Coming for My Girls

by Sterling

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, Group Sex, Harem, Oral Sex, Water Sports, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A college guy's semen infects girls so they experience his sexual pleasure and orgasms as their own. A devoted following gathers around him.

In high school I had a couple of girlfriends, but nothing that lasted very long. In college I had a couple brief hook-ups, and then I met Mindy. We really seemed to hit it off. We had some long talks over a couple days, then we slept together. And we both felt this wasn't going to be just a hook-up. We did it almost every day at first, then less often until a month passed.

We had experimented with a few different positions, but we had settled down to a common pattern. After foreplay she mounted me and after some modest time thrusting against me she would have a full, satisfying orgasm. I might start thrusting wildly just as she came and come a few seconds later, but usually we turned over and did it missionary style. I loved being able to look down at her, at my penis thrusting in and out of her. For the moment she was mine, and I chose the exact rhythm and depth and speed I wanted, and she loved it all, though she never came that way.

Discussing our sexual histories, we found we had both used condoms religiously in our past experiences. She suggested going on the pill and doing away with the condoms so our sex could be more spontaneous. The first time we did it that way was extra special. I had loved sex before, but the immediacy of the texture of her vagina against my penis made it feel much better, more personal.

The second time we did it without a condom things got strange. She seemed especially excited from the start, even more when I was on top, and when I had my orgasm inside her, she screamed with pleasure. It was great for me, and she was gasping from the intensity of what she had felt. She looked a little thoughtful once her ecstasy had passed.

It was pretty late, and our pattern was to go straight from afterglow to sleep. But just as I was drifting off, maybe half an hour later, she started kissing my neck and ear, fondling my chest, moving to thighs, testicles, penis. I rapidly got hard. I started running my hands over her, but she said she was ready. She wanted me to take her from the rear. This position had been more my favorite than hers, so as we got into position I asked what was going on. Was she going to ask some big favor of me or break some bad news? She said No, no, just do it. So I slid in and started back and forth rather sedately, because that was what had made this position most tolerable to her. But she said "Faster, deeper!", and I started doing more of that, still careful of her reaction. She said "Just let go, do me like an animal!" I finally believed her, and started on long, slow, very deep strokes, but sped up, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, not thinking about Mindy as a person, just as an ass, grabbing that ass roughly with my hands, pounding as deep and hard as I could. It was such a release to just abandon myself to my basest instincts. It was almost violent. And before long I felt the orgasm building and rammed deep into her cunt, exploding semen inside her, at which point she squeezed me tight with her cunt harder than she ever had before, which got me to strain even harder and deeper, if such a thing was possible. The pleasure was overwhelming, and as it faded I pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed. She did too. She had screamed the moment I came and kept screaming until I was done.

The next morning I woke to her fondling my testicles and gently licking my penis. She didn't usually like giving me oral, but she was really into it that morning, giving me pleasure like she never had before. I got a full erection, and as the pleasure built I told her I was going to come pretty soon, and she popped my penis out of her mouth just long enough to say she would be delighted for me to come in her mouth, if that's what I wanted. I tried thrusting deeper into her mouth a little, but then her tongue motion got out of phase. It felt best to just lie there, and after the most incredible flurry of pleasure to my tip -- I don't know what she was doing -- I had another huge orgasm. I felt her bite down very briefly on my penis, though not enough so it hurt. I don't know whether she swallowed my semen or not -- I didn't particularly care. She hadn't touched herself between her legs, but I could see lubricant was oozing out of her onto the sheets. She confirmed she had had a massive orgasm too. What the heck?

We got up for the day and went to classes. We weren't due to see each other that night because she had choir and it went late. But she texted me that she needed to see me. She skipped choir, which was very unlike her, and we met in her room at 8pm after I had done a little studying. We started making out, and soon were naked in bed. She was fondling my penis. She said that she had wanted to check, but it was still like it had been the night before and that morning: She was feeling my pleasure as her own. Every time I came she felt it, way more intense than she ever did from her own orgasms. The reason she had wanted me to fuck her hard from the rear was that she was feeling my pleasure like a storm and wanted even more. She was dimly aware that her vagina hurt some, but it didn't matter. And when she had given me the blow job, during her experience of my orgasm she had involuntarily started biting down until she felt it like she had bitten her own penis and stopped.

This was very strange, but I didn't complain. We used to have sex maybe twice a week, and partly she was pushing herself to do it because she knew I wanted to. Now she was insatiable. She didn't urge me to touch her much except to the extent it aroused me. She would have her own orgasm on those rare occasions when I really wanted her to, but mostly she was encouraging me to let loose and do whatever gave me the most pleasure, because she was feeling it too. I was in heaven.

But after a while even I wanted to do some other things in life, wanted time to study, hang out with other friends. She accepted it, but with less grace I thought than I had in the old days when I wanted more sex than she did. Later I learned that the pleasure a girl felt while sharing my orgasm was compelling in a way that ordinary sexual pleasure is not. Most of us can be having great sex but if it becomes unavailable we go on. For Mindy everything else was secondary. Her prime, indispensable pleasure was feeling my orgasms, and she never tired of it.

We walked around the campus together sometimes, and naturally enough sometimes we passed girls who I thought were really hot. The first time that happened Mindy paused and looked at me, and I thought I was going to get in trouble for the sin of noticing other girls. But she turned and looked at the girl too. While I might sneak an occasional peek at a butt or hemline or cleavage, she stared. This kept happening when we passed hot girls. After a couple girls gave her a dirty look she learned to be more discreet. She was feeling the same minor arousal and longing I was.

She enlisted my aid in an experiment. She had me masturbate idly in my room while she went to different places. She found the intensity of her feelings went down as she got a lot farther away, but they were still pretty intense through a wall ten feet away.

She asked me about Elise, one of the girls I found especially stunning. Mindy said she knew her a little, and what would I think of having sex with her? I said I didn't want to do anything to threaten our relationship. At the same moment I said it, though, a surge of lust went through my body, and Mindy noticed. She said it might be really great if she could be in the next room to feel it when I was doing it with another girl. Hmmmm. Mindy knew the girl who had the room next to mine, and though I don't know what incentives she offered she had little trouble convincing her to swap rooms with her. Mindy's plan was to lie in the next room, and with both beds against the wall they were only a few feet apart. She would experience her vicarious pleasure. I asked if she really wanted to complicate our relationship this way, and she kissed me sweetly and said it would be great. She craved my doing it with another girl in a way she didn't quite understand. Well, I wasn't going to complain! My girlfriend was begging me to have sex with another girl, a gorgeous one to boot.

I had no trouble finding Elise, because she found me. She was friendly -- more than friendly. I knew she would accept if I asked her out, and she did. Elise and I ended up in my room at the end of our first date, and she was as gorgeous naked as I had imagined. Naturally enough she wanted to use a condom, and I registered a little disappointment inside because I had felt how nice skin on skin had been with Mindy. Elise was an adequate lover. I made a point of trying to give her an orgasm by using my fingers while I was on top, and she had a small one. Just possessing Elise's body was terribly exciting even if she wasn't moaning and shouting. My orgasm was magnificent. The next day I asked Mindy how it had gone in the next room, and she just gave a big smile. The next night Elise said she didn't think a condom was necessary, and that time the pleasure was even better, and Elise once again had a small orgasm. The third night was entirely different. From the start Elise looked more excited, even a little startled at times. Her vagina was even wetter. She was moaning and breathing hard, which made it even more exciting for me, and when I came I could see through the fog of my own ecstasy that Elise was having a tremendous orgasm herself. She didn't speak for a whole minute, and then she was kissing me all over and snuggling. And within ten minutes she had my penis up again and we did it again, with the same result.

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