Tom's Capitivity

by Wildmantaz

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Gay, Fiction, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Couple, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Enema, Body Modification, Transformation, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A story about a guy who is kidnapped, drugged and raped. He is turned into a drug addicted sex slave for a group of black males and made to do a party till he is rescued

As I came out of the fog of passing out, I realized that I was tired down across the end of the bed standing up and my ass offered to anyone who had used me. The feeling of a lot of liquids slowly sliding out of my abused ass and running down my spread legs, I had to wonder how I got into this position.

Let me back up a bit, and tell you what I can remember of the night or day or what ever I last remember. I was delivering newspapers as a result of a "downsizing of my job' so that I could at least keep some money on the table. Unemployment is not real good, especially when you have court ordered child support to pay to my bitch of an ex wife, the extra income made it a bit more livable. It was time to collect; yes this paper had the carriers still collect for the papers so I had been doing the job as I was supposed to.

The area of town was not all that affluent but it was not the wrong side of the tracks either. The last couple of months that I had been doing this I had meet a few people on the route who were nice and then some just were a bit scary.

I vaguely remember being at one house with fit the later description, as when I want to collect they were not real nice in the attitude department with what they deemed as "a scrap job". I guess that the large black male who had answered the door the last time did not like me interrupting him and what ever he was doing.

Well as I said, I vaguely remember ringing the doorbell and waiting and then I heard a noise behind me and then someone or something hit me in the back of the head and down I went.

Well I knew that something was wrong, because I was tired up, legs spread and bent over the end of a twin size bed, in a room where all I could see was a lamp, and a nightstand with a color TV in front of me showing a movie of some kind. I could feel the throbbing pain in the back of my head and knew that I had to have some kind of big knot on it from getting hit. I also felt a bit of jumpiness or so and I had no idea why I was for the lack of a better word, wound up.

As to the rest of me, well I was naked and tied up. Real easy to figure that part out, especially the part that something had happened to my ass. I came to the realization that due to my ass being real sore and the liquids sliding or dripping out of it and down my leg that I most likely had been fucked, no raped as I did not consent to it and the knot on the back of my head meant that it was more of a forced rape of me.

As the fog lifted from my mind, I took a look around as best as possible and noticed that my arms were in leather restraints and that rope ran from them back under the bed to my legs which I was guessing had restraints on them like the arms. I tried to raise my left arm and the pressure increased on my left leg in concert with the arm movement. So the ropes were connected together as near as I could tell.

Around my neck I could only guess was a leather collar as I could smell the leather and feel something tight around it. I went to raise my head a bit more and found that I could move it a bit to the left and right and raise it as much as possible due to the position I was in.

A look to the right, found a wall mounted mirror where I could see myself in it, and I realized that I was tied up with a rope running from the color to the ceiling and then over to the end of the bed, and it was tied to a bed post. So I could move a bit but not much.

Well other than that, it was all that I could see around me. The mirror revealed that behind me was a camera mounted on a tripod and on a dresser behind me were several other cameras and a few bottles of beer and other bottles of something. No windows were visible in what I could see with my restricted movement.

My jaw was sore and I could only imagine why that was the case, as I took stock of what happened and where I was. I could also smell what I guess was cat urine in the air and that was about it.

I lowered my head a bit to rest it on the mattress and about that time the TV changed from what ever movie was on to another image. It was of me tied to the bed. I guess that someone was watching the images from the camera behind me and turned it so I could see what was happening.

But I quickly realized that the images it was showing was what had recorded earlier when I was passed out. I watched what was being shown and it revealed that I had been tied up while dressed and unconscious and that 2 rather large black men had done that and then cut all my clothes off with knives. Now I have to say that I do enjoy wearing women's panties all the time and today or when ever it was no exception to the rule. My wife knows I wear them and she even picks them out for me at the store. I guess they enjoyed finding me in lace trimmed pink satin panties as they were laughing and feeling me up while I was in them. But the panties quickly fell victim to the edge of the knife and were removed leaving me naked and tied up.

Now from here on it only got wilder in what happened ... I watched the 2 guys take out a pipe or something like that and put some stuff in it, and I really hopped that I was wrong with what my first thoughts were on what it contained. But after watching them load it and then take a lighter and start to heat up the contents I knew what had happened and why I was so jumpy.

They got what ever it was going, and then took the pipe and held it up to my mouth and then pinched off my nose so I had to breath though my mouth. As I opened my mouth in went the pipe and I could see that I was breathing, inhaling the stuff for a few minutes it seemed, all while the men were getting undressed, and man I really knew why my ass was sore.

They were hung real well, and I was now realizing that what I had been feeling running out of my ass was their cum which they had filled my ass with...

Well after about a minute or 2 of being forced to inhale what ever it was they put up the pipe and then proceeded to get me ready for the rape.

I watched the video as one of them came round to the front and started rubbing his cock on my face and slowly trying to work it into my mouth. The video camera jerked and then I watched as it moved closer and came around to where you could see me from the front and see the glassy eyed look I had as I slowly came under the influence of what ever I had smoked.

The cock started to rub on my lips and I just opened up my mouth and in popped the cock. Now this thing was as black as coal and it looked to be about 9 or so inches long and it was not totally hard. I watched the video being played as the head of his cock disappeared into my mouth along with about 3 or 4 inches of it. He slowly started to work it in and out of my mouth with it getting deeper each stroke and finally it was about 6 inches in, when you could start to see me choke a bit and then it was evident that it was working down into my throat as you could see it start to show as more and more of him disappeared into my mouth until he was all the way in and my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

He held it there for a bit and then started to work in and out at a slow pace, and allowed me to get used to the size of it in my throat and mouth. That I was grateful for as I know that it must have been real painful without the effect of the drugs I had been forced to take. I could see that it was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort with each full stroke he took in my mouth. My eyes were watering badly and I could tell that I was having trouble breathing in the video and they did not care it seemed. All I was to them was a white boy that they had tied up and they were going to use and abuse me any way that they wanted.

I watched the scene unfold in front of me on the video, and I knew that after a few minutes of this he was getting close to Cuming in my mouth — throat as he started to work it in faster and with more force. My head was being pushed back as far as it could go with the collar on it and being tied up. All of a sudden I seen him stiffen up and he grabbed my head and from the look on my face, he was shooting his load of cum into my throat ... I was bucking around trying to get away from it as I watched him keep it deep in my throat. I see it leak around his cock and out of my mouth, and even it seemed to run out of my nose. I watched as he pulled out of my mouth and finished with a few shots just shooting into my mouth as I gasp for air. Some of it hit me on my face and started to run down into my eyes and such and made me look like some kind of slut who loved what had just happened.

Well after a few seconds of rest, the camera jiggled again as it was handed to the second black male and the angle of view changed to show him. Oh crap I was in trouble as he was a lot longer and thicker than the first guy was. This one had to be about a foot long and thick as a beer can.

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