The Queen Bee

by jamaica

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Sexy cheerleader loves torturing boys.

Denton High. A typical American high school in a typical American town. Some kids liked it, some didn't. No surprises there.

Amongst the boys, there was the usual mix of jocks, geeks and normals. The jocks bullied the geeks, the geeks kind of huddled together for protection, and the normals ignored the both of them. That was pretty much the scene. The different groups had little in common, so the demarcations made a weird kind of sense.

There was one thing, however, which united ALL the boys ... jocks, geeks and normals alike. They all of them lusted endlessly after Tanya Richardson.

Tanya Richardson. Head Cheerleader. 18 years old and drop dead gorgeous. Queen Bee.

HCs tend to be the prettiest girl in school, of course, but Tanya Richardson was something else. The spoilt only child of wealthy parents, Tanya was blessed with a face of heart stopping beauty and a body to make grown men tremble. She was an object of intense desire for every boy at DH. Most of the male teachers too, if truth be told. Wherever she went, Tanya was the centre of boys' adoring attention, the focus of adolescent, hormone fuelled yearning.

Tanya knew this, of course. How could she not?

She'd known she was a beautiful girl for about as long as she could remember (everyone was always telling her so!) but her awareness of what that really meant ... more precisely, the shattering impact she could have on the male of the species ... had not fully dawned until one day last July. She'd been chatting at home to Morris Briggs, an old friend of her parents who'd popped in to see her father about something. His timing was out (her parents had gone shopping) but he stayed for a while and the two of them talked about school ... how she was doing, plans for the future ... stuff like that. It was a hot day during the summer vac and Tanya was wearing cut off shorts and a skimpy, spaghetti strap top. As Tanya chattered away to Mr Briggs about nothing in particular, she noticed how his gaze kept straying to her long, shapely legs ... to her breasts, almost tumbling out of the revealing top ... and then back again to her legs. His face became flushed and his hands were shaking as he sipped the coffee she'd made him. Tanya didn't fancy Morris one bit (he was old enough to be her father, after all) but she found herself enjoying this situation. With a flash of insight, she knew ... knew full well ... that SHE was the cause of the poor man's discomfort, and the knowledge both delighted and excited her. Suddenly feeling very naughty, Tanya openly flirted with Morris, testing her new found powers, started to tease him with her body movements on the sofa. It had the desired effect. The more poor old Mr Briggs squirmed in a painfully obvious mixture of lust and embarrassment, the more she found she enjoyed it. She felt amused and in complete control the whole time she was tormenting him. It was delicious!

When school resumed in September, Tanya had a new wardrobe (full of outfits calculated to drive the boys crazy) and a new attitude. She worked hard, got good grades, led an active social life (hooked up with big bad Brad Phelps, no less!) but all that was kind of secondary. Because the episode with Morris Briggs in the summer had triggered something in Tanya Richardson (something rather wicked) and the thing she devoted most of her energies to ... her hobby, if you like ... was torturing boys. And one poor boy in particular was destined to suffer most cruelly at her hands. Denzil Harris.

Brad Phelps and Denzil Harris. Super jock and super geek. The embodiment of the opposite ends of the Denton High pecking order. One at the top, master of all he surveyed, and one at the very bottom.

Now towards the end her final year, Tanya was having a whale of a time. The position of Head Cheerleader had fallen to her quite naturally (there really was no competition, as the other girls were all too aware) and she was thoroughly enjoying the role. Rehearsals were twice a week. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, Tanya and the six other members of the squad ... her "backing group" as she condescendingly referred to them ... would slip on their sexy little CL outfits and go practice in the sports hall. Word soon spread amongst the boys that here was a chance to watch Tanya Richardson gyrating around in a very short skirt, white knee socks and a tight, low cut tee shirt. Before too long they were must see events, these rehearsals, right up there with Sunday's match. Every Tuesday and Thursday, as the one pm start time drew closer, the hall would fill up with boys. By the time the squad came out to perform, there'd be a large crowd of spectators — and every single one of them was there to ogle the drop dead gorgeous Tanya Richardson.

This particular Thursday was no different as Tanya and the squad strutted their stuff, with the boys looking on.

And Tanya was LOVING it, as always. Being the focus of such male adoration was confirmation of her beauty, and she got a thrilling sense of power knowing the boys were there for HER. She loved the feeling of being desired by all these horny, drooling boys. As she performed, she liked to imagine what the boys were thinking and feeling. Their cocks stiffening as they watched her dance ... breasts jiggling in the flimsy top ... knickers flashing under her short skirt as she twirled around. Did they store away these images and beat themselves off later, fantasising about fucking her? Did they spend every waking hour thinking about her? And did it torture them that they couldn't have her? That she was reserved for Brad Phelps? Oh the joy of being a hot like fire eighteen year old girl at High School!

Brad never came to the CL rehearsals. For one thing, as the star quarterback on the football team, it would have been beneath him ... and Brad Phelps NEVER did things he considered beneath him. Plus, of course, he had no need to go around pathetically lusting after Tanya Richardson because he could fuck her pretty much anytime he wanted. He knew his gorgeous girlfriend enjoyed having the boys panting over her, that she got a kick out of cock teasing them, but he didn't mind one bit. Just made it even more of a bang for him, that HE was the guy who got to do, on a regular basis, what every boy in school could only dream of doing. Yes, Brad had to admit that he got off on the idea of Tanya deliberately tormenting the other boys, and he encouraged her to be a tease. Sometimes, when they made out, Tanya would gently stroke his dick and tell him how she'd been driving the boys wild that particular day, how she'd worn a short skirt, say, which flaunted her legs ... how she'd tantalised the boys during study period, perched on a desk in her little short skirt, crossing and uncrossing her luscious legs. Hearing Tanya whisper stuff like that, as her soft fingers snaked inside his pants, blew Brad's mind ... a few minutes later, he'd be exploding inside her like a volcano.

Someone who DID go watch cheerleading practice ... never missed one ... was Denzil Harris. There were geeks, super geeks, and then there was poor little Denzil Harris. Denzil worshipped the ground Tanya Richardson walked on and his adoration was made all the more intense by the sad fact (which he fully recognised) that she was so stratospherically out of his league. In truth, all girls were out of Denzil's league ... he didn't get so much as a sniff of that sort of thing ... but it didn't stop him fantasising. Made him fantasise all the more, if anything, since his default condition was acute sexual frustration. Tanya was, to his eyes, a goddess. She'd never spoken to him except for the one time she'd come across Brad and that bastard Mickey bullying him (when she'd done him no favours) but it didn't matter. She'd probably forgotten that, he thought ... probably didn't know he even existed ... but Denzil kind of accepted his lowly status and tried to content himself with his fantasies. He was quite durable in his own way. Even that thing with Jennifer Clark and the "needle dick" photos ... those awful few weeks of non stop teasing and humiliation after Jennifer did that ... well he'd survived it, hadn't he?

Denzil was wrong about Tanya, as it happens, because she HAD noticed him. She always did. It amused her no end, the number of geeks who came to ogle her at CL practice, and Denzil she recognised as the saddo who Brad was always persecuting. It was true she hadn't spoken to him since the incident a few months back ... an incident she very much did remember since it had kind of gotten her and Brad together ... but, you know, why on earth would she? ... geeks like Denzil were no more than insects as far as Tanya was concerned. Seeing him again now, standing there watching her, with his eyes on stalks and his tongue hanging out, Tanya couldn't help laughing to herself at what had happened that afternoon. She'd walked into what she thought was an empty study room, intending to catch up on some stuff, and there was Denzil cowering on the floor in front of Brad and another jock, Mickey Roberts.

Mickey Roberts was prodding Denzil in the ribs with his toe ... not really hurting him but clearly threatening to. "Aw, no Mickey, don't," Denzil was pleading, as Tanya walked in.

The three boys looked in her direction. "Hey Tans," grinned Brad, eying her appreciatively, seeming to forget about Denzil for the moment. "Hi," pouted Tanya, returning the look. Brad was the hunkiest boy in school and she'd been thinking for a while that she wouldn't mind dating him. She fancied him rotten for one thing and (what was better) she knew every other girl did too. The thought of going around with Brad Phelps, making all the other girls even more wildly jealous of her than they were already, was a very appealing notion.

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