Life of the Party

by mattwatt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Teacher/Student, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A teacher accepts an invitation to her students' drinking party in the woods. She shouldn't have.

Teacher: the Life of the Party

Once the essentials of the chemistry problems were dealt with, she gave them the rest of the class time as a study hall to work on the issues and problems that she'd assigned. It was her usual method with this class, the 'slowbees' as she called them, so different from her beloved honors course in chemistry and math. But she liked the students and got along with all of them extremely well.

Janet Crosley was an excellent teacher; from anyone's point of view, be it student, fellow teacher or administrator she was a gem. Only 31 and already with several years of good experience, she was simply a gold mine to the school.

Part of her secret, which she kept closely guarded and only to herself was her sexy ways. She had established for herself a kind of a line and never crossed it. She did allow herself, however, a great deal of leeway within the boundaries that she set.

She was given to wearing skirts and blouses. She didn't like to wear slacks to school. She thought it gave a bad impression. The skirts were cut fashionably just a little above the knee. She planned them that way to make it interesting but not too sexy. The sexuality that she abounded in and used freely was more to attract the interest of the students, especially the boys, but also many of the girls, who always reacted to the way she dressed positively. She was also careful with her blouses. She normally wore blouses that had some kind of frill, or such design in the front. These helped to hide, only partially, her decorative bras. It's not too far fetched to say that Janet Crosley was a student's wet dream. And she traded on that to keep them interested in chemistry or math, because they were interested in her. It was simply her theory of teaching, and it was working wondrously well.

She was working her way around the classroom, answering questions as she went. She made sure, during these times, that her blouses were buttoned up. She was not going to start a practice of showing cleavage to students. No, her methods worked, and she knew their limits. She had lovely, large 36c tits and having them pressing against the front of her blouses was always enough.

Her tutoring work took her eventually to Matt Bowlin. She smiled down at him and asked him if he had any questions.

"Naw," he said casually, "This stuff is kind of easy really."

"Of course it is, Matt," she began, "That's what I've been telling you all along. If you applied yourself a little more rather than going off on your beer parties, you'd be an honor student in no time."

"Hey, Ms. C," he said back to her with a smile.

She knew what was coming now. She had a theory that each of the students had his or her, mostly the boys, own banter. If you listened and got to know them, you could detect the banter when it was coming and not let it get you off course. Matt's banter was beginning. Janet had heard it before many times.

He continued, as she quieted her thoughts: "They're just friendly little gatherings that help get you through the days, you know?"

"I know, Matt," she said with a grin creeping onto her face, "You've told me any number of times."

"Hey, then why don't you ever join us, like I ask?" he said a bit plaintively.

"Sorry, Matt," she said to herself, "Didn't work before and won't work now."

"Because I'm your teacher," she said quietly to him.

"Aw, don't be so stiff about it; you're probably just afraid what people will say," he continued.

"Not really, Matt, it's not appropriate," was her pat answer.

"Heck with appropriate," he wheedled, "You're the coolest of the cool; you'd enjoy a little stand around with the guys, I bet."

"I might," she said still smiling, "But we'll never know."

"We're at Nelly's pond today, the three of us, the musketeers; I dare you to join us."

"Matt, you're incorrigible; you know my answer as clearly as I do."

"Yah, Ms. C, but I dare you to show up; you'll see that you'll have a good time," he concluded.

"Matt," she said, "We're done here; if you have a problem with the assignment, let me know."

"Sure will, teach, ... er, Ms. C,"

She'd given him a 'teacher stare' as he began to call her 'teach'; she found that it always worked wonders.

She was set now with this class and had only one more class that day, an honors class, which would be a treat for her. Her day was winding down. As the time went on, she was surprised that Matt's 'banter' had gotten to her today. It normally didn't. That's why she was so good with them; she accepted their banter no matter what it was:

Matt the party guy, Gary the toughie, Amanda the socialite, all of them, she took them as she found them, and they felt that they were able to be genuine with her because of her acceptance.

But it was on her mind. She knew that part of it was an old, and very childish reaction to being called 'chicken' on any issue. It was part of the growing up experience of her generation. Calling someone chicken, or daring them amounted to almost an insult, and was taken as such. These weren't the days, when satisfaction on the field of honor was required but they were days, when the person given the dare or called 'chicken' would certainly do something to prove themselves.

It stuck in her mind, and she almost only went through the motions of teaching the rest of the day. This wasn't a problem for Janet. She had a method of dealing with such mildly upsetting issues. She would invariably take some quiet time and do mind relaxing exercises before returning to the issue with a fresh point of view and fresh mind. Today, however, there was no time for her procedure. She was busy and involved the rest of the day. She opted for simply putting it out of her mind. And that was that.

At least until she got into her car after work was done. Then the thought flashed through her mind: "Where is 'Nelly's Pond?' I wonder." It came to her rather quickly, and she acknowledged it with an "Oh, yes." But it didn't seem much more than that.

Janet would be hard pressed to understand it but the dare issue did indeed stick in her throat and mind. It sat there, not going away, and rankled her. In a back corner of her mind, she knew that was the case. But today wasn't a day, when she'd do her mind clearing exercise and get herself on track.

She engaged herself, as she drove away from the school in what needed to be done that night. She had papers to grade that evening, and some planning for next week to do, and that was fine. Then a thought, unbidden by her consciously but actually produced by the process of her being disturbed at being 'called out' by one of her students, flashed into her mind:

"Yes, I think this is the way to Nelly's Pond."

This woke her with a start. "What?" she said, almost slamming on the brakes. But a sense of a kind of relief swept over her. She'd just get this dare out of the way, and show them that she wasn't a stick in the mud, then home, dinner and work.

And what is more, she said it all to herself as though it were all settled and decided. That's the way she treated it and that's what she did. So that she was only partially surprised, when she did arrive at Nelly's Pond. She found a pickup truck there and one other car. She parked and, once she'd gotten out of the car, could hear the voices down the path. The trees served to block the sound of her arrival from the 'partyers.' So, they were surprised, when she approached.

It was Matt Bowlin and two other 'slowbees', Judd Walters and Lonnie Smith. Matt just grinned at her and said:

"Hey, look who's here! Hey, Ms. C! You came. That's so cool."

"Sure I came," she said to him smiling, "You dared me; my generation never takes a dare lightly."

Matt laughed then and said: "I'll have to remember that."

"Well," she went on, "I am here to prove that I would but I'm only staying a few minutes; I have work to do tonight."

"Oh, stay and have one beer with us," Matt said then. Judd and Lonnie chimed in with the same invitation.

"I really can't," she said, "I'm no drinker by a long shot, and I can't stay."

"Come on, only one," Matt said, and added with a huge grin: "I dare you."

"Stop that," she said with some mock seriousness, "It's not fair. I will have one but that's my limit and probably more than my limit."

They passed her a beer, which she took and, watching them, gulped at it, although they had much more experience in beer drinking, and Janet was certainly right about one thing: she was no drinker.

The beer made he head swim pretty quickly, more quickly than she'd feared. The three guys kept her distracted, however, with small talk about school, their college plans, people in the class etc. It was all really very cordial for Janet, and she began to realize the value of what Matt had told her in his 'banter.'

The conversation flowed enough that she didn't seem to notice when the first beer was replaced with another. They were laughing by then and telling jokes. The three of them, especially Judd, kept her in stitches.

Matt asked her at one point: "Hey, what shall we call you? It doesn't seem proper to use 'Ms. C' with a drinking buddy."

"A drinking buddy?" she said with some surprise, she also slurred the words just a bit. She didn't notice but they did, grinning at each other.

"Is that what I am?" she mused.

"Well, I guess I am," she grinned at them. "But your question," she went on, "Call me 'teach'; it always seems to be on the tip of your tongue anyway."

"Teach," Matt said "That's so cool. Here's to 'teach'," he said raising his beer bottle, which Janet, laughing clinked with hers.

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