Angela's Present

by pointless

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Foot Fetish, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Zoey finally gives into her long repressed desires for her younger friend Angela on the night of her thirty first birthday.

Zoey couldn't help but be happy as she sat in her bed with a young and beautiful angel curled up beside her. Hell, beautiful wasn't even the right word to describe her after the weekend they'd just spent together. Zoey couldn't even begin to think of a word to fit her and the wonderful things they'd shared over the last few days. She actually had to resist the urge to wake the young woman with a kiss and remind herself that she'd earned her rest. No, Zoey would just have to sit there and enjoy the simple pleasure of gazing upon Angela's sleeping form until she awoke on her own.

Zoey really did feel that she owed the young woman a lot. She'd given her so much over the last few days and asked for so little in return. She'd helped her reawaken feelings Zoey had almost given up for dead over the last year. She'd helped her to remember just how wonderful could sex could be when you shared it with someone you cared for and loved and she did it all without even once asking for Zoey to return the favor. Of course, Zoey had done just that with both pleasure and zeal, but she hadn't had to and that in and of itself was something special and rare.

To think that Zoey had actually passed this all up on so many occasions before was almost too much to bear. Sure, she'd had her reasons, some silly and some not so much, but after all that had happened between them they all seemed so meaningless, so ridiculous that she'd actually apologized for them several times over the course of their weekend together only to have the apologies either politely laughed off or completely ignored in favor of more shared pleasure that made Zoey completely forget anything and everything that might bother her.

The reasons were valid, though. Well, some of them were. Like the fact that they worked together. That was going to be hard come Tuesday when the holiday was over and the restaurant they both worked at re-opened. Not in that awkward, one night stand kind of a way, but still she had a feeling that she might have a hard time hiding the way she now felt towards her young friend. Not that it would be a big deal with anyone who counted since her boss just wasn't the type to care about who was fucking who as long as the customers were happy and no one was fucking around while they were on the clock. Even the more unimportant, but cattier members of the wait staff that might care would eventually get over it. They always did.

There was also the fact that Zoey had a hard time thinking of Angela as anything but that cute, young woman who lived down the hall who was willing to watch her daughter for essentially pocket change. Technically, Angela was still that girl even now as she laid sleeping so peacefully in the nude next to Zoey, but in most ways she really wasn't. Sure, she still watched Jennifer on occasion, but there was one big difference: She was no longer a cute and seemingly innocent little fifteen year old, but instead she was now a beautiful and very worldly nineteen year old who cursed like a sailor, smoked weed, drank alcohol(on occasion)and wasn't at all shy about discussing sex in all its wild and infinitely fascinating forms with just about anyone willing to listen and she'd done all of that with Zoey since she realized that she and Zoey were kindred spirits in more ways then could be easily counted.

Of course, in a lot of ways, that's what made this whole situation inevitable as well as making the line that Zoey had drawn that much more ridiculous. After all, it was Zoey who let Angela drink with her once she turned eighteen, because, damn it, as far as Zoey was concerned she was an adult and it was her right. It was also Zoey who let her smoke weed with her once they both realized they were smokers one day after Zoey came back from a rough night out with her girlfriend at the time and threw her coat on the couch in frustration and knocked over Angela's backpack as she did so and then a quarter sack of weed suddenly appeared on the floor.

It was actually quite amusing when they both tried to ignore it and pretend it wasn't there even though they both knew the other had seen it fall to the floor. It wasn't until Zoey gave up on the charade and tried to pick it up and suddenly found herself being begged by Angela to please not tell her mother as well as apologizing for bringing it with her and swearing that she didn't smoke any of it while babysitting that Zoey finally realized that it wasn't hers. After that she couldn't help but laugh and took mercy on Angela by handing her the bag before grabbing her coat and pulling out her own quarter sack that was still snug and secure in the coat pocket.

After that Angela relaxed quite a bit and then they had a talk where Angela assured her that she really, truly hadn't smoked any while she was watching Jennifer and explained that she'd just picked it up right before she came over. Zoey thanked for that and Angela relaxed even more and then they talked a bit before Zoey decided to call it a night as they usually did, because even then (and this was a bit before Angela's 18th birthday) Zoey actually liked Angela as a person and knew that the feeling was mutual. Still, at the time Angela was still in high school and Jennifer was asleep in the next room. Zoey may not have been the strictest of people, but she did have her limits and getting high or drunk or even over caffeinated when she was in charge of her daughter's well being, even when she was sound asleep, was just not something she did.

It did open up their relationship quite a bit, though, and after that they definitely grew closer and eventually the inevitable happened and they smoked together. In fact, it was the same night that Zoey bought Angela a bottle of wine to celebrate her newly minted adulthood. Of course, Jennifer was with her father that week and it was hardly a night of drunken debauchery. It was a nice quiet night at Zoey's apartment with Angela and Zoey's soon to be ex-girlfriend, Carly.

That night was actually just full of milestones in their friendship because not only did it mark the first time Zoey treated Angela like a full, real equal, but it was also the night that Zoey learned exactly why Angela had kind of latched herself on to Zoey when Angela, in all innocence and completely unaware of the fact that Zoey was planning on breaking up with Carly as soon as she could, admitted somewhat absent-mindedly that she was jealous of them and then went on, in wonderful and touchingly awkward drunken soliloquy, to come out to them in a way that was both touching and heart breaking to Zoey, but somehow amusing to Carly.

Oddly, this all led directly to Zoey finally breaking it off with Carly. Not just because she was busy rolling her eyes and laughing while Zoey was encouraging her young friend and listening to her spill her heart. No, it was thanks to Carly's behavior after Angela fell asleep on the couch when Carly simply insisted on being a bitch and making fun of Angela instead of going to sleep. Why? Well, partially she was just a mean drunk, but the real problem was the fact that Zoey was not willing to let her fuck the young girl who had just spilled her heart to them.

Really, this wasn't the most unreasonable of requests on Carly's part. One of the fun things about Carly was the fact that she was quite the sexual adventurer and for awhile that was exactly what Zoey needed in her life. Sure, she'd been divorced for a few years before they'd met and she'd been out of the closet and fairly active sexually ever since, but it wasn't until Zoey met Carly that she finally allowed herself to fully open up and for awhile she'd welcomed it. All of it. The threesomes, the rough sex, the toys and the what not, but eventually it became a bit of a drag when she realized that it would never end and that Carly just wasn't the type to settle down and chill. She was just always on and she had no limits.

Zoey, however, did and one of those limits involved not taking advantage of people who'd just opened themselves up to her (even though she'd actually suspected it for quite some time before that) and who were too messed up to even maintain consciousness. Not that Carly cared as she begged and teased and whined until she realized Zoey wasn't going to bend and then she started being a cunt until Zoey got sick out of it and then the fight started. An hour and half later and Angela was wide awake again as Carly made a scene of packing up her things as Zoey kicked her out for what turned out to be the last time leaving Zoey to smoke one more joint with her young friend who then got a turn to listen to Zoey vent until the weed and tiredness made it impossible and instead the thirty year old divorcee and the then newly minted eighteen year old just ended up laughing stupidly at some dumb movie on the television before falling asleep together on the couch.

After all that Zoey's and Angela's friendship just seemed to deepen at a rapid pace, but in a purely platonic way. Really, it was almost like a big sister/little sister type of relationship except for the fact that Zoey doubted that her sisters (who were both straight as arrows and boring as hell) would have helped hook her up with any girls like Zoey helped Angela. Not too many, but definitely more than she hooked herself up with until she realized that Angela was quite capable of picking up girls all on her own. Hell, before long Angela was actually helping Zoey hook up more than Zoey was helping her. Of course, neither of them met anyone they were willing to get serious about (at least not for very long), but they didn't care. For some reason neither of them seemed to be interested in that at the time.

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