Three Day Holiday

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Liz and her daughter Becky head out for three days at the beach...just some rest and relaxation. Once there Liz poses as Becky's sister when they meet two 21 year old college students. Too much alcohol and they all end up back in the girl's hotel room for a fun filled evening.

Liz Baker grabbed her daughters' overnight bag off the hallway floor and yelled, "Come on Becky, we need to get on the road before traffic comes to a complete halt." Liz and her 21-year-old daughter were headed to Ocean City, Maryland for a three day holiday in the sun and fun of the Atlantic Ocean. Liz's husband Danny was out of the country on a ten-day business trip and Becky had just finished her junior year at the University of Maryland and had come home for the summer break. It had originally been Becky's idea, the trip to the beach, but Liz quickly embraced it with all she had because with her husband gone she really needed some quiet time to think about her marriage and where it might be headed. Liz was positive that Danny had been, and probably still was, having an affair with his executive assistant ... a 24-year-old big titted blonde with a Masters Degree from Columbia. The final insult to her intelligence was when found a pair of woman's panties, dirty panties at that, hidden in her husbands' suitcase the last time he came back from an extended business trip. She accused him of having an affair and he denied that anything was going on ... it was just a joke from the other guys at the gathering he explained ... but she damned well knew better than to believe that bullshit. Inside the panties, besides traces of blonde pubic hair was the telltale sign of sex, crusted cum on the gusset. Not that she could proved it was her husbands but her woman's intuition told her that her husband was definitely getting some on the side and it pissed her off so much that she was seriously considering divorcing him.

"I'm almost ready mom." Becky yelled down the stairs.

Ten minutes later the two women were off for the beach and driving down Interstate 495, the D.C. beltway, headed away from their Silver Springs home and to Ocean City. About twenty minutes later Liz took the east off ramp and headed towards Annapolis on Highway 50 and then immediately ran into the typical Friday afternoon traffic jam. The car crept through Annapolis and then finally headed out across the last bridge before Ocean City. They arrived just after seven, checked into their hotel room and after unpacking their bags decided to drive up the coast to Rehoboth Beach for dinner.

Liz found the famous crab shack restaurant she was looking for and soon were ensconced at an old wooden table eating Maryland Blue Crabs and drinking beer. The two women enjoyed their meal and chatted about almost everything (Liz avoided discussing her and Danny's marital problems although she knew Becky already knew about them) but mostly they discussed Becky's upcoming senior year at the university. They finished off the pitcher of beer from dinner and then splurged on some ice cream. After finishing off a great meal they drove south back to their hotel and settled in for the night. The room was configured like a small suite with a queen sized bed in the bedroom (Liz took that bed) and a couch that made into another queen sized bed in the large living room (Becky's) and the place also came with a small kitchenette.

Liz went into the bedroom, undressed then used the bathroom and took a shower then she slipped into her tee shirt and panties and slipped under the covers. She had some difficulty getting to sleep and as she lay there she was thinking about her marriage and what she could have done or not have done to have driven Danny into the arms of another woman. Maybe he wasn't satisfied with her performance in their bedroom ... well it was pretty obviously that he wasn't! Still she had always tried to do what he wanted even submitting to anal sex on those occasions it pleased him even though she thought it was terribly unnatural and uncomfortable. She closed her eyes and slipped her hand between her thighs and slowly rubbed circles on her clit as she remember her honeymoon and the wonderful times they spent in each others arms during those two weeks in the Bahamas.

The next morning Liz woke up before Becky, took care of her morning business in the bathroom and then quietly closed her bedroom door and turned on the television to watch the morning news. Becky woke up some time later, heard the television her mothers' room and got out of bed and went to see what her mother was doing. She knocked lightly on the bedroom door and when she heard her mother invite her in she opened to door and walked inside.

"Morning mom, how did you sleep?" Becky saw that her mother was lying on top of the covers in just an oversized tee shirt and pair of panties and thought that she was still a beautiful woman and couldn't understand why her father was looking elsewhere for love.

"Really good, how about you honey?"

"Actually great although I did have kind of a nightmare."

Liz's curiosity showed on her face. "What about?"

"Oh God mom you wouldn't believe it ... I had finished all of my classes and was just getting ready to graduate and when someone in administration decided that all of the students had to graduate in their caps and gowns with nothing on underneath. Just as I was walking across the stage to get my diploma my gown slipped off my shoulders and there I was trying to cover my nakedness and still grab my diploma."

Liz laughed. "Well that must mean something but I wouldn't want to ask Dr. Freud if it was me."

Becky laughed too. "I know what you mean. Hey, before we head out for breakfast, let's try on our new suits ... okay?"

Liz looked concerned. "Uh ... well look Becky I'm still not convinced at my age I should be seen in the suit we picked out the other day. Hell I haven't even had the guts to show it to your father." Not that Danny would have cared anyway she thought. "So anyway I brought my old one-piece and I think that will be better than that skimpy red bikini."

"Oh come on mom, you're not old and you'll look beautiful in that suit, now come on and let's try it on and you'll see." Becky hopped off the end of the bed and went out to her room and grabbed her suit and bounced back into her mother's bedroom. Liz had hesitantly taken her suit out of the dresser and was just standing there staring at it. She held the suit up in front of her daughter, "God will ya look at this honey, I'm not even sure all my body parts will fit inside this thing."

Becky laughed. "Alright mom, you just sit there and be a prude if you want to but I'm going to try mine on and then you'll see how good it looks." Becky slipped off her tee shirt and tugged her panties down and off too and was standing in front of her mother totally naked. Liz immediately noted two things about her daughter; one was that she was completely shaven between her legs and her womanhood was completely displayed for anyone who looked at her and secondly, she had two gold rings piercing her upper labia right near her clit. What the fuck? Just looking at that jewelry and missing hair gave rise to the thought that she didn't really know her daughter all that well.

"What's a matter mom, you're staring at me?"

"Oh nothing really honey, it's just ... that ... well when did you do that?" She pointed to her daughters' shaven pussy and pierced lips.

Becky looked down to where her mother was pointing. "Oh that. Well I started shaving myself in high school and I guess I've just kept it up ... I kind of like it, don't you? As for the piercing ... well it's kind of an erotic thing, that's all.

"An erotic thing," her mother said, "what the heck does that mean?"

Becky looked down at herself again trying to think of a way to describe it to her mother without embarrassing her. "Well it just that when ... uh ... a, well you know mother, when you're making love it stimulates the woman as well as the man."

Liz was dumb struck. Although Becky was certainly old enough to have a boyfriend, make love and do anything else that she damned well chose to do she had never really thought about her baby girl making love.

"Are you upset with me mother?"

Liz shook her head. "No, not really, just more surprised I guess. Does it ... uh, itch or anything?"

"Not really, it's just kind of sexy, that's all. My partner last year loved to ... well I guess that might be too much information for you."

"No. No not at all honey." Liz said almost too quickly. "I was curious about it that's all. I mean I've had several friends tell me they do the same thing as you and I don't think it's bad or anything like that I guess I was just thinking about when the hair starts to grow back."

"Well you have to shave about twice a week and it's never itched or anything. Mom, you should try it ... it might do wonders for your sex life."

If I thought that would do anything for my sex life I would shave the hair off my fucking head she thought. "Yea well, I don't think doing that would help honey."

"Look mom, I know that you and dad are going through a rough spell but why not try it and see what happens, maybe dad will like it! Come on ... I'll help you and what's to loose anyway. Besides I can see in your eyes that you are dying to try it. Come on mom."

"Well ... maybe ... but..."

That's all Becky needed to hear. She hopped off the bed and ran out to the living room and looked through her bag until she found what she wanted. Then she headed out to the kitchen and found a mixing bowl and filled it with warm water. She grabbed a bath towel, a hand towel and washcloth from the bathroom then found her small can of shaving cream and razor and walked back into the bedroom. Liz hadn't moved an inch. "Okay mom, off with your panties."

Liz wasn't real keen on undressing in front of her child but then decided ... what the hell and slipped her panties off. "What do you want me to do?"

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