Innocence Lost

by wetfly6969

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Prostitution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young runaway working for a brutal pimp recounts her life of abuse starting at an early age.

Wearing a tight, thigh-high florescent green dress, the 13-year-old from San Bernardino started her first shift on Compton Boulevard. "Do me proud," her pimp tells her flashing his golden grill as she opens the door. She knows what that means. She smiles back and gets out. The clock on the bank across the street reads 10:54 A.M., the normal start of her day.

Scarcely ten minutes passes before the first car pulls up along side of her. "How much?" the large black man asks showing no emotion. This was strictly a business deal.

"You a cop?" she asks out of habit.

"Fuck no; I'm just looking for a blow job. How much?"

"Head costs forty," she said glancing around to be sure no cops were watching.

"Okay, get in." She knew better than to get into a car with a john. There are a lot of crazy fuckers out there and there's no telling what they'd do to her. That's what Roscoe always said.

"I'll meet you around the corner," she said pointing to the small alley just past the next building. He pulls forward and makes the turn. She follows.

Five hours later, on the hot and windy afternoon in August, she had turned seven more "tricks." Three were blow jobs, three wanted to fuck her and one wanted her ass. She had one more hour to work before Roscoe would come for her. She smiled and waved as the dirty, white pickup pulled up next to her.

"How much you chargin', Babe?" he asked rolling the window down.

"You a cop?" she asked for the 10th time today.

"Do I look like a cop?" the dusty and paint covered man asked with a stern expression.

"No, I guess not," she said realizing how dumb that question was. "What you want?"

"I dunno, tell me what each costs and I'll let you know."

"Head is $40, pussy is $80 and my ass will cost you a hundred."

"'Ight, pussy it is," he said smiling and pulling out a few bills.

"Pull around the corner, I'll meet you," she said stepping away from the truck. Her feet were killing her in the high heels but she walked the short block swaying as sexily as she could anyway. It's good for business.

She stared up past his head at the tall cinder block wall next to them while he thrust back and forth inside of her grunting and snorting. She let out a sigh, not from the sex but for how she felt about her life. He was longer than most and repeatedly banged against something deep inside. There was one long moan before he stopped moving. He was done. She waited for him to get off of her before moving.

The used condom was toss precariously past her head and out the window to join the countless others that had been accumulating over the past five and a half months she's worked this street. Watching as he pulled his jeans up, she thought that he was actually kinda cute. He was in his early 20's and had a nice build. He was white, which was unusual for this area as most of the men using her are black or Hispanic. He reminded her of her cousin Roger. She smiled at the thought before pulling herself up to leave.

No words were exchanged as she smoothed down her dress and headed out towards the street. He backed up, not even looking her way as he drove past. She heaved a sigh. Why would he look? She was just a whore. She returned to her spot to pace back and forth for the next thirty minutes before her first shift would be over.

The old beat up Chevy drove past her twice before making a U turn at the corner light. The windows were dark tinted and she couldn't see who was inside. Pulling along side the curb the window was rolled down and she could see there were two men sitting in the front.

"How much for a fuck and suck?" the passenger asked. Both men were Spanish and from the looks of them, they were looking for a bargain.

She stepped closer. "Eighty for a fuck, forty for a suck," she said leaning into the car. The scent of marijuana was strong and she was startled to see a third man sitting in the back. "Each," she added.

"Com'on baby, give us a break. How 'bout a little discount, you know, a group rate? the driver said with a thick Spanish accent.

"That's the price. If you don't want it, then I'm wasting my time talking to you," she said standing up. The streets have toughened her up some but inside she was shaking.

"How 'bout $150 for all three of us?" he asked with a toothy grin.

"I'll suck all three for $120 but if you want pussy, it'll cost you more." She listened as they talked between themselves in Spanish for a while before another proposal was made.

"Suck two and one fuck for $150. That's all the money we have, okay?" She thought about it for a moment and agreed. It would mean that she was taking $10 less for the fuck, but Roscoe would like the extra money she'd make. Besides, it was like a group discount, right?

"Pull around that building into the alley. I'll meet you there."

She knew to always get the money first and had it before she even got into the car. The bills were mostly 10's and 20's and looked like a lot more than it actually was. They wasted no time in having her on her back, one guy on top of her, the second standing outside the car with the door opened and thrusting in and out of her mouth while the third guy reached from the front seat to fondle and squeeze her breasts. That really wasn't part of the deal, but she didn't stop him.

Words in Spanish were spoken and her arms were suddenly pulled above her head and held into place against the chest of the man she was sucking. The man thrusting hard on her began to slow his pace and grunted out something before slowing down. She could feel her inner tissues becoming wet as his cock jerked hard in rapid succession. Damn it he wasn't wearing a condom!

Her arms were held in place as she felt the man who had just cum inside of her back away. She tried to squirm free from the hard grasp and thought briefly of biting the man's cock that was holding her down. Just then she felt the weight of someone moving to get on her and the familiar sensation of a hard cock sliding back inside.

Struggling to see, she noticed it was the other man who had been fondling her breasts moments before and he was pounding her hard. The old car bounced slightly under the assault. Her hands were released and the man's cock slipped from her mouth. Opening her eyes she watched as the man who had just fucked her and the man she was sucking traded places.

She could taste the sperm and sex still on his cock as it was cruelly pushed into her mouth. She didn't fight them. The last time she fought, she was beaten up pretty bad, couldn't work for a few days until her wounds all healed. After the second man came, the one she had been sucking crawled on top of her. She closed her eyes thinking of her brothers. How many times did they do that to her? Even when she never struggled they still were rough with her and held her down while they took turns raping her.

"Lemme count the money," Roscoe said as she slid into the front seat. Reaching for the small bag around her waist, she dug out all the money and handed it to him. $730. He smiled as he counted it leaned over to kiss her cheek. He never kissed her on the mouth after she'd been working. "You did good, girl, I'm proud," he added with his notorious smile. She returned the smile and stared straight ahead as he drove her home.

She'd have two hours to get cleaned up, changed and eat before she started her second shift. She used to share her room with two other girls but for the past week, she's been alone. A month ago one of his new girls couldn't take the "life" and took off. He's got people looking for her he claimed. The other girl, known as Cricket on the street, was passed on to another pimp to settle a debt about a week ago. Roscoe later said the reason he dumped her was that she was "old and used up". She had to shake her head at that. Cricket was only 19-years-old but had been in the game for about five years. Being on the streets that's almost a lifetime.

"Let's go," Roscoe said snapping her out of her thoughts. She looked at the clock noticing it was just before 6. She should have another hour to go and asked about it. "It's the first of the month and a lotta people gots their checks in. Let's go, don't wanna keep 'em waiting." She sighed slipping on her high heel shoes again.

She sat quietly as her pimp drove her to a truck stop a few miles away. He handed her an ecstasy pill and she got out to walk the aisles of trucks. By six-thirty she had finished her first trick. The place was busy, more so than usual and she was setting them up one right after another. The way she was dressed left no doubt what she was and why she was there.

She had just opened the door to one of the trucks she did a trick in and hadn't even climbed down when the trucker next to her yelled out the window to her. "How much, Honey?" She rattled of the price and he opened his door allowing her to climb in. He would be the ninth man and she had only been there for three hours. It was going to be a long night.

There would be two more "dates" before she got a break. Eleven dates in less than four hours was a lot but she'd done more before. It was almost 10 and she was exhausted but she knew she had to keep working. Pulling out the pill she popped it into her mouth. Roscoe could be the greatest, kindest man in the world or he could be the cruelest and most heartless thug when he's mad. She never wanted to see the bad side of him.

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