A Shoulder to Cry On

by Thesandman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Incest, Sister, InLaws, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Spitting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A messy divorce leads to unexpected comfort from her sister and brother-in-law

I had gone through a fairly rough period of time. My marriage was coming to an end, and I knew there was nothing I could do about it. In the beginning, Robert and I had been deliriously happy, just like any newlywed couple. And even when the 'honeymoon' was over as they say, I had come to expect that our sex-life would no doubt diminish a little because of it. The day-to-day pressures of work, trying to keep up the home, took a natural toll on us both, but never to the degree in which it did, could I have ever imagined.

And then I started seeing the signs. Little by little Robert started working late. Working late at a job he had never had to work late at before. And then the sudden unexpected trips out of town that was now a new requirement (without any sort of promotional increase for this sudden addition to his already heavy workload). And though in the back of my mind I was starting to fear and worry, I did the one thing that perhaps I shouldn't have. I pretended it wasn't happening. I figured as perhaps most do, what I didn't know ... wouldn't hurt me.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

When it happened, it hit me in the face like a ton of bricks, and to make matters worse, my sister was with me at the time when reality hit me squarely between the eyes. Joyce and I had decided to spend the evening together going out to see a movie, and then a late night dinner afterwards. Robert was again out of town for the weekend, so rather than spend another night home alone, Joyce had invited me out, and I had gladly accepted.

We had gone and enjoyed watching a very typical "chick-flick", and then afterwards went for a walk just a short distance down the street to a quaint little Asian restaurant we'd decided to try. It was cozy and dark, very romantic and I thought about suggesting it to Robert after he came home in hopes it might help to spark some interest in our relationship once again.

I didn't hold him entirely to blame for his obvious lack of interest in me either. I had indeed put on a few pounds, not so much that I still didn't get looked at by other men, but I knew what changes there were. And if I did, Robert certainly did, though he never once mentioned anything to me about it, nor did I mention the few extra pounds he'd put on either. Once again, after nearly eight years of marriage, who looks exactly the same they once did anyway?

Joyce and I gave our names to the cute little Asian hostess, and then sat down to wait for our names to be called in order to be seated. As I was in dire need of using the restroom, I then asked where it was, and was pointed towards the back. Joyce remained in the waiting room of course in the event our names were soon called, and I headed towards the bathroom. As I turned the corner, I was in for the shock of my life. Ahead of me sat Robert and a woman who I knew was his personal assistant as they now call them. For a moment I was confused, wondering if I'd somehow gotten things wrong and that Robert hadn't left town, but was doing business in town, and then I remembered him taking his luggage. Before I realized what I was doing, I ducked back behind the wall, worrying and likewise confusing the poor little Asian hostess who had taken our names. I peered out once again just in time to see Robert lean over kissing his assistant, her hand suddenly reaching over to rest itself upon his thigh there beneath the table, and then almost as quickly, move a bit further up, obviously and provocatively fondling his groin. I wanted to faint, to yell, to scream, to cry ... to throw something. But I didn't. As calmly as I could, I turned around and walked back out to the waiting area and told Joyce we were leaving.

My sister knows me well enough, that she knew I was upset and needed to get out of there before telling her why. I made it as far as the side of the building before my legs virtually gave out from beneath me. As I began blubbering, trying to tell her what I had seen, and what was going on, we stood for a moment more as I finally collected myself, now telling her clearly what it was I had seen, which ironically is when the two of them came out.

As we hadn't driven, Joyce and I hurriedly made our way deeper into the parking lot, which is when I spotted my husband's car. Like a couple of thieves, we stood over behind a nearby truck just a few cars away, watching them approach, now walking hand in hand together, laughing, kissing like a couple of high school teenagers. If there had been any uncertainty as to what was really going on, there wasn't any now. Especially as Joyce and I both stood there watching the two of them, reaching the car, opening her door, and then placing his hands upon her breasts for a moment as they kissed once again, before allowing her to slip inside.

I'm not sure, but I think I actually had to hold Joyce back this time, her anger well beyond mine even at this point. And so we did nothing more than watch the two of them drive off together. Needless to say, Joyce took me home after that, and I sat up the entire night, trying to somehow find a way to rationalize what I'd seen, how I felt, and if there was any way at all to somehow reconcile at least in my own mind, what I now knew my husband was doing on the side.

As he sort of promised, he called me the following day, but considerably earlier than he said he would, claiming that he'd now scheduled dinner plans with a couple of the guys he'd met at the convention, and that they'd no doubt stay out late and have a few drinks together. When I asked him what he'd had for dinner the night before, he told me he'd just ordered in a burger with room service, especially as the company was of course paying for it. That's when I called him a liar, told him I'd seen him and his sexy little assistant Becky having dinner together.

Like they say, the silence was deafening. I'll give Robert points on one count. Once he was had, he didn't try and bluff or lie his way out any further. All he asked me then was, what it was I wanted to do, and gave me a few options. The only one he didn't give me was the one where I told him to go fuck himself ... or Becky, and be out of the house within a week.

It was then that I called Joyce, and asked her if I could come and stay with her for a few days until Robert got his personal things out of the house, but not before I filed that very same day for divorce, doing so before Robert could hide any of our mutual assets. At least I was smart enough in that sense to be very well aware of everything we had, and where it was, though I was piss-poor at knowing where my husband's cock had been at the time, even though I'd honestly expected it.

And Joyce of course, along with my brother-in-law Ted were more than happy to let me come and stay over at their place for a few days while Robert and I finalized things, and let him move out, even though he then tried of course to reconcile, asking forgiveness and all that. But ... I was wounded of course, and not in a very forgiving mood at the time either.

The one thing I had always envied my sister of, was her relationship with Ted. Not that they hadn't had their own ups and downs either, they certainly had, especially early on in their own relationship. I had even once asked my sister what her secret was to keeping a happy home environment between them, especially sexually. What surprised me about that was, Joyce and I had always been close, sharing at times the most intimate of details with one another, and to some extent, we still did. But when it came to that particular issue, it was the first time I can honestly recall that she hesitated about talking to me about it. She more or less laughed and joked it off, telling me that perhaps someday she'd share with me her little secret, and that very possibly, I might even come to see the sense and logic of it once she had. Even twisting her arm at the time wouldn't have gotten anything more out of her, so I finally gave up and decided to wait for a more opportune time to discuss it again. Unfortunately, it didn't really happen, and I basically forgot all about it.

When I showed up on her door that first night, and as she showed me into the guest room just down the hall from their own, I was more than pleased when she told Ted she'd be spending the night with me in my room. Something we hadn't done since we were kids together, sharing the same bedroom. In a way, I felt just like that young woman once again, and wished for a moment I could in fact go back in time. We stayed up late, drinking, crying, yelling, and screaming even falling into a fit of hysterics at some point before eventually falling asleep. Little did I know how the very next day would suddenly come to change my entire life, along with my entire way of thinking.

I called into work the following day, and having a very sympathetic boss, she told me to take as much time as I needed while gathering myself together. As I'd hoped, Joyce did the same thing, taking the day off at least in order to spend it with me so that I didn't just sit around all day by myself and get myself all worked up once again.

More than anything I appreciated just sitting there at her breakfast table sharing a cup of coffee together again, just like we'd once done. And in the nature of doing that, I suddenly remembered what I'd once asked her, and what she had at the time hesitated in telling me about. I figured now was as good a time as any to ask her again. So I did.

"Joyce? I once asked you what your secret was, how it is that you and Ted seem to have the perfect marriage. You hesitated about telling me. Now I'd really like to know what it is," I began.

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