Rhythm of the Rain

by woodmanone

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual,

Desc: Romantic Story: Young man learns that karma isn't always a bitch

Note from Jake Rivers:

This is my seventh semi-annual "invitational." The initial one was based on the Statler Brother's song, "This Bed of Rose's." The most recent invitational included songs written or performed by Willie Nelson. The current effort consists of stories based on song titles that have a weather term in them, such as "Stormy Weather, "Foggy Mountain Top," "Dusty Skies", "Heat Wave", "Summertime Blues," and "Ballad of Thunder Road."

Regards, Jake

This story contains no graphic sex scenes, sorry. As usual, constructive critiques and comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for reading my story and ENJOY.


My inspiration for this story is the song "Rhythm of the Rain" by the Cascades - released in November of 1962.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
Telling me just what a fool I've been
I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain
And let me be alone again

The only girl I care about has gone away
Looking for a brand new start
But little does she know
That when she left that day
Along with her she took my heart

Rain please tell me now does that seem fair?
For her to steal my heart away when she don't care
I can't love another when my hearts somewhere far away

What goes around comes around, you reap what you sow, and my favorite, karma is a bitch. These are all clichés that people have spouted forever it seems. Actually they all say the same thing; you are responsible for your actions and their consequences. The reason that they are clichés is that they are all true. This is my story which proves the truth of these time worn sayings.

I'm sitting under a shelter made out of a tarp and some rope, in the mountains of Colorado that surrounded Denver. Just me and my Harley waiting for the rain to stop. The rhythm of the rain on the tarp is soothing and my mind begins to wander and think about the reasons that I'm here instead of in my cozy condo in Littleton.

My name is John Bentley Cassidy. I know, I have heard all the jokes and no it's not bent, at least not yet. Anyway I'm 28 but my story starts before puberty. I never went through the stage that most boys do of not liking girls, I always liked girls.

My mother caught me at age 6 playing show, tell, and feel with the little girl from next door. I was too young to know anything really, but found her body fascinating. I got a stern lecture from my mother and another from my father along with a swat on the butt. Most children have a curiosity about their bodies but I never outgrew it.

Once I hit puberty, or it hit me, my fascination with the female form led me into a lot of trouble and caused more than a few fights. These fights were usually my fault and I probably deserved the lumps and bruises that I got. In my later years I realized that it was a miracle that I didn't father any children during that wild period. I never thought about birth control or disease, of course it was a simpler time and life altering STDs didn't run amok the way they do today. It was also a miracle that I wasn't seriously hurt by confrontations with irate boyfriends.

I guess the best way to describe myself during that early part of my life is to call me a MAN WHORE. I lost my virginity at 15. Well lost isn't quite right as I was happy to get rid of it. As I turned 16 I developed a philosophy that if one girl was good, two were better and more were better still. I can't count the times that I would be "going with" one girl, when another lovely would catch my eye and off I would go in pursuit of a new or additional female companionship. Obviously this lack of fidelity had a detrimental effect on many of my relationships. Many times I heard "Oh John how could you? I thought you loved me" and worse.

My reputation was not the best but it never seemed to hinder me in my quest for more playmates. I suppose the new playmates thought that they could change me or they just didn't care and wanted to have some extracurricular fun. As I grew older, I was responsible for many young women not being a virgin on their wedding night. All of my "conquests" were willing; in fact some were more than willing and initiated the contact. I hope that every one of them enjoyed the sexual experiences that we had together, I know I did.

I had two major problems during this period: As I said if one girl was good, two were better and this led to a lot of drama about me cheating etc etc etc. My other problem was that if I saw a possible candidate for a little playtime, I never worried about them already having a boyfriend. Let me say this in my defense, if the young lady wasn't interested I couldn't have succeeded in luring her away from her boyfriend.

The boyfriends and fiancées never seemed to understand that premise. Thus the fights I mentioned earlier. The only standards of conduct that I had were no married women and my friend's ladies were safe from seduction by me. In fact I would try and protect a buddy's girl from other guys, guys like me.

Reflecting on my past, I really don't understand my success with the female of the species. I wasn't an imposing figure at 5' 10" and about 170 pounds. Not bad looking with brown hair worn in almost a military cut and deep blue eyes, but I wasn't a movie star or anything. I guess the fact that I wasn't bashful and had kissed the Blarney Stone as the Irish say (the gift of gab for you non Irish out there) helped keep my batting average high, so to speak.

I guess part of my success was the way I treated the lady I was dating. All of the ladies were shown both respect and a very good time. Also they were all treated as ladies. The only thing I really did wrong was not to end a relationship before I started another one. Women don't care for or understand that type of behavior.

My average was about 4 out of 10 with the ladies and the average of a physical altercation was about one in seven. You would think I would learn after a few beatings, but I didn't. Not until I was 28, and then it wasn't so much that I learned a lesson but that love snuck up and hit me in the back of the head.

I was out with some friends at the Rock Bottom Brewery celebrating and recuperating. Celebrating my 28th birthday and recuperating from the effects of meeting the boyfriend (Tom, I think is his name) of my latest conquest. He probably would have seriously injured me but his two companions pulled him off me. Good thing they did, Tom was really, really, upset with me. The man didn't understand the logic that his fiancée, Gail, could have said no, that she wasn't forced to come back to my apartment with me. Point of fact, my apartment was her idea. If she hadn't of wanted to be with me she wouldn't have been with me.

Tom apparently saw us at a bar, dancing and flirting, and followed us to my place. He waited until the girl and I stopped to kiss at my door and then jumped me. What would he have done if we hadn't taken the time to kiss, would he have broken down my door? Usually, I tried to protect myself in these altercations and I would give as good as I got. I may have been encroaching on someone else's territory but I wasn't going to be a punching bag for anyone.

This time I had no chance to fight back; my attention was on Gail when Tom sucker punched me and I was stunned from the start. He did a number on me, including kicking me a couple of times when I went down. That's when his friends pulled him off me. They weren't worried about him hurting me; they were worried that Tom would end up in jail.

I never did get to ask Tom why he allowed Gail to go home with me. Why didn't he confront us at the bar or in the parking lot? Personally I think this wasn't the first time his lady had strayed and he just wanted to beat the hell out of someone and I got elected. I didn't think Tom deserved to go to jail for my actions so I never reported the beating.

My best friend Pete had just made a toast to me, something about escaping once again, when I saw her. Now being the player I was at the time, I never believed in the concept of "love at first sight", lust maybe but not love. One look at her auburn hair, green eyes, and slender body and I was beginning to think differently about that "love at first sight" thing.

"Hey buddy, you still with us?' Pete broke into my trance as I tried to memorize everything about the young woman that had caught my eye.

"Be right back Pete. I just saw my next lady," I said as I started toward the bar where the lovely was standing. In spite of the bruises on my face and the one eye still swollen from my beating, I was confident that I could at least lay the ground work for another meeting.

When I got to the bar and stood next to the lady in question I saw that she was about 5 feet 7. Her long legs and slender build made me think that she and I would fit together very well. I bumped into her, on purpose of course and she turned toward me. I had planned to apologize and use the contact as an excuse to "chat her up" as our English friends would say.

My plans went down in flames. She looked at me with those piercing green eyes and a small smile and I just flat lost my voice and my train of thought. I couldn't think of anything to say; I was amazed because I had never been at a loss for words in my entire life. Before I could recover she got her drink order, smiled at me again, and went back to a table with several other people.

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