Staying True to Who I Am

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Joe lives his life as he sees fit. He does wonder if he will spend his future years alone.

Note: As some of my readers know, every now and then I have to empty the crap I've been thinking about out of my head. This is one of those stories. I do thank Mistress Lynn for taking the time to edit it and make it a much better read.


I'm just an every day Joe. In fact, my name is Joe, Joe Walters. I'm not a great looking athlete, or a rich businessman. I don't have visions of future inventions or super powers. I have always been just a regular guy without a lot of drive. My job is okay, but I just want to enjoy myself without any of the unnecessary stress.

I'm in my late forties, I've lived in a nice trailer park for the past twenty plus years. I divorced a long time ago, and have two wonderful kids whom I love dearly. They're married and have kids of their own.

Back in high school, all I did was attend required classes and do my homework. I neither loved nor hated it. I wasn't a jock even though I could play sports with the best of them. But I didn't want to give up all my evenings and weekends practicing or playing sports.

Instead, I cheered for my school to win, usually with a cute girl sitting next to me. Some days I worked at the supermarket after school. It gave me the money to buy an old car and pay the insurance. That was the agreement with my dad; if I wanted it, I needed to earn the money to pay for it.

My parents wanted me to go to college, but I explained to them that I wasn't college material, so they would just be wasting their money. They convinced me to attend trade school, where I learned a little about being an electrician. I had only gone one year when the shit hit the fan.

Oh, I heard all the lecturers more then once about condoms and other birth control. I used them, but there was that one time it came off. I reached in and pulled the condom out and Marci saw it had cum in it so she wasn't too worried.

Three months later, she took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I guess a few of my swimmers got out. Fast little buggers they must have been. I wanted to do the right thing, so we got married. No one was overly happy about it, but I really liked Marci and figured she felt the same.

Her parents thought I didn't have a real future. I didn't really understand that, because I always thought I was an okay guy.

Anyway, I dropped out of school. Luckily, my dad had a good job in an auto plant and got me in. Taking the electrical classes helped too. They must have thought I was going to continue. My job offered courses, so I took those. They were usually only a couple of days to show us the latest way of doing things.

Eventually I made it into the general maintenance department. My job was quite secure, but the chance for advancement was almost nil. That was fine with me since I was happy to put in my eight hours and go home to Marci and the kids.

I say kids because right after the first one was born Marci was pregnant again. Both of our parents were pissed about the second pregnancy. I didn't understand the big deal. They aggravated me so much that I ended up having a vasectomy. I was happy with just the two kids. As I mentioned I was just an easygoing guy, and as long as the old pecker could get hard, I didn't care if it shot blanks.

Our second child was a few months old when Marci started back to school. She already had one year in toward her nursing degree. I guess that's why her parents were so aggravated when she was pregnant with our second child. Her mom watched the kids during the day so Marci could go to school full time. I even worked overtime to help make ends meet. I thought we were doing pretty well for a young couple.

We rented a small house and owned two used vehicles. Marci wanted something newer to drive, but I told her that we weren't going into debt just so she could have a better looking car.

Friends and family gave us a lot of our furniture, and I made sure we paid cash for everything we bought. Marci hated the idea that she couldn't have everything new and improved. I tried to explain to her that we didn't need debt; we were getting along fine.

About two years later, Marci received her degree. She got a job at a local clinic. Again, she wanted to go out and buy all this new stuff on credit. I put my foot down. If she wanted a new car, furniture or whatever, then she could save up for it and pay cash for it. I wasn't putting my name on any credit cards for her use.

It was downhill from there. She was even holding back the sex thinking I would give in. She loved sex as much as I did, so I thought I would just wait her out. After a couple of months, I had that feeling in my stomach that she was probably getting it somewhere else.

We had a big confrontation where she told me she wasn't having an affair, but wanted out of our marriage. She called me a cheap asshole and said I had no drive and would never amount to anything.

I thought to myself, there it goes again. Someone telling me I wouldn't amount to anything. I worked hard everyday to support my family. I never missed work, and always made sure my kids got everything they needed. Just because I wasn't this big go-getter who needed all this material shit didn't make me an asshole.

We ended up getting divorced. She lived in the rented house with the kids and I had to pay child support plus a little alimony. The alimony didn't seem fair since she worked, but the judge said I made more money than she did.

I rented a place in a nearby trailer park. I was close enough to see my kids even though I usually took them to my parents during our visits. It was the only time my parents were able to see them.

When they were older and involved in school events, I always went to see them. It looked like Marci enrolled them in everything. I guess she didn't want them to turn out like me.

We stayed friends for the kid's sake, but didn't have anything to do with one another in any other way. Within a year of our divorce, she married a radiologist at the clinic. I guess he had that great future she was looking for. At least the alimony stopped, even though I still paid child support.

The kids told me they had a new car and were buying a new house. I guess she got her wish and was now part of the millions of people overly in debt.

The trailer I rented was an older model but was in decent shape. The owners offered me an option to buy it when I moved in. I saved up the money and purchased it for a few grand. So I was a homeowner of sorts also.

Over the years, I fixed it up, putting in new windows and siding, and replacing the roof. I put trailer skirting around it and added a couple of nice sheds. I paid cash for most everything. What I did put on a credit card, I paid off each month, no interest.

After my divorce, I hung around a few bars. I would stop after work and have a few beers. There were always ladies present, and I took of their wares. Many would come back to my trailer so we could have sex. I never mentioned that I was rather well hung, but the ladies seemed to like it.

I usually did my own cooking, and could grill up just about anything. It was surprising how popular I became. We must have had near a hundred trailers in our court. Many were divorcees who needed a cheap place to live till they could relocate. I often invited them over (one at a time) and fixed something on the grill.

Later we would do another type of cooking in the bedroom. I can honestly say that I bedded more than a hundred different women. I have seen everything from the hairiest pussy to those shaved. My favorite probably falls in the middle: a nice close-shaved mound, with enough hair to rub my face on.

I guess I almost have a pussy fetish. I got to a point where I love eating pussy. I feel great licking that little nub and watching the women squirm. It's even better when I can give them an orgasm with my mouth.

Most women have told me that their exes wanted oral sex but didn't like giving it. Even the married women I've been with have told me the same thing. I just don't get it. Give a woman all the oral sex she can handle and she'll let you do just about anything else.

I've taken a few married women anal who told me they would never let their husbands near them. Anal hurts my dick, but if it's taking a woman there for the first time, I'll go for it.

You have to understand that with these women it was all about sex. I didn't love them nor them me. We weren't out to build a relationship, we just wanted a little companionship for a couple of hours.

The trailer court has a lot of transient people always moving in and out. About a third of the trailers are rentals, so it makes for many new neighbors.

Back to the kids: I would have them every other weekend. Sometimes they stayed at my place and other times they stayed at my parents. I took them to the movies, the zoo, and museums among other places. We ate at home most of the time. I remember them telling me their mom and her husband, Dan, always ordered out. They rarely ate a meal cooked at home unless it was out of a box and microwaveable.

I did my best to spend quality time with my kids all the years they were growing up. At times, they didn't understand why I wouldn't buy them the latest play station, or other games and toys. I explained to them that when they were with me, I wanted to spend time with them. They could play their games at their house.

When my oldest turned sixteen, he asked me for a car for his birthday. Apparently, his mother told him they were too far in debt. I refused, telling him that just getting a car was the easy part. Paying for insurance and upkeep was the expensive part.

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