Naiya's Fresh Start

by pointless

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, First, Oral Sex, Slow, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: After breaking her best friend's heart and making many stupid decisions Naiya finds herself ready to live her life alone and depressed until she meets her new roommate Megan.

Author's Note: This is the fourth story in a series that begins with "Macy's Crush" and "Ashlee and Naiya's Sleepover" and is directly preceded by "A Sudden Change". For the most part I feel this story should be capable of standing on its own, but please feel to read those as well if you find that I am wrong in my assumption. If you enjoy this one I have no doubt that you will enjoy those as well. If you don't ... oh, well. Either way, any and all constructive feedback is appreciated and very welcome and thank you in advance for reading my story.

Disclaimer: Any and all characters in this story engaging in any sexual acts are at least eighteen years of age.

Naiya didn't deserve to be happy. After the way she'd broken Ashlee's heart she knew she deserved nothing but pain and suffering until the end of time. Nothing she could do would ever make that right. She'd betrayed her best friends trust, destroyed her innocence and she did it all for what turned out to be a sexually and emotionally disappointing one week fling with her ex-boyfriend who didn't even care about anything besides getting her into bed to use her and then throw her away liked he'd always done.

Honestly, as far as Naiya was concerned she'd deserved that, too. It turned out to be exactly what she'd needed to show her that she truly was a stupid, foolish little girl who really should've known better than to throw the perfect relationship with the perfect girl away just because she didn't want to be gay or bisexual or whatever she was. She still wasn't sure, but, really, she no longer cared. All she knew was that the one person who had ever made her feel truly happy and complete was no longer hers because Naiya simply didn't deserve her.

Even she met someone even half as good as Ashlee Naiya just knew she'd never be worthy of them. How could she be? No one could ever love her after the horrible things she had done. Even if someone could she wouldn't deserve that love. Besides, there was no one in the world who could possibly love her like Ashlee did.

At least that's how Naiya felt in the brief tumultuous time between leaving for school and ruining her own life with cowardly decisions. Luckily, she was dead wrong bout at least one thing: There was at least one other person who made her feel the same way that Ashlee did and who loved her even knowing what she'd done. Another girl, in fact, but still, even after having her in her life almost from the moment she'd left home, Naiya really couldn't see how she'd been granted the chance to have her, to be with her and love her. In fact, for a long time her guilt and the fear she would only end up somehow sabotaging this new, wonderful and absolutely perfect relationship just as she done to her relationship with Ashlee had made it almost impossible for her to even think of allowing anything of the sort to happen. Luckily for her Megan was too strong of a person to allow Naiya's doubts and fears to get in the way of their happiness.

It had been a hard fought battle, though, and even after Naiya had finally given in and allowed Megan to claim victory over her heart she couldn't help but be amazed at the love, the warmth and beauty of the sweet, angelic goddess that Megan truly was. Really, she should've known better. Even on their first meeting that day when all the freshman arrived on campus and began filling up the dorm with their nervous, chaotic energy and Naiya finally met Megan, the girl she would be sharing a room with at least until the end of the year or until one of them got sick enough of the other to request a change of roommates, she couldn't help but be stunned by not only her beauty, but by the seemingly inexhaustible energy that just seemed to hover about her at all times.

This energy was especially shocking since at the time Naiya was almost Megan's exact opposite in the energy department. She carried her depression with her everywhere she went almost wearing it like a badge. It was intentional. She wanted everyone to know what a horrible and sad person she was if only so they'd leave her alone and let her wallow in her sadness because that was exactly what she deserved. She didn't deserve any friends, she didn't deserve any lovers, she didn't even deserve to be alive and she definitely didn't deserve to have a pretty and friendly roommate like the one she found waiting for her when she came to the door of their dorm room and saw her standing their humming along to some song Naiya had never heard before as she organized her clothes into a small dresser.

What Naiya saw there in the split second before her step-father came bumbling up behind her and blew her cover by loudly dropping the two rather large and fairly heavy boxes in his arms in a sad, but amusing attempt to impress all the young college girls wandering up and down the halls was simply amazing. No, stunning was a better word as she authentically stunned for that brief moment when she managed to somehow take in Megan's long, thin body perfectly outlined in her tight, black Ramone's t-shirt that did nothing to hide her small, perky breasts and her tight, very holey, very comfy looking blue jeans that almost showed just enough of the soft, lightly tanned skin on Megan's thin, but shapely legs that Naiya's heart almost skipped a beat despite her dreary and dark world view. Naiya's eyes were also drawn to Megan's cute, no, beautiful, oval of a face top with lovely dark hair (that was at that moment tied back in a loose ponytail) with it's large dark eyes and soft, full lips before she was caught staring when Megan jumped and even squealed a little at the sound of the boxes loudly smacking against the floor.

"Uhh, sorry," Naiya's step-father said with just a touch of embarrassment as he tried to catch his breath while Naiya looked at him and shook her head. He then quickly excused himself to go get some more boxes out of the car leaving Naiya alone with her roommate who still looked a little startled until Naiya forced herself to break the tension with an introduction.

"Ah, well I wondered when you'd get here," was Megan's initial response before she introduced herself and then they awkwardly stared at each other for a moment before Naiya started back out the door only to be stopped by Megan continuing "So ... do you need any help? I've like been here since like, fuck, I don't know. I haven't plugged in my clock yet, but I'm totally almost done and looks like your ... Dad?..."

"Step dad," Naiya corrected her. It was not an unusual question since her step father looked nothing like her being a pale white, red head with freckles compared to Naiya's much darker brown complexion and her jet black hair.

"Ahh," Megan said before quickly adding almost without missing a beat. "Well, it looks like your step dad is about to have a coronary, so I'd totally be glad to help."

"Sure, if you want," was Naiya's casual response and almost instantly regretted the decision. Not for any good reason, but because she was quick to discover that Megan, who'd just assumed that Naiya, like herself, had actually read everything the college had sent her and knew her name before realizing she obviously hadn't and finally divulged her name as they made their way to the first floor, was Naiya's exact polar opposite. She was bright, she was cheery and she was extremely friendly in a way that under normal circumstances would've just drawn Naiya in. Now, however, Naiya found herself struggling against a strong urge to withdraw under the assault of positive energy that was emanating from her roommate as they unpacked her things from her step father's Jeep and then carried them up to the room the effort apparently doing nothing to hinder Megan's positive outlook or ability to talk.

By the time Naiya's step father finally satisfied himself that she was good and left her alone with Megan Naiya was silently wishing for some way to politely tell her to fuck off so she could be alone with her thoughts. Megan, however, was completely oblivious as she tried her best to crack through Naiya's shell and get to know her despite Naiya's constant refrain of curt one word answers to even the friendliest inquiry. Still, Megan just seemed ignore the obvious as she kept plugging along and eventually Naiya found her will to be sad lump of self pity weakening as she found herself warming to Megan's personality. Of course, there was a selfish reason for this because after a good hour Megan finally asked what turned out to be the right question.

"So, look, I know we barely know each other, but since we're totally stuck with each other at least until someone drops out or however it works and this is like way fucking important I'm just gonna come right out and ask: do you smoke?"

"Smoke what?" Naiya had answered in all innocence and was actually quite confused when Megan smiled at her.

"That is a yes," Megan said brightly and then added upon noting Naiya's confused expression. "Dude, weed."

"Oh, duh," Naiya said as she smiled weakly feeling a bit dumb. "Yeah, that's a yes."

"Thank fucking god. I was totally worried I was going to get stuck with some straight edge super Christian or something. Not that I have anything against Christians or anything, but you know what I mean, so yeah ... the next question is obviously do you wanna get high? Please say yes, because I'm going to regardless and if you don't that'll be so weird and this is totally weird enough with the living with a stranger and everything, so don't make it weird and just say yes."

"Uh, yeah, but..." Naiya said cautiously in part because she was still getting used to Megan's convoluted and verbose speaking style, but also, as Megan quickly picked up on, because she was still a tad unsure about their surroundings.

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