5 One in the Hand Is Worth...
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Heterosexual,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story behind Kendall's "Big Mistake Night". Randy Burton was a happy sophomore pre-med student with a sweet freshman girlfriend. Then he sat next to the beautiful coed that all his fraternity brothers coveted, Kendall Payton. She had a "summer romance" boyfriend, so nothing was going to happen between them. But in the Greek world at the University of Tennessee, nothing was as it seemed...

"You'll never make it!" Wes jeered after me as I sprinted for the door.

My humorously malevolent roommate was probably right, but I'd never admit it. It'd be acknowledging a weakness, making me a chicken in the fraternity henhouse with a spot of blood on my feathers.

I usually rode my bike when I had a class on the opposite side of campus, but while returning for lunch I'd rolled over a shard of broken beer bottle in the frat's parking lot. I didn't have time to repair it, and on foot it would be touch and go to make it to my chemistry class on time.

I was in as good a shape as any healthy nineteen year-old and only had to slow to a walk once. Nevertheless I was panting and sweating when I burst through the door at the back of the lecture hall with a minute to spare.

I moved down a few rows to where the guys from our fraternity usually sat.

"Did you save me a seat?" I called. Pete was the frat brother closest to me, who despite partying with Wes a lot was only mildly self-centered. He was usually easy to spot; he had drawers full of bright orange Tennessee Volunteers t-shirts. He grinned at me and shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm sorry, what was your name again?" he replied.

"So that's a 'no' then?" I asked.

"Yeah ... sorry man."

I shook my head in half-kidding disgust and moved down to the front of the hall. The second row had open seats towards the middle, and I began scrambling towards them, whispering 'excuse-me' whenever I side-swiped someone with my backpack. More late arrivals were following close behind; I passed by open seats so they wouldn't climb over me in turn.

As I neared the last empty seat I realized it was next to the girl my frat brothers had dubbed 'The Ice Princess.'

She got that nickname by rebuffing every fraternity guy brave enough to hit on her; so naturally they concluded she had to be frigid. That didn't stop them from trying. She was drop dead gorgeous, tall with lustrous brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, long firm legs, and a spectacular bust that drew frat rats like bees to honey.

I'd seen her in several 'weed-out' courses for pre-med students the year before as a freshman. Judging by the questions she asked in class, she was really smart. I've always thought smart is sexy, but when combined with her looks I guess I'd been like a lot of guys, too intimidated to approach her.

She typically appeared to ignore those around her, listening intently to the lecture and writing copious notes in a spiral notebook. I'd been close by a few times as the class filed out of the lecture hall, and I could see her occasionally smile at other girls that made accidental eye contact. But they always seemed to look away from her quickly, as if to avoid comparison to her spectacular beauty.

"Hey," I said, dropping into the seat on her left. The brief greeting made it possible to smoother the sound of my out-of-breath wheezing.

I think I surprised her, but I was pleasantly surprised in turn when she politely acknowledged my presence. "Hey," she replied, accompanied by a brief smile.

It must've been the lack of oxygen to the brain from my mad dash. I stuck my hand out to her.

"I'm Randy."

She looked at my hand and then raised an eyebrow at me. After a moment I felt my face heat. I usually say 'my name is Randy, ' when meeting girls for the first time. 'I'm Randy' can come across as a crass double meaning come-on.

She easily read my embarrassment and put a hand over her mouth, stifling a giggle. A couple heads turned in our direction at the sound of it, and unfortunately the professor at his lectern looming over us was one of them.

I pulled my hand back, assuming she'd want to avoid contact with the fool at her side. Seeing my conflicted expression, she instinctively dropped a hand to rest briefly on my forearm in reassurance. My pulse accelerated further at her touch.

Mirth danced in her sparkling blue eyes as she leaned towards me to whisper, "I'm Kendall. It's nice to meet you, Randy."

"If we may begin now," the professor intoned, and we realized he was speaking to the two of us. Kendall's face turned a faint pink, but it was probably a thousand shades lighter than mine.

I opened my notebook and did my best to focus on the lecture.

When class ended we stood and smiled, nodding self consciously at each other. She was even more beautiful when she smiled. I regressed to tongue-tied adolescence and followed her docilely towards the exit.

I didn't intend to leave the lecture hall with her, but the jostling crowd kept us together, and when we broke free we found ourselves walking in the same direction. I guessed she was headed to either the Carrick or Morrill dormitory.

After my 'I'm Randy' spasm, my mind was lurching sluggishly through possible openings that wouldn't confirm I was a dim-witted buffoon.

"Uh, pretty good lecture today," I finally offered. God, how lame was that?

After a moment she briefly nodded, her head cautiously turning a fraction for a quick glance at me.

"I think we'll have Professor Tjaden again next year," I added, hoping she'd realize that 'having him again' meant that I was also a pre-med major.

"Yes ... I think so too." She turned to look at me briefly. She didn't seem surprised at the notion — did that mean she'd noticed me in those pre-med type classes, like I'd noticed her? Yeah right, dreamer ... I pressed on.

"That'll help I think. My frat has a lot of exams from his other classes on file, and they're pretty similar. There's less rote memorization though, thank God."

She surprised me by stopping, then turning to directly face me. When I saw her incredulous expression, I realized I had said something wrong.

"Wait ... do you pass around his old exams for our class?"

"Uhmm, well, yeah," I replied, trying to not sound defensive. "The Pike's ... that's my frat ... our test files are pretty ... extensive."

"But that's not fair!"

I was about to offer to share them with her, when a call came from the crowd dispersing behind us.

"Way to go, Randy! Wow, you go man!"

I looked back but couldn't spot what moron had shouted at us. When I looked back to Kendall, her expression had gone from judgmental to inscrutable.

"Some of my friends are idiots ... sorry." As her eyes focused on things far away, I thought I saw her lower lip quiver for a moment.

"Whatever," she said as she turned away. She walked at a pace clearly intended to leave me behind. I sped up to walk at her side again. Before I could say anything she looked at me sharply.

"So what's the bet?" she asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.


"What do you win if I give you my phone number?"

I'm a little slow sometimes. "What do I... ?" She watched skeptically until I realized what she was accusing me of.

"There's no bet!" I protested.

She snorted derisively and wheeled to a stop, facing me again. "Quit following me."

"I'm not stalking you or anything ... I'm just going back to my frat house."

"Do you think I can't hear you and your friends talking about me before class? And I suppose you just happened to come down from on high to sit by me today? Do you think I'm stupid?"

I felt my face heat again, remembering some of the crude things my house brothers had said about her in the lecture hall.

I did my best to look sincere and non-threatening. God, she was beautiful. Her cheeks were flushed with anger and her blue eyes were blazing; she was a goddess preparing to smite an enemy.

"I'm sorry for what they said about you in class. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again."


"Seriously! Tell you what ... let me make it up to you. I'll have dinner by myself in Morrill at 7:00 the rest of the week, and I'll bring some of the old exams we have. If you have the time, maybe you could join me some night and look them over."

She stared at me like I had two heads. She didn't say anything in response; she simply turned to leave, shaking her head. I watched her walk away, hoping she would turn and respond to my invitation. She didn't look back.

I had a lot of time to think during the long walk back to the frat. When I arrived at my room I flopped down on my bed, grateful that Wes wasn't there.

I replayed the conversation in my mind, and I had to admit I couldn't blame her for being distrustful. I had no idea she could hear us talking about her in the lecture hall, but that was no excuse. And the ridiculous catcall she heard as we were walking away was like icing on the idiot cake.

I'd been in the company of jerks, we'd collectively acted like jerks, and I deserved being treated like a jerk. There was next to zero chance of her meeting me for dinner. Nevertheless, I still had to come up with a plausible reason for going off to wait for her over the next few nights.

After all, I couldn't do that and still get together with my girlfriend.

I was such an idiot...

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