get together and have fun, but none of them hold a candle to you. I could have chosen one of them years ago, but I never did. None of them has ever shown any interest in me that way and none of them are so timid that they would hide it."

Her gaze drew me in as she reached up and caressed my cheek. "Jim, if we get to the point where we're talking marriage, I promise you total and complete honesty and truthfulness. Will you promise the same?"

I leaned down and whispered, "Absolutely and completely," and sealed it with a kiss. I rolled over and ground myself against her groin. "When can we start to meet your friends?"

As Melinda was leaving that night she kissed me and said, "Count on meeting Sally this Friday night. We'll have dinner at her house around six. That should give you time to shower and change. Dress very casually. I'll call you if there's a change and to give directions. I'll meet you there." Her tongue departed from my mouth and she followed along.

A minute before six that Friday I stood on Sally's porch. I had parked behind Melinda's little Honda and trotted up the walk. Before I could knock, the door opened and a squealing Melinda jumped into my arms.

"I can't tell you how excited I am that you're here and that you're going to start to meet the gang. I'm so psyched. Come in. Come in. Come on! We're in the kitchen. Sally's so excited also. I've been telling her all about you for months." I couldn't listen fast enough to follow her enthusiasm.

I walked down a short hallway and into the kitchen. Sally turned from the sink and smiled at me. She was a petite blond with a terrific figure. Melinda hadn't been kidding when she said to dress casually. Both Melinda and Sally were wearing a loose top with spaghetti straps and a pair of shorts. Anklets and sneakers completed the wardrobe. Sally was more ... gifted on top than Melinda. I knew from her hug that Melinda was braless and the sway of Sally's breasts indicated she matched my girl.

Sally wiped her hands on a towel as she crossed the room and tossed it on the table behind me. She put the side of her head against my chest as she hugged me. She pulled my face down and gave me a quick, but affectionate kiss on my lips.

"I am happy to meet the man who's made Melinda so happy. She's practically glowed the last few months. I hope we can become friends, also."

I smiled to Sally, reached down to capture her hand and brought it to my lips. "I shall make every effort to make that so," I said. Melinda and Sally glowed back at me.

Melinda grabbed a tray of appetizers off the table and dragged me to Sally's living room. Sally followed behind and laughed at Melinda. "Supper should be ready in about a half hour, so let's sit and get to know each other," Sally called.

Melinda and I sat on a love seat (where else) and Sally sat across from us. We talked, and drank from a pitcher of sweet tea that Sally had brought in, and ate those delicious appetizers. I was happy, delighted actually. I had worried for the last thirty-six hours that I wouldn't get along with her friends or that they would hate me. Perhaps Melinda had started me with the easiest of her friends. I could see that I had at least passed the first test and began to relax and just be myself.

From nowhere came a rumble from deep in my gut and a cramp seized me. I gasped before I could stop it and shut my eyes to control the sudden pain. Melinda turned toward me and with a worried look on her face asked, "What's the matter, Jim?"

I gasped, "I don't feel well at all." I looked at Sally and asked, "Where's the nearest bathroom?" There was a freight train coming and it was an express.

Melinda sprang up, pulled me up by my arm and hauled me around Sally's chair and to an open door. Hallelujah, the bathroom. Melinda flipped on the light and pulled the door shut as I fumbled with my belt and pulled down my jeans and boxers at the same time. Just as I sat, the train reached the station. I was racked by wave after wave, spasm after spasm. I was an unsteady upside-down Old Faithful, odor and all. I don't even want to think about the sound. In the lucid moments between the pains, I saw Melinda's worried face gazing back.

Melinda's face was white with fear for me. "What did you eat" she asked.

"I was too nervous to eat lunch, so just those little quiches" I managed to croak.

"How many of those quiches did you eat?"

"I had five. They were delicious." I gave another courtesy flush.

Melinda continued to look worried, but slipped out after blessedly turning on the vent fan. After about ten more minutes the pain passed, and I don't think there was anything left anyways. I cleaned up carefully and completely using wet tissues to make sure the smell stayed off me.

I was mortified. Here I was meeting the first of Melinda's friends and I just dropped my entire gut in her bathroom. I could just imagine her in the living room, hearing the trumpet blasts I'd let forth. There was no way that the smell had remained in the bathroom. Kissing was intimate, but toilet time was beyond that. How could I even face her after this. When I opened the door Melinda stood there with her eyes wide open. Her concern rolled off her. Sally was behind her and looked dreadful.

"I am so sorry," Sally said. "I feel so bad that you reacted like that." Sally seemed to feel as ashamed as I did. I took heart.

Melinda pulled me into a gentle hug and asked how I felt. I answered, "I'm OK now, but I feel a little weak and tired. The pain is gone. I should be fine in a little bit."

Sally said, "Come on. You should lie down for a half-hour and then we'll see what you feel up to doing." She handed a mug to Melinda and led me to her bedroom. Melinda sat me on the edge of the four poster bed and gave me a hug and the mug.

"Here. Drink this and then lay down. You need to get some liquids back in you." I drank about a third and gave it back. Melinda had, meanwhile, removed my shoes. She handed the mug off to Sally, and laid me back with my head on the pillows. Melinda loosened my belt and unsnapped my jeans. She kissed me on the cheek and said, "Rest well. We'll see you soon." With that, both women backed out of the door, turning out the light as they went. I closed my eyes and sleep overtook me.

As quickly as I'd fallen asleep, I awakened. The sharp smell of ammonia was in my nostrils and I was disoriented. My vision was blocked, but I could see light from around the edges. There was pressure on my chest and the smell of ammonia was rapidly replaced by a familiar and more pleasant smell, a woman. The warm pressure on my chest was accompanied by warm thighs cradling my ears. Someone was riding my face.

There was no hair within reach of my tongue, so that ruled out Melinda. She had a narrow landing strip on her mons. It must be Sally. Just then, I felt warm and moist lips engulf my cock with a tongue wiggling out an accompaniment. I recognized Melinda's style immediately and relaxed. Maybe I should get sick more often.

I went to pull my hands down from over my head to cradle Sally's ass, but could not move them more than an inch. They didn't hurt, but they were stuck there. I went to move my feet, but had little movement there as well. I could move them up and down a bit, but only jointly. I found no give at all moving them together or apart. It was like there was a rod between my legs and my ankles were bound to it.

As I began to struggle, the thighs parted slightly and Melinda moved off my cock. I was able to hear her say, "Just relax and enjoy. I'm so sorry you went through all that pain in the bathroom. Let us make it up to you." The thighs tightened around my head. I was able to breathe alright and I started to lick and nip whatever I could reach. Sally seemed to appreciate the attention as I could feel her begin to squirm. I didn't think this was the first time Melinda and Sally had teamed up.

Melinda was a first-rate cocksucker. I say that with awe and not as the playground insult. She had great skill and could make me last just as long as she wanted me to. Tonight seemed to be no exception. I had nowhere and no means to go anywhere. What was new was Melinda pushing a well lubricated finger up my ass. I had a little room to buck my hips and I instinctively moved away. Melinda pushed down on my abdomen gently and firmly, and even used her right thumb to push down on my balls while pushing up with the pointer finger.

Her tongue caressed my cock and her finger wiggled in my ass. I gasped and jerked as the digit pressed against the top of my rectum. I guess that was my prostate. The finger twisted and turned and moved slowly in and out. Every once in a while the finger would beckon and I would feel the sharp, pleasurable stab as my Melinda rubbed my prostrate. Sally, meanwhile, was still in the saddle and enjoying whatever attention I could give her. I was almost certain she had cum at least once.

If not for Melinda's exquisite skill, I would have gone long ago. She knew when to let up and when to squeeze my shaft to shut down an imminent ejaculation. Soon a second finger joined the first. Together they continued the dance, but Melinda pushed my cock from her mouth and just caressed it randomly with her tongue. I was finding it harder and harder (pun aside) to hold back.

Suddenly, Melinda stopped and I felt the loss of her weight allow the mattress to rise. I concentrated on giving Sally the time of her life and felt her cum again. Meanwhile, my legs were being pulled up. I imagined a rope was stretched through the headboard. I soon found myself with my knees near my chest, my cock being stroked by Melinda's mouth and her fingers in my ass. The coaster ride continued.

After a while a third finger was pressed into action and, while everything felt wonderful, it was a little uncomfortable and the urgency to cum lessened. As she felt my erection falter, Melinda returned my cock to her mouth and the roller coaster ride accelerated.

Soon after that I heard a buzzing sound just before the joy toy touched my perineum, right below my scrotum. The hard plastic vibrator danced in and away, never allowing me to crest. Melinda returned to occasional swipes of her tongue to keep my interest. I was soaring when the fingers departed from my ass and was replaced by the buzzing rod.

I know that, reading this as I've recounted it, you could see this coming a mile away. For myself, with the torment of my diarrhea ordeal, the nap, my surprise first threesome and Melinda's magnificent blowjob my synapses were fried and my thinking was as slow as a 286 chip.

The vibrator moved in and out. Melinda's lips sporadically nipped my frenulum. The vibrator was off for three cycles and on for one, off for one and on for two. It went in deep followed by several short strokes. It came all the way out a couple times in a row and then went deep and was held there for a while. I couldn't get any rhythm to get me over the top. My frustration grew, but was held in check by my love and trust of Melinda, and some pretty sturdy ropes.

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