Alls Well That Ends Well

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was just another poker game with friends.

It has been said that "All is well that ends well" but who is it that determines what is "well"? A case in point: I find out that my wife is an unfaithful whore and I toss her out on her ass and I'm rid of her. It ended well for me right? Then how come I'm so fucking miserable?

It started six months ago when I married my secretary. Hillary was hired by my dick. The day she came in for her interview and walked into my office my brains shot right down into the head of my cock and it said, "You are hired" before we even said hello to each other. A tall woman, 5 feet 9 inches, and a body to die for (36-22-34 I found out later). She had the face of an angel and long blond hair that hung down to the middle of her back. When she sat down in front of me and crossed her incredibly long legs I only had one question I wanted to ask: "When can you start."

I did ask the other questions like how many words a minute she could type, how was her shorthand, and how familiar was she with the computer programs I mentioned. To this day I don't even remember her answers to those questions, but they didn't matter because I wasn't going to let her get away even if she couldn't do any of that stuff. Fortunately she turned out to be an excellent typist, could take dictation and was a whiz on the computer. Nine months later we were married and six months after I began to see and hear things that led me to believe that Hillary was not all that faithful to me.

At first it was what I didn't hear. Guys would be standing around talking, but would shut up when I approached or they would see me coming and the group would quickly disperse. Once I entered the men's room and caught the tail end of a conversation that immediately stopped when I walked in. I only heard three words, "Is fucking Hillary," before Ron and Burt saw me, zipped up and left.

I started watching Hillary but I never saw anything out of line and I marked it all up to an overactive imagination. It wasn't until I wired the conference room that I actually heard something definite. I had several sub-groups working on various projects and they used the conference room for team meetings. I got tired of having them come to my office to get me to come to the conference room just to answer some pissy assed question so I decided to just put in an intercom system. If they needed my input they could just buzz me and I could answer their questions without having to leave my office. I put in the system and then ran several checks to make sure that it worked right. The last check was from the room to my office and it worked fine, but I forgot to turn it off when I left the room.

I was sitting in my office cleaning up some paperwork when Steve, Mike, Al and Joe came into the room. Mike asked where Bob was and Joe laughed.

"Where do you think he is? He's trying to line Hillary up for when Chuck goes out of town tomorrow."

No mistaking who they were talking about. I was the only Chuck working there (actually I owned the company) and I was the only one there who had a wife named Hillary and I was going out of town the next day on a two day business trip.

"Why aren't you trying?" Mike asked Joe.

"I did, but she said she wanted to try someone new."

Several laughs and then Al said, "That means I won't be getting any for a while."

"I wonder if Chuck gets any?" Mike said and Al laughed again and said, "When would she squeeze him in?" and they all laughed.

Just then Bob came into the room and asked what was so funny.

"We were just wondering if Chuck ever gets to fuck his wife."

"I don't know about Chuck, but I do know who is going to burying the bone in her tomorrow."

"You dog you" Al said.

"Get ready for some kinky" Steve chimed in.

"Kinky? What do you mean kinky?"

"She gets off on having your cock in her cunt or her ass while she's talking to Chuck on the phone."

"No shit?"

"No shit guy."

"You think Chuck knows?"

"I know for a fact that he doesn't. Hillary tells everyone she fucks to make damned sure that they never do anything that might let Chuck catch on. She says if she even gets a whiff he might be suspicious every one of us will be cut off for good. You'll get the speech tomorrow before she unzips your fly and she means it. So know this, you fuck it up for the rest of us and we will hunt you down and cut your dick off. Right guys?"

That was followed by all of them saying, "Fucking A" or "You bet your ass."

Then Mike said, "Okay guys, to business. What are we going to do about..." And at that point I turned off the intercom and took the tape out of the system recorder and put it in my briefcase.

One of the things I'm not is stupid. I didn't sit there and moan, "Oh it can't be; she loves me, I just know she does." Denial is not part of my makeup. One guy and it could just be wishful thinking, but when five guys are talking about what they have already done you don't wring your hands and say there must be some mistake.

What burned me the most was that those same five guys were supposed to be my good friends. We went fishing together, took weekend trips to Vegas together and played poker at my house every other Friday. Some fucking friends! Then there was Hillary. What had happened there? How had the blush left the rose so fast? Could it be that she only married me for my money? Marry the owner of the company and be set for life? I didn't know and I didn't care to fine out. I would verify that it was true and then she wouldn't know what hit her.

The next evening I called home from San Francisco at my usual time and when Hillary answered the phone she sounded a little out of breath. I wasn't paying close attention to what she was saying because I was straining to see if I could hear background noise. I thought I heard heavy breathing and I know I heard a 'squishy' sound. My bet is that it was being made by a cock driving into a very wet hole. Hillary and I made small talk for a couple of minutes and we each told the other that we loved them and then we hung up. I hoped Bob was enjoying himself; it would be a shame to go through what was going to happen to him and not have gotten something out of it.

When I got home Hillary was waiting for me dressed in my favorite outfit, a pair of 'come fuck me' pumps and nothing else. She asked me if I would like a drink or would I rather just hurry up to bed. Hillary was a fantastic piece of ass and I was going to miss her, but I was a realist and I knew that I didn't have to start missing her until she was actually gone so I dropped my briefcase on the floor and started undressing. It was a long night and she tried to fuck me to death and when I left for work the next morning I again thought of how much I was going to miss her.

The Friday coming up was the regular night for our poker game. The reason the game was held at my house was simple — so I wouldn't have a problem getting home. I can not handle alcohol. I love to drink, I enjoy drinking and I have a good time when I drink right up to the point where I pass out. When that happens I'm dead to the world and nothing can wake me up. The way that it has always been is that we would meet at my house, play poker until I passed out and then my 'friends' would pick me up, lay me on the couch, finish out the hand and leave.

On poker nights Hillary, saying that she couldn't stand being around a bunch of loud-mouthed men, would leave and go shopping or take in a movie. Up until a week ago I had no reason to doubt that what she said she did is what she actually did, but now I wondered if she did any of those things. To me it stood to reason that if she got such a kick getting fucked while talking to me on the phone she would get an even bigger kick out of fucking them while I was right there in the room.

Thursday, while Hillary was at her standing afternoon hair appointment I went home and set up two remote controlled video cameras and put the remote controls under the seat cushions on the couch and then headed on back to work.

Friday at seven the guys began arriving and by seven-fifteen we were all sitting at the table ready to play. Hillary came into the room, kissed me and told me she would see me when I woke up in the morning and then she left to go to the movies.

"This is going to be a great night boys" I said, "I can feel it in my bones." I broke the seal on a new deck of cards and we cut for the deal. I pulled the ace of spades. "An omen boys, get your wallets out and get ready to contribute. House rules same as always. Three raises, no check and raise, five-dollar limit and dealers choice. I called five card draw, jacks or better to open and dealt the cards. I picked up my cards and looked at them and had to smile. I had three jacks and two junk cards. Al, to my left was the first bettor and he passed. Mike passed and Steve opened for a dollar. Joe raised a dollar and Bob folded. I smiled and said, "Yes indeed my men, my lucky night" and I raised five bucks. Al threw his hands in and every one else still in called.

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