Life Is Good Today

by woodmanone

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Desc: Romantic Story: Life is good after a troubled start for a young man.

There are no graphic sex scenes in this story.

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My inspiration for this story is the song "Toes in the Water" by the Zac Brown Band.

I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand

Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand

Life is good today. Life is good today.

Life is good today. Six years ago, I wouldn't have said or believed that statement. At that time I thought my life sucked and the world was a place I didn't care to be a part of. Things change with time and maturity. I'm 26 and like to think that I have learned some important things in the intervening years.

I'm sitting here with my toes in the water of the Pacific Ocean and my ass in the sand of a private beach on the island of Maui. As the sun sets I think back over the last six years of my life. Whatever it was before, Life is good today.

You have no idea what I'm talking about so let me explain and tell you my story.

The back ground for my story starts in my senior year in high school. Oh, I'm William Andrew Riley, better known as Drew. I was a better than average student, in fact I ranked second in my class and was offered an academic scholarship to the University of Missouri in Columbia.

It's a good thing because I would have never gotten a full ride scholarship because of my football skills. As a 6 feet and 180 pound tight end, I just didn't have the size or speed to be a top prospect for any school.

What I did posses was a lot of "want to". I ran very disciplined routes and had great hands; if the ball was catchable I would usually come down with it. I was also very good at blocking for running plays or protecting the quarter back.

Because of these skills, I was offered a partial football scholarship, and coupled with the academic one everything but spending money would be taken care of at college. These two offers made it possible for me to go to the University of Missouri.

I was very fortunate to get these scholarships because my parents couldn't afford to send me to U of M for all four years. My folks were and are great people and wanted to help as much as they could. But I had four younger siblings; twin brothers and twin sisters so there wasn't a lot of extra money.

I was the oldest of the five children. My brothers and I were planned; although, the folks hadn't planned on my brothers being twins. The twin girls that came next were sort of a surprise package. After my sisters were born, steps were taken. I don't know which one, but Mom or Dad was "fixed". No more surprises, Dad said the Riley clan was large enough.

Without the scholarships, my first two years of college would have been at a local junior college and maybe my parents would be able to help me with the last two years at UM. I planned to major in Computer Sciences specializing in Systems Analyzes. I didn't really fit the stereotype of a computer nerd, but that's what I was.

Even though I wasn't one of the starters on the team, I still "hung" with the most popular click of jocks, cheerleaders, and groupies. These groupies didn't care that much about football or athletics; they just wanted to be with the elite group of the school. Boy, as a group we were egotistical and spoiled!

I was "running" with Jackie Swanson, a voluptuous auburn haired beauty with huge green eyes. She wasn't a groupie or cheerleader but her infectious good nature and her Miss America looks garnered a place with the "in" crowd for her. Jackie was much more than a pretty face though; she was witty and intelligent.

To watch her walk across a room was a study of one of God's perfect works. Have you ever noticed that women, especially attractive ones, don't just walk? They sort of glide and I have no idea how they get their hips to move that way.

Jackie was a virgin when we met, but after our Senior Prom she lost that label. My fault, or good luck, however you want to look at it. In fairness to me, Jackie was a very willing participant in what we did. After that we were almost joined at the hip. We didn't make love all the time but we did enjoy each other several times. That summer after my senior year was the best two and a half months of my young life.

My dad is sort of cool, even though he can embarrass the hell out of me sometimes. Three or four days after the Senior Prom, he called me out to the garage as I was getting ready to go pick up Jackie.

He handed me a paper bag and told me not to be stupid or reckless and to think about my partner. As he left I looked into the bag and saw several packages of condoms. See, a cool guy but embarrassing.

Jackie and I never really discussed our relationship. It was enough that we were together and we both knew I would be leaving for school in the fall. We both sort of took it for granted that we would continue seeing each other and the future could take care of its self.

When I went to Columbia to start college, I left Jackie behind in St. Louis. Her mother was a single parent and she was a lot like my folks. She couldn't afford to send Jackie to a big college away from home because the room, board, and tuition were just too expensive. Jackie went to a local junior college and lived at home.

The University of Missouri at Columbia is about a two and a half hour drive from my home in St. Louis. So Jackie and I carried on a long distance relationship. I would come home every weekend after my last class on Friday and stay until early Monday morning. During my visits, Jackie and I would spend as much time together as possible.

We had weekend long dates, doing things and going everywhere together. Jackie and I tried to wear out the back seat of my car a few times or any other place that we could get some privacy. Not being together every day during the week made our weekends together special. It was like being on a date and on your best behavior all the time. We were enjoying our lives and each other. That is until football season started.

Once the season started, I didn't have a chance to get home very much. There were practices every day and games on Saturday. That left Sunday as the only day I could come home. The physical toll of practice all week and the games didn't leave me a lot of energy. I tried to get home at least half the weekends but it was a grind.

If we had an away game, I couldn't get home at all. After a home game, I would clean up, jump in my car and head for St. Louis. By the time I got to Jackie's place I was whipped. The two and half hour drive would give me time to come down off the high of the game and realize how tired I was. I wasn't the best date that night.

We tried to make up for it on Sunday, spending the whole day and most of the night together. I would leave for school on Monday morning getting there in time for my first class at 9:00. A few times Jackie would take the bus to Columbia and spend the weekend with me, but she was working to help pay for her education and couldn't get many weekends off.

Jackie and I began to drift apart after two years of our long distance romance. It wasn't that we didn't care for each other but we only saw each other at the most about 2 days out of each month for a period of five months. Few relationships could survive this and ours didn't make it.

I thought about quitting football, but Jackie wouldn't let me give up. She reminded me that I needed the football scholarship to complete my education. Jackie was a special person and was willing to sacrifice her happiness for my future.

We cared very much for each other, thought we loved each other, but we both needed to let go of the past and get on with our lives. Our last evening together was bitter sweet. We made love for what we were sure would be the last time, cried on each other's shoulders and said good bye the next morning.

Jackie and I decided not to spend the off season together. When football started again, it would just make our being apart that much harder. A clean break would be better for both of us, so we thought.

It was sort of ironic; six months later at the start of the new season I tore the ACL in my left knee and was out of football for good. The school had to honor my athletic scholarship as I was hurt in a game and all the medical expenses were taken care of, but I wouldn't be able to play again. My dad and mom were at the hospital during the operation on my knee to make sure I was okay.

We were talking about things back home and I asked about Jackie. She had kept in touch with my folks because they had sort of adopted Jackie while we were going together. My mom told me that Jackie was dating a nice young man and seemed to be happy.

Well damn, there goes my idea of stepping back into my relationship with Jackie. I had thought that without football that we could make our romance work until I graduated; I only had one more year before graduation. Men plan and the gods laugh. The gods are assholes.

After the operation I had an intense rehab on my knee, so I couldn't go home for over three months. Going home was sort of a moot point anyway because I couldn't drive. My parents would come up and see me every couple of weeks and we would talk about my sisters and brothers and things at home.

Of course I had to torture myself and ask about Jackie. Mom tried to change the subject but I kept coming back to Jackie. Finally Dad answered me and said that Jackie was still dating that same guy and it looked like things were getting serious between them.

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