by Uncle Jim

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, BDSM, Rough, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: When Tim rescues Dottie, he doesn't know what he is in for. He takes her home to have his sister, Penny, care for her while he deals with the abusers. Penny has ideas of her own. Tim's life changes drastically while his sisters have their revenge on the abusers.

Character List


Part Original, H.S. Student; 5'-9" tall, 145 pounds, 17 years old. auburn hair, gray eyes, nice looking


HS Student; 4'-11" tall, 102 pounds, 34C-22-34, 16 years old, short, curly, strawberry blond hair, gray eyes, some light freckles, very cute


HS Student, 5'-10" tall, 200 pounds, 17 years old, black hair, brown eyes


HS Student, 6'-0" tall, 160 pounds, 17 years old, brown hair, blue eyes


HS Student, 5'-9" tall, 170 pounds, 17 years old, black hair, hazel eyes


Tim's older sister, 5'-4" tall, 115 pounds, 34C-23-34, 18 years old, long auburn hair, gray eyes


Tim's middle sister, 5'-2" tall, 105 pounds, 32B-20-31, 15 years old, medium length auburn hair, gray eyes


Tim's youngest sister, 5'-0" tall, 95 pounds, 30A-20-28, 13 years old, short auburn hair, green eyes

Part 1

Dottie is one of the cutest girls in the local high school. She is 4'-11" tall and has short, curly, strawberry blond hair. At 16 years old and 102 pounds, her 34C-22-34 figure and gray eyes are very alluring to the boys. She also has some very light freckles and still retains just a touch of baby fat. It makes her very cuddly.

On this particular summer night, she doesn't look all that nice. Her hair is all frizzed out. She is lying on a rumpled sheet on a small bed. There are bruises and scratches on her breasts and other parts of her body. Her face and lips are swollen from abuse. Her pussy and rectum have suffered similar abuse and are also swollen. There is dried cum and pussy juice all over her small body.

Dottie looks up through her tears, as the door to the room opens again. For the last three days and nights, she has been abused by Tony and his two friends. Now she feared that they were back again to hurt her further.

"Please, no more," she begged, "let me go. Please." There was no answer for a short time.

"Dottie, how did you wind up here?" a familiar voice asked. Dottie had trouble seeing who it was in the dim light but was sure that she knew that voice. Looking up as he came closer, she saw Tim.

"Have you come to hurt me too, Tim?" she whispered through her bruised and swollen lips.

I was devastated when I saw Dottie on the bed. I had heard a rumor from other boys late that afternoon that Tony had been having a party for the last several days with an involuntary guest. I had an idea what that meant and didn't like it one bit.

"No, Dottie. I am here to take you home, Sweetie," I said in answer to her question, "not to hurt you." I knew Dottie from school and had always thought that she was cute.

"How can we get out of here?" she whispered in fear. "Have Tony and the others left?"

"Oh, no," I told her, "they're right in the front room, but they won't bother us at all. They have more important things to worry about right now," I told her with a smile.

I crossed the small room to the bed that she was confined on. Dottie's hands were hand cuffed behind her back and there was another handcuff on her right ankle. It was connected to a chain that ran to an eye bolt in the floor. I had not been prepared for that.

"Do you know where the keys are kept?" I asked her.

"I think Tony has them, Tim," she whispered in tears. "I'll never get out of here!" she wailed in misery.

"Give me a few minutes," I told her, "I WILL get the keys."

I returned to the front room of the pool house. When I had appeared there earlier, Tony and his friends had been quite surprised. I had frozen them in place. Now that I knew better what the situation was, I would deal more harshly with them. I immediately induced pain in Tony's two friends, Rick and Geno. You could see the sweat appear on their faces as the pain started. Then I spoke to Tony.

"Where are the keys to the handcuffs?" I demanded and then gave him his voice back to answer.

"Get fucked, dickhead," Tony shouted back. I cut off his control of his voice again, so the screams wouldn't be heard. Then I gave him a good strong shot of pain - much more than his friends were experiencing. Tony went very pale and started to sweat.

"Now, we can do this the hard way or the easy way," I told him. "The easy way is you tell me what I want to know right now. The hard way is you don't and I keep increasing the level of pain until you do tell me, but you will tell me, eventually!" I then returned his voice to him. I had seen the sweat on his face and the fear in his eyes.

"All right," he groaned, "the keys are over on the bookcase across the room." I checked to be sure that was where the keys actually were and then returned to Tony. I cut off his control of his voice again and reduced the level of pain, some.

"I will leave the three of you like this for now to contemplate your misdeeds. When I have determined the full extent of your misbehavior, I will see what other punishment you require," I informed them and returned to the small bedroom and Dottie.

Dottie was quietly crying on the bed when I returned with the keys. I removed the handcuffs freeing her hands and then the one on her ankle. Dottie tried to move her arms and screamed in pain. After being in that position for so long, her arms were not ready to move and had suffered from a reduced flow of blood to the area. Dottie lay there and cried and moaned on the bed.

"Dottie, I know that must hurt. Let me see if I can increase the circulation by massaging your arms and shoulders," I told her and set to work. Dottie's skin was so soft and as I massaged her shoulders and arms, they warmed up quickly as the blood flow increased there. I continued the massage until the crying and moaning stopped. It took a while but I sure didn't mind. Dottie is soft and warm.

"Come on, Sweetie," I told her, when she was better, "let's get you a nice hot shower. You'll feel a lot better then." We went to the shower in the connecting bath, and I got the water going and adjusted the temperature so it wasn't too hot.

When I turned to Dottie, she was still frightened. Her breathing was still ragged and snot was running out of her nose. I got some toilet paper and had her blow her nose and then got her into the shower. There were soap and shampoo already in there.

"Can you handle this by yourself?" I asked her through the door.

"Yes, I think so, Tim. Thank you," she answered, with a little sniffle.

Who am I, you ask? My name is Tim. I'm 5'-9" tall, weigh 145 pounds, more or less. I'm 17 years old and have auburn hair and gray eyes. I am also part 'Original' which is how come I can transport and also to what I owe my mental powers.

After a short time, I could hear Dottie start to weep again, and then the shower door opened.

"Tim," she asked, tearfully, "could you do my back and butt. It hurts too much for me to try to reach them." The tears at this point were running down her face and washing the soap away.

"Sure, Sweetie," I told her as I took the soap from her hand. Dottie turned around, and I started to rub the soap over her back and butt. God, did she feel good, and I just loved that cute little butt of hers. I continued all the way down the back of her legs and then came back up and rubbed my soapy hands into her butt crack. Dottie jumped at this and took in a large breath in fright.

"Easy, Sweetie," I told her, " I'm not going to hurt you. I only want to help you get cleaned up. OK?"

"All right, Tim," she answered, with her still ragged breathing. I had finished with her butt by then but would have loved to continue.

"Go ahead and rinse off," I told her. She closed the door and got back under the water. She was soon done and turned off the water.

When Dottie came out of the shower, her hair was all wet and drooped down around her face and head. She was still crying and her breathing was still ragged.

"Are you going to be all right, Sweetie?" I asked, concerned.

"I am just so sore, everywhere," she moaned. "Help me dry off, please."

I took a towel and started at her hair and face. Then I mover to her arms and back. I massaged her arms some more also. Dottie's breathing was a little easier now. I then moved the towel to start on her front. Dottie has really nice looking breasts. They're not huge but they look just right on her small frame. I rubbed them dry with the towel and then moved down to her flat belly. Eventually, I wound up at her pussy and thighs. Now I had a problem. I had no ideal how to dry her pussy. I started on her thighs and upper legs.

Dottie spread her legs, reached down, and guided my hand and the towel right up between her legs and right across her pussy. I rubbed her there for a while. Dottie started to coo and her breathing was ragged again. After a short time she took in a long breath and shivered some with closed eyes. In a bit her eyes opened and her breathing eased up. Dottie looked down at me. I had stopped rubbing her pussy and there was a stain on the towel now.

"Thank you, Tim," she breathed in a whisper. I returned to her lower legs and finished drying her off.

"Where are your clothes, Sweetie?" I asked her.

"Tony and the others ripped them off me. I don't think I'll be able to wear them," she whimpered in tears.

"Let me see what I can find for you to wear," I told her. I went through the closets in the rooms and finally found a robe that would fit someone her size. When I returned to the bathroom with it. Dottie was drying her hair with the hair dryer there. Those things all make a terrible racket.

"I found a robe for you to wear," I told her as I re-entered the bath. Dottie jumped at my voice.

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