A Deal's a Deal

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Eighteen year old Kelly was justifiably startled when her beautiful mother asked her to be host mother for the child she could not give her new husband. Thinking fast, Kelly came up with a deal to shock her back to reality. She never dreamed her mother would so readily agree to let her husband breed his step daughter and make a baby organically, with no doctors, in vitro or implantation procedures! How can Kelly back out of her deal now?

Kelly laid her book down and looked across the table at her mother. "Mom, what do you mean, what do I think of Robert?"

"Just that, sweetie. What do you think of him?"

"Mother dear, have I given any indication that I was upset with you marrying again?" The eighteen year old smiled. "Bob's a great guy. I'm glad you found someone so good for you." The lovely blonde favored her mother with a wink. "When are you guys going to give me a little brother or sister?"

Melody Conner-Johnson dropped the coffee cup she was holding. "Shit!" she gasped as the cup broke, spreading coffee all over the floor. "I better get something to clean that up!"

With a sigh, Kelly pushed the book away from her. Something was obviously wrong. "Mom, what is it? You've been acting funny all weekend." She smiled. "Bob will be home soon. I bet he'll know how to ease your tensions."

The older woman ran a hand nervously through her long red hair and took a deep breath. "Kelly, you're making this impossible! Please don't say a word while I try to explain!"

Kelly was out of her seat in a flash. In seconds she was at her mother's side. "Mom, it's me, okay? What's wrong? I promise to let you talk if you only explain!"

"Oh sweetheart, it's just your choice of words just now." The older woman was blushing like a timid school girl. "We do want to give you a baby brother or sister, that's the problem!"

"That's no problem, mom! I'm looking forward to some babysitting cash." Kelly's eyes opened wide. "Wait, do you think I'm troubled because Bob is black? You know I'm not some stupid bigoted little cunt! Bob is a wonderful man! Any woman would be proud to be his wife!"

"That's not what I meant, and you watch your language!" Melody wailed as she hugged her daughter tight. "Just please shut up and listen, before I lose my nerve!"

"Okay mom!" Kelly tried to keep her breasts from pressing too tightly against those of her mother. It was sort of distracting. "Tell me what's going on!"

"Kelly, the day you were born was the happiest moment of my entire life. Through you it was like a part of your father was still with us." She sniffed back tears. "There was a little sadness that day too. I very nearly died. The doctors all warned me that another pregnancy could kill me. I had little choice. Several months after you were born, I had a tubal ligation."

"Oh mother. Those can be reversed these days." Kelly smiled. "You should talk to Doctor Anderson. She'll tell you all about it."

Melody took a deep breath before continuing. "I did talk to Doctor Anderson. She told me that nothing's changed. There's a very good chance I wouldn't survive to have another child." She gulped. "The doctor did say that you are as healthy as a horse though."

Being a very intelligent girl, Kelly put two and two together. It added up to nine months! "Mom! What the hell are you thinking? I'm only eighteen! I'm your daughter!"

"Yes, you are my daughter." Melody hugged Kelly tighter. "You're my beautiful healthy daughter who would probably have a very easy delivery! Please hear me out!"

"Mother! I don't want to have a kid!" Now Kelly was blushing. "I'm still a virgin, for God's sake!" She had thought it a little odd when Doctor Anderson gave her such an extensive gynecological exam last month. The good doctor took twice as long as usual during all her poking and prodding. "Is Doctor Anderson in on this too?"

"No! I, I just wanted to see if you would have any problems like I did during your birth, that's all! You have a perfect body for making babies."

"What am I, some sort of breed mare?"

"Baby, don't take it like that!" Melody sobbed.

"Don't say baby!" Kelly struggled from her mother's arms. "How could think up something like this? Go and hire a host mother or something!"

"Kelly" he mother cried. "I want you to be host! You're the only woman I would ever trust with something like this!"

She had been about to run from the room when Kelly froze. "Woman? You're actually acknowledging I'm not a little kid?"

"Oh my precious baby, um, grown-up daughter. I've known for ages you're not a little girl any more." She sniffed. "Why do you think I cried so much last week when you turned eighteen? You're a woman now, not my precious little baby!"

Kelly took a deep breath. She couldn't handle mom when she turned all emotional like this! "Mother, you shocked me. I need time to think." Her eyes opened wide. "Does Bob know about your insane idea?"

"Oh honey, no!" Melody managed to smile at her daughter. "I do have some common sense, after all."

Kelly locked herself in her bedroom. "Holy fucking crap! Who in hell ever heard of someone wanting their daughter to be an unwed mother?" The lovely blonde threw herself on her bed and rolled over on her back. "This is insane! There is no way I want to have a baby now!" she ran a hand over her trim tummy. Kelly worked hard to keep herself in excellent shape. She knew she looked good. It wasn't even to attract a man, though. She didn't want anything complicating her life like that until she finished her studies.

She closed her eyes to think. Money wasn't exactly tight, but did mom really have that much to throw away on an in vitro fertilization procedure? Emotions pushed finances from her mind. 'Oh God! My belly would be huge! Bob's a big man, from a family of large people. I'd be a whale!" Another thought entered her mind. Bob WAS a big man. Was THAT built to scale?

"Shit!" Kelly hadn't planned it, but her hand had slipped sneakily down the front of her sweatpants. "This isn't right." She thought as the heat of her arousal warmed her fingertips. "It's not like he would be fucking me!" the blushing girl sat up and struggled out of her hoodie, tee-shirt and bra. "It would be in vitro!" she scolded herself as she stood and wriggled out of her sweats. "It would be done in Doctor Anderson's office!" she moaned as her damp panties slipped down long shapely legs. "They'd plant the fertilized egg up inside me. No sperm need apply!"

The aroused girl once again lay on her bed. "Me, pregnant?" she said experimentally as her fingers gently stroked silky lips. "My breasts would get bigger, wouldn't they?" 34C was big enough, thank you very much! She shook her head. She didn't want them to get bigger! A thought hit her like an electric shock. "Oh damn! What does it feel like to be full of milk?"

Her fingers were getting really busy now. Kelly took a deep shuddering breath as she playfully toyed with her rapidly engorging clit. "I, I don't have a job." She moaned as her hips began to roll. "Maybe I can take a semester or too off." She shook her head again. "No! I'll move into a dorm and keep myself away from anything male! I will not get knocked up now!"

Right hand moving with all the speed and skill of a concert violinist, Kelly's left hand began to paw at her breasts. Her mind circled back to that electrifying thought. "These, these f-full of milk?" she gasped as she tweaked a firmly erect nipple between thumb and index finger. Without thinking, the young woman pushed a firm breast towards her mouth. Her lips closed over her swollen nipple as she began to suck. She couldn't help thinking, 'what would I taste like?' as her body grew closer to release.

Moaning against her breast, Kelly's bottom humped the bed as her fingers danced. She had heard mom and Bob making love. Sometimes mom would scream in joy! Would Bob make her scream too? Sobbing against the warm flesh of her breast, Kelly exploded! Her toes curled to grip the sheets as fluid soaked her fingers. Her back arched as she thrust upwards against a phantom lover. Waves of pleasure pulsed through her straining body while she panted and suckled herself through one orgasm after another.

"Oh dear God!" Kelly struggled out of bed some time later and staggered into her bathroom. "This is embarrassing!" she muttered as she grabbed a bunch of tissues to wipe up the somewhat massive amount of saliva running from her breast onto her tummy. "Do I have an impregnation fetish or something?" The bolt of warmth that shot through her soul seemed only to confirm this snap diagnosis. "Oh Jeez, I'm turning into a freakin' pervert! I have to put a stop to this nonsense! I have to convince mom that this isn't right! I can't be a host mother. Not now!" She thought fast, and came up with an idea to shock her mother out of this crazy scheme and back to reality.

Mind made up, Kelly finished her hasty clean-up and got dressed. She found her mother sitting on the sofa. "Mom, I, I'll do it." She announced loudly, hands on hips.

"Oh sweetheart, thank you!"

Kelly felt her face grow red, but she had to continue. "I'll make a deal with you. I'll have a baby for you and Bob, but only on my terms!"

Melody jumped up and once again hugged her daughter. "What are they? I'll do whatever you ask!"

"Mom" she cleared her throat. "I, um, I don't want it to be all cold and sterile with syringes and whatnot."

"What do you mean, baby?"

Taking a deep breath, Kelly continued her plan to shock her mother. "I want Bob to do it, the old fashioned way!"

Melody held her daughter at arms length. "You, you want to have sex with Robert?"

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