The Reunion

by PK

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: They met before and were unable to consummate their friendship after months of communication they arrange to meet again, read what happens on their Re-union.

Butterflies in the tummy, who ever thought of that phrase did not know the half of it, through out the journey Nick's stomach had tensed and churned, a veritable herd of elephants running through his gastric regions. Happy, excited, elated, curious, his emotions had run the gamut back and forth. He had brought a book but any attempt to read had been in vain he could not stop his mind from wandering to that flight in February, when he had first met Elizabeth, and what had happened since...

Ironically, it seemed the enormous fat man that he had so narrowly missed sitting beside on 'the' flight, was back. This time Nick's luck had run out, he was crushed between the side of the small plane and a vast and smelly man, plotting strategies for enforcement of a mandatory deodorant law, and conjuring up gruesome consequences for those that flouted that same law, as his seat mate so obviously had.

Finally, the flight arrived and detaching himself from the jet's interior wall

Nick disembarked. Bag slung over his shoulder he walked through the arrivals area, hoping to reach the rendezvous point before Elizabeth did, they had agreed on a meeting spot and as their flights landed almost simultaneously it was uncertain who was going to get to the pre-ordained spot first.

As he walked across the crowded concourse towards the Sbarro, a fixture at most airports, he looked around for Elizabeth, and caught sight of her walking from the opposite direction, she had not seen him, her purposeful strides making her curly hair bounce as it was loosely gathered on top of her head, her eyes were fixed and focused on the Sbarro as if staring would make him magically appear.

Nick cast his mind back to the last time he had seen her, as she walked away from him, with no less purpose, across the arrivals lounge at Heathrow - he had stood and watched her then, sorely tempted to follow her and damn the consequences. As often happens, real life had intervened, he had continued on his way to Dublin, walking quickly down the hall to the departure lounge, before she had the chance to turn around and test his resolve.

Ten yards from the restaurant, Elizabeth turned towards him, somehow knowing he would be there, their eyes met. Questioningly, they searched each other's faces, for a sign, for affirmation that this was real and it was worth it. She smiled and her face lit up, Nick covered the remaining distance took her in his arms and held her as he covered her face in kisses.

In one moment all doubt evaporated they were cast back to their initial meeting, when the bond had been formed. Words tumbled out as they both shared their joy and happiness, interrupted only long enough to kiss and caress each others faces, they knew this had been the right decision, it had been worth the yearning and frustration of getting to know each other through stilted emails, stolen conversations and life's harsh realities. They turned and made their way across the airport to the cabstand, fingers intertwined smiles of delight radiating from both, walking comfortably with each other.

The heat was sultry; the cab ride had been exciting, serving to further whet the appetites that had been festering for so long. Caressing and touching each other, as much as tastefully possible, under the constant surveillance of the cab driver, who seemed to spend more time watching them in the rear view mirror, than he did looking at the road ahead. They checked into the hotel, achieving the seemingly impossible task of registering for the room, giving credit cards and IDs, all while maintaining constant contact with each other, after being apart for so long, being denied that touch was something neither wanted to contemplate.

They almost ran across the lobby towards the elevators in their haste to get to the privacy of their room. Once ensconced in the room Nick took Elizabeth's hand and led her to the bathroom; "Shower first," he said as he unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it carelessly on the bathroom floor, he continued to undress her, and she following his lead stood vulnerable and let him. Finally Elizabeth stood before him nude, a sight that took his breath away, leaning forward he paused to gently taste her nipples and tease them with his tongue, as he guided her to the shower. He shucked his own clothes, quickly joining her under the warm spray.

END of Harlequin Romance Part beginning of Salacious Part

Nick stepped into the shower and lingered to admire Elizabeth standing under the running stream, her head tilted back, eyes closed, and a slight smile on her face. The water running down and around her face, down the front of her body, dripping from the ends of her curly locks and the tips of her breasts, he reached out, then gently stroked and touched them.

Nick took some shampoo gently starting to wash her hair, the feel of her hair under his fingers was sensual, and the massaging of her scalp caused an involuntary purr to escape from Elizabeth. She snuggled back towards him, feeling his body next to hers, her buttocks nestling in his lap, as he ran his fingers through her soapy wet hair. Nick traced the lines of her back with his fingers, mesmerized by the interplay of soap, and water onher skin. The outline of her swimsuit showed a much lighter area, he traced the outline, down from one shoulder to her lower back, pausing to grasp and caress her butt, then back up.

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